5 Reasons Why You Should Play Ninja/NIN (Rogue)

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Ninja/NIN (Rogue)

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5 Reasons Why You Should Play Ninja/NIN (Rogue)

Welcome to another five reasons to play video featuring the prime of complexity, the downfall of bad hotbar setups and the most fun job I played recently, the Ninja. Let us start with my absolute favorite aspect of ninja which is the super satisfying and demanding comment system.

Yes, what sounds like a disadvantage at first is definitely the best selling point for the Ninja. As I feel like this is a prime example for Final Fantasy 14 is combat system and how its complexity makes that game stand out to the wide array of competition. Ninja does indeed offer that pinnacle of gameplay which feels well put together, well rounded and well executed while still retaining all the old complexity aspects that haven’t scored or Stormblood offers.


If it’s something of use too simple a warrior to cool down dependent or summarize Blade Works few tedious ninja might be your choice. Unlike a black mage, the ninjas combat system feels challenging even without difficult mechanics to deal with. Which means that just a simple dummy fight or the dummy itself, Ninja is already fun to play.

And you could enjoy that practicing moment even before tackling actual content. But when looking into its toolkit, more specifically, there are multiple ways how to optimize things but the whole ninjutsu system stands out drastically. If you ever love precise but fast clicks, followed by clear paths and orders to execute these, the ninjas mudra and new Dutson system is without any competition.


Clicking three buttons in different order to unlock different skills is screaming for the power of anime, but with a clear sense of gamer satisfaction. Yes, I talked about uniqueness on basically all jobs. But if you ever tested out ninjutsu as clunky and prone to misplace they are it is a blast to use them and something no other job has access to.

But of course, these distinct and unique aspects and combat design and how the rotation is formed lead to two more reasons why you should play ninja. The first being that easy content is 24 Man rates normal eight min rates or even dungeons feel super enjoyable and fun to participate in the best about it, you get rewarded with insanely good personal and even group supporting damage.


For me personally, I haven’t experienced any more fun in a glare with any other job yet than I had with a ninja, especially as my fighting skills improved significantly comparing the first to the last fight when I fully acknowledged the ninjas combat kit and type my opener more properly. Even though I liked samurai and Reaper doing a layup with them. This felt insanely hollow compared to the ninja runs.

And even after getting my weeklies and footage filming done, I wanted more. So I did the normal eight min rates as well where I figured out another advantage but more to that later. So for easy or better set duty find a content Ninja is my top choice if you like it a bit more challenging than usual even before tackling extreme or higher end content. However, the story doesn’t end at that level.


And the third reason is drawn out of the best relation of skill floor and skill ceiling. Why I would not say a Ninja has a low skill ceiling it definitely is among the hardest to perform on the top end of the charts.

However, it is indeed so difficult in its opener and for very brief moments of irritation that it kind of flattens out afterwards, which is much more in line with boss mechanics. I mean yes and ultimately you will constantly get butts slapped by mechanics so the difficulty level of all jobs is basically flattened out or overshadowed by the boss intrinsic challenges.


However, on severed or extreme trials ninja can live up to its bursting windows, squeeze in all the juice there and then relax for the big and bad mechanics coming. granting a significant advantage over jobs like black made by the rotation doesn’t have that big oomph moment. And you constantly have to manage positioning and timing of stance swapping.

On top of that, I feel like the Ninja has the easiest to handle positions from all melee jobs because except for reapplying your who turned off, which now could also be achieved by using Origen, which definitely is a DPS loss compared to your combo armor crush, but you could get away with this still.


On the other hand, even without the use of Origen only having to use a single alternate position other than your usual rear Aeolian edge is not a difficult task to achieve. And mostly lines up with the bosses movement and turns anyways, so positions are actually a non issue on the Ninja. So TLDR of these two aspects. Ninja makes the easy content way more interesting and fun to play.

And when you’re fine with it’s open invitation and got some good Practice on it. Difficult content might become easier for you than with other Malik jobs or the Black Mage until you reach the really high end parsing or ultimate fights of course, especially with how you have access to legitimate ranged attacks that, if timed correctly, can be utilized without downsides where all the other Melih jobs suffer from any second of missing uptime.


