Dark Knight – True Beginners/Returners Guide

Dark Knight - True Beginners/Returners Guide

Dark the dark minions. Hey, Mr. Editor.

Dark Knight – True Beginners/Returners Guide


I think that this outfit and background do not contribute to the message you’re trying to convey. Ah, yes, darkness. You’re right. You’re right. I will try something else that’s more like it. Welcome to another true beginners job guide, this time starring the Dark Knight.

Hey, stop. No, no, no, that is still my part. Okay, so you heard it. Without further ado, let us begin with all the stuff you need to know about the Dark Knight. First of all, our dark knight cannot be taken as a true beginners job because you need to have unlock certain progress in the heavens word content with precisely means you need to access the icy towers and castles of each guard, which will require the completion of RAM reborn as a whole and another job you have chosen before to have reached level 50 Also note that upon taking up the Dark Knights job crystal.

You’re starting it at level 30 But fear not the level downfall is easily compensated by following certain leveling methods where I have already uploaded tons of videos for so check out the description. Okay, what about the basics of the Dark Knights combat system. First of all, you will have access to very simple weapons skill combo consisting of three attacks heart slash siphon strike and Soul Eater that will construct your single target attack sequence except having your cooldowns ready.

But more to that later in between these weapon skills of your combo which will cause a global recast timer of basically 2.5 seconds. Our goal is to weave in as many off global cooldown abilities as possible.

But better not more than two examples are acts of shadow, abyssal drain salted earth or many others. So from this section alone, you will run into a true button Mattia, but a very strategical and enjoyable nonetheless, and this will highlight the impression of the overall combat speed a lot and one or two OGC these should therefore always come after each of your weapon skills as long as you are good MP condition which directly leads us to the next topic. Managing your MP.

Your MP pool allows you to use flood or out of darkness the first being an A we attack the second being a single targeted on level 74. Both will transform into the shadow version being stronger. These two attacks will also put you into your dark side stance granting a 10% damage boost. Just try to always use one shadow attack on the beginning of each fight. And don’t worry about keeping up the buff, you automatically will.

S&P will regenerate through time you can frequently use these attacks but should always try to use them when your party throws out their big support or in dungeons use flood of shatter when many targets are available. sounds fairly easy, right? But there’s another very special to casting and P which is the Blackest Night learned at level 70. Before you reach that level, the dark night may feel a bit squishy, but at least then everything changes and you’re engulfed in darkness and sturdiness.

The Blackest Night also referred to as TVN will absorb damage equal to 25% Target’s maximum HP and if that shield is consumed within seven seconds you will also receive one free stack to use flood or edge of shadow without MP cost. So in the best case, you will use this as much as possible and keep trying to let the shield be absorbed in that seven seconds duration. And note that it can also be applied to other Franti targets, which can be very helpful to some party members to survive certain rate mechanics or in dungeons when you hear that has taken a slight peek of enmity.

Next up, we want to know what our blood gauge does, which we receive on level 62. By using weapons skills under a Blood Weapon effect or through using a combo activated Soul Eater. This will fill up the gauge. These gauge points are required to make use of blood spiller and quietus. The first being strong and single targets and should still be used when two or less enemies are around while quietus on level 64 these insane waves of damage to three or more targets.

All this is highlighted by our delirium ability learned on level 68. For those warrior players among you, it will remove the cost of quietness and blast below under its duration, which can be seen as the evil and dark version of the warriors in a release. And this is where some gear optimization is required.

We always want to land five weapon skills inside of this window. So we should aim for a good value of Skill Speed as bosses can easily hinder your consistent attack sequence by turning away in a rush or something like this. So I highly recommend to not be too precise with these Skill Speed values to leave some headroom for improvisation.

Just hit for high item level gear and choose those pieces that have Skill Speed and other good stats on them and avoid those with tenacity mostly, above that all this should be applied to our Blood Weapon duration as well. Bringing in five weapon skills into that window will guarantee you a solid gauge point management and otherwise you could have trouble inside of most openness.

Nonetheless, there’s also another special gate spender, which is living shadow. That is your heavies cooldown and the undisputedly coolest ability This game has to offer. By using 50 gauge points, you will summon forth a shadowy servant that will throw out random abilities into your target.

But even when you cannot interact with this Minion all the buffs and attack bonuses you receive are also stacked upon your shadowy servant so make sure to use it in buff windows. Most openness will easily take care of the timing so check out my other videos of visit the balanced discord. Another thing to mention is that this shadowy servant will cleave with all of its attacks.

So using it for a big pack of mops inside of dungeons can pay out very well just go for it when you have stack up gauge points, or when many targets are around. Most of the times this will automatically fit perfectly into notable timings. Okay, another important topic is to manage your defenses. The first and most important knowledge is to not use all of them mindlessly into a single blow, as most of these have a very long cooldown and you have to split them because of multiple attacks being thrown at you or your party was hit a wall the roll command rampart.

And of course the blackest night are primarily used against all sorts of tank busters, dark mind reprisal or dark missionary should be used against raid wide damage, where the last two will also mitigate damage your party members receive and you’re correct with your assumption using the Blackest Night frequently will help you and your party survivability a lot. So find spots where it will be consumed completely. And before even thinking about other defenses on yourself.

Saving some MP for it will always be helpful Of course, by the way your abyssal drain can also help you a lot in reducing threats from big dungeon pools as it will heal you for its damage cost and when using it on five or more targets. This number can be truly massive. Last but not least, living that for you healers watching this video out of curiosity the next topic is more important for you than it is for the Dark Knight itself.

Living Dead is your oh shit button that can be used as emergency survival of escaping or reducing the threat of certain big split tank busters. When living that is used, the dark net will take up above for 10 seconds that keeps the Dark Knight alive even being hit below one HP. If that faint death effect is being triggered, he will receive the living death status where the darkness needs to be healed up by 100% of its maximum life.

So whatever happens elsewhere, you have to heal your precious dark night now and you have around 10 seconds to make that happen. Otherwise he will die a demotivating and cruel death. So make use of spells that will grant 100% of targets HP like benediction. Those are very heavy, buffed single target heels but whatever you do here, you’re already rotting tank ASAP.

Okay, that is mostly everything crucial everything else is just reading your tooltips and abilities correctly. Remember that it’s a feature and not a ballast for go through all your spells and abilities and familiarize yourself with your toolkit. And if you want to dig deeper into the Dark Knight theory AoE damage, gearing things or open irritations check out my comprehensive dark net guide or visit the balanced discord a website.

A big shout out to temtem again for giving life to this period with her adorable voice. By the way, she also produces Final Fantasy 14 content so you should definitely check out her channel the extended metaphor on YouTube, all found in the description. Thanks as well to my patrons and to all of you for checking out this video and for supporting my channel. Until next time, stay safe. Visit my twitch channel for live streams and keep loving Final Fantasy.

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