Complete Beginner’s Guide for Endwalker FF14 – 2022

Complete Beginner's Guide for Endwalker FF14 - 2022

Hey guys is lucky ghost here and today we’re gonna go over a complete Beginner’s Guide for Final Fantasy 14 online.

Complete Beginner’s Guide for Endwalker FF14 – 2022

Final Fantasy 14 is an absolutely massive game. And it is incredibly common for players to log in and feel overwhelmed and even lost. They’re not sure what to do what to focus on what to ignore, and I’m here to help you with all of that I’m going to tell you all the things you need to focus on early all the things you should completely ignore what to waste your money on what not to waste your money on, and basically how to proceed through this game confidently and know everything that you need to know.

So sit back, relax. And if you have any specific questions that didn’t get answered in this video, be sure to swing by my Twitch stream over at Ghosts and asked me there I’ll put the link to that down in the description below. If you enjoy this video, be sure to like and subscribe for more Final Fantasy 14 content.

Let’s begin the first thing that you’re going to have to decide when choosing how to jump into Final Fantasy 14 is how to buy Final Fantasy 14, you’ve got a couple of options. One, you can buy the game through Steam or two you can buy directly through Square Enix as website the one serious advantage to buying the game through the website is that you can also participate in the free trial, you can play through the first 60 levels for free and you have unlimited playtime so you can level up as many of your jobs to level 60 As you want jobs in this game are the same thing as classes and other games.

And so you can get a ton of level 60 jobs all for free before having to pay a single dime to make sure that you absolutely love this game. Before you buy it. I’ll put a link down in my description below to the free trial page in case that’s something you’re looking for.

Because I know a lot of people struggle to find that however, if you want to buy the game through Steam, because you have a nice tidy Steam library and you just like all your games to be in one place, I get that you can buy the game through Steam, but you won’t be able to participate in this free trial outside of the free trial aspect the two work identically to one another.

And there’s really no upside or downside to having one over the other. Either way when purchasing the game, you’re going to have to interact with the Square Enix website, which some people say is the most confusing part of the journey of all. Okay, when you create a character, one of the first things you’re going to have to do is choose a data center. There’s three data center regions, there’s the North American data centers, the European data centers and the Japanese data centers.

The important thing to know is when you pick a region, if you choose a server on the primal data center, then you’ll be able to play with other people on the primal data center. So a behemoth player would be able to play with an Excalibur player would be able to play with a Hyperion player, and so on.

But behemoth could not play with Belmont. Now, there is no cross play between primal and Crystal yet however, there is discussion of this being added sometime in the near future, they said they are working on it. But for the time being it’s not there. So if you want to play with friends, make sure you end up on the same server as them or at least on the same data center as them, if you’re not on the same server, there’s going to be limitations, you won’t be able to join their free company.

In other words, you won’t be able to join their guild, but you will be able to join a link shell where you can talk to them from server to server, but if you want to be in their free company, make sure you end up on the same server, it’s gonna make life a little bit easier for you.

If you see this star like this one here on primal, that’s encouraging you to create a character on one of these servers on this data center. What that means is you’re gonna get increased experience here, there’s incentives here that are saying, hey, we need more players to play on this data center.

So we’re going to incentivize that with extra experience and things like that. And generally speaking, if you don’t have a reason, like a friend on one of these other servers already, definitely take advantage of that. Because there’s nothing wrong with the server, it just so happens that more people created characters on these servers for one reason or another. And they need to balance out the server load.

And so they’re rewarding people, you get a 90 day XP buff, so three months of much, much increase experience. And it goes all the way up to level 70. And you can use it to level your alts up to 72 your other jobs because remember all of your jobs. In other words, all of your classes are gonna be leveled up on one character, you make one character and it does all of the things and we’ll get into that here in a lot more detail in a moment.

So once you’ve chosen your data center, you’re gonna have to create a character. The first thing you’re gonna have to choose with your character variation is going to be your race, you’re gonna be able to choose between higher Alisan LaFell bigodi, Rogin, ora, Roth gar and Vieira. Vieira now has male and female variants and Roth gar is said to be getting a female variant soon. The first thing that you’re probably wondering is is there a difference between the races? Is there one reason to choose one over another?

Like in so many other MMOs there’s passives attached each one that say, Hey, this one’s gonna be a good mage, and this one’s gonna be a good warrior. And the answer to that question is a definitive No, it does not matter in this game races are 99.999% cosmetic, they do have some base stats associated with them. The difference between each one is so insignificant that literally nobody cares about them.

It’s the difference of maybe one or two intelligence are one or two strengths. It’s literally nothing in the grand scheme of things when you’re at the end game and you have pieces of gear giving you much much much more stats than that you’re not going to care even in the slightest about the margin. have one or two intelligence on a character. So when it comes to choosing your race, pick the race that looks cool to you pick the race that you’re gonna be attached to. If you want to be a massive robot in then go for it.

And if you want to be a cute cat girl, live your best life. Once you’ve chosen your race, it’s gonna let you choose between different clans. Another another way of changing the character cosmetically, they do again have slightly different stats, which you can see over here on the left.

But again, I can’t express to you enough how much of these don’t matter. So please don’t make your character decision. Based on those don’t choose something that you’re less excited about simply because it had two more decks, right? It doesn’t matter in the long run, I promise you, you will regret it. If you do this.

It is also worth noting that if you do create a character that you don’t love, like down the road, you wish you wouldn’t have made that race or you wouldn’t have made that look or, you know, maybe you would have maxed out one of the sliders that you didn’t max out you do get something called Fantasia later on a couple of times while playing through the game it’s given to you.

And you can use this Fantasia to change your character’s appearance, which means you’ll be able to change everything about them, you basically recreate the character from scratch when you use the Fantasia so you can go from a guy to a girl, you can change your race, you can change your looks, everything can be changed with the use of the Fantasia and you’re given about one or two of these while you’re playing through the story of the game, so you’re not locked into your look forever.

So don’t stress it too much. Make something that excites you and get into the game and have some fun. Alright, once you’ve picked your club, you’re gonna get to choose between assortment of things like heights bust size, the all important bust, slider and skin color, tail shape, tail length hairstyle, right you get to choose between all of the things you’re used to choosing between when creating a character and an MMO.

It’s your usual affair,
and you end up getting to create some really, really cool looking characters down here in the bottom, you can change the scenery and the lighting to see what they look like in different conditions just in case you want to make sure they look good in the real world. And then it’s going to ask you a couple of RP questions.

This has no bearing on your character strength or power, or anything beyond the RP it’s gonna ask you to pick your birthday, which you can do and then it’s going to ask you to pick a patron deity. Again, just pick the one that looks cool to you. Maybe it has a goal symbol, maybe it’s got some cool lore, but it’s going to have no bearing on your character in the actual game.

Finally, you’ll be able to choose between gladiator pugilist Marauder Lancer Archer and the disciples of magic conjure kilometers and archanis So you’ve got your disciples of war who are going to be your Physical Damage characters and your disciples of magic who are going to be your magic characters.

You choose gladiator if you ultimately want to be a Paladin, you choose pugilist if you ultimately want to be a monk you would choose Murata if you wanted to be a warrior, you would choose Lancer if you wanted to ultimately be a Dragoon, and you would choose Archer if you ultimately wanted to be a bard under the disciples of magic, you would go conjurer if you wanted to be a white mage odometers if you wanted to be a black mage, and archanis if you wanted to be a summoner, or a scholar or Canis is unique in that it leads to two different jobs.

Jobs that I’ve mentioned so far are the ones that you get as a direct result of starting up one of these things, the gladiator will turn into the Paladin, then the buderus will turn into monk and so on.

Whereas the other jobs that I’ve not listed, such as the Ninja, the Samurai, the Reaper, the machinist, the dancer, the red mage, the blue mage, the Astra lo gene, and the sage, The Dark Knight and the gun breaker, right, all of these other jobs, you can unlock by doing a quest, they don’t require you to have been a certain starting class, they require you to hit a certain level, and then you can do a quest and unlock them.

And it doesn’t matter what you were before then, right so there’s only a handful of jobs that require you to start at something specific. And the rest you unlock simply by hitting a level threshold doing the quest and then you unlock them. So if you’re trying to decide what job you want to be if you wanted to be a melee DPS, you would be choosing between monk, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai, or Reaper.

If you wanted to be arranged physical DPS you would be a machinist, a dancer, or a bard. If you wanted to be a magic DPS, you would be a summoner, a red mage or a blue mage. But it’s important to note that the blue mage is a bit of a unique specimen in the game, it’s not really viable for end game content, its level caps out lower than the rest. It’s just kind of a fun side thing for soloing and kind of being overpowered in early game contents. You wouldn’t plan on maintaining a blue mage, it would just be an altar that you unlocked and leveled up when doing various activities throughout the game.

If you wanted to be a healer, you would go either white mage scholar, astral ojen, or sage. And if you wanted to be a tank, you would go Paladin warrior, Dark Knight or gun breaker. Next, let’s talk about role in icon colors. Once you’ve chosen a role, you’ll be able to tell what role you and other people are by looking at their job icon. When you’re looking at your party. You’ll see to the left, each person has a little square with a color and a symbol inside of it. That symbol is going to indicate their job.

