FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 Level 90 Red Mage Guide, Opener, Rotation, Stats, etc (How to Series)

FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 Level 90 Red Mage Guide, Opener, Rotation, Stats, etc How to Series

Hello friends and welcome to the channel in this video I will be covering our first magical wrench DPS red mage red mage is a highly supportive caster bringing high personal damage party damage and defensive utility to boot making it an extremely valuable asset to any party.

FFXIV Endwalker Patch 6.1 Level 90 Red Mage Guide, Opener, Rotation, Stats, etc (How to Series)


Unlike in previous funnel fancy iterations where black magic was used for damage and white used for healing red mage and 14 is all about keeping a balance of black and white manner and then spending it on highly offensive abilities. We will go over all of red mages abilities, its job gauge, the opener and rotation and also the stat priority.

So with that out of the way, let’s just dive right in. Let’s begin by briefly talking about red mages job gauge the balance gauge, the balance gauge can hold up to 100, white and black man or each and just like the name implies, we want to keep these two resources as balanced as possible.

If we manage to be 30 Mana ahead in either black or white manner, it will become increasingly more difficult to recover the lower resource so ideally, we want to avoid that. Before we move on to spells let’s briefly touch up on Joe cast after every spell we manually cast we will be granted Joe cast which allows us to cast our next spell with no cast time.

This is very important as red Mage has two different types of spells short and long spells. Short spells only take up to two seconds to cast while long spells take up to five seconds five seconds is way too long considering our global cooldown is only 2.5 seconds at the longest. So we want to avoid ever manually casting our long spells instead, we will be relying on our dual casts to put this into perspective.

Cast your short spells to duel cast your long spells sort of like a river the more you play red mage, the more natural this will become. Now let’s go over the spells and how to build that balance gauge up let’s begin with our single target damaging spells. First jolt one and two are neutral or red single target spell this will increase both our black and white man up by two and is considered a short spell.

So we should be using this to activate our jaw cast for our long spells when we do not have access to the fire or the stone which we will touch upon later. Next we have a ver funder one ad free and via error one and free.

These will increase our black and white mana by six respectively and will grant us a 50% chance to become fire or the stone ready respectively. These two are considered long spells and should only be used when we have our jewel cast ready finally we have a fire and verse stone. These will increase our black and white mana by five respectively and can only be casted with the fire or the stone ready.

These are considered short spells and should be used to activate our dual cast. Remember what I mentioned with Joe manually cast these two spells when they are available when they are not available cast Shelton step now let’s go over our AoE spells first scatter and impact this increases both our black and white mana by free unlike our neutral or red single target spell jolt scatter and impact is considered a long spell and should only be used when Joe cast is ready. This is where the funder to an arrow to come into play.

These two spells increase are black and white manner by seven respectively, and are considered short spells. So these two should be used to activate our dual cast to lead us into dual casting or scatter and impact without a cast time.

Before we move on. Let’s go over some of the nuances of AoE. And as a red mage as it can get confusing. I’ll explain it to you as simply as possible three or more targets is the same despite level or is usually of a funder to over arrow to enter scatter or impact. Now let’s talk about two targets.

Two targets are where things get more confusing. Under level 62. We will be using the funder to have an arrow to into a ver funder one or the arrow one this is because the funder one and arrow one deal more damage on a single target than a scatter deals on two targets when above level 62 We will use our standard single target rotation as it far outweighs our AR we in total potency once we reach level 66 Low scatter will become impact which means for two targets we will be using jolt to into impact repeat this is because impact on two targets outweighs the damage of a funder free and verse error free on two targets.

One final note be aware of enemies hitboxes all the spells go off the center of an enemy’s hitbox which means if for some reason An encounter has two bosses. And these two bosses are in static locations but too far away from each other for a week to realistically hit both bosses, they resort to single target spells. Let’s finally talk about how we spend our black and white manner.

Once we reach 5050 on both black and white manner, we’ll have access to our enchanted single target melee combo which we should be using on one to two targets. If we are in a free plus target situation low we should wait until we reach 6060 Black and white manner as this will give us access to our enchanted airway attack.