Yeah, Reaper maybe can take one GCD more but Ninja is still the Melly King on that aspect. All right, but who is the ninja for basically for all those players wanting to have the fast paced Dragoon skills combined with the samurai flexibility and a burst rivaling with summoners it is basically a jack of all trades making up our fourth reason to play ninja, you might not be considered the safest choice of jobs like a rat Mater seminar, but one that has tons of party support and adjustability for that teammates.

Like I just said due to how the mudra system can offer range attack sequences and you have the ground target portability, there’s tons of movability in Flex and any step you take. Maybe other mele team partners that love to have you at their site instead of the very position heavy some rioter goon because they play one of these jobs anyways, off, it’s just the mark buff granting very good damage scaling for any hypers party setup that was more intense before patch 6.1


But still retains its core features and how your debuff might be better than what a goon or Reaper offering. Even when battle isn’t he might take the lead when it comes to stat scaling and later patches. But I do believe that especially compared to among whose Brotherhood is very close now, Ninja offers the better overall kit to set up your groups positioning around, and definitely the much more stylish combat drip unless you just embrace the wave the fist which is understandable indeed.

So every raid group will love to have a ninja at their side that knows their stuff and is flexing with adjustability inside and out. However, all this might not appeal to you or to some players because there’s simply just one reason why you want to play this job. That is the power of anime. Yes, we also have the samurai and we might even get further Japanese anime jobs.


But the ninja was the first one in this game and weaving these mudra still is the biggest enemy ask thing a job could possibly do. Nonetheless, enemy might not actually be the selling point. But a whole army of Assassin’s Creed or stealth game fans in general might be attracted by this job.

And while I touched the stealth aspect in my last five reasons to play ninja video, where using your height skill only becomes relevant before the battle starts and to reset your mudra stacks since 6.1. This changes significantly. Yes, I don’t want to mention PvP in every video now but believe me, it is a genius move from Square Enix and team Yoshida that they introduced the whole stealth and instant kill style to the ninja for its PvP Limit Break.


Or how ninjas can literally smoke bomb their way out of combat to directly reappear behind weakened targets to finish them off violently. I was absolutely mind blown on my first matches how cool this feels and that apart from having a very sick and cool PvE rotation, this feels totally different but insanely well symbiotic.

So that ninja while still not having the whole system where the enemy power and stealth topic are merged together. We find this by the two sides of the same jobs coin split into PvE and PvP, where in both departments these are just badass and it produces tons of fun to play that job no matter what content you tackle. I mean even just standing next to a market or doing my daily business is so much more fun as a ninja and all this sick drip is pouring through each pour of this job.


But I get it even when I really try to be a hype machine for each job on these videos, we cannot leave some possible issues and mentioned that some players might face or that have the potential to go down badly in the ninjas future. First, I’m split about 10 Chi Jin, some people call this an unnecessary hindrance that you have to stand still to use it and I agree. I failed many times to do so myself.

But on the other hand, it is a 122nd cooldown. I highly doubt you cannot make that short window of standing your ground fit into any encounter, especially as most of these are ranged attacks anyways. However, complexity always has the potential to stand in the way of newcomers console players or in particular to people with certain disabilities were performing such a complex and fast opener might become disheartening to perform.


But of course, it can apply to all players starting with an injury coming from another job, for example. So if you fall under any of these categories, maybe try to find a different job, but just take up the Keyblade of old traits and become the best anime protagonist anyone could imagine. Yes, even though having an MMO mouse and proper key binds make this job a lot easier.

With passionate love for ninjutsu and self combat, you will make it happen and you will become a good ninja. It’s all about the right motivation and ninjas offering tons of that last thing to mention, it is not an expanding job, but you can also not start with the rug, which is the ninjas base class right off the bat. So you have to use another class as a tool to gain access to rock on level 10 which can be seen as good or bad compared to how expanded jobs are usually introduced.


Now But nonetheless, there is simply no competition when it comes to a job providing so much fun in a rotation that it literally is your most interesting choice drag through all the multiple difficulty levels or even when taking PvP into the mix. It’s a jack of all trades, the Levi to each Ervin Smith raid leader, and definitely the job that I recently had the most fun playing all sorts of content with.


So don’t be that dream within a dream, the loose, spinning edge, but the throwing dagger of your party that pierces not only the heart of your enemy, but conquers the heart of each player playing it. Until next time, stay tuned in your heart. Stay one with your chi and follow in the footsteps of Jin becoming the ghost of ARCA. Don’t talk shit about Attack on Titan is really good to show.

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