FFXIV Endwalker: Level 90 Astrologian Guide Opener, Rotation, Stats & Playstyle (How To Series)

FFXIV Endwalker: Level 90 Astrologian Guide Opener, Rotation, Stats & Playstyle (How To Series)

Hello my friends and welcome back to the How To series.

FFXIV Endwalker: Level 90 Astrologian Guide Opener, Rotation, Stats & Playstyle (How To Series)

In this series we’re going to be covering every single job that Final Fantasy 14 has to offer and we are currently on our second healer which is Astra Lowe. Geum. Ash collodion is part of the pure healing family alongside White Mage. These two healers focused purely on well pure healing and regenerative healing. and national origin is quite unique.

It’s quite a busy job and it has this card mechanic which we will get into. So don’t worry too much about that just yet. We’ll get into it when we get to it. If you’re new to the How To series, what we do here is we go over every single ability a job has to offer and we break down exactly what they do and how to use them will then also go into a opener and rotation and just show you exactly how we’re going to be opening and how our rotation is going to play out as an astro will then go through a high level dungeon example showing you how we’ll be managing our kit at level 90.


We will then go into stat and gearing priority. How are we going to be gearing a Astro, how are we going to manage our stats and all that sort of good stuff. And then we’ll finish the video off with some closing thoughts and opinions of how I feel personally about Astra. So with all that said and done, and without further delay, let us just dive right into the abilities.

So to keep the video in a quite nice and organized manner. I’m going to talk about the healing abilities first, then I’m going to talk about the offensive abilities. And then I’m going to talk about the utility abilities. Please note that some healing abilities will tie into utility abilities. So try not to get too confused about that.


We’re going to try and keep this brief of some abilities which don’t need too much explaining and they’re quite self explanatory. For example, benefit one and two here are our primary single target GCD hills. And what these do is while they’re just going to be raw hills with no added effects other than benefit one having a added effect, where every time we use the benefit one we have a 15% chance to have a proc and this proc is going to make our next benefit to a guaranteed critical heel.

So that’s pretty good. For when we don’t really use benefit to too much we’re using benefit one more than we have a chance to get that credit. I personally use benefit to more than one but this is down to my personal preference and keeping tanks low and then healing them when they’re low. The reason I do this is because essential dignity. Now central dignity is our single target here we get to level 15..


And it has a 42nd recast time, it has a initial care potency of 400. But when a target drops below 40%, it can go up to a maximum of 900 chiar potency, which is incredible. And we want to be aiming for this when we get to level 78. Pretty further into the leveling stages of Astro we’ll get a second charge of a central dignity, which just makes this ability absolutely incredible because then we have two charges of this amazing ability and it just ties the Astra Kitzur well together, but we won’t get that into level 78.

So do keep that in mind. Our next ability is expected benefit. This is basically our region. If you played White Mage, you’ll know that this is more or less region, we’ll get to level 34. And it is on the GCD it has an initial heal of 250 potency. And for every tick of the region, it’s going to care that target by 250 care potency as well.


So pretty good want to keep this up on a tank at all times more or less when we are doing dungeons in a raid instance maybe slightly different. And also if we have a warrior then we might not need to keep this up at all times over. But when we have not a warrior we might want to keep this up on the tank at all times when we’re doing dungeon pools as this is going to help us out a lot and not have to use so many benefits ones and twos during pools.

Let’s move on to our AOE heals now. So we have Helios and a spected. Helios helos is again quite self explanatory, it’s just going to do an AoE heal and then you have a SPECT of Helios which if you played a white mage, this is pretty much medical one and medica two expected Helios is going to add a regenerate initial heal of 250 potency.


And then of course, as I said the region effect 150 potency for every target. And this is going to last 15 seconds. So this is great. What we’re going to do is when we are in a raid instance and a raid wide goes out we’re going to use aspected Helios rather than Helios. And this is going to give a region to everyone. It’s more MP efficient, and it’s going to be more HP efficient as well.