This cost 20 mana for each usage and we want to use free of these back to back the reason for this is because when we use free and chanted GCDs of any kind or single target or airway, we will then be granted access to our combo finishers, verf, law and the holy these will take over the actions of the funders and verb arrows respectively, verb flour and ver holy will increase your black and white man up by 11 and give you a 20% chance to become the fire or verse stand ready respectively.

Additionally, if you’re black or white manner is higher than one or another, then you should cast a spell that will give you the less build up resource as this will guarantee the fire of a stone ready. For example, if our black manna was higher than our white manner, then we should opt to use the holy to get the 100% chance on verse stone ready after the flower or the holy will be granted access to scotch.

This takes over the action of jolt and impact Scotch simply deals 680 potency to the target and 60% less for all targets nearby. It also increases both are black and white matter by four. Finally after scotch, we will be granted access to our final hit resolution resolution deals 750 potency to the first enemy hit and 60% less for remaining enemies.

This attack is a straight line with a 25 yard range and radius so it has quite the AOE potential just like Scotch this will increase our black and white matter by four before we move on a few things to note. Ideally we want to save some gauge for raid buffs our own and others. The goal here is to lever let your black and white mana get to 100 100 so if it does get close and your raid buffs are still a while don’t be afraid to use a melee combo to spend some gauge before the buff window.

Remember to keep your gauge as balanced as possible. Use the black and white mana spells to balance out your gauge and prioritize the spells increase your mana over the resource you have the least of for example, if you have more white than black mana, use some black mana spells like the funder and fire one more thing.

Don’t use your combos or your weapon skills without enough manner as they deal significantly less damage. We’re not enchanted. Just remember 5050 For single target, and 6060 for airway. Let’s now talk about our utility GCDs first Verkehr Verkehr is quite a nifty spell.

It’s not enough to replace a healers job but it can be used to save yourself or others in a pinch. Additionally, Verkehr is considered a short spell so this can be used to ready Joe cast during downtime when there is no enemy to hit. Next we have a verb phrase which works exactly like a helos raise.

This can be used to resurrect a dead player it has an extremely long cast time of 10 seconds and takes a decent chunk of MP. Although the cast time can and should be avoided with the usage of jewel cast low there isn’t really a written rule so when a red mage should raise over a healer raise outside of high end content I’d recommend just raising when you can as it’s highly convenient and easy to do.

The times you can’t really raise is when you’re in a melee combo for instance unless absolutely necessary like healers being dead or a player missing four vital mechanics during prog a red mage is probably going to be expected to take priority on raising allowing healers more freedom on this webcast for moving and healing.

Just communicate this with your healer if you plan to take red mage into high end progression content. Finally, we have reprise reprises a ranged sack with no cast time, although it requires five black and white manner to use enchanted Remember, we only ever use enchanted weapon skills reprise is extremely situational and should be avoided if possible. Although giving us the mobility of a cost of five five manner seems appealing.

There are better alternatives for mobility like our dual cast acceleration and swift cast I will touch up on these two later which leads us into our O GCDs. Or off global cooldowns to be used between arc GCD or global cooldown let’s begin with corpse of corpse this is simply a gap closer dealing 150 potency to the target on a five second cooldown with two to Rogers ideally you’ll want to be using these off cooldown although you can hold on to one charge if you need them ability for later.

Next we have displacement and engagement sharing the same 180 potency and the same recast timer of 45 seconds and is on two charges just like cops are cops displacement will backflip you 15 the arms and engagement will simply deal 180 potency with no strings attached use displacement if you need the mobility to backflip otherwise use engagement as it has no backflip or animation lock like displacement has allowing you to reliably fit to o GCDs during a GCD then we have Fletch and Contra six flex simply deals 460 potency to the target on a 25 second cooldown. Conscious six however deals 360 potency to the target and on all nearby enemies with no damage drop off on a 35 second cooldown.

Use both of these off cooldown and prioritize using them over your corpse of corpse and engagement displacements. Next up we have a celebration this will ensure that the next verb fund one and free over arrow one and free and impact will be casted with no need for dual cast and they will also guaranteed for fire or the stone respectively or the funders and via arrows meanwhile, impacts potency will be increased by 50. So make sure to use this on two plus targets.

