FFXIV: Endwalker Marauder/Warrior 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

FFXIV Endwalker Marauder/Warrior 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

Welcome to the Borea, one to 90 leveling skills Guide.


FFXIV: Endwalker Marauder/Warrior 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover all of your skills as you train to want to know where’s the caveman better than the rest of them, but also hopefully kill your enemies along the way. Watch as you go from this.

To this this series is framed in the mindset of players completely new to Final Fantasy 14 or the MMO genre in general, or generally still inexperienced. In that same vein, this will merely be an overview of the actions and how to use them. Optimal rotations are better left to their own in depth videos, just due to how much complexity is involved in perfect openers and overall rotations.

This is not meant to be a purely optimal guide. If you wish to be optimal at level cap, there are further places you can research your job on. We will however be crafting rotations as we go to help new players understand what goes through creating openings and give them a fold to push themselves into being able to do it on their own.

The goal is to drop players in on the ground level so they can make strides to improve themselves. All tooltips will be shown at the level cap for each section, level 50 For A Realm Reborn level 60 For Heavensward skills, over 70 Fisto and blood stuff, level 80 for shadow bringers levels, and level 90 For end Walker.

I also recommend all players add sprint and limit break to the hotbar is both found in the journal type of your actions menu. And as to how my hope is build, it’ll make sense at 90. Just put skills on Yeah, hop is in a way you feel comfortable using as you’re leveling, everyone has their own way of doing things.

If you want more info on how I set up my UI, check the description or the card for a video on it and keep the following in mind. patches can change jobs still, be sure to check the description for any patch notes for my opponents to changes or skill changes or any other special notes.

With all that out of the way. Let’s begin. War warrior being a caveman is only partially a joke as most people consider it the easiest of the tanks simple rotation literally powered by anger and some extremely strong abilities focus mostly on windows of big critical hits and hitting very few buttons to achieve this burst of damage.

Putting out damage is very much the most simple of any tank. The abilities warrior brings are strong and have a bit of flexibility, party shields and some extremely strong healing for yourself. You don’t have much in helping out the party.

But what you do have is very strong, simple again and straightforward like the rest of the job, local man to angry to die to play an erotic you wanted to start as one but pick the class up in the lympstone Momentum marauders guild after completion of your level 10 class quest as your first class, let’s get into the finer details of each skill of a one tank mastery.

This is a passive trait, all tanks have you have an automatic 20% reduction to all damage received. This really puts the tank in tank. The maximum HP bit means you have the most HP of any row with Vitality being worth a bit extra and the strength bit I don’t get why that is there because as the tank is still doing less damage than any DPS and it’s kind of self explanatory.

Otherwise, level one heavy swing. This is our first basic strike and global cooldown. It does a simple 150 policy hit to a single target, keep hitting enemies till they die. But before Mame, this is our first combo here it does 100 potency of damage or 250.

When used in a combo going forward, I will only mention the combo potencies because you should never use combos out of order. Combos also light up when executable like this. So by nature of being a combo, this is always going to come after heavy swing, we’re going to alternate these back and forth constantly having swing, maim repeat forever.

Well until we get more skills. level six bears Eric on a 62nd cooldown because it gives you three stacks of itself. This cause the next three weapons skills you do to be critical direct hits, or as strong as an attack can be with both statuses stacking. Our goal with this is to buff the three best attacks we can which we don’t really have much to do with right now. Use this after a heavy swing, and then you will buff two names and a heavy swing. Later on. We’re going to change up how this is used several times, so be wary of that.

But otherwise three attacks will be super buffed. Just don’t for some reason use it when you aren’t attacking. There’s a 15 Second time limit to use the three stacks you are given. So you can’t just pop it way ahead of time and then get to it later.

We get the first of our rural actions here at level eight with rampart. These skills are extremely important as a tank, even your most important buttons, put these on your bars and get to know them well but I will not be going over them here.

There will be a link in the corner and in the description for a dedicated video on the skills. Do look at it if you need level 10 overpower. This is our first AOE area of effect attack and it’s one day ruined.

This used to be a very useful very superior to other tank aways, Conan. Now it’s a five year AOE in a circle around you, you have to aim yourself to the middle of enemies to hit. If you pull a bunch of enemies, you may need to get really close just to hit them all.

When you run up to a group of enemies, two or more hit overpowered to deal damage and get enmity established. We’re going to talk more about this more in the next skill, but enmity is your ultimate goal. The damage is strong, but this is a key tool for making sure Trash Packs stay on you rather than your allies. At this point, even on to enemies.