The only time we’ll really catch ourselves to using normal Helios is when we already have a SPECT that Helios up and we want those extra heels usually unnecessary, but it can happen. So just be wary of that know that it is in your kit. We then have collective unconscious this will make a bubble around ourselves and everyone who enters the bubble is going to take 10% less damage. This includes ourselves when we use this ability.


If we move or do an action, it’s going to cancel it out so we won’t get the 10% anymore, but it has a added effect of our region and anyone who enters including ourselves a can is going to have this region effect and this region effect is going to linger and it has 100 kr potency for every region tick this is an OTC D as well and it’s on a 62nd cooldown and we get at level 58. So pretty early on our leveling experience as an astro so it makes sure we’re fully utilizing this in leveling content.

If you just want to put a heel a region on the tank, then this is excellent for that. It’s going to leave a region on the tank, but it won’t leave the attempts at damage taken. So what you want to do is pop this on the tank in a big pool, and then take it down again real quick, and you’re not losing any DPS or any GCDs or anything like that.


And yeah, it’s just going to serve you really well, for Dungeons and also a raid wide, when a safer bosses on targetable, we put the bubble up, everyone’s going to be in the bubble, everyone’s going to take 10% less damage. And once the bubble is gone, everyone’s going to have the region effect, which is you know, just all around pretty good. If the boss is talking about it as a raid wide that we can just pop it up real quick, give her on a region, then take it down.

Again, pretty simple. We don’t have celestial opposition. This is like our OECD AOE heal, what we’re gonna do is this is on a 62nd cooldown, we’ll get to level 60. And it has an initial here with 200 care potency, and an additional effect of a region for 100 potency per region tick and it lasts 15 seconds just like collective unconscious region.


And it’s also every 60 seconds. So we want to really use this whenever we need it more or less, we can stack it with collective unconscious or we can rotate these two regions if we need to. This is also really good for raid wide damage and really good for just putting on your tank as well. So in dungeons, make sure we were putting this up on the tank. In raid instances, make sure we’re doing it after a raid.

Why do we have athletes start now we get this a level 62 It’s on a six second cooldown, that tooltip might look incredibly overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’m going to explain it. When we put up we slow down, it’s a massive AOE it’s not going to do anything yet. But for the first 10 seconds, it’s going to be a bit of a bad version, we don’t want to use this.


And when we use awfully start, it’s going to make the athlete start on our hotbar into a different action, which is like a detonation, so we can press it again and it will detonate the athlete stuff. But we don’t want to do this for the first 10 seconds earthly stars up. We want to do this after that initial 10 seconds because if we do it for the first 10 seconds, it’s going to do 205 potency and damage to all enemies and a 540 care potency to all our allies.

If we wait those 10 seconds slow, it’s going to be upgraded to giant dominance, this is instead going to damage all enemies for 310 potency, and heal all of our allies for 720. So this is just an outright better to wait out that first 10 seconds and then pop it we don’t really want to pop it before that because it’s just bad.


We can also wait out the entire buff and it’ll just pop itself as well. So just be wary of that this is great for worldwide. This is great for our DPS output, because it’s AoE damage. And it’s also pretty good single target damage. It’s on the OECD, so we’re not losing anything. And it’s also just great healing overall. So just make sure we’re fully utilizing this.

This is one of those abilities that we want to use on cooldown, because it’s so good. It’s big heals big damage, and more or less saving collective unconscious and celestial opposition for when we need it. And earthly style we more want to use for when it’s off cooldown. But we can of course align it with raid wide damage and tank damage.


So it’s great overall, lots of versatility to this ability very good ability overall. Moving on, we have celestial intersection, this is a barrier which we can put on a single target, it has a cooldown of 40 seconds, we get it level 70 For the initial hit of this is going to do 200 care potency.

And when we put it on our party member, it will take that 200 potency and it will make 200% of that potency into a barrier. So the stronger your healing potency of course the stronger this barrier is going to be. So this is great for putting on thankful tank busters fulfill of damage and dungeons, it’s got a lot of versatility to it again. And when we get to level 88 will have two charges of this.


