How to Make Gil Without Crafting or Gathering in FFXIV

How to Make Gil Without Crafting or Gathering in FFXIV


Hey bones, you know, people often ask me, How do you have 90 million Gil? Like, what do you know that I don’t?

How to Make Gil Without Crafting or Gathering in FFXIV

Are you involved in some kind of shady Bunder world market people wonder especially because I don’t do crafting or gathering. And so I guess it’s kind of suss, but I think 90 mil, probably more than the average player has. But these are rookie numbers compared to what a lot of people are actually carrying around.

I’m just at a point where I don’t really feel like I need more like I have all that I need. So today, I’m going to give you some tips on how you too can get to this point, without crafting without gathering just by killing stuff and in some cases, not even having to do that, first of all, grand company sales.

So first things first, you need to rank up in your grand company. If you have been neglecting that you need to start on that and I will put a link in the description box down below to a gamer escape article that tells you exactly what you need. For each rank up. A good way to get the Grand Company seals for rank UPS is from doing leveling roulette, so that can help you a lot because you need to reach a sergeant second class to unlock expert deliveries.

Now once you have the expert deliveries, you can then turn in any pink, green or blue quality items that you find in exchange for Grand Companies seals and their seals can be exchanged at the quartermaster for stuff you can sell on the market board.

Now once upon a time, I would have told you to sell coke but I mean, I’m trying to be a better example for you bonds 2021 and also the coke market kind of crashed, so it’s not really worth it. cordials are always a safe bet so are glamour prisms. They always sell I mean glamour prisons are pretty much like the New Coke targets.

Always has been Next, use your poetics and buy things with poetics that you can sell do not cab on poetics of your cab on poetics, you’re literally throwing Gil away, assuming you don’t need poetics for anything else like leveling gear or items. For past expansion relics you might want further glamour, you can spend your poetics on on identifiable items like unidentifiable or to trade for grade three qualities soil either the battle on one or the shroud one those sell for a pretty decent price.

They are not in fact, dirt cheap. Next up retainers, you want to level up your retainers, your retainer cannot exceed the highest level that you have attained on a job. So if you have a retainer that is a Paladin and you only have Paladin level 270 Then that retainer cannot level above 70 Until you also level above 70 Because they’re like your squire or something.

If you’re lazy, you can always buy a retainer skip potion on demonstation retainers are handy because you can send them out on exploration missions either a long one that takes 18 hours or a quick exploration that only takes one hour. It costs ventures to make them go and you can get ventures from beast tribe quests or from Grand Company seals.

That’s actually what I spent a ton of Grand Company seals on. Basically they bring you back random stuff all the time. Usually it’s crap but a lot of it is green or blue quality items that you can then turn back into the Grand Company for seals which you can use to buy ventures which means more missions which means more crap, it’s like an endless cycle of okay, okay, but seriously.

Hear me out every once in a while they’ll bring you back something that is actually good and worth like a several 100 Gil that you can sell for a pretty penny like some expensive pure white dye or jet black dye. So I mean it’s a pretty low effort way to make guild without you having to really do anything next up deep dungeon so to get the loot that is actually worth the selling from deep dungeon you need to go all the way you need a group of four people that is willing to go the distance in a fixed party to the deeper floors or higher floors in the case of heaven on high to get the good loot so in palace the dead the mound drop from the best sacks the best loot sacks only happens from floors 151 and higher.

And in heaven on high the sacks that drop the mail the best sacks There are floors 71 and higher. So I mean they’re rare drops but are worth a good bid. And there’s other things that can drop there like glamour items that you can sell on Markerboard as well. So the farther you go, the better loot sacks drop and the harder it gets.

So if you want to get your hands on the best sacks you got to be ready for things to get hard. Anyway here’s a handy guide for navigating the deep dungeons that I will link in the description box down below. Next up treasure map dungeon so for this you need to get a treasure map from the market board or you can gather a treasure map once a day if you’re a miner or botanist, but I thought this video was not about how to do it with crafting or gathering so you for you I guess it’s up to the market board.

Once you have one. You need to get a group together. You can use party finder for this as a treasure hunt category and get much people Gather so you can all follow the map to the treasure chest when you open that treasure chest you will have to find some enemies first and then a portal may or may not open is just Orangey.

That portal will take you into a treasure map and dungeon where progressing from stage to stage is purely RNG. So it’s just luck whether you get fired or not. But you might be able to get some nice loot and some guilt before you get kicked out. This is a pretty fun and easy way to make Gil but it does require a team of people who will all roll on the loot that drops assuming that you agreed to all need rules that’s usually what I do when I run treasure maps we all agree everyone role need no matter whose map it was that open the chest, we were all gonna roll need on any treasure chests that we find.