This is stronger than single target attacks, but I recommend using AOE on three or more enemies beyond the initial pulling, overpower when you pull to establish aggro, then swap targets back and forth while doing single target attacks. And finally, use Berserk for AOE every enemy hit will take the critical direct hit damage, not just the first enemy or anything, five enemies around you.

All five enemies will take the full Berserk damage level 10 defiance. Technically on a three second cooldown. This turns on and off your enmity stands. Defiance massively increases your ability to generate enmity, how much enemies want to kill you and thus not attack your allies. It’s something like a 10 times multiplier.

It comes with a UI element, this small gym, if it is glowing, it is on and you always want to have this on. You want to keep all enemies on you at all times. With the only exceptions and eight player or larger content. Your party list comes with an enmity gauge. When targeting an enemy that enemies enmity will be measured under every allies icon, you want to be in the lead with an A. If you’re looking at the enemy list, they have colored indicators to you want the red square if it looks like anything else, you do not have the enemy lead. \

As mentioned, exceptions come into play with a player oil or content. These instances come with multiple tanks, two to three of them depending on the content. Fighting for the enmity lead with the other tank is an extremely bad idea that can potentially get allies killed.

Only one of you will be in charge of the boss, the other is in charge of picking up adds additional enemies or the boss when the other tank dies or is otherwise not able to tank. general idea is whoever puts on the end when he stands on first when entering the duty is in charge of the boss.

Every tank has their own version of defines same effect but name and icon DeFay. You’ll get used to the icons and animations as you progress. But it’s a rule you can follow or you could go based on who has more gear and HP but best choice is to use your words and type it out. Controller users on PlayStation buy a cheap $5 USB keyboard worth it.

Beyond who is currently tanking. You want to be ready to immediately assume tanking duties. If the other tank dies a minute or so into a fight turn on defiance even when you are the designated Off Tank. This guarantees that you are in the second place in enmity above your DPS and healer allies. The moment the other tank dies, the boss will hit you instead of easy to murder teammates.

Make sure you quickly move into position to since you want the boss to face away. The other worry is with level sync. If you are say level 50 and go into a duty below level 50 was defined to active it will deactivate you must always make sure to find says on when you need it. It must be stressed be ready to hit the button every single time you enter a duty this is especially needed in dungeon as the only tank around.

Ultimately though, simply turn it on then hit enemies hard to make them eat your face. Our next row actions are low blow at level 12 and provoke at level 15 Level 15 Tomahawk This skill is not automatically obtained, you must do a class quest for it. Please, especially being a tank do your class and job quests. These skills are all extremely important. I won’t be mentioning this further, but there is an indication in the top left corner when a skill is a quest locked skill. Please do them.

For tomahawk. This is an engagement and positioning tool. Within 20 yards away you can throw you AXA enemies for a 150 policy hit and a further and muddy multiplier and sharing whatever you hit me a guaranteed is targeting you only. You can use this if you lose aggro on a target for positioning new targets or for getting a far away target that is still relevant. I like using Tomahawk for starting battle. It drags the enemies towards you as you run toward them.

This lets you get into actual fighting sooner and grab aggro sooner. And for bosses. This lets you move a boss sitting at the edge of an arena into the middle of it. A place bosses usually want to be very specific non boss example. Let’s take some Trigger Happy Black Mage that goes for DPS on a single enemy.

Before the poll has even finished, you can Tomahawk that one enemy without running after the Black Mage, though ideally they will run to you anyway. Outside of this though you don’t get a lot of use of Tomahawk. It’s single target and weaker than doing normal combos.

The range is also not ideal, the tank should not be running out of range of the enemies they’re fighting, unless the mechanic explicitly forces you to such as a large AoE around the boss. When it does force you out of range, you’re not out of range for long running immediately back in and later we get an option for quickly making it back into range without needing to Tomahawk.

Good news is anytime you do need to use Tomahawk, it does not break combos. But if you enmity is already quite the lead, your effect on the battle is minimal. Roll actions once again come in here with interject at level 18 And reprisal at level 22. Level 26 storm’s path. This is the third hit of our combo and why we only AOE on three enemies or more. This does a whopping 380 potency to a target.

This is way higher than are the hits. It’s a good damage boost, but additionally, it’s a form of mitigation or reduction of damage. When finishing a combo you heal yourself for a 250 potency heal. This only happens every three attacks and you won’t be using it and trash mobs. But on single targets.