So just like essential dignity will have two charges of this, which is just brilliant, really good ability make sure we’re getting full use of this. We don’t have horoscope or kind of like athletes during the upgrade department but not really. So we get this level 76 It’s on a six second cooldown.

And when we use it, it’s gonna last 10 seconds and it’ll change the hotbar button into a another ability and when we press it again, it’s going to give a 200 care potency to everyone. If we use aspected helias or Helios during the buff, then it’s going to upgrade it into horoscope Helios which is going to last 30 seconds instead and it’s going to do a 400 care potency.


This is situational and you might not catch yourself doing the upgraded version just doing the weaker version. It’s just a little weak AOE heal. That’s usually what I catch myself doing but you can use it for the upgraded version and that’s also good so highly versatile ability make sure we’re getting full usage out of this it’s good for raid wide damage, just little top up cast backup to help or it’s also good to just use on the tank individually and get them back up in a dungeon pool that we have neutral sector This is a very versatile ability.


We get it a level at Psalm 100/22 recast is going to increase our healing magic potency by 20%. Every time we use this ability, it will upgrade our aspect of benefits and aspects of Helios to create barriers on top of the regions that they also have when we use it with a sweated benefit. It’s going to make a barrier of 250% of the HP restored.

So scaling off our heel again, and when we do aspected Helios it’s going to again create a barrier of 125% of the HP restored from the expert TBS what I typically tend to do with this is As in a dungeon, I will use it on the tank before the pool. And that’s going to stay for a good amount of time.


And then when this is about to drop off, I’ll pop another one on the tank just for good measure. And to keep that barrier and region rolling. In a raid instance, I’ll usually try and use this when the boss it comes on targetable. And I’ll put it on as many people as possible. And then if two tanks are going to be taken at the same time, before anything solid, well, I want to pop this on both of my tanks.

And they’re gonna have a barrier and a region 20% more potency on the barrier, and the region as well because of the neutral sector. So overall really good ability, make sure we’re getting full usage out of this, we then have exultation we get this at a level 86. And it’s a 62nd cooldown.

This is a single target ability, and who will use it on is going to reduce their damage taken by 10% the last eight seconds and when the effect expires, it’s going to heal them for 500 Cure potency. So this is just brilliant. It’s on such a short cooldown, great for putting on the tank and Dungeon pools, great for putting on the tank for a tank buster, and just great overall for putting on the tank in with filler damage and all that sort of good stuff.

So I do love this ability. Very good, very versatile, make sure we’re getting full usage out of it, though we have Macro Cosmos this on the GCD, we get it a level 90, it has a recast of 180 seconds for quite a long time. This has also sort of damaged suicides, the damage, but we’ll go over that in a bit. Initially, it’s going to do 250 damage for the first enemy.

And then 40% less for all remaining enemies, this is damaged neutral on single target and damaged positive on airway. So when we use this, it’s going to change Macro Cosmos into a another button on our hotbar, which changes it from a GCD to an O GCD. He’ll. And when it’s the GCD he’ll basically it has a 200 Cure potency, but the more damage it receives.

So the more damage the whole pie or one person receives is going to affect how strong is he’ll is up to 50% damage taken is going to be compiled into that heal. So the more damage taken, the stronger you’ll be up to 50% damage, it’s a little bit hard to wrap your head around. But basically don’t think about it too much when there’s a raid wide going out or a tank buster or anything like that, use Macro Cosmos before that.

And then as soon as the raid wide goes out, then use the ability again. And we’re going to basically have a really strong and healthy heel for the whole pie or just the tank in a tank buster situation overall very verse storability. Make sure again, for use a Java let’s move on to our offensive spells not too much to go over here, really.

So we have malefic combis and gravity malefic. Obviously, we want to use this on single target combust, we want to always keep this up 100% of the time in a single target situation. And then gravity we want to be spamming gravity on two plus targets as its damage positive, not too much to go over here.