Make sure you aren’t jewel casting before using acceleration as to not waste this valuable trait acceleration is on a 55 second cooldown and holds up to two charges take advantage of accelerations Insta cast for mobility and to weave o GCDs during a GCD window to help with your ODC D alignment. Now our raid buff embolden emboldened increases your magic damage by 5% while increasing your party members damage by 5% for 20 seconds in a 15 yard radius.

So make sure you position yourself centrally when using this embolden is on 100 and 22nd recast uses off cooldown With few exceptions for example if the boss is about to disengage from the arena and you’re embolden is about to come off cooldown maybe hold on to it for when the boss comes back down coordinate this with your party members in high end content meanwhile and lower end content.

You should make the judgment for yourself we then have magnification magnification will increase our black and white man up by 50 Each and at Grant us five stacks of magnification increasing up to six stacks at level 90 The stacks last 15 seconds increase our magic damage dealt by 5% and a stack will be consumed for each GCD used under the effect additionally if we are in the middle of a mele combo and use magnification, it will break the combo which we really don’t want use magnification before we go into a melee combo but make sure all five to six stacks are used inside our melee combo window and on our combo finishers for maximum damage.

If for some reason our magnification is slightly drifted and is up during the melee combo then finish off the free step melee combo and then use magnification before you’re about to have the Holy of flare use the remaining finishes and then enter another melee combat magnification is on a 110 second cooldown and you shouldn’t be using this off cooldown modifications cooldown is extremely close to emboldens but not the same and will naturally drift apart the more the fight goes on.

This could result in an extra usage of magnification but not embolden given the 10 seconds apart so as a baseline it is a lot easier to use off cooldown but if you know you will not get an extra usage throughout an encounter you are encouraged to use magnification alongside embolden just remember this is fight dependent and you will have to learn this yourself.

Finally our party wide mitigation magic barrier magic barrier reduces magic damage taken by 10% and increases healing received by 5% lasting 10 seconds for every pie member hit in a 15 yard radius just like Wimbledon make sure to position yourself so you’re hitting all party members with this magic barrier is on 100 and 22nd cooldown and should be used when raid wise and right busters are going out to help mitigate damage and alleviate the stress for healers in low end content use this whenever you deem necessary on these instances of damage in high end content communicate this with your healer when they could potentially want and benefit from this.

Do not underestimate this abilities of value. All right let’s move on to our cross roll actions starting with adult adult reduces the targets physical damage dealt by 5% and magical damage dealt by 10% lasting 10 seconds and on a 92nd cooldown. Same deal as magic barrier uses on raid whites and raid busters.

Then we have sleep this is on the GCD and has a cast time of 2.5 seconds it simply puts the target and nearby targets to sleep For 30 seconds, and any attack done to the targets during this period will wake the target up mostly useless in high end content.

Although it does have its uses in niche and solo content like deep dungeon and other old content like Eureka and posture, maybe you could even use it if the tank dies in a dungeon, you could sleep all the mobs and resurrect the tank to pick the mobs back up potentially preventing a wipe next, lucid dreaming lucid dreaming will increase our natural MP regeneration by a large amount lasting 21 seconds on a 62nd cooldown use this when below 8000 dem P.

We then have swift cast swift cast allows the next ballot to be casted instantly with no cast time and has a cooldown of 60 seconds similarly to a celebration you swift cast for mobility auto we’ve Oh GCDs in the GCD window for OGC D alignment finally we have shoutcast show cast allows spells to be casted without interruption and also prevents most knockback and are in effects for six seconds this should be used when a boss is going to use a knock back for mechanical reasons or to keep up time while casting while being knocked back and not interrupted next up we have the opener and rotation.

Finally let’s finish off with the stat priority as a red mage we want to be prioritizing critical hit above all outs after we have aimed for as much crit as possible go forward the termination as it’s our second best stat then finally, when we have aimed for as much credit and debt as possible, we can aim for some direct tip as is offered best stat although the termination is favored over a direct hit. These two stats weigh very similarly in terms of worth favored the time mination but try to keep a healthy balance of the two stats.

Although with how DPS gear works, you have plenty of direct hit anyway, it’s just something to keep in mind. Avoid spell speed as much as possible with how red mage currently works spell speeds worth is very minimal.

To summarize, the priority is critical hit the termination director and finally spell speed and that my friends will just about conclude this guide. I hope this video has provided insightful and informational to you.

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