But of course this does mean that everybody has a chance out of the rare loot that could drop in these chests. So it’s not necessarily like I know amazing method for long term reliable Gill making but it can definitely help and it’s easy like if you can actually schedule a treasure map night with your FC that can help a lot for some easy money flow.

Next up selling trial materials so if you farm extreme trials, crafting materials that can sometimes drop it then you can sell if you’re lucky enough to win the role even older trials then you can unsink farm will sometimes drop things that people really want but it varies a lot from trial to trial.

So check your Markerboard to see what is worth going after like you don’t want to farm SEF rot and then find out that the SAP he’s dropped his only selling for like 3000 Gil, I mean, if you check first, it could suffer out of time. Next up is selling stuff from Bhaja and Xad nor so I actually saved the best for last because this is the GIL making method that will probably vastly outclass all of the other ways that I’ve mentioned.

This is the way that will actually make you not just stable but thriving, rich farming and bulging clusters in the Belgian southern front or in Xad North This is not a thing that you can do until you have reached max level and progressed far enough in the story to unlock Bhaja but once you have unlocked Basha, you can then go to the bhajan Southern Front and Laters add Nora and farm the bhajan clusters which you can then use to buy a giant robot for example a construct 14 Here sells for 1 million Gil there’s also a hairstyle called Wind collar that you can sell for over a million don’t ask me why?

Fragments you can’t find well, any zones can also be sold for a little or a lot depending on the fragment and you will probably just be getting fragments naturally while you’re spending time in this ad nor or at bhajans other front. There are several discord servers set up just for this so you can sign up for a farm session or you can just hop into the instance and shout logging for cluster farm.

I actually got in touch with Val who was one of the admins of my local Boshan cluster farming discord that’s called Belgian farmers. It’s online data center, and is also run by Sofia Stella, Lilith Levana and ruukki. Oh, hi, now Val, give me a really quick explanation of what cluster farming is and what is involved with it.

Since Well, I’ve only very casually done it like once and I wanted to hear input from someone who has a lot more experience doing it than me. So Val said that what they normally do is make private party finders for our Discord and cross world link shells. So password protected party finder, just for people that have signed up through the discord or the cross world link shell, they find an instance for everyone to join in together.

And all the party leaders assign all of our sixth camp spots that we have a map of to all party members. So basically, everyone gets assigned a kill site. In each zone that’s shown here on this map. You’ll meet up with people from our other parties, because by simply tagging the mobs all parties get them.

So you only need one person in each camp. So basically, they spread everyone out to all over the zone. Like I mean the big sound bars in Southern Front zone for maximum efficiency so the most people can tag as many mobs as possible. I asked Val how much they tend to make doing this cluster farming.

And he said some of our older members and a few months made 100 million Gil, he went on to say per week, you can expect it three to 5 million I’d say since you can get like 600 clusters if you stay the full three hours of the instance and if RNG is good to you.

But keep in mind that patch 5.57 just came out this week and this means that the fragments now cost fewer bulging clusters that could affect prices when selling the fragments, especially if people are undercutting by a large margin, which Val actually specifically said to me, could you mention that people should not undercut more than one bill?

And I said well I personally like the 10 Gil undercut I just feel like it’s kind of courteous, in addition to cluster for I mean, you can also just do normal farming of skirmishes and critical engagements which is also great XP if you happen to be leveling a job 71 Plus and the lockboxes in Zaton, or have a chance to drop a hairstyle called both ways that’s worth about 600k right now, but it’s a pretty rare drop.

So it could be that you can’t have it both ways. early to rise is a another hairstyle that you can sell with a small chance to drop it from deliver Reginae and it sells for 400k on my server right now, you can also get that one by exchanging five bhajan gold coins and 30 Platinum coins the gold coins dropped from delivering Reginae savage or there’s a weekly that you can get them from the platinum coins dropped from the Dalriada of Zod nor is also a weekly you can get the platinum coins from and should also be noted that 100 silver coins can be exchanged for one gold coin 100 mithril coins can be exchanged for one platinum coin.

That is a lot of coins. But hey, pretty soon you will also have a lot of coins if you follow this guy and it’s not really a guy but is it tips, tips and tricks, then you might be able to buy the one of the new Gil sync mounts that they added fairly recently.

The great serpent Branca Gil sync what was the other one? Oh, the NAMA zoom. And no one can deny those nominees they certainly have a lot of gills hope you liked this video. If you did, then please consider supporting the channel on Patreon or on Twitch.

You can also support this channel for free by clicking the subscribe button or by sharing this video with your fellow warriors of light. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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