This is just our DPS rotation and how we’ll be using our offensive spells. Let’s move on to our utility kit now. So we have Lightspeed incredible ability by the way, we get a level six very early on, it’s on a 92nd call now. And it’s going to reduce our cast times for spells by 2.5 seconds, and it’s going to last 15 seconds.

This essentially makes all of our cast instant other than resurrect. This is a great cooldown for using on the pool and for DPS thing. But it’s also a really good mobility skill. So all we want to do is if we learn a fight and we know a heavy movement, part of the fight is going to come up then we’ll use Lightspeed and this is going to nullify all of our cast times.

And we can just run around the map, dodging aways, doing mechanics, doing whatever we need to do, but still keeping up our DPS offering and heals when we need to without having to stand still and cast. So incredible ability, make sure we’re getting full usage out of this. I love this ability. It’s amazing. It’s probably one of the best mobility abilities in the game when it comes to healers.

Okay, then we have the really, really nitty gritty, complicated stuff, which is draw, play and redraw, I have all them up on the screen now, because they all kind of time together. But draw and play will be first a lot the law 30 and draw and play is going to give us access to our card system, I’ll put the cards on the screen here, I don’t want to talk over them too much.

But basically, we have the balance the error, the spear, the ball that you aspire, the balance, the error and the spear are melee DPS and tank. So you want to use these almost exclusively on those roles. You can use them on range, but they’re going to be weaker. That’s where the bowl that you earn the spire come in.

These are going to be used on the range DPS or healers almost exclusively on range DPS. And what we want to do is of course, spread these out across those party members, right quite simple stuff. But you’ll notice they give us these signs now pay attention to the signs. But just keep in mind, we’ll go over them once we get to the respective abilities.

So just keep in mind the signs, we’ll go over that, don’t worry. But to go back to the subject, when we draw, it’s going to draw one of those six cards and then the play action will change into the respective card. And we can give this card to any party member or so we then also have redraw at level 40.

And this is basically going to give us access to a redraw. Whenever we use draw we have one one access to using one redraw every time so we can play our hand R and G and maybe get a more optimal Part. So if we have only melee DPS and our pie and we got a range card, then we want to try and redraw to get more of the optimal mele DPS card. Instead, we’ll come back to the cards just a moment, let me go over a few other things real quick.

So first, we have synastry. synastry is a buffer, which we get level 50. It’s on 100/22 cooldown. And basically what this author is telling us here is when we use this, say, if we have a tank, and we’re hitting a tank, and then a DPS drops really low, but we have to keep the healing of the tank because the tank has also taken it down, should we put some history on that DPS, and then we resume healing tank or the other way around, it doesn’t really matter too much at the bands who needs more attention.

But basically, we’re going to keep healing the tank in this situation. And 40% of the healing that I’m giving to the tank is going to go on that weak DPS. And basically, if I use a benefit tool on the tank, it’s going to give 40% of my benefit to onto that DPS as well. Not instead, but as well.

So it’s adding an extra 40% We can also use this on a tank individually to double up our healing. So if the tank is really taking a beating, that we can use synastry on the tank, and this is going to double up their healing, we’re not double up, it’s only doing 40% more. But basically, if we use benefit to spamming on a tank with synastry up, it’s going to do the initial benefit to and then it’s going to have another benefit to for 40% of the potency of that benefit, if that makes sense.

So for me personally, I tend to not use ECD heels as much as possible. But if I do need to use them, then I’ll use it alongside synastry. And this is just gonna buff my heels overall and it’s overall good time. We then have divination, divination, there’s a lot to go into divination. But the simple part is we get it level 50 It’s on 100/22 cooldown, and increases everyone’s damage and yourself by 6%. For 15 seconds.

This is really good to use RAID buffs in a raid instance. But in a dungeon instance, we’re pretty much just gonna use this off cooldown. In a raid instance. Just make sure we’re lining this up with our party’s raid buffs.