This is a decent bit of healing level 30 thrill of battle on a 92nd cooldown reel will increase your maximum HP by 20%. This will automatically heal you for the amount of that increase so you don’t need to be healed afterwards. To make use of that increased hp. It lasts for 10 seconds before dropping a max HP back to normal.

This is a cooldown for when you’re about to take a big hit usually tank busters that do tons of damage. No need to capitalize on it after the hit but reduces just how much healing you need. Missing 20% of your HP after a heal essentially means nothing wants to cool down wears off.

Unfortunately, the use of the skill in this way won’t happen until at least about I’d say level 50. In a pinch, you can use the skill for specifically for healing. If you’re somehow super low on health and healing seems to be struggling you can blow it just for the 20% hVF healing.

Survival is ultimately the key even if you’re only using half of the effect outside of bosses is tends to be the only real way to use it anyway, since trash is more about consistent damage rather than big hits.

To obtain the warrior job, you must first reach level 30 and complete the level 30 Murata quest additionally, complete the main scenario quest self management, which is at level 20 In the story returned to the guild and your quest should be there for you. Level 32 Is the roll action of arms length.

This is a defensive cooldown by the way, please check that video if you don’t believe me. Level 35 The beast within and inner beast our little gem has now expanded into a full bar and when using defiance rather than glowing we get some sick coins.

Rock on dude. This gauge is generated anytime we use Mame and storm’s path. Main is 10 gauge every use and storms path is 20 Every use so one full combo is 30 gauge every time at 50 gauge. This allows us for one use of a new scale inner beast. This does 330 potency of damage to a single target for spending the gauge.

Simply put dumpy gauge on bosses when you get enough. It’s not quite as big a hit as storms path but has no combo requirements. hit enemies hit hard with any beast. There is one other thing you could do though, and that is combine it with Berserk when it comes off of cooldown. If you have gauge, hit Berserk then spend your beast gauge to make enemies hit way harder.

And this is something we can take into account with openers. Let’s build a sort of an opening now we have very little to work with. But our openness don’t get overly complex even at 90 so we might as well start now. Free pool defines if relevant. Tomahawk heavy swing MAME storm’s path, every swing Berserk name, storm’s path, inner beast.

The only thing this open is doing is getting enough gauged above one inner beast and the two strongest hits of our combo. The second combo will give us a total of 60 gauge in a for one use of inner beast. So popping Berserk before main buffs two hits of the combo and the inner beast we get at the end.

The only other note is that there may or may not also be a tomahawk before this to pull the boss into position. Positioning is always very important. Otherwise extremely simple, very fitting for warrior so let’s just move on from there. Level 38 engine. On a long two minute cooldown vengeance reduces all damage by 30% for 15 seconds.

This is a very big defensive buff. This makes it an extremely good anti tank buster scale handling most tank busters up to and sometimes including end game rating by itself, though will have skills to easily pair with it. On top of this though warrior continues to be unique with this also being an attack.

Any physical hit you take causes the enemy to take spike damage, taking 55 potency of damage on bosses This is there, but not that significant overall in trash bullets was five 610 enemies. Assuming that all physical that’s a lot of damage for every cycle of attacks you take.

And since trash mobs are going to be doing a lot of damage in large groups, you’re able to survive it while doing damage back. Trash is more dangerous than bosses. And this skill is the perfect counter, but again, get used to using it for bosses to love a 40 mithril Tempest. Our AOE now has a combo overpowered combos into mithril Tempest, which is the same size and shape Renee Lee, the effects are much stronger though it does a 150 proxy hit to all enemies within range, then it grants a buff, surging Tempest.

This increases all damage you deal by 10%. For 30 seconds, there’s both can be stacked to a maximum of 60 seconds. Because of this, your AOE is stronger in two ways. Your combo boosts the average hit you do, then all attacks you do after even a single AOE combo are 10% stronger.

When you’re down to one or two enemies, you can swap to single target attacks to finish them off. With those still being buffed. This is not something you need to use in boss fights unless there are ads that warrant AoE.

The buff is not worth ignoring you single target to fly, and we’ll have a single target way of doing it soon. Level 42 home gang. So this is an interesting one. This is warriors ultimate or invalid skill. It has a lengthy four minute cooldown, which is short for ultimates. For 10 seconds, you cannot die with some exceptions able to kill you which usually means boss mechanics in reading.

Otherwise the HP would hit one and never dropped to zero in high end rating. This is a god tier scale. The short cooldown allows you to screw over a lot of tank busters and such. And because it has a 10 second timer, there’s a lot of leeway for healing up or even possibly getting to busters in if they’re back to back. In dungeons.