You’ll learn to know what each of these symbols mean. And you’ll know just by looking at what job that person is for the instance mine here is a black mage symbol. It’s red because I’m a DPS. The following one here is blue because that’s a tank and again the next is green because that’s a healer so DPS are red thanks for blue and healers are green when you’re in combat. You’ll see a small number to the bottom left of each person’s icon. And that’s going to tell you the order of emnity or the order of aggro.

So if they have an A, that means they have aggro on the enemy. If they have the two, that means they are next in line to get it. So if the tank were to lose it or the tank were to die, the enemy is going to start attacking this person here. And now this person has aggro because they’ve got the A you’re the healer is number three.

And this is good for the tank to know how they’re doing on maintaining the aggro this is good for the healer to know who’s going to be getting hit next so they can make sure they have the health they need to take the hit. It’s not something you have to pay terribly close attention to unless you’re one of those support roles. But it is nice to know what those numbers mean. If you’re unfamiliar with what each role does in an MMO the tanks can be responsible for tanking the enemy in other words, keeping the aggression on them so that the enemy is attacking them.

Typically, tanks are gonna grab the enemy and turn it away from the group it’s going to get a lot more complicated than that when you get into difficult content. But that’s the gist of it. When it gets started. The healer is going to be responsible for keeping everyone alive you’re going to heal people when they take damage and the damage dealer is going to be responsible for putting out as much damage as possible in order to kill the enemy but it doesn’t really stop there.

And Final Fantasy 14 and Final Fantasy 14 The tanks are going to be responsible for putting out damage as well as the healers. So whenever the tank has aggro already and the healer already has everyone topped off on their health, they have abilities in their arsenal that
actually do great damage that they are going to use.

This ends up allowing every role to be great at soloing all of the content they need to solo for the game all of their quests, the main story quests a side quest right so don’t feel like if you choose to be a tank or a healer, you are just gonna have to stand idly by and watch the damage dealers have all the fun.

So now that you’ve created your character and you’ve chosen your job, and in doing so you’ve chosen your role because jobs are role lots so a gladiator will always be a tank and an estrogen will always be a healer. A Black Mage will always be a DPS. So remember that when you choose that the job you choose is always going to be locked into its respective role. However, you can at any time change your job by simply changing your weapons.

So if I put on a black mage weapon, I’m now a black mage. If I put on a gladiator weapon, I am now a gladiator. If I put on monk weapons, I’m now monk right. It’s that simple. Sometimes there’s going to be a quest that you have to do to unlock the job before you do it.

There’s going to be a soul crystal that you have to equip in order to accompany this right if I take this soul crystal off, I am now my thumb at search. Now make sure you remember that your job is not the only job that you can have. In fact, you can unlock every single job in the game on the same character. So one character can be a gladiator nasty theologian.

Among a pugilists, right, you can do every single job in the game on one character, you can max them all out, you can get them all to 90, and you can change between them anytime you want. With a simple click of a button. We’ll get into more about how to do that later. But just remember that the job you choose and the role that comes with it is not the only thing that you’re going to be allowed to do going forward.

Because anytime you want to play DPS, you can equip a black mage weapon or a bard weapon right and then become that job. And now you’re a DPS. And then when you feel like playing a tank, you can put on the gladiator weapon, or you can put on the Dark Knight weapon. And when you want to be healer, you can put on an astral ojen weapon or the white mage weapon, right. And this will allow you to be a healer, it’s really easy to switch between them.

And you’re more than likely going to end up with more than one job at max level. And if you feel up to it, you’ll have more than one role as a result. Now that you’ve created your character, you’ve chosen your job and therefore you’ve chosen your role. It’s time to start doing some questing, what should you be doing first and Final Fantasy 14. First, let’s talk about the variety of quests that exist in the game.

Final Fantasy has four different types of quests that you’re going to see all over the game, the type of quests that you’re going to want to focus on is the main story quest. That’s
this symbol right here, the flaming Meteor kind of falling out of the sky. That’s what this is supposed to represent.

And you should basically be following this quest chain all the way through the game. Anytime you’re not sure where the next one of these is in the top left corner of your screen, you simply have to click this button here, this will always be here to click. And it’s going to tell you where this quest is.

And you just simply have to head there. So anytime you’re not sure where to go next, it’s always in the top left side of your screen. So you’ll always know where the destination is as a new player. Sometimes getting to that destination will be the hard part until you learn your way around the maps. That is the main story quest marker and you’ll hear people refer to it as the MS Q Ms. Q is by far the fastest form of progression through the game for a new player.

It’s also really important because it’s going to unlock dungeons for you, it’s going to unlock trials for you it’s going to unlock raids and incredibly important cutscenes I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to stick to the main story quests as you level up your first job. That’s not to say that you can’t deviate from it from time to time but it is very important that you keep up with it as best you can.

Alright, the next type of quests that you should definitely keep up with along with the main story quests is your job quests. Your job quests are going to happen every five levels until 50 Every two levels until 60 and then every three levels until 70 and then at seven there’ll be replaced with something called role quests, which you’ll be forced to complete before you can continue the main story quests at level 80.

These job quests serve to provide a story for the lore behind your job, as well as unlock passives and abilities for your job. So it’s very important that you do these quests. Otherwise, you’re going to stop unlocking new abilities and new passives which is going to severely limit the power of your character.

So make sure that every once in a while you check in on your job quests, you can find your job quests right below the main story quests in the top left, it’ll appear there, whenever you have one to do and you can go do it, simply click on it, which will open them up and tell you where to go. The next type of quests we’re going to talk about is these blue quests here when you see this blue symbol with the exclamation point and the plus sign on it. These quests are the most significant quests that are not main story quests.

These are going to do things like unlock other jobs, unlock dungeons or trials, which makes them the most important non story quests that you can do. If you’re curious what they’re going to give you, you can always right click on them and look at the rewards. This would give me the soul of the gun breaker and again breaker weapon allowing me to turn into a gun breaker. So this unlocks the job of the gun breaker.

So again, it’s important that you do all the main story quests these blue quests are worth looking into. However, you don’t need to do all of the blue quests, there are tons of blue quests because there’s tons of jobs and there’s tons of dungeons. And there’s tons of trials to be unlocked in this game.

And you don’t necessarily need to unlock every single one of these things. And do every single one of these blue quests as you’re going along, pick and choose from the blue ones, definitely check out the NPC see what they’re offering.

See if it’s something that you want. Maybe it’s an eighth or current that’s going to ultimately allow you to fly in that zone. If you collect it, right. That’s something that you would want to do. Whereas if it’s a job that you know you’re not interested in playing right now, you can put that off until later and focus on the main story quests and keep progressing your character. As you can see in this small area that I’m sitting in right now, there’s three blue quests that I could do.

I’m currently at two and I haven’t done any of them. So don’t feel like you have to do all of them. Certainly not right away. Eventually, maybe for the time being focused on the main story quests and only grab the blue ones that you feel are relevant to you.

The next type of quests that we’re going to discuss are the side quests, side quests are simply going to give you a little bit of XP, maybe a little bit of a side story. Generally, there are not great rewards from side quests.

They’re not very exciting compared to the main story quests and there are tons of them. So what I recommend is don’t do the side quests on your first job, right because you’re going to have to level other jobs at some point, you’re going to want to make another job another class.

And when you do, you won’t be able to do the main story quests again to level and this is where those side quests could come in handy. They’ve recently buffed side quests to give more XP to make them more worth doing for your alts jobs. So side quests can be a way to level your alts up when you get to that points.

If you try to do every side quest you run across, you’ll over level your character pushing your level too far ahead of the main story quest, this won’t be efficient, it won’t be good for you, and it’s likely going to burn you out on the game. If you run into this symbol right here. This is a repeatable quest.

That just means it’s a quest you can do multiple times. And if you run into this symbol here, the red one with a key inside of it. That means that you do not have the prerequisites required to complete this quest. Sometimes that will be something like a level that is required. For instance, if it’s a job that you can unlock after level 70. Alright, next, let’s talk about mounds. The World of Final Fantasy 14 is massive, and you’re going to want to get around a little bit faster.

And there’s going to be times where you need to make a long journey and you’re going to want to move faster than you currently do. That’s where mounts are gonna come into play mounts are capable of running faster than you can you can upgrade their speed and give them the ability to fly by collecting the eighth occurrence in that region.

These upgrades are on a per region basis. So every time you go to a new zone, you’re going to need to find the eighth occurrence, some of which will be found in the world and some of them you’ll have to do one of those blue quests we mentioned to get them as a reward. Once you’ve collected all the eighth occurrence for that zone, you’ll be able to fly in that zone. The way you get your mountain the first time is by getting to the level 20 main story quest, completing it, completing it for it then going in, it’s going to lead you to the Grand Company area and there you’ll get a level 20 Blue quests called my little trick about a bond completing this quest you’ll now have a checkable of your own to ride to find the mounts that you’ve unlocked.

All you have to do is click on this little menu here, click mount guide, and summon your chocobo once you’ve summon your joke about you’ll be able to ride it around and once you’ve unlocked the eighth recurrence for that zone, you’ll be able to fly this mount guide will show you all the mounts that you’ve unlocked in the game. So far. Final Fantasy 14 has a ton of gorgeous mounts for you to collect. You can earn them through dungeons trials and quests. So when you see a mount that you love, be sure to ask them how they got it so that you can go form it for yourself to get off of your mounts.

All you have to do is fly down to four level and then hit Z if you’re on PC or you can simply hit the mountain button again and it will Unsummon it for you you’ll unlock flying naturally when you complete A Realm Reborn at level 50. Okay, the next thing we’re going to talk about is gear first let me open up my character screen by pressing C I’m going to make this bigger so that you can see it.

