Astrologian Ability & Rotation Guide for Endwalker

Astrologian Ability & Rotation Guide for Endwalker

Hey, this is going to be my guide for astral origin and taka astral origin has been my go to healer for a long time.

Astrologian Ability & Rotation Guide for Endwalker

And I’ve played it quite a bit in the expansion now. So I want to give you my opinion on how it’s supposed to be played, give you an overview of all the abilities and I’ll walk you through the basics to get you started with the changes.

But for now, without further ado, let’s get into the abilities your three basic damaging abilities alethic, combust and gravity alethic as a single target dps on a 1.5 second recast gravity is an area ability that you want to use at two or more enemies. And combust is a damage over time ability that you want to maintain on bosses where possible, but you don’t have to use it on dungeon mops necessarily, because it’s just a pain to apply and maintain on those.

Now, the 1.5 second recast thing that I mentioned is extremely important for new astral odhran players. Because the basic global cooldown is 2.5 seconds, and you have a 1.5 second recast you have one second in between where you can do whatever you want, you can move around, you can cast other abilities before you’re able to cast your next malefic or gravity.

So the basic rhythm for playing astral origin is doing TCD damaging cast and then doing any healing or card games in between where possible. Whenever you have to interrupt that rhythm to cast on GCD heals, you’re basically losing DPS which you want to avoid where possible.

So ideally, you’re only using off GC deals which you know is not going to happen in any major trials. But in Dungeons is something you can try to strive for one thing you want to get familiar with as acidogenic Especially as slide casting. That’s the act of moving before your cast is finished.

To learn that there’s a little check, get an email id and put it on a hot bar somewhere on screen where you can see it. And whenever the ability lights up while you’re casting, you’re ready to move around. Even if the cast hasn’t finished yet, though, you can use that as a crutch to learn side casting when you start off. Let’s move on to your basic on GCD healing abilities.

Those being phonetic and benefic to Ben Affleck is generally more efficient than Ben Affleck to Ben Affleck one will give you 1.25 potency per MP spent while Ben Affleck two will give you a 1.14 however, it also restores a greater amount of HP at one time benefit one also gives you a 15% chance of getting a critical benefit to which will restore a ridiculous amount of HP.

Keep in mind that using both genetic and genetic two is a last resort and later levels. All other healing abilities are more efficient. This is not just because of the MP costs, but also the GCD that the ability takes up. Essentially, for every benefic you’re casting, you’re losing DPS. This is also why some people just ignore benefic one all together.

The idea is that you take the lesson P efficient benefit to your store a greater amount of HP with one cast, so you can then immediately go back to casting the effects and dealing damage. If you’re struggling for MP and a fight, you’re really having trouble keeping up. And there’s a lot of small hills to do, then I think benefic one still has a place but it’s very niche.

And for the most part, you should just be casting benefactor, it’s not worth casting benefic one to go fishing for the critical benefit to casts. Another ability is aspect of an ethic. This is your heel over time. And this will restore immediately to under 50 potency followed by a 1250 potency total of 15 seconds.

So that’s a value of 3.75 potency per MP spent making this by far the most bang for buck GCD heal that astral origin has ideally if someone is low and they’re not immediately dying, you want to get them back up using aspect of genetic disability is also an instant cast. So you don’t have a huge cast times and you can freely move around while healing.

So that’s another added benefit of this one. If there’s enough damage coming in, I basically always maintain this on my tank and I put my tank as a focus target so I can track how long I have left on the ability. This is also great to throw on any DPS that you know soak the AOE markers as always, so just put that on them because they’re not immediately tanking the boss they’re not going to die right away unless they run into another area.

So they should be fine and get back to full HP with one or two aspects of genetics. Your next two abilities are your Andrei CD AOE heals those being Helios and aspected Helios aspected. Helios will give immediate 250 potency heal to everyone around you. And it follows that up with 150 potency every three seconds for 15 seconds.