This is just math, the 10 second time it makes it nice for forcing safety, but it’s not something you’re going to actively use like other tank ultimates. It’s an emergency button at best and not even the greatest at it. If your healer recovers, you didn’t even need it. If you didn’t need it, you may hit it too late anyway. Being literally too angry to die is great. Don’t get me wrong, but proper usage in normal content is hard.

Especially when we add in the final drawback. When you home gang, you target an enemy and bind them in place. And if the binded enemy dies, home gang ends. So you want to target the healthiest enemy and target enemies when you hit home gang or make a macro so that you target yourself.

All three are options, but to maximize the usage later. And this gets some amazing usage later, you’re going to want to make sure you can quickly use it without the enemy dying made the timer level 45 steel cyclone so there’s some problems with this one. This is the AOE version of inner beast costing 50 gauge.

This does another circle AoE around you dealing 170 potency of damage to all enemies hit overpower and mithril Tempest do not generate gauge. The only way to generate gauge will be single target combos and skills we get later.

All this does is encourage you to hold on to your gauge instead of using it. That’s something we don’t even want to really consider. We’ll have a little bit of a fix for this in a few levels, but it’s not a perfect solution. Generally though, if you have 50 gauge in a trash pool, you still cyclone to do some extra damage.

Our final row action for tanking is Shirke at level 48 Level 50 storms i This is a second combo off of name storms i has the same power as storms path dealing 380 potency of damage. The differences are threefold. One it has no attached heal to be escaped only increases by 10 not 20.

These two issues sound damning, but the third different storms I apply surging Tempest. This is the same buff as mithril Tempest gives buffing all of our damage by 10%. And just like mithril Tempest, you can stack it up to 60 seconds.

The difference is you do not want to over cap this timer. If your timer is below 30 seconds, you are safe to reapply the buff to increase the timer. If your time is over 30 seconds stick to storm’s path for more gauge, but otherwise you want to maintain this buff to the end of a boss encounter. If the buff wears off one to two attacks before a boss ends, that’s fine. If you are going through several full combos without the buff, that’s not good. So genuinely just keep your buff running and then hit the enemies hard level 50 and fury eight. This is our first skill with charges.

Charges means you can store multiple usage. The moment you use a charge the core data will begin to obtain a new charge and still let you use the other store to charges and fury has a 62nd charge timer or two minutes in total. It can also not be used outside of combat combat must begin before you hit in theory eight. What this does is immediately give us 50 Beast gauge this is what I was talking about during steel cyclone after beginning combat and trash poles immediately hit in theory to give yourself some gauge.

Once initial aggro generation is done spend it on steel cyclone for some extra damage. You ideally want to also combo this in with berserk. This is a free guaranteed use of UB skills every 60 seconds combined with 62nd preserve you buff those strong hits further it doesn’t completely work out though since any future projects we’ll only get one infuriate for a combo but this is info that is key for our openness to all levels.

We want to use our inferior rates as soon as possible to get the coal down running and to do as much damage quick to enemies as we can pretty cool defiance if relevant. Tomahawk infuriate heavy swing MAME storms I heavy swing MAME Berserk storm’s path and a beast in a beast and fury eight in our beast.

Reminder Tomahawk may be needed for positioning But immediately after polling we hit in theory, all it does is give us gauge so no reason not to immediately pop one. The first storms path can now be storms I to get our buff rolling. Then we keep going through to our second name. We move Berserk back behind me because with infuriate we can prioritize buffing our strongest attacks, those being storms and ended beast storms path is stronger than in a beast.

So we still want to that inside of rizek popping it before that third hit. We also aren’t overcap engaged in storm’s path and storms I combos combined to 50 gauge Exactly. So our first stack of Berserk buffs our biggest hit then we can enemies back to back then finally we have another infuriate throw that out for one last big hit. openers are all about front loading damage anyway, and this becomes ever more relevant as we Level Up until that gives us a first major opener.

This is going to change a lot but there’s some very similar elements across all of the openers, so let’s put it into a karaoke. I’ll be naming the skills as I use them saying the names the moment the game registers they use this can cause some overlapping and names. The important part is when the name begins though.

Pre pull defiance if relevant. Tomahawk infuriate heavy swing, maim storms I have east wing. My name was Eric storm’s path in a beast in a beast in theory, in a beast. But that’s why its beginnings. This isn’t all that much to start, but all we have is pretty good. But in Heaven’s word, we will become a very angry God.

Level 54 in it Beast Mastery and fell cleave in a beast has upgraded into what many players considered to be warriors a signature move. Folk lead is taking a chainsaw to the face of the enemies. It has a much higher 460 potency twist and target other than the animation and power.