So whenever you have those conversations with your raid members about oh, we’re going to use two minutes here. That includes divination. So make sure you’re paying attention to your pie when they’re talking about that kind of stuff.

This won’t really happen in raid instances, so don’t worry too much about it. But do try and align it with other people’s read buffs when it comes to extreme trials, which won’t be so communicated and voice chats and stuff. Okay, let’s move back onto the cart. So we have Astro Dine, you know what I was mentioning about the signs on the cards, this is where Astro dine comes into play. And where the signs come into play.

Basically, what we do is Astra Dine, we get a level 50. And for each sign that we collect, so every time we use a card, the card is going to give us a sign. So the balance, for example, gives us a solar sign, and so does the bowl. So for every mele card that gives a singular sign, so does a range card give that same sign, they always correlate to each other. If that makes sense.

We’ve Astrid, I let me go over the tooltip really quick when we have one sign, so this would be free of the same sign. Because we can only use this when we have free signs up. It’s only going to grant us harmony, the spirit which is just graduate and P restoration. If we have two unique signs, so two signs and then the one odd sign this is going to grant us harmonious fair and harmony, your body harmony, the body is going to reduce focus time recast time and or earth attack delay by 10%.

This is really, really important. And this is our most important part of astral diet, then we have free sign types harmony, spirit harmony, the body and harmony of the mind, harming the mind is going to increase on average dwell on healing magic potency by 5%. Also pretty important, but we contend to not go for it as much as two science two signs as the most important part, as long as we get two signs, and I asked her Don’t we get.

So if that doesn’t really make sense. Let me try and explain it for you. What you want to do is every time you use a card, when you draw a card, hopefully I’m showing some footage is you’ll see a little sign on this on the card. And basically the easy way to do this is just make sure you’re trying to get as many unique signs as possible.

So we draw, I don’t know whatever card we drawing on the footage, right, but we’re drawing a card, we put it on ourselves or whatever during combat, and it’s going to add a sign to our Astro gauge. And then we’re going to draw another card, give it to someone else or ourselves again in this instance, and it’s going to add a second sign and it was a nother unique sign.

We’re then going to wait 30 seconds, hopefully I’ll just skip through that for a second. And we’re going to draw another card that’s either going to be a third sign a unique sign or it’s going to be one of the same signs. This is fine as long as we have two unique signs because we’re going to then get our harmony of the body which is our most important part.

So that’s what you want to be aiming for. Hopefully that makes sense and that example will make sense to you. Okay, moving on to our final utility sort of thing is minor arcana. This is pretty simple. What we do is we can only do this in combat by the way but it’s going to draw over a lot of the crowns or labia of the crowns when we get lady the crown so this is a nice little AOE heal.

Pretty nifty, pretty effective sometimes but really I like to get Lord of the crowns more because a lot of crowns is damaged and I love damage. One of the crowns is going to do an AoE damage OECD for 250 potency and Lady the crowns are going to do an AoE heal for 400 potency chiar potency.

So this is kind of orangey you’re ever gonna get more damage or you’re gonna get more healing. If you do get the more healing. Just be wary of using this in a good situation. But don’t hold on to it for too long because you want to ideally get rid of this before your next Minor Arcana.

And then also going over that mine archives of every 60 seconds that we get at level 70 That will cover all of the utility spells and all that stuff. Let’s quickly go over some spells that are shared across all healers. So we have a sand which is on every single healer, it is our resurrect, we then have row actions, we’ve got repurposed, this is just a sleep.

So it has usage but don’t stress too much about it usually doesn’t see much usage at all. But yeah, I’ll show you the tooltip you can evaluate it for yourself. We don’t have a sooner this is super important mostly in dungeons. But it can come into play in rates when something can be cleansed, which as soon as does by the way it cleanses detrimental effects, it will have like a white line above the debuff or like inside the debuff, you should see some footage.