So five total ticks. That’s 1000 potency, together with the 250 poured into you again at the start. And then you have Helios with just 100 MP class last, however, 600 Total potency last. So if people are in danger of dying, you really need to get them up. And you’ve already cast your aspect that Helios just spam the normal Helios, right let’s move on to your off GCD heals that you’ll be using a lot.

The first one being essential dignity. Disability is an instant cast heel that heals more, the lower that hides HPs. And it caps out at whenever the targets HP is 30% or lower disability is your panic button. It’s also great for whenever targets have really low HP and you need to get them up immediately.

Disabilities and instant cast, it costs no NP and it has two stacks on 42nd recast. So this is incredibly valuable. And you probably don’t want to cap your stacks where possible. When I start a new encounter, I try and get my overall anyone low enough to use my first stack. And then I try never let it cap and I save my other stack for whenever there’s anyone I need to say if like right now.


So in my opinion, it’s not a good idea to save both stacks for whenever someone gets really low. Just because you’re missing so much eating potency that is completely free your other off GCD ability is celestial intersection. And this is an interesting ability because it’s the one shield that astral urgent still have.

Now this ability has a cure potency of 200 and it will shield the target for 200% of the HP restored. This comes out to about the same as the neck two for me. However, this is also completely free, and it’s on a 32nd recharge with two stacks. So I always maintain this on my tank, if he just takes the slightest amount of damage to make the 200 Cure potency worth it. I slam that on him and he immediately gets the shield and it’s fantastic.

The Shield also lasts a really long time unless it’s broken before with 32nd duration. Next up is celestial opposition. This is your off GCD AOE heal ability that’s incredibly valuable. And this will restore a total of 700 potency to everyone around you. With 500 of that being over time. However, it’s again completely free, and you can cast it between your GCDs.

So if people are just taking a little bit of damage and it’s not quite worth using a Helios then you can use this without losing any damage uptime. The next ability is collective unconscious. This is a shield that you can raise, any movement will cancel it and allies can stand inside of it to mitigate 10% of all incoming damage.

And it also applies a region for 15 seconds with 100 Cure potency. So this ability is ideal for whenever there’s heavy incoming damage that you can first of all mitigate and then you can make use of the AOE healing that you can provide. Another use for this ability outside of just mitigating any heavy hitting enemy cast is using it simply for the Cure potency.

Because there are some fights where there might not be any easy stack markers or raid wide areas or there’s simply a window where you can’t make use of the damage mitigation that the ability provides.

If you stand still, you can use this as an instance spam heal and the healing effect will still apply normally, so it just turns into a 500 potency area here and this is again also off GCD the next ability is horoscope this off GCD ability will apply a buff to everyone hit that you can pop again by pressing the ability a second time which will heal everyone for a certain amount.

Now this lasts only 10 seconds unless you use Helios or aspected Helios during that time, in which case the cure potency is also doubled. So this ability is great if you have high incoming damage and you want an instant heal right after it hits. It’s also great to combine with Helios whenever you want to heal large amounts of HP but don’t feel forced to use horoscope in conjunction with Helios at all times.

So you can also just use it for the free 200 potency heal so if you see everyone around you is really low just pop horoscope pop and aspect of Helios and then pop horoscope again and you’re set. Next up is earthly star. This places an eerie field on the ground, which had its size increased massively since the last expansion.

Earth The sky is an absolute unit of an ability now in terms of just pure size that it covers. I don’t even know why it’s still targeted. You might as well just make it a huge, ginormous planetary area around the astral originals. elf. So this star that you place has an AV around it that will explode healing anyone inside of it and damaging enemies.

After 10 seconds, which you can see ticking down on your bus, the ability will upgrade and you can do the same thing but for higher potencies. So the way you want to use it is you want to pre place it, ideally wait out those 10 seconds and then use the heal and damage to both increase your own DPS as well as heal the whole party. In an ideal scenario, of course, you line disability up with any incoming damage.

So if you’re a big brain and you know this damage coming in, and like 15 seconds, and your pre place your as the star, that’s perfect. So if you can predict it like that make use of it. However, just sitting on the earth, the star waiting for damage to come in, might not be the most efficient.

