FFXIV: Endwalker Arcanist/Summoner 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

FFXIV: Endwalker Arcanist/Summoner 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

Welcome to the summoner, one to 90 leveling skills Guide. In this guide, we’ll cover all of these skills as you train to forget how to poison people overnight better than the rest of them, but also hopefully kill your enemies along the way.

FFXIV: Endwalker Arcanist/Summoner 1 to 90 Leveling Skills Guide

Watch as you go from this. To this this series is framed in the mindset of players completely new to Final Fantasy 14, or the MMO genre in general, or generally still inexperienced. In that same vein, this will merely be an overview of the actions and how to use them. Optimal rotations are better left to their own in depth videos, just due to how much complexity is involved in perfect openings, and overall rotations.

This is not meant to be a purely optimal guide. If you wish to be optimal at level cap, there are further places you could reset your job on, we will have a few crafting rotations. As we go to help new players understand what goes through creating openings and give them a foothold to push themselves into being able to do it on their own.


The goal is to drop players in on the ground level, so they can make strides to improve themselves. All tooltips will be shown at the level cap for each section, level 50 for a realm or Boyne, above 60 For Heavensward skills of Saudi Fisto and blood stuff, level ADV shadowbringers levels and level 90 For end Walker.

I also recommend all players add sprint and limit break to the hot bar is both found in the General tab of your actions menu. And as for how my Hotbot is build, it’ll make sense at 90. Just put skills on your hot bars in a way you feel comfortable using as you’re leveling, everyone has their own way of doing things.


If you want more info on how I set up my UI, check the description or the card for a video about it. I keep the following in mind, patches can change jobs still, be sure to check the description for any patch notes for minor potency changes or skill changes or any other special notes. With all that out of the way. Let’s begin.

Summary there is a major DPS that answers the question of what people are asking for. And when they asked for everything to be on one or two buttons, where you have some amount of flexibility, and every job has their minor points of complexity. Somebody is likely the most simple job in the game, more than half of your time will be spent hitting a single button over and over the rest of the time. You’re playing with Legos.

And yes, that is the community accepted term. Early levels you’re giving yourself a boosted attack and moving to small segments that give you stronger attacks. Later levels. You’re going from big summons that does big attacks to slightly smallest elements that make your tax do big damage, and alternating back and forth.


The slightly smallest elements that augment are a big point of flexibility for you, allowing you to summon them in any order, you have little to no cast times, making you the most mobile of the mage jobs and the absolute flashiest to play an arcanist to either stowed is one where pick up the class in the limp solo Mensa arcanist guild after completion of your level 10 class quest as your first class.

Let’s get into the final details of each skill level one ruin with a 1.5 second cast time and costing 300 mana. This simply does 240 points of damage to a target. You’re going to be hitting this button most of your time as a summoner like more than 50% of the time really level to summon Carbuncle.


This is the most important button in the entire game. It has a 1.5 second cast time cause 400 mana and summons a BLUE CARBUNCLE. What does it do? You’re looking at it looks very cute. Well, there are other things you can do and you should always make sure you have out your carbuncle, not just because he is the cutest cheerleader. Seriously, make sure he is out at all times.

He also comes with an extra hot bar, the pet hot bar with six buttons on it away, you will never have a reason to use this. He’ll the pet will follow behind you. You have cause to use this at times after using one of the next two buttons place.


This will allow you to select a location to make carby move to later on we will have cause to put carbon next to bosses before we engage with them. And this is why we have here after a boss is dead. If they are still in their position and not following you.

He’ll will draw them back into you stay less useful than place carpet will stop moving unless you are walking by where you want Kobe to be place is more efficient way to get it done. Guard and steady literally worthless ignore these if so simply put place in he’ll or all you care about within these buttons.

Level to radiant Aegis. This is an ability on it 62nd cooldown. This causes Carbuncle to put a shield on you with 20% of your maximum HP. This shield lasts for 30 seconds. Though given your mage most enemies will get through this in less than half that time. This is your main defensive ability.


Make sure to use this early and often in solo content, and even during party content to reduce the damage you take from unavoidable attacks. Especially important later on when unavoidable damage is a lot higher. Half your health 75% In your health, or even 90% in the highest levels of content, an extra 20% buffer on top of whatever healing and mitigations are up is a lot of help.

Dungeons raids trials, it’s all good for reducing damage. And since you don’t need to stop attacking to use it, you lose no damage either. And a bit of warning for this and a skill we’ll get to later. You cannot use Carbuncle skills if Carbuncle is not on the field. So even if it’s only for five seconds. If a skill makes Carbuncle disappear, you cannot use radiant ages, until he comes back.


