Arcanist (6.0 Edition) : FF14 Beginners Guide

Arcanist (6.0 Edition) : FF14 Beginners Guide

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Arcanist (6.0 Edition) : FF14 Beginners Guide


So you picked series where we have a look at the starter toolkit, then heading out in the field to show how it all works. Now this time we’re actually revisiting arcanist because in 6.0 and Walker, the reworked class making my original guides completely obsolete. So rain firstly,
welcome back. We will miss you in this rebrand sage girls, by the way.

But we’re back, you’re back anyway. Go on to other cool stuff coming for you as well. So you’re cope with the new new arcanist Good, good, right guys. So grab your snacks, and let’s get stuck in. Right guys, so first things first, the toolkit. Now if you’ve played arcanist, prior to 6.0, you will have noticed that all of you toolkit is different in some form owner of some form or another.

And it can be quite confusing to work out what the hell’s going up. So, we’re gonna run through the toolkit all the way up to level 30 Real quick, and then we’re going to put it all together and we’re gonna discuss how it all fits together in a combat setting. Now first up, you will get ruined. Now that we’ll deal on aspect to damage with the potency of 242 your target chosen target. Very straightforward is your basic attack.

I’m gonna stop. At level two, you get to abilities summon carbuncle, and radiant Aegis. Now, summon Carbuncle is quite important because that will unlock access to a lot of your higher level skills. So you always need him out. However, the base Kobe doesn’t actually attack enemies for you. He will just sit there and follow you around. And he is kind of a support pet. You will grant access to really an Aegis which is the other level two skill now really an Aegis.

When you use it, it will tell you Carvey to generate a barrier around yourself that will absorb damage total of 20% of your maximum health points. And that shield will last for 30 seconds. pretty damn cool. Now you can only use that when Carbuncle was summoned. But what he also does is he allows you to use his ether his energy in order to summon actual attack coffees for arcanist is Ruby carbuncle, Topaz carbuncle, and Emerald Carbuncle.

Now, they will upgrade over the higher levels you get into more stronger enemies. That’s essentially how it works, you use your base karbi in order to summon the attack one’s pretty cool system actually, but we’ll go a little bit deeper into that one when we get to the actual summons themselves out next up, lower for you will get physic now physic is a healing spell it has a cure potency of 400 and it will restore your targets health points.

Now physic is okay at lower levels. But as you level up and you get higher and higher, it becomes less and less useful. It has its uses but it becomes very much less and less useful along you go on a lot of people don’t have it on their health bars anymore. Now at level six your you’ll get three skills now that all interconnect with each other. I’m going to try and explain as best a cat.

So first up, you will get either charge or either charge will both the potency of Ruin ruin to and ruin three by 50 points and your outburst AOE version by 20 points now that both will last for 15 seconds, and when it runs out, it will grant you three archival crystals are Ruby, a toolpath and an emerald. Now you would use those crystals in order to summon Ruby carbuncle, Topaz Carbuncle and Emerald Cup.

Now at level six, you only have access to Ruby. Now when you summon Ruby, your Ruby Carbuncle will be summoned and it will rush the target and deal fire damage with the potency of 400 and it will grant you two stacks of fire attunement.

Now in order to use your fire Tumon stacks, you would then go off to your third level six skill called gem shine, you would use gem shine, and that was how you use your fire stacks from Ruby. That sounds more complicated than it actually is. is, it’s really one of those things that is easier to show you than it is to try and explain it.

So we’ll have a proper look at that towards the end in the actual combat section itself. Now again, at level 10, you get to skills, we’re going to discuss energy drain first. Now, energy drain will deal on aspects of damage with a potency of 200 to your enemy, and it will grant you to eat the floor stacks, which are the two diamond crystals that are in the gold box on your drug which would use those two crystals in order to use your level turn skill called faster.
Now faster, we’ll deal aspect damage with the potency of 300 to your enemy, and it will cost you one ether floor crystal.

So you can essentially use two fasters every 60 seconds. Next up, level 12 You will get resurrection. Now, resurrection has a high EMP cost, but it will resurrect your target to a weakened state. incredibly handy for if your healer accidentally dies or healers having to heal a lot and someone’s dead and you want to bring that you can bring them back instead of the healer blank the healer ones though, I would only recommend you use it. When you have swift cast available from raw skills, which you get out Level II access to level 18. Next up level 15 You will gain access to your second attack Carbuncle Topaz.

Now when you summon top pass, it will rush your target and will do earth damage with a potency of 400 and it will grant you four stacks of Earth attunement. And again, you would use those stacks with gem shine nice and straightforward. Then next up level 22 You will get some an emerald to your third attack summon.