This is a nice little trick that you can do. Alright, so as you can see, we’ve got six pieces of gear on the left we’ve got six pieces of gear here on the right and then we’ve got a soulstone down here or your job and the left side we have our weapon our helmet or chestpiece our gloves, our pants and On boots and then on the right side we have our jewelry. And if you’re a gladiator a shield, if you hover over a piece of gear, it’s gonna tell you everything you need to know about it first being its name. The next line is this defense magic defense, which you won’t really need to pay attention to as a new player. The next line is the item level, this is a very important thing.

And it’s usually going to determine if the item is better or worse for you, at least up until the end game where you might choose a lower item level item because it has some specific stance that you’re looking for. But for the most part, if you can wear it and it’s a higher item level, it’s going to be the thing you want to wear. Below that it’s going to tell you what classes can wear.

This one says that all amateurs are Canis, Black Mage, summoner, red mage, and blue mage can wear this and also says that you must be level 80 to where it’s green, because I meet all of these conditions. If that is red, that means that you don’t meet those conditions, because you’re either not high enough level or you’re not the right job. If you go down below that, it’s going to show you more sets that have to do with this item. And if we look there, like for instance, on this chess piece, if we look it says intelligence 205. So if you remember back when I was talking about racial passives, and how those don’t matter, because there’s going to be a difference of one to two intelligence from one race to the next.

Well, here this one item gives 205 intelligence and it is by no means the best item in the game. So there’s items that are going to give even more than this, which means if one of your 12 pieces of gear you’re wearing are giving you 205 intelligence, the two intelligence that you got by choosing a different race doesn’t matter at all, you will never feel the impact of the damage increase or decrease by choosing one race over another. The cool thing about gear in this game is you don’t have to stress about whether one piece of gear is better than another, all you have to do is click this button right here. It says recommended gear. And if there’s a better piece of gear, you’ll see an arrow.

So for instance, if I take this piece off, and I’m put on this significantly worse piece of gear and I hit this recommended gear button, it’s going to tell me hey, if you were these two pieces of gear, your character is going to be stronger for it. And so all we have to do is that we just hit recommended gear at the end of a dungeon or after a few quests and it’ll check our inventory for us. And it’ll automatically grab the best gear for the job that we’re running at the moment. Now, this works fantastic as a new player, and it’ll work great all the way until the end of the game.

And then at the very end, it may not be the most reliable thing when your custom tailoring a very specific end game built but until you hit max level in the game, you can go ahead open this up, hit recommended gear and equip the recommended gear anytime you want to. Once you have equipped your recommended gear, you should also hit this button right here update gear set by doing this,
it’s going to update the gear that you’re wearing in this gear set list right here. And this is what you can use to simply click between two different jobs. So if you’re on Black Mage, and you want to be an astro, you can go ahead and click equip set and boom, now my character is an astral ojen with all of my Astro gear on if I want to go back to a black mage with all my black mage gear, I just hit this boom, now I’m a black mage, that’s this button right here, the gear set list.

But in order for that loadout to appear here, when you’re an astro, right, we would hit equip sent we’d be an astral ojen. And we go to our recommended gear. And we’d say hey, put on all the best stuff for the Astro equip. And then we tell it to save that loadout update gear set. Yes. And so now anytime we open this up, we’ll have our most up to date Astro build, while we’re most up to date, Black Mage built and the other reason that it’s useful to save your gear here with this button is when you go to sell gear to for instance, your grand company, you can tell it not to even show you the gear that you’ve saved here, okay.

Otherwise, when you go to get rid of a bunch of gear, it’s going to show you all the gear in your inventory, some of which you might be using on one of your jobs or another. So if you save it into here, it won’t even show you the gear that is being used by one of your jobs. And this will prevent you from selling it on accident, which is great.

So to recap, hit your recommended gear button equipment, then update the gear set so that it saves it into your gear list. And then anytime you want to change between them, you can do that at a moment’s notice. This makes it so that even in brand new players always going to be wearing the best gear that they have available to them. Now what if you want to look at your gear that you’ve collected in a dungeon, you might hit on open up your inventory. And notice, hey, I don’t see the gear that I’m picking up.

In fact, I just see a bunch of random stuff, maybe some crafting materials, maybe some quest items, right in order to look at your gear on computer, you’re going to hit Ctrl I this opens up your armory chest, your armory chest is an extension of your inventory. You can also get there by going through the menu system and just clicking on armory chest down here. And what this what this does is it breaks all your gear down by type.

So all of your weapons will be here, you click here for all of your hats, you click on the chest to see all of the chess pieces, you’ve collected the gloves for all of the gloves, and so on. And it’s a massive extension of your normal inventory. It just keeps it really nice and organized. So if you pick up a chess piece that you want to look at, you can go in here and look at specifically the chess pieces and see the chess piece that you picked up if you want to make this bigger so you can see it easier.

And then if you want to, maybe you pick up an item but it’s not better for you but you’re curious, does it look better than what I’m wearing? You can right click it and say try on and you can see how it looks on your character. All right, so maybe you don’t want to use it but maybe you want to climb it and we’ll talk about how to do that later so that you can wear it to maybe make your character look cooler.

Okay, so now that you know how to open up your character screen and equip the best gear every once in a while just do this after every few quests after every few dungeons, or whenever you’re thinking about it, you know, you got some gear and you’re curious, Hey, what’s that better for me go ahead and slam that button, hit equip best.

And then get back to the fun you know how to open up your inventory, you know how to look at the items that you found. Now let’s talk about combat and the first thing you need to know about combat is the global cooldown. global cooldown is the timer you see counting down every time you press an ability, you can’t press any ability that is on the global cooldown until that timer runs out.

You can however, press the off global cooldown buttons, otherwise known as Oh GCDs. You’ll unlock these as you level up and these will give you buttons to press while you’re waiting for that timer to go, which will do a lot to speed up the pace of battle that in the early game can feel a little bit slow.

You’ll also get abilities to proc proxy abilities can be seen by the yellow lines rotating around the ability whenever you get one of these generally, it’s a good idea to activate that ability, it will oftentimes be instant casts that won’t cost resources that will do more damage and a host of other beneficial effects like that.

So generally, when you see those yellow lines, you want to use it. Although that isn’t all the case. There’s no one size fits all answer for your rotation in this game, but it’s certainly a good rule of thumb to follow. The next thing that I know is that this game has a host of forecasts when you see this symbol over someone’s head, that means they’re going to explode, you want to be away from that person, when you see an arrow pointing down on either a person or location you want to stand there.

By being there, you’re going to divvy up the damage between the players that take the hit. And if there’s not enough people there, then people will die.
And then of course, you have your standard forecast that ability where an area will turn yellow, signifying you don’t want to be standing there otherwise you will take damage. Another mechanic you might see is an eyeball over the boss.

If you see an eyeball or red eyeball over the boss Looking at you, you want to turn your character away from that not your screen, but your character. So make sure your character is not facing the boss when they have the red eyeball over them.

If they’re looking at the boss during this you will have failed the mechanic which might result in your character being mesmerized and attacking fellow teammates or perhaps just killing over dead. It depends on the boss fight. These aren’t all of the mechanics you need to know in the game not even close.

But these are the ones you’re going to encounter early and often and will be great to have under your belts and will save you and your team a lot of pain. Some classes in Final Fantasy 14 was something known as positional. In other words, you’ll have to stand in a certain area to do the most damage possible when using that ability. Some abilities will do extra damage from the flank.

So if the boss if for example is if this striking me was the boss, this arrow means the boss is facing this way, generally that’s where the tank is standing. And that’s why the boss is facing there. Right. So if I was the tank, the boss is standing here and you were using a skill that did extra damage from the flank, you would want to stand either on the left side or the right side of the boss, you want to be on the side of the boss or a flanking ability.

If it says it does extra damage from the rear, you want to be back here in the rear where there’s no circle. So if you were the DBMS hitting from the rear, you’d be right here. And if you’re hitting from the flank, you’d be right here. The next thing that we can talk about is your job gauge.

Every class has something known as the job gauge. The job gauge is something you’ll unlock as you level up your job. It’s oftentimes a resource management system and a burst window system for your character managing your job gage efficiently while using your abilities is going to do great things for your damage your healing or your thinking when you’re casting abilities, you’ll see certain things on it light up and it’s gonna change from job to job.

And I’m not gonna be able to go over that here for you specifically because like I said, it’s different for every job but just know that you will unlock a job as you’re leveling up and the gage will unlock more and more features as you go through it allowing you to become more and more powerful. When you get your job gage make sure that you take the time to understand it because this is going to determine how well you’re doing with your job.

Next, let’s talk about your choke about companion around level 30 Or so you’re going to unlock the ability to summon a choke about to find alongside you when you’re solo questing. In order to unlock it, you’re going to need to do a level 30 quest called My feisty little trick about so once you hit 30 Be sure to go do that. In order to summon your jug about you’ll need some guy show greens, go ahead and click it it’s going to summon your checkable by your side who will help you in combat I highly recommend making your chocobo a healer this seems to be the most effective for me at least anytime you’re out in the world killing things have your trouble out and it does level separately from you.