And basically what I’ll do is I’ll cast as soon on myself, and they will cleanse that debuff and get rid of it. This is what you want to be looking out for and cleansing them appropriately. We don’t have swift cast in progression almost exclusively saved for our resurrect so we can use this to resurrect someone instantly.

But once we know the fight and we’re kind of optimal and kind of comfortable in a fight, we can use this to cast a spell instantly while moving so really good mobility skill on top of Lightspeed Of course, then have lucid dreaming, which is just going to restore MP, it’s almost 62nd cooldown.

And this is basically our MP management ability. I usually use lucid dream around seven to 8k and P or left depending on the situation. We then have shore cast this is on 100 and 22nd cooldown. And it’s going to allow us to cast spells without interruption. And it’s also going to nullify most knocked back and drawing effects are really good for when a boss or enemy or whatever right is going to cast a knock back and it’s going to usually knock us back.

But if we catch your cast, it’s going to nullify that knock back so we can keep up time doing DPS or throwing out heals when we need to. We then have rescue or rubber niche ability. But basically what we do is if we see someone in imminent danger, we can rescue them over to our position, avoiding them getting hit by an AoE, maybe saving them getting a vulnerability stack, which saves us having to babysit and heal them more.

So rescue can honestly save you a lot of pain if you use it correctly. Okay guys, every single bility Astra has to its kit and how to fully utilize them. To my understanding, let’s move on to the opener and rotation. So what I’m going to do in my opening rotation is first we’re going to draw a card, and then I’m going to wait out so for this also in a trial instance our raid instance then hopefully our team can wait for us but don’t pressure your team to wait for you.

Because this time it’s going to take you’re going to have to wait like a whole five seconds, pretty long time to wait. So sometimes there won’t happen. So don’t think too much about this. We’re then going to cast our fleet style before the pool because ideally we want our fleet star to get the effects of RAID buffs because this is going to just increase our damage overall. And you know, at least those are very important to get raid buffs.

We’re then going to cast a mind potion before Paul and then we’re going to go absolutely ham on our rotation. Now I’ll have a picture on the screen here of exactly what you need to do. But you’re gonna have to practice trust me this is a lot of practice through I barely managed to pull off this open up to be honest, it took me several attempts and takes to do this.

But think about this in a real situation you’re going to be pulling those cards and putting them on people who are appropriately meant to have those cards. So arranged card on arranged and Malakal. Already, there’s a lot of thinking on the spot to do as an astro. My advice to you is practice and get used to it you will get used to it over time as an astro. Trust me, it’s going to be difficult, it is a difficult job.

But if you want to play an Astra and you’re serious about it, I believe that you will get better at this over time, you will do a good job as an astro so so just believe in yourself. You can you can do as long as you keep at it keep up the ASTER, let’s move on. So I would normally do a dungeon example.

But Astro is honestly all over the place depending on what tank it has. And my dungeon examples was constantly getting a warrior. And I didn’t have anyone online at the time so actually helped me out and not be a warrior. And most of my friends who I know have tanks leveled is usually only a warrior.

So basically, I couldn’t really get good footage because healing a warrior is a joke and you literally don’t need to heal a warrior. So my dungeon example is kind of in the bin for this video. But I’m going to talk over what exactly we should be doing in a dungeon anyway. So when we’re leveling of course, making full use of celestial opposition collective unconscious and earthly stars to heal the tank, making sure we’re having a spected benefit on the tank at all times when we can because this is really going to help us out keep the tank alive and continue to do DPS.

Do note that as an astro you might be catching yourself doing GCD hills to keep the tank alive depending on how good the tank is how good the CD usages, how good their gear is, the list goes on. So if you do catch yourself using a lot of juicy hills on Astro more so than other healers don’t feel so bad about it because honestly takes getting used to.

And also it’s very reliant on how good your tank is as well to other healers like sage for example, I could carry a tank because it’s very easily same with scholar as the Astro, I don’t find that so much to be the case, I feel like if you need to cut in the slack, you really do need as far and benefit ones and twos all over the place so it can get hairy as an astro. Just keep that in mind when you’re leveling and Astro.

