FFXIV Scholar Healing Guide | 1-90 Building Confidence as a Healer!

FFXIV Scholar Healing Guide | 1-90 Building Confidence as a Healer!

Okay you guys, if sage hadn’t come out scholar would probably be my main job you definitely need to play and I’m gonna show you how it’s one of two barrier healers.

FFXIV Scholar Healing Guide | 1-90 Building Confidence as a Healer!

and do you know who else is a barrier healer Zouk Lionheart thank you so much my friend for supporting on Patreon as you’re really protecting me and casting that ad low from the YouTube algorithm.

So thank you very much. Without further ado, let’s talk about some scholar healing. Now like all my other practical healing guides, I’m gonna give you a one through 90 explain every single ability and give you some dungeon pools.

Now the tips are the same as all the other healers always be casting you never want to be standing around make sure you’re gearing as with the downscaling, you’re probably going to be healing a little bit more so make sure that gears up to date and those two are practically we’re just gonna get right into the one to 29 scholar is a little bit different at this point from other healers tend to have a fairy he’ll be taking care of the majority of the healing for these levels. When you summon your fairy as your very should always be summoned. It is pretty much just a small region over time that you have no control over it will just heal whoever is needed in your party.

You also have your main GCD, spell rune and your.or damage over time bio, these are going to be pretty much the same all the way up to level 90 With just upgrades along the way your single target Hill is physic which is just pretty much your cure one or benefic one or diagnosis if you’re playing other healers, once you unlock the fairy at level four keep this summon sometimes it will respond very rarely though if something happens but just make sure that it’s always present we move on to our first actual helpful ability which is whispering Don This is our party wide region that we’ll use constantly on cooldown.

This is basically your just go to ability for healing your entire party as again, your fairy is going to be doing most of the healing at this point because you have whispering Dawn and you have your fairy healing you really need to get used to DPS in here there’s no reason for you not to be dotting every single enemy with bio and spamming your ruin or single target GCD so just start doing that now so then you can get used to weaving later on.

At level 30 We get add locrian which is our first GCD spell. Now don’t get confused with the spell. Yes, we are Hiller and technically we’re shield players. But we want to focus more on barrier mitigation later down the road than actual hard casting shield abilities.

If you also notice we didn’t really get many abilities one through 30 That’s because you’re an arcanist and once you hit level 30 is when you get your scholar job stone. Now that we’re here let’s work on our first dungeon pull.

The tank will pull the first mob ad low if necessary dot each enemy as you’re running and spam rune, you can cast an ad low here, which is the ad locally, I’m just shortened name, it probably is not necessary, though is your fairy healing and you’re whispering Dawn party wide region is usually more than enough to keep players alive. So all scholars really shouldn’t struggle at this point. Now let’s chat about fairy positioning.

This is something to understand as a scholar, you can go two ways here you can start perfectly positioning your fairy or you don’t really have to worry about it and just make sure you’re standing in the middle of the arena. This is because the ferry has a range in which it can cast it healing and when you use the ferry abilities, they also have a range so you want to make sure your ferry is properly positioned whether that’s by you or just placing it with the place ability. Now you don’t have to worry your ferry is an NPC so it will not take any damage.

So just put it right there in the middle of the arena and let it take all the AOS another reason why you want to place the ferry is if you’re moving around and cast the ferry ability there can be a stutter or delay in the ferry casting that ability because it is moving so learning how to place it now properly is probably better off even with all that you might still be a little off and miss that out there barred or Black Mage but don’t worry too much about it, place it and leave it moving on to 31 to 49 content level 35 We get sucker which is our party why GCT shield and Hill I’m going to be super honest with you guys. I rarely use this it can’t be good as a boss pool just to get a free shield up on everybody.

Most bosses have a Roomba idea we damage ability about 20 seconds into a pool so it’s good habit to do only if you have time before the boss I wouldn’t really waste time doing it during battle though, as your fairy and whispering Dawn is more than enough room to now this is not an upgrade to rune one. It can be a little bit deceiving. This is a different GCD ability than rune.