So if you have no idea what’s happening, just throw the earth the start down, you still get the damage potency, and you might even be able to make use of the healing potency of people magically go down during that time. This is always the first off GCD ability that I cast whenever my tank pulls anything. Now you kind of have to wait until your tank is standing still because tanks have a tendency to like pick up a pack of mobs then standstill for two seconds and then continue running.

So you want to be sure that they’re actually standing still and they’re committed to fighting in the location that you’re at right now, luckily, as I said at the start is now a lot bigger. So you’re not going to have as as hard of a time as you had before trying to hit it, let’s get to some abilities that you can use to buff your own heels or to mitigate even more damage. The first one being synastry.

This ability you have to target to a party member. And from that moment onward, whenever you cast any healing abilities, the party member targeted by synastry will also receive 40% off the HPS you healed for a total of 20 seconds. So let’s say for 20 seconds, all you do is spam Ben Affleck to which will give you a total of 6400 potency, you will heal that target for a total potency of 2500 which will get pretty much anyone up from zero HP to fall.

Now you could use this to heal two people at once using your benefit casts. However, you can also use this to get one target up faster, because you can use synastry on whoever you want to heal and and just use your benefics on that target. And they’ll just receive 40% more healing. So that’s one way of using synastry. And that’s probably the main way I use it. Now, you have to listen very closely to the phrasing here, a single target healing spell.

That means it’s not going to work on essential dignity, do not use synastry and then spend it on essential dignity. Because that won’t do anything. Neither will any AOE Helios celestial intersection earthly star casts do anything, it has to be benefic or benefit to your next ability that you can use to buff your own heels as neutral sect.

This will increase your healing potency by 20% for 20 seconds, and it will also cast a shield whenever you use either aspect that benefit or aspect that Helios so this is kind of like the old nocturnal sect where if you use those two abilities, the tide would get a shield, it’s essentially the same thing. And you should use this ability during times where high amounts of healing are required and you want that extra efficiency.

Personally, I try and use synastry for whenever there’s high healing efficiency on a single tide required and I use neutral sect whenever I need high airy heals like this major mechanics coming in. And I just need to be on point for a moment with Endoca there’s a lot of stack markers that hit multiple times and disability is basically made for that because not only are you applying a shield for those hits, but you’re also getting the region on everyone.

So disability is just fantastic for all of those situations. However, it’s on a 122nd cooldown, so use it sparingly. The next ability is exultation which is a 10% damage reduction for a target party member or yourself and after eight seconds, which is also when the damage mitigation will end it will heal the target for 500 Cure potency which is the same as a genetic one.

So this ability is great to put on your tank whenever there’s tank busters coming in because you help them mitigate the damage coming in the first place. And then you’re also giving them an immediate benefit one heal afterwards. This ability is also off GCD and it’s on a 62nd recast so you’ll get plenty of use out of this. The next edition is Macro Cosmos and this is completely new and I love this ability.

However it’s on a really long cooldown so you’re gonna have to be careful when to use that popping this, well, first of all, apply microcosmos. This on its own doesn’t do anything for now, however, it compiles all the damage coming in, meaning it stores it. And then after a reuse of the ability, it will heal everyone for 50% of the damage stored.

So let’s say everyone gets hit for an ability that deals 40,000 damage, you’re going to be able to restore 20,000 HP to everyone. And that is on top of the 200 code potency heal that it already does. So the use cases for this ability are fairly obvious because it’s AoE.

And it restores a huge amount of HP, it’s on a long recast. You want to use this in situations where you need to get everyone back up as fast as possible immediately after a bilities hit to be able to survive the next upcoming mechanics. If there’s just a raid wide damage, and the bus doesn’t appear for another 10 seconds, you might as well use other abilities to get everyone back out because it’s not time critical at all.

Whereas Macro Cosmos or micro cosmos will restore the amount immediately. So to me, it’s kind of like a prediction panic area here. This is what I’ll use during those chunky new stack markers that we have to keep everyone topped off.