Keep that stuff in mind. You’ll be good though, trust me. So that’s my little dungeon talk really not too much too. I do apologize. I couldn’t get any proper footage. Just you know, make sure you’re taking use of your cooldowns you aspect of benefits and all that good stuff. And you will be fine to ask me as for how are we going to rate as an Astra so let’s have a little discussion how we’re going to do I am no by no means a healer main but I do have some decent knowledge and decent research up my sleeve.

So while we’re waiting as an astro, there are a few things to know or divination timing, keeping that aligned with our buddies are too many cooldowns well buddies already buddies and also our card usage.

Remember our drawers on a 32nd cooldown. So when we draw a card, we can actually hold on to it for a little bit here to line up with raid buffs this could happen. So just be wary of this. If we draw a card, we have a really good card, but no red buffs are out for, say 20 seconds, we
can hold on to that card for at least 20 seconds, right?

And then put it on people for read buffs. And that’s just going to be overall positive. Because remember, and if you don’t know, damage, increasing abilities are multiplicative, or is it additive? God, I can’t remember exactly.

But basically, this means I think it’s multiplicative. But basically what this means is it’s going to make not just like 6% more potency, but because they’re having other damaging increasing effects, it’s going to actually make the policy even more than what you would think, if that makes sense. I can’t exactly do the maths, but you’re just going to have to like Believe me when I say this, there’s lots of research done into it, that stuff is multiplicative.

So if you’re adding raid buffs on top of each other, it’s gonna make them even stronger. So say if you have a 10% rate buff and another 10%, right, but it’s not going to be 20%, it’s going to be more than that. I can’t give you the exact numbers, but it’s going to be more than that.

So this is what I mean by it’s very important to align our divinations with our red buffs our party roadmaps. And also if we can hold on to a card at no detrimental effect to us our buffs or anything like that, then we should be holding on to a card for raid boss to make that multiplicative adjustments to our DPS even better.

So that’s my advice to for me to you, as someone who has delved a little bit into reading Zeeland on a little bit of research on the side, that is what I can tell you about writing as a healer and reading as an Astra, especially, just remember, as an astro, you’re bringing so much kit and utility to your party, that you’re going to be increasing the overall damage of your party by an incredible amount.

So it is a good job to play you, you’re bringing a hell of a lot to your group. So don’t feel too bad about your own DPS, although do try and push out as much DPS as you can. It is still very important. Okay, so the stats and gearing of a astrogeology. And let me quickly go over this shouldn’t take me too long as an astro, our primary focus is spell speed up to a certain point.

So when I say that is if you melt spell speed, and you run it as much speed as you can say if you have a spell speed melt that isn’t doing anything. So what I mean by this is if we have speed on our gloves, for example, and if we took a melt out of those gloves, and it wasn’t actually changing our recast time, that would basically mean that spell speed and those gloves is pointless.

And instead, we should replace it with some critical heat, right. So to put it into basic, what I’m going to tell you is if you want to mainly focus on Astro melt as much spell sweet as you can with some crit slots being in there to make up for no dead spell speed. Because the more spell speed you get, the higher the recast threshold is going to get as well.

After we’ve done that if we want to be more of an omni healer than focus on critical hit rate, it’s not going to make a huge difference. I mean, if you’re serious about Astro well but if you want to be an omni healer go for credit after we’ve done the spell speed the credit stuff then our next step would be direct hit and determination personally, I am now more of a director he left I was ever before but if you want to focus more on determination, then it’s not a huge difference of damage, you will get more damage with direct hit.

But if you want the extra healings from the termination, then you can go for that too. I don’t really suggest it low I personally think the boat the damage is more beneficial because you’re gonna just kill stuff faster and you’re probably gonna save yourself a heel or two down the line anyway but doing that but this is personal preference for me personally, and it’s just my suggestion from me to you.

After that there is of course piety now piety is very personal preference. I have never been a potty healer. I’ve never been a savage progression either. But I have done savage content as a healer and I’ve never been applied to healer like ever. I’ve never liked the start I’ve never felt it necessary.