It’s the same thing as in a beast fell cleave Goldberg level 56 Raw intuition congrats you I know a literal God, I’m not even joking. Every 25 seconds This will reduce 10% of damage for six seconds. This effect is nice but outside of bosses isn’t going to be much we care about. What we care more about is that you also get a 400 potency Your for every hit you do with weapons skills.

This is for every hit, which means if there are 10 enemies and you use overpower, that’s a 4000 potency heal for a single hit. And six seconds is enough to get three hits in, or 12,000 the potency of healing. This is without question literally weight majors benediction on a 25 second cooldown in any Trash Pack, you can use this to instantly heal to maths.

That is at the end of it. Let’s bring up home gang again 10 seconds of being unable to die before we pull till you heal and not to heal you get low on HP pop home gang, hit one HP wait till home game has two seconds left.

Hit raw intuition, then the heal yourself back up to max this tense home gang from the worst tank ultimate for dungeon content into the best one all because you can use the full time and have complete control of your health bar. Just remember about not having a target for home gang, let’s do accidentally lose it prematurely.

Besides in content at this level, you won’t really get much use of this tactic anyway, and we’ll just not use the home gang trick. If it isn’t specifically a further leveling dungeon, or your team has low DPS, things tend to die too fast.

You will make the most of yourself heals by intentionally letting yourself get low, but only in later level content. When enemies start hitting hard. Will you do much home gang abuse and again 10% damage mitigation is nice, but it’s more a means to an end for bosses that have higher damage.

This makes for a great skill to partner with anything for 10 plus days, so just vengeance with raw intuition. Otherwise, though, this is his strongest skill basically forever. Love A 58 equilibrium, doubling down immediately with warrior being a healing tank is equilibrium on a short 62nd cooldown. This will instantly heal you for 1200 potency of healing.

At this level, that’s nearly half of your HP. Once again, you can purposefully let yourself get low pop equilibrium and be back to normal HP values and can quit doing closer to 70% of your health. At later levels.

Healing does become less effective overall. So it becomes more like a quarter of your HP at 90. As you level up be ready to be even more proactive with equilibrium since it isn’t as insane keep an eye on the relative amount it heals and once it starts to fall lower, you know to react to this.

That’s an issue you never see with raw intuition though, since you’ll be pulling so many enemies with a second mitigation running verta not matter level 60 steel cycle mastery and decimate This is the same thing as fell cleave, but for steel cyclone, it has now become decimate which just 200 poems you have damage to all enemies in range.

The same issue applies though as you can’t guarantee gauge and trash poles outside of infuriate. So unless you come out of a boss with some gauge and infuriates you won’t see much of it. But then that’s it for heaven’s word.

So minor offensive upgrades with some massive defensive abilities. You have become the heel tank and it feels so good. But we have further to improve with Stormblood level 62 on slot this is a skill with charges two of them the charge time is a lowly 30 seconds on slot has two effects.

The first is a basic 150 pounds to damage free damage use it on cooldown. The second is that you rush the target. This means this is a gap closer, you immediately rush to the enemy as long as they are within the 20 yard range this skill has this has some extremely good uses with dodging attacks. If you need to run out of range of an enemy you can onslaught back in to lose no uptime.

There’s other such uses similar to this like quickly moving to another enemy in cases with multiple bosses. What you do not use this for is pulling. Please do not pull with this. I say again, positioning of bosses is extremely important.

This makes it harder to position right. It can also catch your team off guard and unprepared for the poll because you just zoomed in with no animation, which if your goal is pulling so quick is speed of the run. Well you just achieve the opposite. Just keep the gap closing in mind.

You may want to hold on to one of your charges during certain bosses. If you know for sure you’re going to be out of range due to mechanics. You can hold onto one charge just for speeding back in when it is safe. Level 64 upheaval on a 62nd cooldown up people does 350 potency of damage to a target Get users on cooldown, it has a high potency and very short cooldown. Since this ends up being worth a lot of damage even an AoE just get used to throwing this out anytime you can.

Not the most interesting skill but it does give you a time at a track constantly. Level 66 enhanced infuriate this list buffs and fury and more buffs fell cleave and decimate. Using either of these skills we’ve reduced the cooldown of infuriate by five seconds, this adds up extremely quickly. Keep in mind we used three inner beasts even in our level 50 opening, which would be 15 seconds of free cooldown time across an entire dungeon, or even just trial.