If you go into the menu and click on companion, you’ll be able to look at your chocobo companions skills and level here you can see this character’s choke about his rank three, you can see what commands he has he acts on his own chord, we don’t need to use his ability, it’ll do it himself. And here you can choose which ones to level up we’ve unlocked a new level so we could either choose to put a point into choco drop a defender ability or an attacker ability or we can continue to go down the healer skill tree which is what I’m going to do so we’re going to increase HP to ultimately unlock stronger healer abilities.

So if you’re ever out in the world, make sure to summon your choke about your joke about will stay out for 30 minutes for each guy show green that you use the stacks up to two times so you can News to Geico greens in a row to keep your truck about out for an hour. If you look up here in the top left, it tells you exactly how much time is left on your truck about summoning right now mine has 28 minutes. Another cool thing about your truck about is it has its own inventory. If we click on Chocobo saddlebag right here, it opens up our Chocobo sidewalk and you can see that we can hold 70 items in here all this is is an extension of your inventory. You can access it at any time so just treat it like more inventory space. It’s something a lot of people don’t even realize they have Alright, next let’s talk about fall damage. How does fall damage in Final Fantasy work?

And can you die from fall damage this is one of the first things we always want to know when we jump into a new game for the first time we go find that tallest surface we can and we jump off of it to see exactly what happens to us when we do so. Well. If you’re like me, you’ll be excited to know that you cannot die from fall damage. Simply falling from a high ledge will not kill you. The worst that will happen is it will take you down to one health One HP now. As I’m demonstrating here, my character survived with one health and it will quickly start rejecting if I had been in combat when I made that jump I would have died when I hit the ground so you are not exempt from dying to fall damage while you’re in combat.

And if you hit the ground and you’re at one HP and then you aggro mob and it hits you that can kill you but fall damage alone while out of combat won’t kill you. All right, now let’s talk about what happens when you die. In Final Fantasy 14 You’re gonna be left with two options one to wait for a rez and to to choose to go back to your home crystal or if you’re in a dungeon to go back to the beginning of the dungeon.

When you respond, your gear will have taken some damage that is this green health bar next to all of your gear and your inventory. As it takes more and more damage this bar will get smaller and smaller signifying that you need to repair it.

In order to repair your gear, all you need to do is look for a hammer on your map. When you get to that vendor, they’ll have mender in their title, just right click on it and then you can choose to repair all the gear you have equipped, go ahead and do so boom. Now all of your years repaired you can also choose to repair the items in your armory chests or in your inventory.

The reason that you would choose to repair it the things you’re not wearing primarily are for glam, you can’t choose to glamour a piece of gear that is damaged. So if you think you have something in your inventory that you’re going to want to glam later, you’re going to want to repair it.

So try to make sure everything in your inventory is repaired before you glam. But we’ll talk about that when we get to that section. The way the loot system and Final Fantasy works is need greed and pass you need items that you can wear aka your job can wear. If you can’t wear it on the job that you’re currently playing, it won’t let you need it but it will let you read it this gives priority to the person playing the job that the loot drop for so if White Mage gear drops the white mage hand need it that would give them the gear if all you were able to do was greed it if they don’t need the gear and they choose to pass or they choose to greed then you can choose to agree to and then it will roll between all the people that greeted the gear and if everybody passes, then one person greets then the person that greets gets the gear.

So in summary, you can need it if it’s for your job. You can greet it if it’s not and you can pass if you don’t want it. Okay now let’s talk about a staple in any large RPG or MMO. And that’s fast travel in Final Fantasy 14 fast travel uses eight the Wrights crystals, so you see these really large eighth, right, that’s what this giant blue crystal is here, you would come up to this if you’ve never touched it before you would right click on it and that would attune you to it after tuning yourself to it.

You can open up the map at any time and teleport to this eighth right from anywhere in the world. For a small gold fee. The gold costs for teleporting around is fairly trivial. I’ve never been in a situation where I was spending more gold to teleport around questing than I was being given as a reward for questing so feel free to teleport around pretty liberally. There’s no sense in running somewhere when you can teleport there. Now this is the big eighth right crystal that you can teleport to from anywhere in the world. But there’s more smaller etheric crystals in each town.

So that will be the eighth or net there are crystals scattered throughout this zone here, this town of old off for instance, the one I’m in right now. And if you attune yourself aka go up to each one and click on it so that your character is now attuned to it, you’ll be able to teleport to them from any other a threat crystal in this town. So I can walk up to the main one and teleport to any of the smaller ones.

Or I could walk up to a small one and teleport to the main one. Or I could walk up to a small one and teleport to another small one, you can go to any eighth right from any other eighth right in that town. When you open it up here you can see all of your options, and you can click on them and the map will go there and showing you where you’re trying to go.
These are all the eighth, right, we could teleport to you from this one that we’re standing at right now. And if you have all of the eighth right in that zone, it will let you teleport to the outside of that zone.

So you can teleport to any of the gates rather than spawning here and then having to run all the way out one of the gates, we can just choose to click on them and it’ll spawn us right outside of that town. This is very handy. The towns in front of fantasy 14 are huge. They do a great job with scale and making the world field massive which is great for immersion. But sometimes when you’re just trying to get from one end of town to another, this can be a daunting task and this is where the eighth right crystals are going to come into play. They’re going to help you get around a lot Faster a lot easier.

Another thing you can do from this crystal is set it as your home point as we discussed earlier when we died it sent me here because this was my home point you want to make your home point the one that you’re going to be going to most often there’s a couple of reasons for this one, it’s going to be where you respond when you die. Another reason is that you can teleport to it for free, you get a skill called return you can use this skill every 15 minutes and it’s going to take you back to your home either right for free from this a threat you can also choose to visit another world server.

If your friend is on a another server on the same data center as you you can also register a trestle as a favorite destination or a free destination if you don’t want it to be your home point. But you know, you’re gonna be going there often and you want cheaper travel. Speaking of getting around once you start collecting a third currents so that you can unlock flying in expansion zones, you’re going to unlock something called an eighth or compass Be sure to put that on your bar so that you can click it at any time it’s going to tell you how far you are from an eighth or current once you collect all the eighth or currents in a zone, you’ll be able to fly in that zone.

So if we click this compass right now it’s going to tell me right here in the middle 296 Your arms to the north east is the where the nearest eighth or current is a Yom is a yard, you can tell by the first letter, so if it says ilme it’s an inch, if it says yom, it’s a yard if it says Mom, it is a mile. So just remember, the first letter is what determines the distance, okay, it’s pretty much always gonna give it to you in your arms. Sometimes during cutscenes, you’ll hear him say Ilmar mom or something like that. And now you’ll know what that means. So we’re gonna go ahead and travel to the northeast here towards this eighth Rucker, and this is how you’re going to find all the immigrants in the game.

And now if I click it, it says it’s 75 Your arms to the east, okay, and then east of me here we see it right there. That’s what the eighth or current looks like. So we’re gonna go over there and get it and we click here, right click on it a tuning to the eighth or current. Now we’ve unlocked this either current in the zone. And if you wanted to have the next one, you could click the compass again. And it says there are no nearby currents, which means you have all of the currents that you can get in the zone by simply running around looking for them. If you’re still missing currents in the zone, it’s likely going to be one of these blue quests. And if you go and you click on that blue quest, it will tell you if the reward is an eighth or current.

And the way you check on your progress with your eighth recurrence is you click on the travel button right here, and you click eight or currents, and this is going to tell you how many of your currents you have in each zone. You can see here in Lakeland, I have all of the A through currents that I can collect by exploring the zone, that’s the green ones on the bottom. And then these yellow ones on the top are ones that you unlock through questing either through the main story quest, or through one of those blue quests that I just pointed out. So I’m missing one quest here already did the main story quest, so I know it’s gonna be one of the blue quests in the zone or nearby to unlock this eighth or current.

If we look at the zone below, and it’ll make I have all the three currents that you get by exploring, but I’m missing four of them that you get from questing and you can see every zone in the game here and you can see oh look in these areas, I have all of them except for the turning miss. It looks like I’m missing a couple in this area, I’ve got most of them very useful for when you want to unlock flying and all of the zones in the game, you can choose to unlock flying as you’re going through the zone.

But generally you won’t be able to fly in that zone until you’ve completed it because some of the currents will be locked behind the main story quest for that zone or that expansion. But it’s insanely useful when the game tells you to go back to that zone later or another quest which it always does. Another thing you might hear people talk about from time to time is the hunters log, the hunters log is an optional piece of content that you can choose to do, you can either press H on your keyboard or click hunting log right here, which is going to open it up and it’ll show you how many of each type of mobs you need to kill and where they’re located.

So if you hover over overgrown IBW it says you need to kill four of them. And if I hover over it, it says they’re located in a shroud nine IVs I hover over the cat drab it says this is South shroud upper pads. So I would open my map and I would click shroud and I would click South shroud and it says upper paths.

And so then I would go to the upper paths area and look around for that mom, the CAD trap, all I would have to do is teleport to Cory mill, and then run on over here to the upper pads and look for them. Every time you fill out one of these logs, you’re gonna get a little boost of XP, and it’s gonna tell you exactly how much XP you get each time. It’s not a terribly significant amount. It’s not something you have to do what you can unlock some pretty neat stuff by doing so because they’ve expedited leveling up so much in the early game. Now this is more of a completionist type of activity than it used to be as you used to need the extra XP to fill the gap in the main story quests level.