This is an instant cast, and at some point leveling up it will be more beneficial to instant cast this than hard casting your ruin one spell, but it quickly gets outpaced by the rune one upgrade so you really want to just focus on using rune one where rune two comes in is because it’s an instant cast you are able to move around while you’re casting it so instead of just running around and not damaging the enemy now you can be instant casting this and damaging the enemy until you can get stationary and start casting room one again. Moving on to phase illumination.

This is increasing healing magic potency of everyone it hits which effectively just means the amount of healing done by Filling spells yours specifically, this also decreases magic damage which most attacks are magic damage in the game, so it can be pretty useful. Now be wary that I said spells which means this ability does not stack with your later abilities.

This only affects your GCD spells which are physic add low and sucker. So if you have to start using GCD abilities to heal your tank, then definitely pop this before. Another thing we have to talk about is we have to ferry abilities now and you have to be thoughtful of casting them together as it creates a bit of a stutter with the ferry as it has a cooldown in between each ability.

So if you try to cast whispering Dawn and then immediately hit fade illumination, there’s going to be a couple of seconds before it can cast the other ability. So just be mindful of that. After this, we finally get our job abilities ether flow, this is the same as arcanist in the sense of it’s a 62nd cooldown, and you get three ether stacks, and it also gives you back 20% of your MP.

So this is the way that we keep scholars MP up that means you want to keep this ability on cooldown and spend the stack so then you never lose any stat we get to abilities with this ether flowability and that’s illustrate and energy drain illustrate now is your main way to be healing your tank as it’s just a free Oh, GCT Hill energy drain is used for when you’re going to get more stacks, but you don’t want to waste the one or two you already have. You can just quickly pop energy drain if you don’t need to heal anybody at that current moment. And you’ll also get more mp back from that as well. This also damages the enemy.

So the goal is to always keep that 62nd ether flow timer going and never let it just sitting there as you can be increasing your damage or healing for free. Now when I say that I wouldn’t dump these too early. You want to wait until that 62nd cooldown is just about to finish because you never know what kind of sticky situations that might come up in just a few seconds.

Yay Art of War you can finally do some AoE damage even better an instant cast so you can run and cast this at the same time. After the tank pools and you dot your enemies make sure you’re slapping that ground. This is a melee rains so you need to be close to your enemies.

Let’s go over a new tank pool with all of our abilities tank pulls mob you’ll dot your first enemy and then hit ether flow you can’t activate ether flow without being in battle so that’s why we have to.an enemy first dot rest of enemies as you’re running us illustrators needed art of war until the tank stops running whispering dawn to make sure the tank doesn’t run out of whispering Dawn range and Art of War in Hill is needed you may want to throw an ad low if you feel you need a little bit more slack or maybe you have a tank that is a little newer and not rotating through their damage mitigation.

So just case by case basis now 50 Plus content will change your tank rotation as we get a lot of great abilities later on to make healing tanks a lot easier level 50 sacred soil this is my go to ether flow ability and one you should prioritize all the time if you’re not in savage content. This is basically a 10% damage mitigation buffs that we want on the tank at all times. It’s your bubble ability and later on gets better when a region gets attached around level 70 ish.

When your tank pulls the enemy you can simply place this downward the tank is apt for some good old damage mitigation level 52 indomitability, this is an ether flowability as well and is a party wide Hill This is great for healing all party members if taking damage used Morford boss battles in my opinion as it’s an old GCD so you can weave it in between damaging your enemies deployment tactics.

Now I personally love this ability a lot like I use it for almost every tank pool, what you can do is cast and add low on yourself between tank pools. Sometimes it’s easier to just do it on yourself than on the actual tank, and then cast deployment tactics to spread that shield to everyone else. Now you might say well, why not just use sucker?