That’s a lot of extra infuriate becoming a lot of extra fell cleaves. Level 68 Shake it off, on a 92nd cooldown, shake it off places a shield on yourself and all allies within 15 yards with 15% of each individual’s max HP. This is great for yourself and trash, but really good for blocking raid wide damage and boss fades, your entire team will take 15% of their hp less damage for each of them. That’s the main use being anti raid wide. There’s a further effect boosting the shield by 2%. For each defensive buff you have going of thrill of battle vengeance and raw intuition.

This actually is often a very bad thing. You’re going to need some decent planning to make use of this there is a tank buster followed by a raid wide damage for example, use vengeance and raw intuition to block the tank buster, then immediately you shake it off for a 19% shield.

Sounds pretty good still, but what about trash mobs shake it off is 15% worth of damage you can ignore. So you’ll want to use this during trash balls just to help yourself and to heal it to an extent. But if you use it after say putting up vengeance, you lose your 30% mitigation for only 2% HP worth of shields. This is not worth it, except a vengeance was about to fall off anyway.

So you’re either paying extreme attention to your timing or you need to shake it off before you mitigations so be careful of your cooldown ordering with this. It’s an extremely useful skill that can end up making things worse for you if used at the wrong time. Level 70 Berserk mastery and inner release zyk is getting a big upgrade into inner release the cooldown remains 60 seconds and you get a ton of extra buffs you are guaranteed three inner release stacks.

These allow you to use fell cleave and decimate for free even if you have zero gauge. Further, these are guaranteed critical direct hits still you don’t need to do the wind up or the infuriate usage. This is essentially 150 Free beast gauge on top of this inner strength is granted nullifying most crowd control and knock back effects. This is a very nice effect. Nothing you will ever intentionally use if it happens to line up.

Great. Finally surging Tempest is increased by 10 seconds for free, so your buffer is maintained a little bit easier. Now unlike berserk, we can use this ahead of time. All other tags do not have any effect on our inner release stacks. But you still only have 15 seconds of time to use the stacks. So there’s a very fine line to walk.

One that openings will be really pushing up against it especially with the level 90 toolkit. But given that this is a free 150 gauge, we can finally get a lot of AOE usage designate we’ll get at least three uses plus infuriate.

You can hit infuriate to start the cooldown, hit in a release, do for decimate hit infuriate again do a fifth decimate and have you next inferior rate cooldown 25 seconds reduced plus the time needed to execute all of this and since you’ll be grouping enemies together you will have put up searching templates to that is a lot of AoE damage but simply take in a release do with three big hips enjoy the dopamine but then comes our next opener in release alone is a huge change to the opener but we also have to fit in all the new off Global’s we have with upheaval and to onslaughts so let’s bring it all together.

Pre pull defiance if relevant. Tomahawk infuriate have heavy swing, maim storms I and I release fell cleave upheaval onslaught fell cleave, Onslaught fell cleave fell cleave, infuriate fell cleave same as before we open with Tomahawk into infuriate we’ll put up our surging Tempest buff then pop in a release.

This specific timing is preparation for later level Also at this level you can technically use it earlier, but muscle memory is nice. From there we’re going to throw everything with our buffs going and everyone else’s party buffs going. Spam fell Cliff expend in a release and you gain from in theory in between throw upheavals and onslaughts to get the free damage.

But remember, you can save one of the onslaughts if there’s an upcoming knock back or disengagement and you want to negate with onslaught. Once you get to the fourth fell cleave you will spend the gauge from the first in theory Finally, use your second charge and use fell cleave again.

This finishes up what we have. From there we just do basic combos use gauge when we have it and infuriate for extra gauge. That’s all there is to it with warrior boss up and go angry. This anger won’t translate to the karaoke opener, but we can still go through it. Pretty cool defiance if relevant.

Tomahawk, in theory, heavy swaying, maim storms I in release, fell cleave upheaval, Onslaught fell cleave onslaught fell cleave, fell clean if you’re a fell cleave and now on to shadow bringers. Once again some major shifts in what we get for a toolkit, though not quite as notable. Level 72 nation chaos and chaotic cyclone first off and fury has been given above usage at all will grant you nation chaos for 30 seconds.

This will upgrade decimate into chaotic cyclone for one use and funnily gives us a preview that level at fell cleave is turned into inner chaos. Chaotic cyclone is a very interesting skill. It is just like in release a guaranteed critical directive. It deals 320 potency to all targets on top of the auto direct crit. This still reduces the infuriate Timer by five seconds, despite only being granted by inferior aid.