So you used to go through the main story quests and you would get to a quest and the main story quests you couldn’t do because you weren’t high enough level. So you needed to go out into the world and do fates or hunters logs to get the XP needed to continue progressing with your quest. But that doesn’t really happen anymore. They’ve streamlined the main story quests so much now that you usually won’t need to do something like that.

But if you do find yourself needing a little bit of extra XP or you just want to change the pace a little bit, go ahead and start hunting things down in your Hunter SLOG and if you’re ever out in the world and you see this symbol over an enemy’s head, be sure to kill it that signifies that it is a mob in your Hunter slog that you will need to kill to complete it and since you’re standing there and it’s standing there, you might as well get it knocked down lungs can unlock everything from mounts to currency to cosmetics and gear.

All right, next let’s touch on fates. When you see a symbol like this on the map, that means there’s an act of faith there you can go Oh there it’s killed. A fade killing fades can give you things like Mount speed mounts, and currency for cosmetics and other things, all you have to do is walk up to the fate, it’ll say fate joined. And then if it’s a lower level faith and you make sure you hit level sync, if you don’t sync your level to the fate, you will not get credit for it. So very important to do so then go ahead and start killing everything, it’ll start filling up the bar for you, so that you can get credit for the fee.

A lot of times there’ll be other players here helping you with it is a good way to get some XP and some movespeed currency for that zone. And upon completing it, it’ll tell you that you got some XP and some currency that currency is what you can use to upgrade your newsfeed in various films. Next, let’s talk about the duty finder. the duty finder is an incredibly powerful tool in Final Fantasy 14 that allows you to participate in pretty much any content in the game. Anytime you feel like it, you simply have to press you on your keyboard or open your duty menu and then click duty finder.

The first section in the duty finder is called the duty roulette. The duty Roulette is fantastic for leveling up your second and third jobs. When you don’t have access to the main story quests anymore. For easy XP, you can do the duty roulette, what this will do is it’ll put you into a random dungeon, or leveling quest or trial or main scenario or Alliance raid or normal, right, right, you choose the one that you want by checking them and then you click Join. And it’ll throw you into one of those things and it’ll tell you what you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get this xp plus some bonus.

And then here this symbol right here says adventure need is a tank, so tanks will get a further bonus to the rewards that are listed here. So if they’re low on tanks, and you sign up as a tank, you get extra experience, extra Gil, that sort of thing. You also get tombstones of poetics and stuff like this, and you can use these to buy the best in slot gear for each expansion. So all in all your duty Roulette is something that’s very much worth doing when you’re looking for XP, Gil or Thompson’s. Alternatively, you could come in here to queue up for a very specific task.

Let’s say you unlock a dungeon in Rome reborn and you want to knock it out what you can come in here queue up for that done specifically sleep needed done for your quests, and then continue on with your main story quests. Same thing with Shadow bringers Stormblood. And so on the content if you see a grayed out box, that’s content you don’t currently have access to. And then we have trials. Same thing when you unlock trials, you can queue up for them here in the duty finder, just look for this little monster face and then check the box that you want to go do next we have various raids, you can queue up for sometimes 24 Man raids, sometimes eight man raids and then finally you have your various types of PvP that you can kill for as well.

But basically, the duty finder is going to be how you get into group content
when you don’t have a premade group of people to jump into it with and it works incredibly well. Don’t be shy about using Alright, now let’s talk about navigating the map and Final Fantasy 14 Because it’s not immediately intuitive. You can resize the map down in the bottom right corner, you can make it whatever size you want. There’s plenty of customizing, you can do for this thing. In order to zoom out typically in MMOs, you would just right click but doing that just grabs the map and you don’t zoom out. So what you can do is you can hit this up arrow here in the top left to zoom out.

Now we are zoomed out to see the entire area of Coworth this right and then we have all the sub zones within it. And then you can hit the up arrow again to zoom out even further. And now we’re looking at the entire world map for the game of Final Fantasy 14. At this point, you can click on another zone if you would like to look at the zones within that zone. And then you can click on the wind port to teleport to that zone inborn quests that you’re tracking will be on here.

So like if you’re looking for your main story quests, you can zoom all the way out. And then you can see oh, there’s my main story quests. Alternatively, you could just click on the main story quests up here, right, and the map will go there. And it’ll show you this. And so then you can click on it. And then you can click on new Gridania boom. And now I’m there doing my main story quests. Another way to get around the world is to hit your Teleport button that should be on one of your bars somewhere. And it will just open up a list of the world broken down by region.

These are the same regions we were looking at there and Lughnasa the black shroud right. And you can just look at each one individually and go there if you know where you’re going to go. When you’re new player. These names don’t mean a lot to you and you don’t know what’s in each place. So this isn’t terribly intuitive. But once you’ve been in the game for a while, this might be a faster way to get where you’re going. Or perhaps the game tells you to go to an area and you have no idea where it is well you can come in here and you can look for that name.

And another thing worth mentioning is the hall of the novice hall of the novice is something that you can do to unlock cure and cosmetics and to also train yourself in your class and your role. Feel free to hit it just go to your duty go to Hall of novice and go here if you feel like you wish you knew more about how to play your class or your role in the game and click Begin and you can unlock some cool stuff. Okay, next thing we should talk about is the in and the innkeeper. In order to find the end look for the bet on the map.

And if you hover over it, it will show you in in this will be in all of the large main cities go ahead and head to the nkib right click on them and before you step into your in, there’s always a meander right next door so be sure to repair your armor before you go in here. Especially if you plan on doing some glamming and you talk to him. He’s gonna say do you want to go into your in room we’ll say yeah, once inside the in room, you have a variety of things that you can interact with. If you’ve got a summoning bell to interact with your retainers, you’ve got a crystal bell that will summon the essence tissue this will allow you to change pretty much anything on your character that you could change without plastic surgery in real life.

So your hairstyle, your hair color, you know, your eyebrow shape, your lipstick, you know, certain things like that you could change your scars, I guess it’s technically but you know, it’s topical stuff. You can’t change your gender or your race here. But you can change some pretty topical features. It’s very nice that you can do this in game just by interacting with the station, you’ve got your toy chests, which lets you do a little mini game, you’ve got your arm bar, which allows you to store items, remove items. Now let’s talk about the glamour dresser. This is probably the most important thing in here.

And this is going to be all about your fashion portion of this game. How do you see all those cool looking characters running around? Well, a lot of times you’re gonna find gear in this game, that looks really cool, but it doesn’t have great stats, or you’ll get a quest item that looks really cool. But again, it doesn’t have great stats, or maybe it’s too low level for you. But it looks way cooler than anything you’ve got right now that you’re finding it a higher level. There’s a lot of items in the game that just look really cool, but they’re not necessarily best in slot for stats.

So this is where the glamour dresser comes into play. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna click on your glamour dresser, and then you’re going to look for the item, let’s
say you found, you found or you formed a really cool looking weapon, right? And so you scroll through here, and you find that weapon. And let’s see, we try this one on to make sure this is the one yes. Okay, so we found this weapon, we’re like, Damn, that looks great. I really want my character to look like he’s wearing this weapon all the time.

Even though I’m wearing something else. It’s just like, so much cooler than the boring weapon that I’m wearing. So I would click this would love click it right. And it says use a glamour prism, to move this into your dresser.

And I will say yes, do that. And by doing so, it would now be here in this list of weapons that I could apply, right? So you have to use the glamour prism, it’s, it’s an item that you will find in your inventory. And you can purchase in game and you’ll even get some of them as your quest reward when you unlock glamour. Here they are right here, I’ve got 220 of them, right. So every time I add an item from here, and I put it in my dresser, it’s going to cost me glamour person, but when I need to apply it, it’s you know, it’s in here, it’s not going to cost me anything anymore. I can use it forever. So I would then pick one of the weapons that I put it in here. So let’s try on this one. What is this? Oh, no, you know, I don’t like that one that much. See what this one is?

Okay, we’ve got this one. And then I would apply the glamour. And then now my character when I’m running around, it looks like I have this weapon on even though the weapon that I’m actually wearing looks entirely different. It’s a cool system, it’s a little bit confusing to navigate this menu right here, just remember that this over here is where you choose mainhand often, head body hands, right, you can filter by sections of the body, oddly enough, like it doesn’t let you search only body.

For some reason it groups head, body and hands. And so you’ve kind of got to skim if you’re looking through a chest piece, you’ve got to skim through helmets and gloves. And and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. But that’s how they’ve done it. And then look for the gloves that you found that you want to try on, you know, make sure to right click Try on and make sure it was the gloves that you wanted before you then click on it and add it to your glamour over here.

Okay. And then once you’ve added it, you just go to the corresponding ones like if I added those gloves, I would go here, you know, and apply the glamour. And then boom, my character looks like he’s wearing these gloves. But he’s actually wearing these gloves that look nothing like that there is one thing to note about the glamour system. Now when you’re low level, you’re going to be changing gear a lot, which means you’re going to replace these gloves, right, you’ll take these gloves off, and you’ll put another pair of gloves on. And let’s just do that, for example.

See what happens here. So my character actually will do with a chest that’s more obvious, we’ll open up my inventory, and we’ll put on a different chest piece. Okay, so we put on this chest. And now my look changed. And this is going to happen to you a lot when you’re leveling up, you’re going to put on a new piece of gear and it’s going to replace your glamour that you just put on making your character look all beautiful and sexy, right. And this is gonna happen every time you every time you upgrade to a new piece of gear. The only way to fix this is to come back to your dresser and go to your chest right and then apply that glamour again. You can also save glamour loadouts.

