Tanking Guide – for Beginners/Returners (Pros/Cons and basic FFXIV tanking knowledge)

Tanking Guide - for Beginners Returners Pros Cons and basic FFXIV tanking knowledge

Welcome to another guide aiming at newcomers beginners return us or anyone who just feels overwhelmed to meet certain tagging requirements.

Tanking Guide – for Beginners/Returners (Pros/Cons and basic FFXIV tanking knowledge)


Let me help you to overcome tanking anxiety and become the strongest weapon your party can bring with, or at least the weapon they certainly need to clear content. But first of all, let us summarize shortly which pros and cons we have when choosing a tanking job over a DPS or healer job.

First of all, at least when comparing this to DPS jobs in general, the queuing times you will encounter a duty finder and hitting up rate Finder will be significantly shorter than in our DPS department simply from the fact that we’re having 10 DPS jobs in game and four tanks only. Healers also make use of the same VIP status making up three jobs of a sum of 17. Still in party finder for example, which means creating group manually without the assistance of an automated matchmaking system.

Tanks are quite in favor sometimes because even when healers are less possible jobs in total, the mechanics for healers and DPS are mostly running on the same logical fear. And the perspective on which you’re facing an encounter is nearly identical. tanks on the other hand have to take some sort of responsibility they decide over the start into the fight and can easily cause it to end early on.

As tank you’re always some sort of the main driver in your group, at least when taking the reins of the main tank. On the other hand, which definitely is a thing I personally run into multiple times even on savage content, which is the second most highest degree of difficulty in fan fantasies rating system, tanks can easily endure some heavy hits that DPS or healers would die to death. Isn’t that a job of a tank?

Yes, but in Final Fantasy, there are tons of raid wide damage and tanks or a wee stuff that you need to take care of and try to avoid or mitigate. In any case, here tanks can make use of their advantage to have a much higher resistance level that especially in do define a condom, you will barely realize getting hit by things.

So when holding the reins of the group has maintained taking up some responsibility for others as well. On the other hand, the tolerance against damage mechanical failure is way higher on the tanking department at least when you’re not encountering certain tank buster mechanics but more to the special terms later.

The biggest advantage that I like about tanking among all party members, you have the biggest impact on the speed and pace of your group and attendance. While eight men are 24 men rates are mostly started directly after the last person has watched the required cutscenes or when being lucky to have a tank doing countdowns for men dungeons make a whole different picture.

Here the tank always decides to pace surely a healer could drag you into the next pack of foes but most of the times it is up to you to make that decision. So to feel comfortable taking up the mighty reigns of a tank let us cover some of the most important aspects that you need to know and take care of.

First of all, choose a job that you feel comfortable as tank. There are tons of tanking job comparisons or to lists that recommend a certain choice. But if you’re not feeling well when playing Paladin for example, drop it and choose another one.

Your personal comfort level and satisfaction with the jobs battle system utility and rotation is the most important reason to hit up a certain job. It is not like World of Warcraft where balancing issues could force you to play another class, the balancing is exceptionally well.

And if you’re looking at any of my job ranking videos, try to always focus on the gameplay aspect of a job when choosing it. If you’re starting from scratch in Final Fantasy 14 and want to directly hop onto tanking, your only choice can be variable Paladin or better set Murata and Gladiator that turned into their respective job at level 30.

The reason why Dark Knight and gun break are not mentioned is the fact that they need to be unlocked by completing certain Eminescu things first or reaching a specific level. So if you want to dive into tanking choose Murata or gladiator to start your journey.

And when you wake in midnight with a deep urge to become the warrior of darkness just hop over when unlocking it at level 51 Having access to the required area each guard above that except your jobs weapon and job specific gear that appears very rarely in Final Fantasy, all tanks share the equipment so if you’re moving on to gear progression of one tank, you can easily get it done for all of them.

And after choosing a job and heading into your first dungeon, you need to understand some key tanking mechanics that you don’t need in solo content. First of all, other than most of your DPS or healer counterparts you have access to self mitigation abilities or skills that you already learned at level eight in the form of rampart, reducing incoming damage by 20%. Surely on low level dungeons and trials it is not required to time those defensive cooldowns perfectly, but it never hurts to familiarize yourself with those skills.

So try to look at the damage you receive and throw it in the moment the incoming damage is growing bigger. That directly leads us to something people can find fancy called tank buster. While becoming much more important in endgame content. Many of your enemies will make use of this mechanic that can be described as the biggest hit that an enemy can throw at a single person which should always hit the tank of course, most of the times this will be in the caters by a Cast sequence initiated by your enemy to let healers know when you need some care and of course to tell you as tank when to make use of your defensive cooldowns like rampart, for example.

And of course, never stress yourself too much. You can’t know those tank busters when you have no experience with a certain dungeon. So learning it by trial and error, or just by taking the hit like a man won’t cause a group to wipe, at least not on leveling content. If your healer flames you for not knowing it. And without offering advice, it’s still not your fault, and presumably the healers a dick.

But there still is one single thing that brings each player’s patience and sanity to its limits, which will directly lead us to the topic, enmity. And mighty means getting the attention of a boss or all the folks inside of a dungeon. If any of your DPS or healers will have mobs on them, the tank needs to adjust and turn his attention on putting out a text to the foe he’s missing. While enmity has been a much more difficult topic before shadow bringers it still needs to be taken care of.