The next stability I want to talk about is divination. Divination got changed, because it’s now independent from the whole card system that we haven’t even gotten into yet. And it just provides a damage buff everyone.

That’s really, it’s really simple to use. Now, it’s 6% damage for 15 seconds total. All you want to do on this is align it with other party bus. So if you see a ninja trick attack, use that if you see a red mage and Bolden use it.

And if you’re new to the job, and you’re caught really pay attention to it, just use it on cooldown. Okay, wait a few seconds into a new encounter, and then just use it so people can ramp up their combos. Now let’s get into the card system. This is where astral origin gets really, really interesting and also really mechanically challenging.

So let’s go through this real quick. Using the ability draw, you can draw from your card deck and draw YuGiOh cards that you can play afterwards, these cards will provide a damage bonus. And there’s basically two types of cards. There’s the melee bonus damage cards. And that’s the range bonus damage cards.

The way you can tell is that the melee damage cards are old, the blue ones and the range damage cards or the purple ones. So if I draw a blue card and I have a ninja in my party, I’m slamming that on him. If I draw a range card, and I have a read match, I’ll give it to them to give someone that card you have the action play.

Now usually what you’ll have to do is you’ll have to click on them in the party list and then press play. And then you have to retarget whoever you are fighting before. And you have to do that within the one second GCD window that you have after your malefic cast. So that’s what makes astral ojen In my opinion, mechanically challenging in comparison to other jobs.

Other jobs, we’ve by pressing two buttons, but Astrid origin has to first of all cast their ability like malefic, then they have to click on the party member that they want to play the card on, they have to press play. And then they have to tap target back to the boss in the same window.

So that’s four buttons, they have to press in that 2.5 second window. And then there’s the added clunkiness of tab targeting right back to the boss. Now luckily, there is an extremely strong macro that is going to make your Astral urge and experience so much better. And I’m going to give that to you right now. You see on the left side, I have the play buttons. And these are aligned perfectly with my party list. So the macro looks like this, I’m going to put this in the video description.

And you’re just going to have to replace the number each time with the numbers from one to eight for each party member. And the reason why I’m spamming slash AC play here is because it’s going to cost the ability faster. Don’t ask me why it’s just how macros work. And then the last line just adds the icon to the macro.

After that, you put that on your hotbar, all eight of them. And then you align it with your party list, I reduce the size to 90% of the hotbar. And that lets me align it perfectly. So now whenever you want to play a card, all you have to do is draw the card, and then you just click on the party member that should receive the card. And that’s all there is to it. This also has the added benefit that you’re not losing focus on whoever you’re fighting.

So if you’re currently casting the left Pick on someone, you can press this button and you’re not losing the target that you’re currently hitting. So this just completely skips the tap targeting back as well. Using this macro just improved my astrological experience so much. It’s so much easier now to keep track off everything.

And this will improve your uptime, I promise, because the amount of times I fumbled pressing on someone in the party list and using that play on them is astronomical, no pun intended. Outside of the cards that you’re playing, having blue or purple border, depending on whether they’re family or arranged ups. They also have a symbol that’s either Luna, celestial or solar.

This is used for another ability that you have that’s called Astro dine. As you play the cards and your gift them to your party members, you will accumulate the so called seals, your goal is always to get as many different seals as possible on your job gauge. That’s because as the amount of different seals increase up to three, Astro dine will get increased effects.

So let’s go through this one sign will give you a harmony of spirits, which just gradually restores your MP to science will get you a reduced spell and recast time, which is fantastic. And then having all three seals will give you increased healing and damage by 5%. So if you have all three, you get all three of these effects.

If you have two, you only get the first two. And on one type of seal, you only get the first type. Now to get just the right seals that you want, you can try and just be lucky. But you can also use some abilities that astronauts can scan. Those are, first of all undraw to completely remove a card so you don’t have to play it.

