Why you should Play Ninja/Rogue | And what other Jobs do better

Why you should Play Ninja/Rogue | And what other Jobs do better

Welcome to another video featuring another Final Fantasy 14 job the Ninja, like always and after watching one of the best anime series, if not the best anime ever produced.

Why you should Play Ninja/Rogue | And what other Jobs do better

Note that all jobs in Why you should Play Ninja/Rogue | And what other Jobs do better are balanced very well. And between each of their titan powers, none is stronger than the other all have their different advantages and as long as your party composition is well built, meaning to feature two tanks, two healers and for DPS jobs, you’re perfectly fine to strike down all sorts of Titans and raid bosses.

Still, the first thing that always catches my attention when switching over to the Ninja is the very unique mudra system. That is super strategical, but also super fast paced to use the unlock Ninjitsu attacks right into any point in time inside of your rotation, which is also highlighted by the constantly running hutong buff that amplifies the overall speed and attack rate, as well as global cooldown of all your fair tax by 15%, leading to a very fast constitution of attacks.


Combining this with the natural enhancement to your movement speed, the ninja feels like it should flexing with tons of agility. So if you want a strategical aspect of a samurai combined with a fast paced combat of a Dragoon or machinist, the Ninja is the no compromise job and the best choice you can make on that department.

Furthermore, following on the same trade as the machinist or gun breaker using mudra skills, or other intermediate non combo skills will not break your usual combo providing a strong flexibility when it comes to super fast decision making.


Or when you have to adjust your opener and rotation to the recent finding situation. Instead of the strict need to stick to your combat finish before you can readjust your weapon attacks accordingly.

So whatever transition movement or burst phase pattern you encounter or group setup may demand the Ninja is super flexible and can adjust on the fly or with the help of communicating with your party beforehand.

The next highlight is definitely a double edged sword and can also be seen as a disadvantage to the ninja but as we all love the complexity of Final Fantasy 14 is combat system. I guess the high skill floor of the Ninja is definitely a must for all players loving to get into the nasty details and rotational fine tuning that the Ninja is offering as this is already being required to get started.


And while the comment system is super satisfying when he got used to the basic mechanics, I never felt more strain on my brain cells getting into a proper opener when starting with the ninja when preparing some footage from my first videos about it.

But to be truly honest, the moment after pushing out 30 Or more tries without actually doing anything properly. I kind of experienced a breakthrough moment and at this point the rotation felt super natural and highly rewarding especially for the big crit numbers with your value and your other big ninjutsu attacks.


And now you may think ah difficult skill so automatically means low skill ceiling. Nope. I would say after they have reworked among in patch 5.4 The Ninja has become the most difficult Mellie job to perform the highest among competitive numbers among all jobs except Black Mages and estrogens maybe, at least this is how I feel about it.

And still all the optimizing and all the hard practice just feel super enjoyable and rewarding because of that insanely powerful opener damage, the big ninjutsu crits, and one of the strongest party buffs in game in the form of trick attack, which directly leads us into another strength of the ninja flexibility, not only by the high value of adjustable openers and rotations, but because of being a very solid melee choice with trick attack being the most popular party buff apart from dancer support.


That of course works towards a single player instead of boosting the targets weakness against incoming attacks that your whole party profits from intensively on the first glance, 5% damage boost sounds very uninteresting, but to be honest, 5% is a really heavy number when factoring in all the big damage coming out of literally each job in game, especially doing their opener windows and fitting perfectly into that 15 second window of trick attack.

But the story does not end here because the Ninja is also able to save up some mudra skills for using ranged attacks when proximity to the boss cannot be secured where the other Mellie jobs struggled kind of heavily combined with your warping skills she could she and a very low emphasis on the positional requirements.


The Ninja is the ultimate flex choice when looking at the whole malade roster. At least until we get the next one for end Walker whatever it may be. Last but not least, it’s a ninja. What else do you need here? Fans of Naruto Ninja Scroll or even Assassin’s Creed will love this job simply because of the stealth topic that no other job is providing.

And even if you’re not using a text sweeping out of the shadows this increased movement speed fast paced combo and using mudras to enjoy the most powerful attacks are definitely seeking for competition when it comes to distinctive factors to make this job feel outstandingly different than the other jobs you can choose from.


And if you would have access to 3d maneuver equipment you could easily feel like Levi or meqasa taking down a whole army of Titans or other boss enemies. This game has to offer. So as enemy ninja or assassin fan, there’s no way leading elsewhere then to the rope and Ninja.

But of course, if you need a serious argument instead of an enemy fanboy stuff, the aoe damage is among the strongest, if not the strongest MLA job can offer when it comes to bursting moments, especially when all your mudras and Kusatsu already and you’ve got a nice positioning with your.on to let your enemies burn in shadowy flames and keen blossoms of death.


But of course, you may have guessed it already. The fourth argument directly leads into the prime downside of the ninja as this high skill flow and even higher skill ceiling leads towards one of the most complex jobs this game has to offer. And when you’re very unsure about the complexity of the combat system, Why you should Play Ninja/Rogue | And what other Jobs do betterhas to offer, I cannot recommend a ninja to start over.

Except you’re familiar with MMOs in general, or just want to taste the spicy sauce without any weakening factor. As you can see from the footage here with no other jobs I struggled as much as I did on the ninja when trying to record anything useful on the better side of things.


But when I remember some trials of Ruby extreme after creating my ninja guide efforts super comfortable with the job. But that also means when you’re lacking practice, things can become super awkward and you always feel the lack of routine leading to an easy DPS loss.

So my advice for the Ninja, go home or go home don’t try to play the ninja as a side job and a very enjoyable alternative for your main unless you’re super used to many jobs in general and have that galaxy brain muscle memory to proceed into the top tiers of play as with any job you choose.


Above that when it comes to raw accessibility to the job, the Ninja is definitely in a very strange position of being a static class on paper as you cannot choose rope from the character creation menu, but you’re able to hop over from another starting class at level 10.

When you have completed their first class quest, this feels weird extraordinaire. As you cannot get to experience the job for his basic 30 levels or more and directly hop over to another one degrading the startup class you have chosen into a tool for getting access to the rope other than a true starting up experience that may lead you to and acknowledging the positive aspects of it before hopping over and making the transition.


This just feels super awkward somehow, but nonetheless still grants the opportunity to directly start into a job that feels very close to an expansion job leaving out the hard grind you would face to start as a Dark Knight as Trojan or machinist.

And if you want to become a ninja anyways, using a marauder or a Qeynos, for this purpose just isn’t the most evil thing in the world. So whatever reason may lead you into the beautiful art and complexity of mudras and insurances.


You won’t regret your decision as long as you’re willing to learn to practice and to give your heart for curiosity. And if curiosity is what keeps you interested in the series, I’m very close to its completion, staring at a whole bunch of other jobs to talk about in many other videos found on this channel. But for now, thanks for watching.

Check out salted Final Fantasy 14 to learn all things about the ninja and all other jobs available to find a fence 14 or visit the counters guys about jobs found on my channel to earn a solid foundation. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and give your heart and soul to the cause.

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