And I’ll tell you the reason why because add low is 180% Hill and shield sucker is 160% I just really personally enjoy getting that extra 20% pretty easily so it makes a difference in my opinion. Okay, so I banned this next ability emergency tactics. I never used this ever, only in emergencies, hence the name your ether flow abilities are just so good and the region from whispering Dawn and damage mitigation. It’s just not something I prioritize but it is there if you need it.

It essentially just takes away the shield of add low and sucker and turns it into more healing. So for when things are getting really bad. This makes your fairy go away for a short time but grants you three ether flow stacks and a 20% buff to your healing. I only use this ability for the stacks of ether flow. If I’m between stacks or something happens and I need another three stacks to heal the party.

I will pop dissipation you can even plan this pretty nicely at the end of the big trash pool to have stacks ready for the next trash poll. If your ether flow is not going to be on cooldown, or to kind of revive from a sticky situation if all the party members just start running into walls.

The last great way to use says as if you just want to increase your DPS just pump those stacks into energy drain and put out more damage the most loved and used stability in the scholar toolkit X cogitation X cog could take, I can’t say it it’s just a delayed healing potency of 800 which is gigantic and it’s a free ability with ether flow.

The great thing about this ability is you can set it and forget it, it will automatically trigger if the tanks health gets below 50% Or it will go off on its own after 45 seconds. So make sure to prioritize this pretty often in pools, we’re going to have another ability to pair this with later that even makes it more effective.

Chain stratagem increases critical hits the target takes by 10% Just keep this on cooldown, it allows your party members to do more damage and we love that last but not least for our 70 toolkit ether pact This is a new gauge the ferry gauge congrats you have one ability to use a song and that is ether PAC basically rejects a targeted party member until you run out of Faerie gauge or you stop the action. You get very gauged by using your ether flow stack.

Be aware though when your ferry is using the ether packability and you use whispering Don it will stop ether pack to execute that ability and then just go back to regular hilling you’ll have to re activate ether pack so it can get a little weird when you try to use other ability first for the ferry.

I mostly use this for trash pulls after I had casted whispering Don so then that means I don’t really have to worry about the fairy not being able to do the other abilities I needed to do this paired with whispering Dawn sacred soil and an eggs cog you’re gonna be totally fine in almost every single trash poll.

And if I’m being quite honest, and if all the other people who scholar main are being quite honest, we forget about disability all the time because you only have one thing to use your fairy gauge on so just make sure you put it somewhere where you can see it and weave it into your regular toolkit.

Now we’re going to talk about our next dungeon pull but before that, why not hit that subscribe button and smash that like button if you’re getting any value out of this video. It really helps me with the YouTube algorithm to put this off to more people as it can be kind of a jerk sometimes let’s get a rough idea of what a dungeon pull can look like at this point with all your shiny new abilities.

Tank pulls enemy you can hit them with an ad low right before they’re out of range and then dot one enemy either flow stack dot another enemy put an X cog on the tank as you’re running. Just keep dodging until the tank stops and throw down a sacred soil. From here you’re just using Art of War while using whispering Dawn and or ether pack just depending on what abilities are available.

There’s just so many ways that you can go about this so you just kind of have to figure out what works for you I would say a sacred soil is a must no matter what as well as just mixing through between whispering Dawn ether pact and eggs cog so then they each get off cooldown at separate times for the next pools. If you absolutely have to then you can cast another ad low but hopefully your DPS are killing the enemies by the time that happened.

Now after this and up to 90 We’re getting some really high level abilities that at level 90 makes scholar like almost the best class to play because it makes it so incredibly easy to heal. And that starts off with one of the arguably best ability scholar has resuscitation This allows the execution of ad low sucker in DOM and X cog to be free as well as critical. Most players pair this with an egg’s cog on big pools and just for go healing for a little bit.