Now when you saw an emerald emerald Carbuncle will do a range attack which will do wind damage with a potency of 400 and it will grant you four stacks of wind attunement, unlike the others, you would use gem shine in order to use those. Now on level 26, you will get two more skills you will get outburst and you will get precious brilliance.

Now, outburst is in a way attack for yourself, which will deal on aspects of damage with the potency of 100 to the target in all enemies nearby it and like why precious brilliance is the early version of gem shine. We’ll use both of those whenever there are more than three enemies in the fight.

And lastly, at level 30, you will get ruined to now rune two is a straight up upgrade to ruin one and will replace it on your hotbar automatically that will deal on aspects of damage with a potency of 270. So it’s a little bit of a bear damage buff as well. Nice and cool stuff. And that is your arcanist toolkit. Now next, we’re going to jump out into the field, we’re going to head to a training dummy and we’re going to show you how it all works. Right guys, so we’ve made it out to the Training domain.

Now, the level three rotation isn’t as hard as the tooltips make it sound, it flows quite well. To six lower practice can use do it a lot easier than the old, pre 6.01 A lot easier, less to worry about. So first things first, make sure that you have your base Carbuncle out because he unlocks most of all of yours like Higher Power Damage spells.

So make sure you have him out. Our next hour would lead off with an energy drain straight into to festers and then straight into ether charge. Now while you’re under that, if the charge both hit them with as many ruin tools as you can like so when the buff runs out, you’ll get access to your three year tax elements.

So someone older is quite adaptable to be fair, and you can kind of think of them like Heavy, Medium and Light attacks rubies is like you heavy attack you need to be ideally in a if you’re in a stable spot and you know that you’re not going to have to move around a lot then use Ruby someone first. If you are in a position where you know that you Gonna need to move around a little bit because you dodge an AO ease then someone toolpaths first.

And likewise, if you are, if you know that you’re going to be running around a lot and dodging a lot of theories, I would recommend hitting them with emerald first and then adapting the other two based on your situation as well. Fairly adaptable and quite a cool system in general.

Now you will be using all three of them and by the time use all three of your summons youth the charge will be back off cooldown and just repeat the process spam as many ruin TOS in that time or as you can just for the extra damage. And remember to use energy drain and fester. Whenever energy drains off cooldown nice and straightforward.

Now UI wise your rotation is pretty much exactly the same with the exception that instead of ruin to you’ll be using outburst. And instead of gem shine you’ll be replacing that with precious brilliance. And the rotation is pretty much same US energy drain was treated at two festers now at higher levels.

These two skills will be replaced by early versions but until that point lead off with these for just for the extra damage it’s worthwhile straight into again stringent running to charge in as many outbursts as you can get in in the 15 second window usually I think it’s around about five that you can get in then after that, you have the after you have your summons unlocked.

Now, again depending on the situation will affect the order which you use the summons in. You would use again use Ruby for a heavy slow attack straight into the precious brilliance to hit to that straight into Topaz and have for medium hit with him and lastly st and emerald and for late hits with her about time if the charge will be back up and running straight back into outburst spam and just repeat the process from there it really is super simple now a lot less to worry about.

On the other thing is remember to use energy drain and your to festers whenever energy drains off cooldown and use radiant II just whenever you feel that you’re going to take hits cast that every 60 seconds and it’s just a nice little shield if you know you’re going to be taking some damage and that is the level 30 rotation for arcanist like I said to simplify it to a wonderful degree now have less to worry about now you have a little bit more mobility and in general.

If personally I find it a really good change to it a really good change the job right guys so that has been our look into the new version of arcanist now hopefully it has unlocked some of the quirks of the job then how it all then how all the new stuff works worth quite substantial rework. It is a lot simpler than the old one a little bit more straightforward.

And generally as a general thing I actually genuinely enjoy the new changes some people don’t it’s hit and miss up the minute from what I can tell Aaron so thank you again for your help it’s always appreciated. Having come on up we’ve got going to be using Leah for the summer video. Then we’re going to be back to you with warrior which is the last of the start classes start our jobs.

And when we’re going to be moving on after warrior we’re going to be moving on to the expansion jobs probably starting with red Mitch like a bit of red mage don’t Yes So, thank you all for watching. I hope it has helped you out. If it has, let me know in the comment section below. If you have any other questions again, here’s up in the comments below. I’ll be glad to answer as many as I can.

If you’re new here, thank you for coming, stopping by. Come hang out, come check out some of the stuff we’ve got going on. We’d love to have you here. If you’re not new here. Again, welcome back.

Thank you for all the support. It’s always appreciated. I love you all from the Walmart. And you all know what’s coming. Please like, share, comment, subscribe, all that jazz. And as always, I’ll see us on the flipside. Bye bye.

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