Final Fantasy XIV Beginner’s Class Guide: Lancer Levels 1-15

Final Fantasy XIV Beginner's Class Guide Lancer Levels 1-15

Hey guys, what’s going on commander mounts here with Believe it or not a another Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn guide.

Final Fantasy XIV Beginner’s Class Guide: Lancer Levels 1-15

Yes, that’s right. I started the series over a year ago but it kind of fell off because I moved away from the game. With the coming release of Heavensward though I’ve been playing a lot again and I thought it was time to get back to work. So here we go. This time we’re going to be talking about the Lancer class Lancers are a physical melee DPS class that uses a spear as their primary weapon and strength as their primary stat.

They have weapons skill combos that can increase their own damage as well as decrease an enemy’s resistance to their attacks. To play a Lancer is to take the stance that the best defense is a good offense. If that sounds like the play style for you, then your first stop should be the Lancers guild, you can find the guild in the northeast corner of old Gridania.

If your character didn’t start in Gridania, you’ll need to do a level 15 quest to unlock city to city travel First, sign up with a guild to receive your very own pointy stick and your journey as a Lancer can begin let’s take a look at the Lancer skills. Starting at level one you’ll have true thrust. Like most of the classes, this is just a basic damaging attack to supplement your auto attacks. At level two, you’ll learn the fate action.

Fate is a slightly weaker attack than true thrust, but it applies slow to the enemy, making their auto attacks weapons skill, speed and casting speed take longer, you can use it to help reduce incoming damage a little bit if you’d like but it’s really not that noticeable, especially at lower levels. Level four grants the Lancer Vorpal thrust on its own vertical thrust is an even weaker attack than faint with a potency of only 100. However, when Comode after true thrust Vorpal straws potency is doubled.

The true thrust Vorpal thrust combo is going to be your main damaging combo for over 20 levels so you might want to get used to using it. You will learn keen flurry at level six this is a defensive cooldown with a 92nd recast keen flurry drastically increases your parry rake which will allow you to mitigate some damage from incoming enemy attacks. As defensive cooldowns go it’s actually fairly useful so if you find yourself in a sticky situation or up against a tough opponent, it might just save your life.

At level eight, the Lancer learns impulse drive this is a basic damaging mood with a potency of 180 making it stronger than true thrust but weaker than a combo of verbal thrust. Technically, spamming impulse drive will give you slightly higher overall damage than a verbal thrust combo and lower levels but the Vorpal thrust combo is extended later on so it’s good to get into the habit of using it. Level 10 will teach the Lancer Leg Sweep.

This is a short three seconds done with a moderate cooldown, the three seconds done isn’t really enough time to do a whole lot but the strength and Leg Sweep is that it’s off the global cooldown.

You can use it basically any time legs which is great for interrupting spells or stopping fleeing enemies. Heavy thrust is learned at level 12. This deals a 100 potency attack to the enemy but that is increased to 170 when executed from the enemy’s flank or side.

More importantly however, heavy thrust gives you plus 15% damage for 12 seconds you do not need to get the bonus from striking from the flank to activate the damage buff. I recommend starting every fight with heavy thrust and keeping the plus damage buff up on longer fights if possible. 15% definitely adds up.
After the level 15 quest you’ll learn piercing Talon.

This is a low damage fairly expensive ranged attack it’s not meant to be used for damage but piercing talent is great for pulling mobs to you. Outside of dungeons, most enemies won’t link together unless you’re much higher level than them. You can use piercing talent to aggro your target without alerting its friends. This doesn’t work as well with casters arranged enemies who tend to just fling fire rocks, arrows or whatever they have at you, but you can still pull them then back away or break line of sight to get them to come closer.

Next we’ll take a quick look at some of the useful cross class skills. Personally I recommend bloodbath from the Marauder actions, and second win from the pugilist actions. Both are self healing abilities, which are useful for both leveling and group content. You might also look into the marauders fracture or foresight for extra damage or defense respectively.

Then there you have it. I think we’ve covered everything a new lens or might need to know to get started. Hopefully you find this beginner’s guide useful in navigating the early levels. But feel free to let me know what you thought or ask questions in the comments.

You can also just like the video, which is a handy way of informing me that you found the videos content pleasing also expect more guides in the future now that I’m actually playing Final Fantasy 14 again. That’s all for This one though, so I’ll see you all in the next video for now. It’s commander pounce and I’m gone.

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