And because it is already an autocrat. Chaotic cyclone does not spend a use of in a release spending the 50 gain to be escaped instead. This is very important info. But otherwise in fury just now to this very powerful AOE hits level 70 for mastering the beast. Finally, our AOE can give us these gauge. Every use of mithril Tempest will grant 20 gauge meaning every three combos is one decimate or five full combos for two.

But by now you get how using gauge works from using it on Phalke leave, just get used to being able to use it Allah in AoE. Now, level 76 And hand shake it off. Shake it off now comes with a small heel for all allies affected, it heals 300 potency on contact. This isn’t something you’ll much use to any major effect. This will help he’ll is top everyone off for the next raid wide damage the party takes and if anyone is missing HP, it won’t be a lot of missing HP.

But again, a top off is good. If the healer isn’t healing everyone up. Well maybe it will be as more used 300 potency plus the sheet or the love of 76 nations flash this skill is ridiculous. First off, you must choose a target. Normally you will choose your CO tank when they are the main tank. Secondly, you yourself get nation flash while your ally gets nation glint.

First six seconds each nation Flash is just the healing part of raw intuition. 400 potency of healing for yourself for every strike. Nation glint is just raw intuition for your ally, you is still the one that needs to attack since glint heals using the HP healed from nation flash, but it’s just like you’re giving raw intuition to an ally while still healing yourself in the process. Again, if you have a CO tank and they are taking damage, give them nation flash on cooldown.

This heals them and protects them from damage while still helping yourself. You can even potentially macro this to always target the CO tank, though always beware with macros being as terrible as they are. There is one downside though raw intuition and nation flash share a cool down if you use one both go on cooldown, but given what nation flashes used for this downside barely exists. Level 78 enhanced thrill of battle thrill of battle now has an extra effect. Your heel is can now take better advantage of this buff.

Anytime you use it healing actions we’ll do 20% more healing for those 10 seconds, any heals or just outright better. This makes using equilibrium better, but not raw intuition. Like say you Take a tank buster with thrill up.

After taking the hit pop equilibrium, it will heal you and heal 20% More thanks to thrill if you don’t have equilibrium, well the healer can heal you up themselves with less effort needed thanks to that extra 20% level at inner chaos as we saw 72 using in theory will grant us nation chaos which allows us to use chaotic cyclone and now we’re at in a chaos in a chaos is a massive 650 proxy hit on a target reduces infuriate by five seconds and is a guaranteed critical direct hit. It has the same interactions to in a chaos cannot use stacks of in a release.

If both are running in a chaos will take priority and spend 50 gauge and a reminder nation chaos is spent after just one skill use otherwise the use of this is obvious, hit invigorate do very big hit. Which brings us back to the opener because of how in a chaos works. We’re going to be slotting it into the opener in a very specific way that abuses the inner release timer.

Pre poll defines if relevant. Tomahawk and fury eight heavy swing, maim storms I in a release in a chaos, upheaval. Onslaught fell cleave, infuriate in a chaos, Onslaught fell cleave, fell cleave, everything is the same in a release but remember in a chaos does not spend a stack so starting with it means we still have three uses of inner release or spend it started the cooldown of upheaval and onslaught then use a falcon leave with this we’ve window we will use infuriate to get our second in a chaos to immediately use it.

Then we just spend what we have left there really isn’t that much thought into it beyond what I just said. Any and all thought is mostly reserved for level 90. We’re not going to karaoke open to this one because the level 90 opener is the same roughly with the one or two editions.

So let’s get moving on towards it with the end Walker toolkit rounding out warriors insanity level 82 Raw intuition mastery and Blood Wedding. Hey, remember how raw intuition was strong.

This is above to wait, why because warrior Blood Wedding is now eight seconds of 10% reduced damage and 400 potency of healing to moist seconds which actually does matter. But wait, there is more.

Now we also get four seconds of stem of the flow a second 10% damage reduction. Now because this is two different buffs it’s not a 20% Buff, but a 19% damage reduction in total diminishing returns on stack to mitigation.

But for those 40 seconds, the extra mitigation can really helped reduce the tank busters threat and then we’re still not done stem the tide lasts for 20 seconds, giving yourself an automatic shield with 400 points you have healing that’s as much as a single attack heals you in Blood Wedding, but as shield HP, so no fear of over capping and wasting the effect, it will likely only reduce one auto attack from a boss worth of damage, but during a tank buster, that’s nice safety, but it gets better still level 82 enhanced nation flash. That’s right nation flash gives you and an ally eight seconds of healing from your attacks.

