Why you should Play Bard/Archer | And what other Jobs do better

Why you should Play Bard/Archer | And what other Jobs do better

Welcome to another presentation video featuring one of the old guard of classes the epic sub guy, the bars.

Why you should Play Bard/Archer | And what other Jobs do better

Like always note that you can and will clear every form of content with every job and only a very small percentage of players is able to utilize the very small differences that may lead to a DPS advantage or disadvantage.

But even these speedrunners have used all jobs and each tier so make your choice according to personal preference interest and how you like the jobs comment system. First of all, let me mention the biggest reason I personally liked the bar for namely, the best balance of r&g products.


While orangey normally can cause you to turn on Rage Mode in many situations, it has the potential to provide alternation and variation to make your life much more diversified, at least when talking about the better system of a job you’re playing in Final Fantasy 14, for example, where think the red mages on one side of the scale, where Angie Prague’s more or less feel very insignificant, and you can easily just force a whole bunch of them with other mechanics, creating mostly a placebo effect of r&g.

Then on the other side, I personally feel like the RNG is an important factor for the dancer that you’re going to face the situation where no products or a very poor number of those are really lackluster for your DPS output and the overall feel of your rotation. And this is where the band lies in between because I rarely find myself in the situation of Damn, I got nearly no blood that approximates valid face, or not a single stack of Pitch Perfect.


When armies pan you actually don’t realize products at all. So this kind of fits in between both of these jobs. Because a lot of products are happening on your dock takes while making use of Imperial arrow is able to let you actively force the most important products at least. So RNG besides critical and direct hits feel super satisfying on the bar more than on any other job. Which directly leads us to the other benefit of this namely, the awesome idea to implement three stances into one battle system.

Later on when your whole kit has been unlocked, you will have access to three stances that like mentioned above stand in an orangey connection to your dot damage over time takes that you’re going to keep up anyways. And with the amount of targets these products and stances become even more relevant.


And in each of these stances, you’re utilizing another mechanic linked to your products and your period arrow when your 32nd wonders minuet you’re gaining products to use your mighty Pitch Perfect three stacks, which can happen a lot and should be used together with your cooldowns while in your 30 seconds of mage spell it you’re blessed with blood letter resets.

That means each time your doc takes proc your urgency D blood lead has been reset and believe it or not, with good RNG you can literally spam that attack which is super funny, especially when having more than just one single target where these products and blood letter resets can really go crazy sharing a recast timer with brain of death which is kind of the A we punt on to it.


In the third stands called armies pattern, which is kind of your come down a bit stance you actually receive attacks before each proc up to a max of 16% causing your usual attack sequence to become much quicker but letting you calm down for about 20 seconds until starting this all over with wondrous minuet again, especially for beginners. This cut between stances and differences offering different strengths and weaknesses is super easy to keep track off with your cooldown management and bursting opportunities. And this basically opens up another opportunity for beginners.

Not only that you can directly start the archer class from the starting screen, but that all this comment system is being slowly presented and explained to you by each skill you learn interacting software with other mechanics, even when there may be 30 page long, extensive guides about the bar. The basic idea is made very clearly and easily and I didn’t have to look up any guide or tips to learn the whole thing.


And I believe that even as a newcomer, you can do that as well. And even the high end optimization is not as difficult as it may seem. Above that you’re in a good spot of range physical DPS job, which leads to total flexibility and the ultimate movement when it comes to avoid getting hit by mechanics or when moving to certain positions is required.

And even if you need to track your darts to not wear off and to stay in check with your balance or menu it’s a battle focus is much easier to accomplish than on some other jobs this game has to offer. Yet there’s another specialty the board is providing, namely the pure AOE firework.


Of course, a well equipped red mage may bash you in raw numbers, but the satisfaction and active pushed to your damage is super nice because of the many targets you’re able to have in a way situations that will heavily push the chances for products to refresh your reign of death to produce more devastating power. Insert enemies and while already being awesome on big every dungeon pause or Trash Packs the ultimate power shows on anything where you have two or three targets available where the other jobs kneel before your infinity power and by the king usage of iron jaws that will automatically refresh your dots.

You can utilize tons of products for your song stances while also getting around two to 3k DPS for each target you can dot. Yes, the summoner danza and other jobs may do profit from two or three targets as well, but not anywhere close to the uprising power of the archer on these scenarios. Lastly, the Bard is offering a very special feature that no other job is offering in the form of performance, which lets you use your character like a virtual piano or instrument to compose and perform songs in the front of your friends free company or the scary crowd in Linz elements.


And in no way you’re only limited to a bow harp that is kind of your weapon. There are many other instrument options you can choose from to vary the tone and sound of your music to fit specific hymns and songs individually. Note that square doesn’t want you to play anything else then Final Fantasy 14 music but when walking around you will find other pieces to be played by many bars around Eorzea and F never witnessed police force Yoshida exiling them to the Shadowlands where the evil he doesn’t have to spend the rest of their lives so play whatever pleases you but keep copyright free 14 music in your focus when playing it in front of others.


And I know this action may not be relevant for some people as it is already unlocked when reaching the 30 years Archer and unlocking the part. So let me cover the idea that is connected to these hymns and songs battle wise, namely the epic support feature because apart from the dancer, the bot offers the strongest push to its party’s offensive and defensive capabilities while also being able to remove detrimental effects that is super unique among the past jobs.

And while offering crit and Derek hit boost during the bots cooldown phase, the buff from ballots and Midwest give it a job identity on top of it, where bots always tended to be the supportive job to help out their loyal which a friend in all sorts of problems with monsters, or monster witches. But in our case, the Witcher is actually a black mage. And to be completely honest, pushing out 20,000 DPS as an item level 513 Bard, I don’t feel degraded into that supporting role, so you actually hit much harder than people may expect you to. But of course, there are definitely some downsides when playing the bard but none of these cannot be fixed or compensated easily.


So let us trash them down shortly. First of all, keeping track of your products and especially your dots can cause a bit of fatigue because you won’t be able to put your eyes anywhere else and tracking those. So even if I like my UI set up for recording and overall game enjoyment on the bar specifically, I always wish to change it to get blood letter or Pitch Perfect entered ration of dots on my target clearly into my face in the center of the screen.

So if you want to enjoy the game and all of its beauty or want to linger in attraction of other players glamour set, I highly recommend to put some pop buttons close to there to be boosted ties to not get punished inside of your rotation. Apart from that you have to stand the fact that on paper, the Bard is not the strongest DPS job out there. But in whatever scenario, these raw facts have been collected.


I didn’t experience a heavy DPS disadvantage when doing weekly stuff with my Bard and comparing that to a machinist, Ninja or other jobs that I don’t regularly play. And here is still not talking about the buffing contribution. So don’t take that topic too seriously and enjoy one of the coolest jobs offering a lot of variation super active dungeon rotations, and a performance feature that no other job is offering.

And again, if you made up your mind and chose the epic sub guy, check out the guides on my channel for a solid foundation, or visit salted Final Fantasy 14 for an in depth analysis and theory to learn all of the Bart’s details. Thank you for watching and until next time, stay safe, stay healthy and Tasa song to your Witcher Black Mage.


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