I like it after a whispering Dawn and sacred soil to help with mitigation and help it go just a little further. Another secret way I like to use this which I know a lot of people are like Vlad don’t do that is pairing this with an ad low and deployment tactics right before a boss pool for a gigantic shield on the tank and regular shields on the team members pre Bosco.

Now before you ask because I know you’re going to know deployment tactics does not also give critical shields to everyone but your take is going to need a critical shield probably so you might as well give it to him.

Everyone else will just get regular shields, Fe blessing, just a free ferry healing ability for the group prioritizes above any GCD since it’s just your fairy sprinkling some healing magic on everybody summons Arif now I feel like I don’t see this ability being used as often as it should, but it literally is just one of my favorite abilities in the scholar toolkit, and I keep this on cooldown in trash mobs all the time, you replace your fairy with a stronger version called saref.

They do all the same things a fairy does but just a little better. In some areas. Her regular regen healing is now not only a heal, but also a tiny shield like free mini athlos to whoever she heals, which is pretty cool.

Not only that you also get another ability opened up constellation which is a free group AOE healing shield. It just makes pooling and trashed pools way easier sometimes. Now let’s go over our last two abilities and then go over a level 90 tank pool. We have protraction, which is effectively your just tank buster mitigation, which increases max HP of a party member and restores the same amount of HP for 10 seconds.

So it really adds to the tankiness. And our last ability that got probably the most hate I’ve ever seen in Final Fantasy 14 is expedient, which most players thought was just going to be a movement buff and nothing else but they added a 10% mitigation to this and honestly, the movement both comes in clutch sometimes when you’re in a dungeon and you cast it and everybody can run out of the AOE just in time. I also really liked this to make dungeons go by faster, right maybe halfway to the end of a tribal all cast expedient. So we kill everybody and then we could run to the next trash mob even quicker. Now when I say healing is personal.

I really mean that. But we’re going to talk about some ways that your level 90 dungeon pools can go. I honestly don’t believe there’s a wrong way as healing is really about the knowledge of the fight, what you want to use and how reactive and proactive you can be. As long as you’re keeping your GCD up damage up. I think you’re totally fine with weaving in whatever you want.

Whatever makes you feel comfortable. Here’s an example of a level 90 tank pool tank will pull first mob you’ll dodge your first enemy and hit that ether flow for stacks I hit the tank with a resuscitation eggs called while we’re running and a sacred soil where they stop all the wild dodging the enemies on the way. Now then I either go into Summon saref or whispering Dawn it’s kind of up to you I don’t feel like you need both.

I like to get some answers out of the way first and get it on cooldown so I don’t forget to use it in the next trash pool on the second mob pool because you know that there’s two mob pulls before each boss I’ll hit them with another x cog if it’s off cooldown, or possibly an ad lo if I don’t have an X cog sacred soil should be on cooldown again as it’s on a 32nd timer and then I’ll use protraction as that’s a really great ability for large trash pools and you can literally sprinkle in all your other global cooldowns.

Fae blessing expedient probably whispering down again is if you use it right away, honestly, it’s just rotating back and forth between a few abilities for each big trash mob pool. I have the problem of actually utilizing all of my abilities as I feel the ones I use are on cooldown quick enough and it keeps the tank alive.

I will say for the record that I rarely use Add low or sucker for GCD hills as we just have so many abilities at this point. There’s really no need for them in case things get real sticky, or you burn through way too many healing Oh GCDs usually two to three at all times is going to keep the tank well above the danger zone.

I feel like the biggest problem with scholar is that most people kind of get flustered or something happens in the dungeon and they just default to spamming ad low instead of using their abilities. So just put your abilities on a hot bar where you know you’re going to be able to rotate them quickly and easily.

I hope that this video has helped even a little bit get a basic understanding of scholar as it’s really in such a great fun place to play right now. You can find all my social media links down below for discord, Patreon and my second YouTube channel where I post all sorts of fun clips and reactions from my live streams. If you want to watch more Final Fantasy guides and tutorials then you can click here.

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