Level 60-80 Power Leveling Guide (Works in Endwalker FFXIV)

Level 60-80 Power Leveling Guide (Works in Endwalker FFXIV)

Welcome to another video, this time featuring the level range of level 60 up to until level 80, including a whole bunch of changes to the systems and methods we use before.

Level 60-80 Power Leveling Guide (Works in Endwalker FFXIV)

But of course, if you haven’t reached these levels yet, or have no single clue about the stuff we’re talking about in this guide, check out the videos found in the description especially the first one.

The first level from 60 to 61 is kinda weird as you won’t be able to participate in heaven on high which is the new standard version of tales of the DAT, and you cannot take part in the first on that dungeon either. So we have to use things like the clan hunt, where hunting licenses can now be accepted in Kidani. Or just stick with doing duty Roulettes.


Of course, you could also complete the wonders tales book, but especially if you want to prepare for a quick Reaper and sage leveling process, or when shadow bringers level ranges are in your same day to do this, maybe save this for later and stick with face the challenge log clan 100 targets or even duty roulette Netflix. And upon reaching 61 There are two different methods dungeons and heaven on high that are both very solid options.

While heaven on high space again updated and in my opinion better version of palace of the dead because of access to higher level rotations, which is always a game plan fun improvement. It still retains the same negatives at least from the overall structure of that content. But it definitely has the best advantage of breaking down cue times especially for DPS players, as there are no restrictions to lock this content behind a strict party setup.


And how do you unlock heaven on high just had four on a coral in the Ruby sea do the prerequisite quest line, then clear flows one to 30 ones and finish the quest for it. Now make sure to only queue up for stage 21 Once you unlocked it because it offers the best time to effort relation. And to fasten up the whole process. Here are some of my general tips.

Yes, fetch treasure chests as long as they’re on the way and don’t demand you and your group to run far distances or even clear whole rooms for them. Don’t worry, you will level your either pool gear in the process, there’s no need to focus on that because it won’t affect your stats significantly.


Pomanders on the other hand, just use them most of the times I find myself and keeping them for too long and realizing when fighting the boss that these could have been spent quite nicely especially the poor man of petrification, which is a great tool to clear the floor in a blink of an eye. The pomanders of strength, however, are naturally designed for DPS jobs. So if you are a DPS job, use it immediately. There’s no need or situation for saving it any longer.

That sometimes when being a tank or healer that can make quite some immediate damage and you realize that no DPS is using them, you could tell them to make that happen. Otherwise, just use them by yourself. It is still better than stockpiling them or the other commanders are sort of gimmicks that more or less turn the whole floor into a more comfortable environment.


So choose for yourself the right time and situation for a specific commander. And while commanders are nice magistrates are fabulous. These will summon primals that wipe out the whole floor completely. And if you’re not too greedy, try to save them for the open floors that have no demarcated rooms and was he will have a blast using those magic sites.

Literally. Last tip, keep your movement short because when being struck by silence traps, you cannot perform actions for 30 seconds. So stay calm and still and move in straight lines not in circles.


All right. What happened on high is cool and very useful for having alternation. I do believe that dungeons are slightly fast and more enjoyable because of the natural design of it. Testing all your skills that you need to have fun and game dungeons as well. And especially those standard dungeons are a really good challenge.

So use whatever xp boost you have at your disposal, especially squadron battle manuals or the like. And don’t forget to upgrade your equipment especially if you haven’t done so over the course of your Heavensward levels. And if you do struggle with long queue times, just do some face and clan hunting in the meantime.


Okay, reaching level 70 will introduce another weird in between level so do whatever you have left from the time you did this on level 60 or even before that and unlock the Crystarium clan hunt in the form of not hunting which is simply the same thing but with a weird name. While clan hunting was kinda neglectful before now sack of nuts might be useful for your end game gearing efforts at least when you’re watching this before and workers release.

Otherwise, just apply the same outdated logic here as well and use possible stacks of sack of nuts for expansion gear upgrades, but make sure to be tentative with rollicking if you want to take the nut hunt fight to high level target, as these can introduce a challenge you might not be ready for so always be careful and gear up as necessary.


At level 71 You unlock the first chapter bring us dungeon which is also among the best dungeons in general so far. straight and seamless leveling transition and path that doesn’t descend from previous methods just queued up for another nine levels of party adventures, which in fact makes sense.

If you’re a healer or tank in and Walker tanks might be in the best favor. But even if you struggle with queue times, there is another wonderful method freshly introduced in shadow bringers, which is the trust system. This is a kind of new version of the command mission.

But you’re now teaming up with your favorite science to deal with dungeon challenges that also have certain roles and are receiving experience points along the line. And while these are really solid mechanic compounders they lack any form of AoE damage potential. So doing big polls, even if possible, might not be a great benefit as it is on your usual player forum party.


But if you really want to level at your own comfort and pace, and with the least amount of social interaction possible, this is the most pleasant way of doing it, especially if you cannot fill queuing times with other options or you’ve already completed all your nut hunt dailies, etc. But unlike in previous stages, this is not the end of the line.

Because there’s also another method of leveling, and in my opinion, this might be the best option, at least when looking at all the additional rewards you can harness along the way, featuring the budget on Southern Front or is that norm introduced by shadowbringers Ready weapon content.


And after doing some introductory questlines, you’re able to hop into the field of budget, where it constant was on atmospheres created, and where most of the fighting consists of doing faith like events called skirmishes that reward you with around 20% XP that whole dungeon will offer and sometimes you can easily complete five or more skirmishes in 10 minutes. So from exp alone, this is really good, especially with a lot of players participating and many critical engagements popping up. My personal favorite aspect though level at skills and abilities.

Yes, upon entering buzzer zap Nora, you can directly test out all the skills that he would have on level 80 Unless he forgot to do previous job quest before shadowbringers that are still mandatory to unlock specific fighting techniques of each job. And yes, you cannot enter before reaching level 71 here as well. And apart from that you also work on the progress of your relic weapon which might not be the best on its final stage.


But I promise that for each and every job there will be at least one state that looks gorgeous. And each new rank each task accomplished for Slaton and Gerald will get you closer to it. Oh, and did I mention the really good storyline that is being presented here as well? Yes, even with cutscenes and tons of Final Fantasy 12 or tactics references again.

So if you’re watching this video and Invoker I could bet that you will find very active zone participation with all the reapers and stages around and basically no better way to level from 71 to 80. Except for really strong dungeon premade groups maybe Oh and don’t forget about the pixie deities because these are basically one dungeon XP in less than three minutes. But remember that you can only do this once per day.


And that is all I can tell you so far. If and work our brains with significant changes to the overall leveling mechanics other than the mentioned boost to the armory buff, I will put out an updated version of this leveling guide.

However, thank you so much for watching, especially if you already watched the original leveling series that had been the starting point on my channel and enjoy the final days of shadow bringers final levels until 80 or 90 and have the best time in ENT Walker. See you there and until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and keep loving Final Fantasy.

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