So if you find a look that you really like you can hit Edit glamour plate and you can save into each slot like your whole look that you want to wear and then you can apply that to you every time you come to your room. So like if you go out into the wild, you go do some questing for a bit, you find a bunch of gear upgrades right every time you find a gear upgrade, it’s going to replace the glamour because the glamour is attached to the item not to the slot, unfortunately.

So what that means is every time you take that piece of gear off, you lose that look until you apply the glamour to the new piece of gear. Let’s go ahead and get my look put back together here. Okay, there we go. Okay, so my character is looking like he was if you want to dye a piece of gear, all you have to do is right click on it, click Try on. Then from here, right click again on the piece of gear and click Enable dye preview. Now you have your die screen open and you can see what it looks like if you were to die in any of the colors that you have available to you.

Once you found the color that you liked, you would just simply hit apply and it would apply this dye to this outfit. Remember that you will have to have the dye in order to dye the outfit. You can buy dyes from various merchants in the game and you’ll also be given them as rewards for various quests in the game. Alright, let’s talk about the group content that Final Fantasy 14 has Soffer first of all, let’s talk about the Dungeons Dungeons in Final Fantasy 14 are woven into the story.

And so you’ll be doing your main story quests to unlock each one of these dungeons. There are also some side dungeons that you can unlock through the blue quests that we talked about earlier. The dungeon groups are four person groups with two DPS, one tank and one healer. Each dungeon has three epic boss fights, and it’s a great way to get everything from gear to mounts to minions, minions are little non combat pets that can follow you around if you choose to have one out.

The next piece of content in Final Fantasy 14 Is the trials. This is eight main content consisting of two healers, two tanks and for DPS trials are my personal favorite part of the game as they are an absolute spectacle.

The way trials work is you spawn right in front of the boss you are meant to face off with there is no trash, there’s no filler, it’s just one epic boss fight, the boss will usually transform and so we’ll the stage that you’re fighting on creating the most epic boss fight experience I’ve ever had in any game. These bosses can give you everything from gear to cosmetics to mounts and you can do them on a variety of difficulties with the normal basic difficulty being the easiest so that you can experience the spectacle without all of the difficulty with the option to turn up the difficulty to get things like really cool mounts. The next piece of content is the 24 man raids this will be three groups of eights heading through a giant dungeon with gigantic boss fights along the way.

These raids aren’t particularly challenging, but they are very epic. The raids will provide you cosmetics gear, mounts, and story. Alright, next let’s talk about the user interface. Let’s talk about everything that’s on the screen right now. And what it means down here we have our ability bars, you can have as many or as few of these as you would like on your screen, and you can change the shape of them to anything you want. Simply right click the number and it will change the shape of the bar, then you can click that number and drag it wherever you want, you can click this lock to lock everything in place.

So you don’t accidentally drag a skill off your bar and come up you have your health and your mana bar. Pretty straightforward. You’ve got your experience bar down here, if there’s a moon here, that means you’re going to be earning rested XP while you’re in that area, it can be beneficial to log out inside of a town in order to get that rest of XP here, you can see that this part of the bar is a slightly different color than this part of my XP bar. And that would be my rest of XP.

In the bottom right we have our you can see all of the symbols here signifying how full my inventory is, you’ve also got all of your menu options, you can click on this and we’ll go through all of these here in a moment so that you know what each of these things is as this can probably be the most daunting part of this entire game is is this menu system right here and learning your way around it learning what you need and what you don’t need.

So we’ll jump into that next over here we have our quest, our active quest, you can either click on the quest name, to bring it up in your journal, you can open your journal anytime by pressing je or you can click on the quest description, which will open up the map and take you to where you need to go for that quest so that you can click on the nearest eighth, right and teleport to it again, the name opens up the journal, the description opens up the map.

Very useful. You’ve got your mini map here, you can lock and unlock your compass so that it rotates, or doesn’t rotate. When you do I like mine to have fixed north. This is also going to tell you the weather this is this is important here, the fair skies or whatever the weather might be because there’s certain rare hunts or rare fates, for example, that will only spawn under certain weather conditions.

So knowing how to check the weather in a zone is important. So if you enter into a zone, you just hover over this and you can see what the weather is. So you know whether the thing you’re looking for is able to spawn or not the sun here going around the clock is going to tell you what time of the day it is there, right there.

And you can zoom in or out on this. If you want right here you have the time your connection and your mail. It says I have one piece of mail, and I’ll show us how to check our mail here in a moment. In the top left, as we discussed before you have your main story quests and below that if you have a job quest to do, you can click on that to see where to go for your job quest. And that covers everything that’s on my screen right now. But your screen won’t necessarily look like my screen or anybody else’s screen, you can customize the heck out of your UI. In order to do that, simply press escape and go to HUD layout here you can change the location of everything on your screen.

This is an incredibly powerful tool. You can also say multiple layouts. So perhaps you have one for DPS and one for a tank and one for a healer. So first we have our basic items selected hotbars 1234, right, we could say two, one, and you could click the UI element settings. So select an element on the screen. And then you can change that element. You can change how it’s set.

Its opacity you can change its size. This is all incredibly customizable. And of course you can grab anything on the screen and drag it around. This is hot bar six for instance, it’s up here in the middle of the screen that looks like that would be an awful place for it and it would but if we click on the settings, we can see that It’s not checked.

So this is not turned on. If I turn it on now I’ll be able to see it there, I don’t want that. So I’m gonna hit that again. Now I can’t see it perfect, it is absolutely worth coming in here and customizing your layout to the way you like it. But I would first spend a little time progressing through the game a bit and getting familiar with what is and what isn’t important, and where you’re gonna want to be looking for certain items before you come in here and try to customize your UI.

Or you might end up removing things that you need, or you might move them into places that don’t make sense. But definitely come in here and play around with your UI once you’re more familiar with the game as it will make a world of difference in your experience in the game. Okay, now let’s go through the daunting task of going through the menu system and talking about which items are important.

And when you’re gonna need them. I first under the character creation screen stances, this is just going to change your stance that’s not terribly important, basically pulls your weapon out and puts it away. You can do this by pressing Z at anytime, great for screenshots and also getting off of your mount. Next, we have action trades, this is a menu you can open by hitting P on your keyboard. And it’s also one that you’re going to need to know where it is and how to use it.

So in here, you’ve got all of your classes, abilities, all of your role abilities, all of your traits, these are your passives you’re not going to use these, but it is important to be aware of them so that you know why and how the way your class works. You’ve got orders here for your truck about under General, you’ve got things like sprints, which is absolutely something that should be on your bars somewhere sprint in this game is not a button that you press, it’s a skill that you use.

So you can just press shift and sprint anytime you want. It is an instant castability that lasts 10 seconds while in combat 20 seconds while out of combat and it has a one minute cooldown. It’s really useful in certain trials situations, when you need to get out of the massive AOE ability and you need to move fast, you’re going to need to hit this ability.

So make sure it is somewhere where you can get to it, you’ve got Limit Break, this is also going to be on one of your bars somewhere when when that lb three becomes available, you’re gonna want to hit this sucker assuming you’re the right person to be doing. So if you’re a damage dealer, it’s almost always going to be you that should be pressing it but there will be certain situations in very specific content where you should leave it for the healer or the tank.

Likewise, teleport and return should be pretty easy to access your returns, you’re free teleport back to your home crystal Teleport is what you’re going to use to get anywhere else on the map. Or you can just press M and click on the crystal you’re trying to get to. And then you’ve also got main commands like your companion Chocobo saddlebag and your character right.

And any one of these can be drug on to your menu, it’s important to note that all of these can be drunk on here and right if they’re an ability, or if there’s something you can cast, you can just pull it onto them.

Every class is different, every build is different. So I can’t tell you exactly which ones to put on. And just be aware that there’s going to be things in here that you’re going to drag when you unlock a skill for the first time, it’s automatically going to put it on your bars somewhere. So fortunately, it’s pretty hard to miss when something’s added to this list, because it’ll just end up slammed into your bars somewhere assuming that you have room for one. So just be on the lookout as you’re doing your job quest for new skills to be added to your bars. The next one is your currency menu.

So you can click here and click currency. You could also open this with Ctrl C, or you can just click this little icon down here. This is Gil, right? And you can right click this to flip through the various types of currency that you have in the game your seals from your grant company, how much MGP you have from the golden saucer, and how much skill you have in here you’ll see your common currencies, right. That’s the ones we just talked about. You can see your battle currencies.

The tomes which you buy Best in Slot gear with at the end of each expansion, as well as some other cool currencies such as your Allegan Thompson’s or your wolf marks for PvP, or your allied sales last you have your beastman currency for those Viessmann delis. The next menu is our character screen. We’ve spent a lot of time on this one today. In here, you can look at your character stats, you can look at your gear, you can equip the best in slot gear, you can save that loadout so that you can click your gear set list and then equip one with the click of one button.

Another thing that’s great to know is that you can drag this onto your bar now you can with the click of a button switch between these two layouts right here. The next tab is your profile. This is going to tell you information such as your grand company that you’re in your name, what race you are, what your city state is, and things like that. Here you can assign a title to your character based on things that you’ve done in the game. You can also look at your classes and your jobs that you have leveled up and what level each one is. If it’s grayed out that means you have not made it or unlocked it yet.

