Why you should Play Dragoon/Lancer | And what other Jobs do better

Why you should Play Dragoon/Lancer | And what other Jobs do better

Welcome to another video featuring the only DPS job also being considered as a tank featuring the mighty Lance weirder, the Dragoon, as the first manager being presented in this series.

Why you should Play Dragoon/Lancer | And what other Jobs do better


And my first job to ever play this game, it is an honor for me to talk about it. And again, make your choice according to the job or class design that suits you the best or which attracts you from all the battle features and loads of its combat rather than going for any to value because all jobs can and will clear each and every content this game has to offer.

And while all many jobs feel super fast when comparing them to a black mage, for example, the dragon fields even faster and what I liked the most about its combat system is the fact that having access to so many OECD skills that always turn your combat flow into a much more interesting thing. And in contrast to other jobs, these skills can be used much more frequently, and are not bound to certain cooldowns as they’re literally unlocking those phases.

Above that I feel like the Dragoon has the lowest amount of downtime when it comes to OGC. These are little rotational highlights that don’t feel like a date time of waiting for them, like it can happen on the Fourier, for example. And together with those cool jump animations, and a reasonable amount of animation delays to Reagan always feels busy, but in a very positive way.

That directly leads us to the second positive aspect, a very good learning curve and forgiving positional behavior. As Ilya has recently analyzed the Reagan does not lose much damage when it is not hitting the proper positions that are mandatory for all many jobs, which leads to a forgiving damage loss when you’re not able to find a good spot and orientation in certain encounters.

Exactly. When filming the footage. For this video, I missed a whole bunch of positions and even when I was dancer petted, the damage output was still very okayish due to the fact of not losing too much damage when positions are not being paid properly, or when I could not use true north in time because all of the ODC Ds are near to within.

Above that when you’re introduced into the Lancer you comfortably learn all the required abilities step by step that may feel a bit boring at the beginning but helps a lot in practicing and understanding the ruins functionalities. So even if catching all those positions may look like a hot mess and many rating situations. This is definitely not as groundbreaking as it is on the monk for example.

And I never run into issues remembering the basic rotational theory on the Dragoon when I haven’t played it for quite some time. And remember that you can also play the Lancer as a starter class which is always a good thing for true beginners and among the melee jobs or DPS jobs in general, the Lancer is a really good and comfy choice to begin with. Next up we got the rate support variety. On the numerical side of things.

The rate support for Dragoon may fall low compared to ninja and bar or dance of course, but it just feels much more like an active choice except on the dancer due to this awesome dragon excitability. This tether not only provides damage to the chosen target, which allows you to really boost and other party members damage output, but also comes with requirement to stay in range.

Yes, it may look annoying for some of you in the first glance, but it really helps elevating the relationships with your party members. Not only that they are thankful for the damage boost, but they stay in close proximity providing the feel of being important to the red balloon player.

And on the honest side of things, with better literally being a very strong party buff due to boosting critical hit value significantly. I like that you have a second tool to choose one party member specifically creating this dual support idea that dances having but with much more personal damage output coming to a cosmetic trade which is the style of a Dragoon.

If I would not be so bad at playing Melee jobs in general, which mostly means missing so many positions due to my bad practice at certain bosses. I would definitely play Dragoon as one of my favorite jobs just for the style alone. Apart from the darkness two handed sword, this bear is just magnificent.

There are actually very few weapon designs that I don’t like. But even here, the story does not end because the animations are even topping the cool stair with all these jumps and really cool lands swings and being constantly surrounded by this Burning Dragon aura where this dragon theme is perfectly underlined by all the skills and cooldowns you have at your disposal.

Furthermore, the armor which is still an exclusive armor set, at least until end Walker really seeks for competition sometimes and this edgy and spiky design is just super cool and really fits into the universe of 14 which directly leads us to the last point that I cannot connect to the style because it can easily stand on its own as Tinian yes, no single side character. However well written that development may be this one in particular is just the coolest guy ever. And not only that, he’s constantly vibing that Dragon Spirit at no point you would ever forget that Regulus Other sickest people around.

Above that when we could talk about a dark night poster boy in shadow bringers the Dragoon was ultimately a poster by of the heavens for expansion that you can already try out for free using the free trial, and which has a remarkable story, super intense plot twists and some of the best character development ever exploring the mystical origins of the Dragoons of each car and how they are connected to the whole drain song war.

And believe it or not playing this as a Dragoon feels even cooler and I’m glad to have achieved my first Heavensward completion as the spiky Lancer I used to be, nonetheless, why do all people keep mentioning this floor tanking thing simply because of the situation you may experience much more often than on other jobs to find yourself lying dead on ground. That of course doesn’t specifically connect to the status of being a mele job. But more to the fact that on top of the high danger and risk of standing close to a wheeze police are trying to catch your last position in a very dangerous spot.

But under the goon This is heavily amplified by those animation delays that are not exclusive to the Dragoons Oh DCDs but it is featuring a lot of them. So if you’re concerned about reactiveness or want to avoid the risk of being cut off by boss mechanics, there’s a good may not be the best choice of a job to play.

But getting used to these skills and knowing the fight with good practice, you will not run into any issues especially because of having access to this insanely nice back jump ability that can turn you into the coolest person around while also being useful for many boss movements situations. Apart from that and while sharing all accessory pieces with all other mele jobs.

At the time of making this video there are goons having a whole unique set of armor pieces on his left side equipment table, which means you need to grind down Dragoon gear specifically, like casters, tanks, ranged physical DPS jobs and even mark and Samurai to share some of their gear pieces.

Yet there are heavy speculations about another melicha being added in and Walker that is expected to share the armor class with a raccoon. And above that the ninja still suffers from the same fate so it is indeed not a big issue. However you make up your decision the Dragoon is a phenomenal start into the melee roster.

And as you cannot start a samurai that I consider as an even more straightforward beginner choice to regain or better set the Lancer is one of the best options to start with. But don’t worry, if you’re still not convinced about the high jumping master of style and floor tanking. I will cover the other mele jobs in the next couple of days as well.

So until then test out the lagoon check out my guides about its combat system and fall in love with the coolest side character this game has to offer and even if the style and better animations are cool, it is not for praise that we fight. Thank you for watching and until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and keep loving Final Fantasy.

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