But I do know some healers do like there will be more informed healers who do like it so for me personally, I don’t like it not my staff but if you do like potty if you’d like a bit more MP regeneration, all that good stuff, then go for piety, this is completely up to you. It is up to your comfort level of piety.

So that does conclude the guide now We’re going to roll the outro. So I mean, if you’re a very kind person and you want to stay for the algorithm, then please do go out. If you don’t really care for this, then you can skip out whatever. Basically what I want to talk about is how do I feel about Astro, I found this job interesting to say the least, it’s very busy. It’s probably the most busy job and the entire game, you’re healing, you’re doing damage, you’re managing our NP, you’re managing all your utility.

And you’re managing your card system and making on spot decisions of what card goes to who, and stuff like that. It’s, wow, it’s incredibly difficult to say the least. And anyone who plays Astro out there, if you’re an astro Romain, and you’ve learned something from this video, that would be gratifying for me, because honestly, I have so much respect for you as an astro main, I personally wouldn’t want to play this job after this point.

Probably a similar situation to how I feel about gun breaker, I feel like Astro could use some work. And I don’t really know in what way I’ll be honest, I just I’m not healer, main tank main. So I could have valid suggestions for gun breaker. But for Astro, I don’t want to delve too much into it. I just think there could be a little bit more to make this class a little bit more approachable.

I feel like this job is very just not approachable at all. If you’re new to healing or needs to the game in general, then I would go for any other healer other than Astro. I would say this is the highest skill ceiling healer in the game. And it is incredibly good as well. It’s a very good healer, I think the balance is quite good with Astro.

If you want to play probably the hardest job in the game, you will be rewarded for it because it’s going to benefit your group. And it’s going to benefit you it’s going to benefit the speed of which you kill stuff, it’s going to benefit the speed of which you progress fights. It’s an overall beneficial healer.

But it is incredibly difficult to play if you’re all for the challenge. Go for it. If you want to learn how to play Astro and you’re committed and you like the aesthetic and you like the mechanics and all that stuff, then if you like it, you’re gonna play it well because you’re gonna learn to play it well and you’re gonna learn to just be better at it. So if you want to go for it, I believe in you go for it. Anyway that will do my closing thoughts how I feel about Astro if you are an astro man props to you, I have mad respect for you.

But other than that, I would like to thank you for staying to the end and sticking with it I very much appreciate and I appreciate your time. If you liked the video then please do give it a thumbs up that will really help me a bunch it will go miles if you enjoyed the content as well please do consider hitting that subscribe button as I make content for guides on jobs and instances and all that good stuff I’ll be making guides for the casual side of content for the hardcore sided content and yeah the jobs as well so I’m going to probably update these job guides further down the line maybe in 2023 is what I’ll be updating them because I’m going to have a hat on more knowledge into these jobs them so you can look forward to that as well.

But for now this is the guides and how I feel about them. I’ve done my due research I’ve read articles I’ve went for the bounce discord as well props to the bounce discord so if you want to join the bounce discord, there’ll be in the description below you can go ahead and join that they’re helpful people they’ve got a lot of resources there for you so maybe if something’s not clear in this video either ask in the comments below or go to the bounce discord and look for the answer or ask the question that either way is okay with me.

If I did miss anything as well make sure you leave it in the comments below that’d be really helpful to me personally and hopefully helpful to other people as well. Or just let me know how you feel about Astra in the comments below.

I’d love to hear your guys thoughts how do you feel about this healer? Do you find it difficult to play? I do are you struggling with it? Do you find it easy to play maybe I’m maybe I’m just bad at the job?

Let me know I’d love to know because if you plan a well and you find it easy then you’re honestly like probably a big brain. I’ll be honest, you’re probably really big brain. But yeah, anyway enough about that. I am going to finish the video before I drag on any longer. I’ll see you guys on the next one. Take it easy guys stay safe. We out peace.

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