New World Game Cutting Guide

So to start off actually we’ll take a look at my inventory so right now I am running a fire staff with 20% damage against targets with full health in the open world this is very very nice because I’m able to get a very large burst on my first obviously attack with that fire staff and then we have the rapier I am running in and powered 30% of damage is converted to arcane damage skills off base weapon stat or intelligence I do this because I have intelligence as my highest attribute at 256 intelligence I am able to scale my rapier with that intelligence so we’re going to talk about today what gems there are new world and what gems you should be looking to grab in New World. So to start off, we’re going to go to resources we go to refined resources and we have cut gemstone so obviously gems don’t come cuts you won’t need somebody to cut them or you can just buy them off of the trading post so the tier two gems are very very cheap you know five to 10 Gold usually.


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