And then you can also check your reputation which is going to show you your commendation at the end of every dungeon and trial you get the opportunity to come and date someone else in the group and likewise they have the opportunity to come and date you you only get to pick one person to come and date so don’t feel bad if they don’t choose you people typically choose the tank or the healer if they have time to choose that all before everybody has left the dungeon so if you’re looking for commendations, make sure you give those new players time to get out of their cutscenes so they can come and date you before you leave. You can also see your reputation with various beach tribes.

The next item is the armory chests we can open this with control I at anytime I for inventory control I for armory chests, this is the one that This breaks it down by weapon ailment, chest right, all of the gear we pick up will go straight into here, you won’t see it in your regular inventory, it will go straight into here. If there’s room for it to go in here, if this fills up, it’ll start overflowing into your regular inventory.

And that should tell you it’s time to go do some housecleaning, you need to go sell some gear or sell it to your grant company for seals, which we’ll get into here in a moment. The next item on the list is the inventory. Again, you can open this with AI, this is just where all of your stuff is going to go. If it doesn’t have another spot that it’s supposed to automatically drop into. Then you have your choke about saddlebag, which is where you can drag things from so I could take my green dye if I know I’m not going to need it on demand anytime soon, I can just use this as extra storage for my character.

Then we have our companion This is our choco This is where you can set up commands you can put them on your bars, if you want to, you don’t need to eat is pretty much self sufficient. You can choose what skills that he has access to.

So you can make him a defender AKA a tank, a healer or at CVS, I have found that the healer has been the most useful for all around gameplay when doing solo quests out in the wild. Generally speaking, if you don’t die, you’re not going to fail. So having him healing you is very helpful. And likewise, you can come in here and change this gear and his appearance. Next we have your mountain guide mount guide is simply put your list of mounts that you’ve unlocked so far in the game. Anytime you get a mount, it’ll appear in your inventory, you can right click it, which will unlock it and then you’ll be able to use it in game.

Every one of these is a mountain that I could hop onto at any moment, simply grab it and drag it onto your bar to summon that mount specifically, or you can use mount roulette if you just want to grab a random mount every time you hit the mount button so that you get to experience all of your collection. Or you can further refine that by setting mount roulette to select from favorites only. So you can do this right.

And then it’s only going to choose the ones that you right click and add to your favorites, right. So you go like this Add to Favorites. And now it’s only going to choose a random middle selected from my favorite mounts. Very, very useful tool balance can be earned by doing a host of things in this game just about anything you can do.

There’s a mount there, whether it’s golden saucer, whether it’s dungeons or trials or questing, there are a lot of mounts to be earned in a variety of different ways. So have fun collecting your favorite ones minion guide. And just like the mount guide, we have minion guide minions are non combat pets and they work exactly the same way you can collect them from dungeons and so on. And when you get one you just right click on it, and it will use it and then boom, it’ll appear in here, boom, just like that.

And now even minor is here as a non combat pet for me or a minute. And again, I could choose to only summon my favorite ones and have my random one on here or I can pick my favorite one and have that out all the time. The next thing we have is the PvP profile you can see your PvP information and check out how your character is doing. I don’t do a lot of PvP so there’s not much to look at here but we have done to frontlines and it appears that we got third place both times savage All right.

Next we have Gold Saucer Gold Saucer will tell you all kinds of stats about yourself such as your general currency, how you’re doing is with chocobos cards, card decks and vermilion. The Golden saucer is a whole guide unto itself and look for that to come out for me in the future. And just know that the golden saucer is a place where you can go play a variety of minigames to unlock mounts and cosmetics and more.

Next we have achievements achievements will show you all of your achievements in the game, all the ones that you’ve nearly completed and the ones that it recommends that you can play. If you’re an Achievement Hunter this will be a nice useful menu for you to tap through looking for things to do.

But likely if you’re watching this video, you’re new and so literally everything you do will be useful for you to do this will probably come later once you become more of a completionist looking to finish off everything there is to do in the game thanks duty we you have recommendations things that are recommends you do you have collection, which is where your a theory or compass will be, you definitely want to drag this onto your bar so that you can find those eighth or currents. Next we have our key items. These are items that are in your inventory. It’s right here, here’s your regular inventory. And then you click this tab now you’re looking at your key items.

This is where quest items will go if you have to go do a quest and then that quest requires you to use an item when you get there, it’s going to be in here, you can just right click and use it or when the box pops up asking for the item, you just right click on the spot where you would place the item and then it’ll automatically put the item there for you. Next is the journal this is the one you can open with Jay this is just the list of quests that you have accepted.

You can hold 30 At any given time. So you should be fairly selective about what you do and do not pick up because it is very easy to fill this up. If you grab everything that you see focus instead on the main story quests, grab some of the blue ones, if they look especially useful to you, maybe it’s a class you want to unlock sooner than later.

Maybe it’s an eighth or current that you want to get so that you can unlock flying but certainly don’t grab all of the side quests don’t even grab all of the blue quests that you see because there are a ton of them in this game better to do the blue ones that you need and save the side quests for later when you’re leveling up and duty finder what we touched on this earlier this is where you come to jump into any piece of content in the game that requires other players to join you.

Your queue will be incredibly short as a tank or a healer and expect to wait a little bit longer if you’re on a DPS As always, there’s always more damaged dealers than the other roles. So your queue times may vary though my queue times lately have been great even as a DPS rarely waiting over five minutes, your duty Roulettes is one of the best ways to level up other jobs after you’ve leveled your main with the main story quests, duty roulette will make your alternate jobs fly through the levels.

So definitely take advantage of each one of these when leveling up a new job. Next, we have trust. This is where you can put together a party to do various dungeons in the game with NPCs. Instead of with real people, maybe you just want to jump into a dungeon and you don’t want to wait for that DPS cue. You just want to get in there and get it done right now. Well, you put a truss together and you register for the duty that way thanks, you have New Game Plus if you want if you’ve already done the game on your main and you want to go through that main story again on maybe a new job you can do that with New Game Plus just be worn you can’t use this to level up your character.

Next we’ll halls are the novice we touched on this earlier this is what you can use as a new player and I highly recommend you engage with the system you can get cool things, cosmetics gear, and most importantly, some knowledge on your role.

If you’ve never played an MMO before, definitely definitely use the halls in the office to kind of get a feel for what you will be doing in this game and what your role is going to be responsible for. Next we have timers. This is a nice list of all of the timers in the game, it’s gonna tell you when certain things are ending when you’re gonna get your next mission allowance when the next fashion report is going to begin or where the current one ends. Right.

These are various activities you can participate with in game eventually when you start doing that, you’re going to be curious when you know how much more time you have left in the current activity and how long until the next one starts. So this would be where you would come to find that in the next menu we have the hunting log.

The hunting log is the one we touched on earlier. This is where you can come and look for mobs to hunt. By participating in the system you can unlock various XP and cosmetic rewards on long stop at around level 50.

So it can be something that’s interesting to do for your early game characters as a way to break up the main story quests but it is absolutely not required. And it’s something you can totally overlook. If you choose to as the XP you get from it is not nearly as necessary as it used to be. Next we have the sightseeing log. This is just a list of hidden places that you can find in game and interact with to unlock these. Getting all these locations will give you things like cosmetic rewards.

Next we have the gathering log if you haven’t get into crafting and gathering although it’s certainly not something you need to get into especially as a new player, you can check out your crafting and gathering log here. Next we have your orchestration list is simply a list of orchestra songs that you’ve unlocked. You can use these in your house for instance, to add a little bit of an ambiance to that house you’re putting together next you have your challenge log.

The challenge log is something you can do to get extra XP for instance says here if we complete three dungeons via the duty reload, I’m going to get a reward of 788,000, XP and 1000 Gil, feel free to check out the challenge log if you’re ever looking for something to do for extra rewards. If you’re looking to power level that companion Be sure to come down here to Bosom Buddies and defeat 20 Enemies of comparable level to get your companion 4100 XP.

Under the next menu known as the tribal menu, we’ve got a third currently, this is what we were talking about earlier, where you can come in here and see exactly what you have and what you don’t have. As you can see here in the germanium four lens, I have all of the currents collected and I can fly in the sun and to me is complete over in the churning Miss, I am missing one of the ether currents that is found out in the lands in the wilds, you run around and you look for them using your ether compass.

And then I’m also missing one likely from a blue quests that I haven’t done in that zone yet. However, sometimes it can be a main story quests if you haven’t done all of that yet. Alright, the next one we have is your mount speed. This is going to show you your mound speed in each zone, you’re either going to have no stars, or one star or two stars depending on the zone and what you’ve done there. In order to get one star and a lot of stones, all you’re going to have to do is the story quests to get through the zone and you’re going to automatically get the one star mound speed.

In order to get the second star, what you’re going to have to do is the next step here, and that is the shared fates. And if you click on this button, it’s going to open up the fates progress that you have in the zones. So for example, in ill May, I’ve done one gold fate and fades do have different tier rankings some are gold, silver, or bronze. So make sure that you get six of the gold ones. And once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to go and take that currency that is required to buy the writing map from the NPC in that zone. If you’ve never done any fades in a zone it will it will display there’s no information to display. Next we have the map we went over this pretty much in depth earlier.

The main thing to remember is that you can resize it, you can zoom out by clicking this button here and the top left and you can drag it around, you can zoom in you can click on anything and you can teleport anywhere that you have been before so long as you have attuned yourself to that a threat.

