Mistakes New Players Make in FFXIV

Mistakes New Players Make in FFXIV

Hey bones. Do you ever do something embarrassing or silly?

Mistakes New Players Make in FFXIV

Because you’re a new player and you didn’t know what was going on? I once healed cutters, cry and crafting gear. This is fine. I can fix this. I can fix this. No. what fresh hell is this? No
to help us all feel a little better about our silly mistakes, and maybe have like a bit of a cautionary tale for new players to warn them not to follow in our shameful footsteps. I went to social media and I asked the question, what are some rookie mistakes you made when you were new to IRC?


And I have been overwhelmed by the response. I have gotten hundreds of comments across all social media and I have gone through them, basically organize them in what are the most common mistakes that I’ve seen, what are some of the less common, I just want to say that if you see someone’s name and Avatar shown, they gave me explicit permission to do that.

One of the biggest mistakes I saw was people just not reading tooltips and if you don’t know your tooltips, then you don’t know that buttons are really supposed to not be pressed in a random order. Like there’s you need to press them in the order that makes sense after you read the tooltip that’s called a combo.


My favorite was I didn’t know a rotation a set of skills. So I used to log on to the boss and walk around it in a circle pressing the buttons as they lit up. I would literally rotate around enemies that sounds a lot like my Samurai rotation actually another thing you might find on your tooltips is position holes what are they isn’t flank just another way of saying not the front, No, no, no positional is what what our position is I played monk for five months and clear to six before someone told me flank and rear actually different not knowing about positional still Rando mentioned wow that’s a good is awfully a verbal followed by another word asking are you doing positional I was already level 16 So definitely check your tooltip if your button says it does more damage from the rear go to the gap and the back of the glowy target circle. It says it does more from the flank go to the sides.


Next most common thing was people not knowing what roles are. People had to explain me I was supposed to he’ll make sure nobody that I thought Dragoon was a tank I mean it is it’s a floor tank I didn’t know a tank was I chose gladiator because sword it’s my first MMO I picked gladiator when does it Sasha didn’t know what a tank was people were shouting at me to use flash I didn’t have flash on my bar. Why would I use flash doesn’t do any damage.

When I first started playing our role does the Berzerker DPS took me a month to realize I was actually leveling a tank in 2.0 I thought pugilists was a tank because of a YouTube video I watched. I kept pulling everything into Sasha and died repeatedly for kind of a YouTube video and make you think you can handle the boss with a punch. There was also so much AOE confusion. AOE stands for area of effect, it means that there’s a spot on the ground that is going to hurt you if you stand in it.


My logic was I was the tank and had hate and the AOE was on me. So if I moved, I’d turn the boss and take the AOE with me. I was afraid if I moved the Telegraph’s would also move. I got all the way to level 65 before figuring out eyeball indicators on attacks meant that you had to look away yeah, so if you see the red eyeball look away, but you should look out your character should look away.

My friend told me to look away from a mechanic and I looked away in real life. That’s really cute. That’s one of my favorites that I found. You should also know that there is a special indicator called a stack marker. And it looks like this. The whole party should have a little group hug inside it you should not run away with it on you.


There’s also friendly ground aways that your party might put down that are not harmful to you. The blue lb indicator, which we’ll get to LPS in a second the tether buffer manager goon so send his degree and we’ll put a red little it looks like a Chinese finger trap thingy on you. Black Mages will put down ley lines on the ground, it buffs their damage, it doesn’t have any effect on you. My friend ran said thinking Ley Lines worked for everyone.

So I’d be running about placing them on my healers in France and getting sad when they’d run away. Perino said I did it from the other direction. If I saw it go up, I’d run into it for a buff that wasn’t there. So I said that there were lb problems. There were so many there were so many using lb at every chance I got because of that everyone had their own lb so I did the same thing.


I thought lb was personal. I didn’t realize the party share the bar. Yeah, that’s for everyone. Someone thought LV meant left bumper If I was in Hawker Vader as a bard, that was my first time in the boss was almost dead. And I was the last one alive and everyone kept saying lb lb, us all. And I had no idea what they meant. And we wiped. I quit playing for three months
out of embarrassment. That’s really sad.

That’s actually really sad. When I was level 20. I used lb as a white mage in a dungeon and got yelled at. This was my greatest moment of shame and politics 14. I’m sorry, you got yelled at. Nobody should be yelling at people, especially if you’re new, but there’s a couple of rules around it. Let me try to explain really quickly.


LB is for the whole party. Generally you want a melee to use it on a boss sometimes on trash as a tank you’ll almost never use it as a healer you’ll probably only use it as lb three to resurrect an entire raid. So probably don’t want to use it as a tank or as a healer randomly or they’ll be Matt. Your party. Yeah, they’ll they’ll be mad.

Okay, let’s move on. So many tank problems in general like tanks with no stances, no mitigation, or cooldowns. Some of these people never saw my commercial for shield outs spinning and strafing, and like just dodging around the mob like that. No one told me I had to sit still strafing around thinking I could dodge the attacks. I live literally very blighted by waiting. In dungeons. I would spend the bosses in circles thinking that it helps me avoid attacks.