While that ally gets four seconds of STEM, the flow, the base 10% mitigation, and the 22nd 400 potency shield. They still share a cooldown but that’s the only reason that this isn’t incredibly just broken and raiding. Imagine if you could Blood Wedding and nation flash at once. 800 potency of healing war both tanks have mitigation dual tank busters would be sickening.

Before ad for enhanced equilibrium. Equilibrium wasn’t enough healing. So weak only 1200 potency well no it has a heel over time or hot. This heel over time is 15 seconds long carrying 200 potency. It works on the server tick so it heals every three seconds in total that is five ticks or an extra 1000 potency.

So let’s take the tank buster example you take a big hit are at less than half your health now equilibrium for about a quarter of your health and the region will continue to heal you as the boss auto attacks you or in trash it some small but consistent healing for the duration will enemies you face with their own consistent damage.

Basically, good skill is good or level 80 for melee mastery. This is the most boring skill and the most poorly worded. Heavy swing is boosted 50 potency to 200 main gets an Extra 30 potency to the base potency, and both storms get 20. These two also actually boost the comboed potency is two.

So main is 280 potency and a combo and both storm attacks are 400 potency each power up, not actual usage thinking level 86 orogeny this shaves the same 32nd cooldown as upheaval. It does a five year AoE around yourself doing 150 pounds worth of damage to all enemies hit. It is stronger than upheaval on three or more enemies.

So the normal AOE threshold that really is all there is to it though. It’s an AoE upheaval, use it as much as you can. Level 88 enhanced onslaught. This is even more simple to explain. We now have three stacks of onslaught at max, you can now safely Always use two stacks and keep a third for any knockbacks or downtime. If no such situations occur.

Just use them all where you can and reopen is if possible. Level 90 primal rend in a release is buff to now also grant us primal rent ready for 30 seconds. This allows for a single use of primal rend This is a gap closer to any enemy within 20 yards of you. It has a lengthy animation lock taking up an entire wave window so you cannot double leave after primal rent.

Further this is an AoE the target will take a massive 700 potency of damage or enemies within five yards of the initial target take 210 pounds of damage aka this skill hurt in AOE or single target situations. You want to get this out for big big big damage. Oh which it is a guaranteed critical DIRECT HIT still without spending gauge or one of your three in a release stacks. Anytime you use any release. You’re using this and normally it will be from a point blank range but that gap closing effect can be accidentally super useful.

You’re gonna use it though no contest, which this in that third stack of onslaught are the two addictions toy final opener, mostly primal Rando as that actually gives us something additional at the very end. We’ll see it in action as we go through it, but you will immediately noticed the opener is a bit longer
than before.

Pre pull defiance if relevant. Tomahawk infuriate heavy swing, maim storms I in a release in a chaos, upheaval. Onslaught primal rend infuriate in a chaos, Onslaught fell cleave onslaught fell Cleve fell CLI of heavy swing name, storm’s path fell Cleaver, infuriate enter chaos.

So same as we start as always, Tomahawk and phire then pop and release after a combo spend are in a chaos into the double weave rather than a fell cleave, immediately throw out our primal rend by this point all party buffs will be up so perfect time for it. And since we only have a single weave window after primal red and fury can go out for our second into chaos. Now we can finally spend all three fell Cleves throwing out our left over on flocks, but then at the end, we add in a full storm’s path combo.

This will get us to 50 beasts gauge exactly for a final fell cleave just in time for in theory to only have five seconds left on the cooldown that vital fill cleave makes zero and gives us one final use. That is how significant the time saver function is. But other than abusing the full 15 second timer for earlier in a release and that finer in a chaos. Not much thought isn’t a warrior’s opening which makes it simple for a player to understand.

It makes it simple for us to karaoke it. So let’s sing some deathcore pre poll to find if relevant. Tomahawk infuriate heavy swing name storms I in release in chaos people onslaught Primeau rend in theory in a que onslaught fell cleave onslaught fail cleave, fell cleave heavy swing name, storm’s path fell cleave infuriate in a chaos.

That is how angry we get and how strong we are, especially in dungeons. There is some thought to put in with proper cooldown usage, but boy is by far the comfiest to play of the tanks benediction go Thank you for watching this warrior 190 leveling skills guide feel free to give feedback or ask questions on what might still be confusing to you.

I’m always seeking to improve as should you don’t stop with this guide even if I succeeded in helping you improve please leave a rating comment sub those really do help creators won’t even go follow my Patreon. Have fun in the adventures across Eorzea and made the power of animated hugs Lee waste to enemies.

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