This is absolutely just a last resort and I very very rarely use it. That’s because playing the card that I’m undergoing they’re on a melee or ranged DPS will give them 6% of damage increase for 15 seconds while Astra dine whenever you have three seals will only give you and only you 5% increased damage. So not only is it 1% less, but it’s also used on a healer rather than a DPS. So it’s a DPS loss on drawing a card.

So I would rather just get two types of seals and play that last card. The other option is using undraw. And you can do this once for each card that you draw. So if you don’t get the card that you want you cost and draw. And if you still don’t have the right card. Well, tough luck. Welcome to playing astral ojen.

And that’s the entire card system in a nutshell. Now what’s really interesting about this is that you want to use this in between your GCD. So you always always have something to do in between your DCDs as astral origin. Not to mention that you’ll have to use your off GCD heals in between as well. What’s important for returning players is that you have two stacks on draw now.

So if you’ve used both of the stacks, you have a lot more time before your next card is drawn. You never want to overwrite a card that you already drew with your last ability, you always want to play the card that you have right now or redraw it and then play it undraw in my opinion, doesn’t even have to be on your hotbar now I’m sure there’s going to be some fivehead astral origin players that are going to comment below this video and explain to me exactly why I should keep undraw on my hotbar and I’m looking forward to it because I’d also love to know.

Now let’s wrap this up by going over the last few abilities. In addition to your normal carts, you can now also draw crown cards. Doing so will grant you access to either load of crowns or Lady of crowns. DoDAF crowns is just an AoE damage around you and Lady of crowns is an AoE heal.
So draw Minor Arcana on cooldown and then spend it by using crown play. The next ability is lightspeed. This one will turn all of your spells into instant casts. So basically you can run around and spam been epic while on the move.

You can use this for situations where you’re panicking and everyone’s suddenly low and you just need to get an ability out or right now and move around. Or you can use this during bosses movement faces whenever you have to move around, but also maintain your healing at the same time. Next up we have resurrect which is pretty self explanatory, you will resurrect someone.

Ideally you want to save your Swift cast for it which will make the next ability and instant cast. You also have a rescue which will pull someone towards you. You can use this to pull someone out of danger whenever you see them standing inside an AoE. Just the other day I pulled the Black Mage out of an aoe that would have instantly killed them. And they got angry at me for interrupting that cast.

So use at your own discretion. You have SNR which you can use to get rid of negative status effects show cast which you can use to prevent knockbacks. And you have lucid dreaming which will gradually restore your MP and you basically want to use this on cooldown. I stopped using it as soon as I reached lower than 1000 MP and then I just keep using it as soon as it comes up every single time You want to really get in the habit of doing that to maintain your MP at all times, which is really important when you’re playing healer.

And lastly, we have repose, which puts it hard to sleep for 30 seconds. This is kind of a meme and PvE you don’t really use it. This is basically strictly a PvP ability. And I know it’s unbelievable but that’s all the astrological abilities, it’s so much acid ergens kit as absolutely loaded. Essentially maintain your GCD damaged abilities.

Use your off GCD heals where possible in between the GCD so you don’t lose uptime. If that’s not enough, use your GCD heal such as aspects of Helios aspect that benefic benefit one benefactor, and then in between all of that you also want to use your cards to make use of your Astro dine basically just use your divination on cooldown and and use all of your other abilities in a way that allows you to heal incoming damage as efficiently as possible as astral origin because of the way your abilities work. It’s really important that you know incoming damage so if you’re trying to Prague on a fight, you have to remember the enemy casts what’s the casting is such a raid wide ability.

What do I use? How much do I want to use? Does the boss keep attacking afterwards and then decide based on that which abilities are going to suit your best this is an absolutely difficult job but if you can get it right the healing you can provide as really good not to mention that everyone will love you for the damage boss to provide just don’t be that guy that gives all the costs to themselves all right, if you like this style of guide you should go watch my warrior guide that I put just as much effort into it but why just has fewer abilities so the videos much shorter.

I really think if you’re interested in Warrior This video will help you out get a foothold in and Hawker help you work on your basic rotation and I’ll give you a few tips on the way so why not check it out for now. Thanks for watching and I’ll see in the next one.

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