It doesn’t make CPS men imagine being in a dungeon where the tank is spinning in circles trying to avoid attacks and you have a mug in there that’s like simultaneously rotating around the boss then there were healer problems. I think there were more healer problems than tiny problems actually not using Swift casts plus res till Stormblood didn’t know how to insert in rows.

I would hard res every single tank that died my care. Another one was putting regen on every single party member before the pool then wondering why I got aggro. So region will pull a good bit of aggro onto you before the tank gets a chance to get the aggro. So you might want to wait for a the tanks are running at the mobs before putting up your region or medica to getting aggressive as a healer to the point where I forget to heal the tank. So yeah, there was people that Berzerker healing.


And then people coming from Wow who don’t realize they also need to be doing damage. One of the more strange ones was so many healers telling me that they thought that an emergency would happen if my tank wasn’t on 100% HP all the time. What did you think would happen? I thought I needed to keep everyone 100% topped off at all times. Even if only one HP was gone. I think there’s something kind of wholesome about that because it’s like you don’t even want to scratch on your tank.

You don’t want them to be hurt at all it just like excellent health, old time. The worst mistake I made was skipping cutscenes skipping cutscenes till Stormblood I had no idea why everyone loved that sucker and Heavensward for a long while.


Well now we have the benefit of New Game Plus, so if you did that, you can do New Game Plus and play through the story that you missed. I was obsessed with hitting Heavensward because how much my friends loved it I ended up not even really enjoying Heavensward due to me being obsessed to catch up, slow down, slow your roll and just enjoy it because you only get the first time one time trying to play FF like wow in racing the game instead of playing it like a Final Fantasy game slow chill and for fun, trying to rush off thinking I must catch up to everyone.


I realized I shouldn’t Now it happens word taking my sweet time. Oh good luck enjoying that Heavensward sucker that everybody likes. So I saw a lot of people not understanding the difference between main story quests and side quests or trying to finish all the side quests in a zone before moving on.

That’s not how you play 14. You might do one or two side quests here or there in a zone but you focus on your main story class and your class and job quests. Unless you like doing all the side quests in which case Knock yourself out the real main quest is to have fun. There’s also special markers for important unlock quests that I noticed a lot of people missed I got to add and finish shadow bringers before learning what the challenge log was so much.


Forgetting to unlock the challenge log it’s an extremely missable feature that’s true not unlocking glamour till I was 50 please unlock your challenge log unlock glamour do the important unlocks two separate peoples said that they got to level 15 Killing only Ma It wasn’t my first MMO so I started leveling RPG style up to 15 one beastie at a time wow i Oh, I’m so sorry.

An absolutely massive number of people told me that for various reasons. They did not have their job stone equipped. forgot to put the job stone on. I didn’t know there was a quest to get the job stone. I didn’t do any job quest didn’t have jobs stone No, no job Stone. No. I

thought soulstones were an optional feature and was insistent on staying pugilist please unlock your job at 30 I did omega one is a Lancer of my friend crystal accommodate if she said I didn’t know a job post where as a new player, so did the whole Crystal Tower rate series as a thermometer actually asked her about this on the stream yesterday she came by to my stream last night.

And I asked her about this and she said that she was actually streaming at the time the chat was telling her unlocked Black Mage and she said she didn’t know how to do it. So she was just like freaking out. Oh, I think she said she thought it would unlock through the main story quest. You got to do your job quest conjurer till 42 conjurer till 50.

I forgot my class quest for almost two expansion. So please do all your class and job quests are super important. Equip your jobs to stoned Forget it. And finally, I wanted to go through some that didn’t really fit into the other categories or there were just a really funny answering to every shout or talk in the chat box because I thought they were. I started playing with people who weren’t casters, I thought on healer.

Since they weren’t casting their main attacks, they’re not casters, I shouldn’t be either, and I was auto attacking out of anxiety for a long while so like smacking them with the white mage came to fit in with the other melee. This is a great one. I thought that as a sprout Bard, all I needed to do was find a good place to hide and shoot from I just love this. I love this one because it’s so it’s such a d&d logic.

I got kicked in Cutters Cry for standing on a cliff and shooting well out of healers range. I couldn’t figure out what I was saying. I mean, it’s tactically sound, thinking gather or node times where in real life not yours, your time and giving up on ever being able to gather some of that. So if I go to the gathering thing right now, this player believed that the next time that I can gather, a laminate is going to be at 6am.

And I will have a window between six and 755 items. Go and gather the laminate in colors. Yeah, that is. That’s kind of how fishing works. though. I didn’t know I could zoom out my screen for a year. Not understanding how Bard songs worked and why I wasn’t getting the products. Because I was only using wind bite. Here’s the kicker I didn’t have venomous bite on my bar because I didn’t want to poison people. And finally, I press something on my keyboard and I can only walk from that.

I didn’t know how to solve it. I didn’t know that there was a mode where you could only walk this line is brought up so many questions for him like How long were you just walking? Like did you think that you got D buffed or something?

So on that note, that about wraps things up here. I do really hope that this video was fun, enlightening, maybe. And we all had a good a good time looking at each other’s silly mistakes and realizing that maybe we’re not so alone and doing silly things as a new player. So don’t be don’t be worried that you’re gonna make mistakes you will definitely well. I want to thank you again everybody who responded to my posts on social media, I had an absolute blast reading through these.

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