And if people are dying from having aggro, which was the common wild term for enmity, US tank will earn the blame and therefore let’s try to avoid it at all costs. While this topic isn’t that difficult when finding a single target intelligence where you have multiple enemies, these can get much more intense, so try to stick to these general tips on enmity generation.

That primarily means getting up your tank stance that all tanks have access to, then each attack will generate an insane amount of enmity that no DPS know he’ll can compensate as long as you’re hitting targets with your text. Therefore, if you’re able to get your A we attack into each enemy you want to pull, you’re good to go.

And examples that hit multiple targets would be the a rotation status, demon slice, overpower, unleash or total eclipse. But if packs are divided a bit more, you should always try to get at least one other attack into the missing target as well.

You could also try to hit half of the pack with your area on the right side first, then head over to the left one and get it addressed as well. But in whatever manner you’re dealing with it, try to address each possible target that is going to be inside the pack you’re pulling with one of your attacks. Sometimes targets are even further away from each other, then you could make use of your range attacks as well from which each tank has at least one.

If enmity is secured, you can make a stand find a good spot where all your party members can hit all targets and still have some space to dodge aways that are very common among dungeon foes. The alternative is to make a so called wall to wall pool, that means you’re going to pull all enemies until you reach a border that dungeons always have and that will be removed. When you have cleared the whole summer falls in front of that border.

Most of the times you’re having strict orders one pack with three to six months followed by another pack with that same dimension and followed by the border. So you could keep each pack in constitution or pull them together to save time and make use of the full AOE potential of your group.

And here it ultimately depends on your group’s power. So if the healer seems trustworthy, you can do it at least when your DPS mates are putting in some serious damages well, otherwise, even the best healer could be outmatched by a lengthy fight with no target dying early on. And of course, US tank need to take care of each cooldown you have to help your healer with keeping you alive.

So try to mitigate damage as best as possible by using your job specific defenses and especially your role commands, which are quite handy in dungeons. Even arm’s length that primarily is made for having protection against knock back or pool mechanics can decrease the incoming damage when using it inside of a big pool.

When it comes to raids or trials when other tanks are around, try to communicate by hitting up your tank stance or letting it away or just use the chat for that so that at least one of three possible tanks will take responsibility. And if that is secured, you don’t need to do enmity ping pong just turn off your tanking stance.

But please, if you’re recognizing that the main tank has found an early grave, make use of your provoke roll command hit up your tank presence and take care of the job for the time of his absence. Last but not least, we got another thing that was already featured in my three tanking misconceptions video.

But we need to talk about that again because it is more important than some people may think even when being tank and having the before mentioned goes to secure, you need to deal damage as well, which isn’t that complicated. Most of your defensive kit will be used inside of your weapons skill recast timers, so by having a certain rotation for each tagging job as well, you can easily find ways to push out your full damaging potential while still being able to play it safe and take care of your defenses.

The more damage you contribute the less time he does need to take care of healing and especially in dungeons, you can definitely make a difference by cutting off your enemy numbers by yourself to help him therefore I highly recommend to check out the balance discord, or any of my job guides that explain all the common rotations for each tagging job to get you started.

And a beginners version is coming up next covering all the level ranges from level one to eight as well. So stay tuned for that. Okay, these were the basics of tanking. So let us cover the advanced section namely your intro action with your group especially the healers and mele DPS jobs.

The first thing is line of sight which simply means don’t get too far away from your group especially stay close to your healer. While the mat is on a fine fence is totally different like it is for World of Warcraft. Your prime goal is to stay inside of your HEDIS range so that you can get us into your savage body.

While this actually isn’t a big issue in Final Fantasy, you should still keep an eye on this avoid being bursted down by big packs while the healer is still trying to catch up. The second thing is your own and the bosses positions which is essential on teaming up with mele DPS jobs.

Therefore, let us take a closer look from amongst perspective. For example, like you can see from this video, the month rotation is insanely dependent on hitting the correct position notes. We don’t have those as tanks, but for managers this means you mostly rotate being behind the target or sticking to its flank and in the case of the monk we’re switching positions near the after each weapon skill.

And this means if you as tank will start playing spin the boss monks and other mele jobs will definitely hate you and with a good reason. On this savage encounter. For example, you can see how important it is to place it onto the perfect spot so that all DPS can reach its hitbox and its positional mechanics hid in the way your group is split up. But that could easily be taken into consideration for each boss.

Most of the times a small but precise movement can be much more efficient than trying to be generous with big steps to provide the most amount of space for your group to dodge a week’s but this isn’t harmful and sometimes even required for certain mechanics tries to stick to very short but precise movements to help your local monk punching the boss in the way it deserves it and these are the main things you need to take care of.

So hop into dungeons, which are always fruitful for your leveling process and try to get used to all the tips I mentioned. It mostly is a practice thing like all parts of life. And by having such a nice community we’re blessed with in Final Fantasy, don’t stress yourself too much. And if you have a specific issue with a certain dungeon boss or how to handle it, feel free to ask others they may already have got some tanky experience and will help you out.

So I hope that this video could help you in taking care of the most essential parts of tanking. And if you liked it, consider to subscribe to my channel or any other of the amazing content creators I listed inside of my last video. Otherwise, hit me up on Twitch for anything Final Fantasy has to offer or visit my Patreon page for the most noble souls among you. Thanks for watching and enjoy your instant queue times. Until next time, take care and keep loving Final Fantasy.

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