Next we have the teleport menu, which is a different way to do the same thing that we just talked about. Rather than looking at the map and zooming in and out and looking for the place you’re looking for it like worth this here. Instead, you could just come into here and look for the one you’re looking for. You could look at all of them at once or you can break them down by zone the Nasza like shroud, dandelion and so on. Next we have return as discussed.

This is going to take you to the eighth right that you set As your home, it’s free, and it’s got a 15 minute cooldown. Next under the party menu, we’ve got party members, if you are in a party, you’d be able to see them here, you can open this at any time by pressing o on your keyboard, you’ll also be able to click and see your friends lists your black lists. And you can search for players in here as well. In order to search for a friend, perhaps you want to add to your friends list, for instance, you’ll be able to go to search conditions and type their first name here, or you can search for their last name here, just make sure that you type in the name you’re looking for.

And make sure you don’t type the first and the last name in the first name bracket. You can also filter it down further by which language they speak or what location they’re in. Do note though, if they’re not online, they won’t show up. The next thing we have is the party finder, you can come in here to look for and make custom parties for various things. There isn’t much need to be using this until you are later in the game.

And you’re looking for very, very specific things, the duty finder is going to be a much better tool for you. Until then the next thing we have is signs, this is something you can just drag onto your bars. And it’s great for telling people what they need to do or assigning positions to people in a group. So they know what they need to do.

This is really just something for the raid lead or the group leader to organize the group give people jobs or places to stand or to be next is waymarks. Very much like the party signs. So the signs are gonna put on people’s heads, and then the way marks you’re gonna put on the ground somewhere. So if you put this here, so what you can do is you can drag these onto your bar and then you can use it it’s to tell people where to stand in a given moment in the fight. Maybe you put these down before the fight and say hey, when the boss jumps into the air, you need to go stand in this spot. It’s a great way for teaching people mechanics and a fight they’ve never done before and helping them out.

Next, we have ready check. Ready check is something that you can just press and it’ll ask the entire group that you’re with, Hey, are you guys ready for this and then if they are, it’ll tell you everyone responded yes, you can go ahead and pull the boss now next we have countdown, you can set up a countdown anywhere between five and 30 seconds to let the group know that you’re about to do something.

Alright, next social player search we touched on this already, you can search for friends there, you’ve got emotes, you can look through your list of emotes that you have access to and you can even drag these onto your bar if you want to great for RP or just the occasional screenshot, you’ve got the free Company menu, which will show you your the free company that you’re in a free company is just another name for a guild, you can level up the free company and the company can unlock buffs for everybody in it.

As with any MMO, I highly recommend getting into a free company in this game as the social aspect of MMOs is oftentimes one of the best parts. But in Final Fantasy, it is by no means required that you do so to experience the full game. Next we have link shells, Link shells are basically like free companies.

Link shells are a way for you to communicate easily with people that are not in the same free company as you this way, if you and a group of friends are all in different free companies, but you want to be able to talk to each other, you can be in one link shell, and you’re allowed to have multiple link shells, whereas you’re only allowed to have one free company. So yeah, just think of this as a chat room for you and a group of people that want to be a part of it. Sometimes link shells are set up for very specific activities like hunts, maybe they will announce anytime a specific mob is spotted or something along those lines.

And you would join that link shell if you were looking for that kind of information. And then that way while you’re playing the game, boom, you see it in your chat, someone’s like, Hey, there’s this mob just spawned over here, you can run over there and join them in killing it. Next, we have cross world link shells, this is the same thing as a regular link shop. But what this does is it allows you to talk to people that are not necessarily on the same servers. And as you can see here, we’ve got people that are on behemoth and Hyperion and Exodus, and it allows us to talk to each other even though we’re on different servers, very handy.

Then we have friends lists, contacts by lists, we already kind of went through that when we went through the through the other menu. And then here we have the system menu, which is gonna have the support desk, you know, this is where you can obviously do support test type things, look at the news, contact them for harassment or other things, it is very important to know that Final Fantasy does have a very, very strict policy against being an app, basically.

So if you are the type of person that is typically chewing people out being mean to people at the end of a dungeon, telling them their trash, well, you may not want to be that type of person anymore, not only because it’s bad, but also because it can get you banned in front of fantasy 14 and easily.

So they have a very, very low tolerance for that kind of behavior. Next, we have official sites, you get over this and you can go to any of their official sites, we have the Play Guide, which you can do and it’ll open up a guide on the browser, you’ve got active help, which you can use to search for various topics in the game, we’ve got character configuration, there are actually some very useful menu options in here, it’s definitely worth going through here and turning certain things on or off depending on your preferences.

One of my favorite settings to change was to open all of my inventory instead of just one of them. So when I click on this one, it actually opens all of them in one giant page as opposed to if it was just normal and I clicked it it would just be one with lots of little tabs and then have to flip through the tabs and find the thing that I was looking for, you know, screw that noise.

I want to see all of it at once apply click it now my whole inventory opens at one time I much prefer this way and there’s a lot of beautiful options like that in here, this game really lets you go to town on customizing yourself. So after you’ve kind of got familiar with the game and you’ve seen a lot of the stuff in it, definitely visit these options and take a look at some of the things you might want to change play around with it.

And you might find a lot of quality of life upgrades in here. Next, we got the system configuration, this is where you’re gonna change, you know, your settings, like your graphic settings, if you’ve got a strong computer, you can crank those display settings up, you can change all of the sound effects settings here, this is actually really useful, you can turn down the effects of other players.

So you can hear your own effects, say, let’s say 80%, and then your party at 52%. And then other people outside of your group, you can change that even lower. Sometimes when you’re in a trial or raid or something, there can be a lot of noise going on. And it can be a bit much, especially with 24 people around so you can turn down other people’s effects so that you’re hearing yourself well enough, but everybody else’s kind of toned down a bit, it’s very nice that they let you customize those levels.

Same thing here with the graphics settings again, yeah, if you got that you’ve got that fat video card here and come in here and crank those settings up, make the game look as beautiful as you possibly can mouse settings gamepad settings, it does have controller support and great controller support at that.

So if you are a console user, then come in here and definitely set this up, you’ve got theme settings, you can change this from dark to light to classic, and you can change, you know the format of your screenshots, and so on, then you’ve got the HUD layout, like we were talking about earlier.

And just like everything else in this game, I swear you can grab this and you could drag it onto your bar if you want. And then you can open this up anytime you want to. It’s where they they made it so that you could put anything on your bar. So if there’s something you open a lot in this game, if there’s some menu you open a lot, if it’s the sound menu, you can grab that and put it there and then boom, if you want to turn on or off certain sounds like I’ve turned off music and master volume.

So I could record this video. You know, if you’re constantly adjusting certain sounds or certain some certain settings, you know, you can grab these and put it on a bar for ease of access if you want. Next we have user macros, you can set up macros in this game, however, they are not at all required. If you’ve played Final Fantasy 11 or some other games, macros could be a very big thing, a very big part of combat in those games, but not in Final Fantasy 14 These are by no means necessary.

And outside of crafting, I hardly see them use at all, unless someone just wants to maybe put some kind of a warning message anytime they cast their resurrection. Like Hey, get up off the floor, you know, or something like that. You can set up something like that here, but go easy on those you know everything in moderation, or else you risk annoying the people in your group by spamming chat with nonsense.

Next we have the key binds, this is definitely an area you’re gonna want to visit and spend some time in, it’s probably sooner than later, you’re gonna want to get your key binds set up the way you like it. And there are a lot of keys in this game, you’re going to notice here I’ve got 1224 abilities, and then I’ve got some run over here. Some of this stuff I’ve dragged on here just for this conversation, I don’t actually use these things.

So I can clean this up a bit. But I’ve got at least 24 Minimum abilities that I need to use very frequently. And so the easiest way to go about that is to well a use an MMO mouse or something like that, or so that you’ve got like one through six, you know, and then you hold ALT and one through six. And you got those here and control one through six, that sort of thing. So that you kind of have all of the buttons within hands reach, pick the layout, that’s going to be nice for you and go with that.

But the last thing you want to be doing is clicking your mouse to activate abilities. In content that’s going to be a detriment to your performance, and it’s likely going to result in you dying or being very ineffective for ball. Next we have license well that’s what that says it’s just licensed for the game, not something you really need to worry about and you have logout and exit game here. Anytime you want.

You can pull up the same exact menu by pressing Escape, and you can see all of those same options that we just looked at at the end your have your macros, your key binds and how to exit the game. And finally we have PvP and there’s a few forms of PvP and Final Fantasy, all of which are completely optional and separated from the rest of the game. However, there are some cool cosmetics to be earned inside of the PvP arenas. So let’s talk about what they are. There’s new PvP coming with and Walker 6.1 which is going to add a five V five mode that seems to be inspired by the push the current maps on Overwatch.

Beyond that there’s a mode called frontline which is going to feature three opposing teams of 24 players for a total of 72 players on the battlefield. This is where you’ll go for those massive scale PVP battles if that’s something you’re looking for. And finally, we have the mode notice rival wings which is 24 Verse 24.

It’s inspired by MOBAs, where NPCs and players fight side by side over objectives on either side of a linear map. If you’d like PvP or maybe you just want to collect all of the cosmetics then you should check these out. And that is absolutely everything.

If you’re still here, be sure to let me know down in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this video, be sure to like and subscribe for more MMO content it would help me out a ton. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to swing by my Twitch stream over at ghosts. I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are. And I’ll see you in the next one. You.

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