Level four physic 1.5 second cast time and 400 MP cost This restores 400 potency of healing to a target. Please for the love of God, stop using physic. When you’re out in the overworld fine, use it as needed so you can complete solo duties alone. You can clean up solo mistakes with this, but in party content, you are not the healer, you are not if someone is missing HP, don’t touch physic, let the healer handle it, if they let someone die let them learn from their mistakes. Further by level 30 This skill is already starting to fall off and effectiveness.

Physics scales based off of mind, which a summoner does not ever use and at level 50 physic becomes almost entirely worthless, you will be healing less than 10% of a tank’s health per heal. And by 90 You will still be healing at most 600 HP please let the healers heal. This won’t be on my hotbar is at any point level six a third charge.


We have a cute new carpet gauge thanks to this skill. I wish we could keep it but anyway on a 62nd cooldown but still counting as a spell. This buffs your ruin ruin two and ruin three by 50 potency and outburst by 20 potency for 15 seconds. We don’t have most of those. But basically this means ruin we’ll do 290 potency of damage every cast for 15 seconds.

This time it is shown on the gauge, just spam ruin until the timer runs out. And you can’t use this until battle begins. If you try to activate it before the fight, it won’t work. When the 15 seconds run out, you will gain Ruby or Kanem the red Lego gem on the Kirby gauge will light up. This is where the next skill comes into play. level six summon Ruby.


This is an instant cast spell at someone’s Ruby Carbuncle to execute glittering Ruby and attack for 400 points of damage on the target. Afterwards, your normal carpet will return to your side you will also be granted two stacks of fire attunement as shown on the gauge. These can be used on the next skill level six gem shine.

This button does nothing on its own. You can’t even use it. However, when going through your different phases of attack, this button will change. One of these times will be anytime you use a Lego from your gauge. In this case, we just used some in Ruby and got FIRA to women changing gem shine into level six Rooby Roo win with a 2.8 second cast time higher than the usual 2.5 recast and costing 300 MP.


This Deals Fire damage to the target 300 pumps the worth of it. Despite being slower, this is stronger than ruin and each use of expense one of our fire attunement stacks, meaning we get to Ruby ruins after two uses.

All we can do is go back to spamming normal ruin. So up to now we can start the battle with carby summoned use as a charge as soon as it becomes available. Use our extra power until it runs out. Use a Lego gym, spend the attunement on gym shine, then go back to ruin until the next eighth charge. And congrats.

You now know how to do somebody up to level 85 Basically, don’t believe me? Follow along and we’ll see that when we get more stuff. It doesn’t exactly change this core rotation. At level eight, we have the roll action. Atul this is your first roll action.

These are important extensions of Be a toolkit and you absolutely want to be using them other than the rare exception. I will not be going deeper into details about these skills. If you would like more details on these skills, head to the description or the card in the corner to see what these are about.


Also at level 10 is a sleep level 10 energy drain we got another UI element out of this one too diamonds have a flow. These get filled anytime we use energy drain. This has a 62nd cooldown timer deals 200 pumps of damage and gives us a data flow to and you can weave it between spell cast without delaying your next spell.

Well the 200 pumps you have damage is nice. The big important bit is the aid of flow we got we have two gems of it to spend and spend it you should spend it on level 10 fester. instant cast because it is an ability and one second recast this deals 300 points you to the target requiring one stack of eight the flow.


So every use of energy drain, let’s just use two festers for a total of 800 potency every minute. Because of the cast times being 1.5 seconds, you can weave and one of these per cast, ruin energy, drain ruin, fester, etc. It’s basic bits of extra interaction every minute. This will get a bit more later on to level 12 resurrection with a very long eight second cast time and costing 2400 Mana this revives a fallen party member.

Ideally, you never use this but people do die so you will end up using this. Ideally you let the healer handle it as well. But if the healer is the one who died, where the healer is busy trying to keep everyone alive due to big mistakes, the Revive falls to you. Don’t be over eager to raise a fallen teammate. But don’t ignore this either.


Mid battle reason can make or break the difference between the group wiping and harder content especially if it is a healer you are picking up off the ground level 15 enhanced aid or charge first off this is a class quest skill. You must be doing a class and job quest to get your full toolkit.

If you get to a new skills level and you don’t get it go to your quests. I will not be verbally pointing this out anymore after this point but the top left will have the class slash job quest element whenever I’m going to offer a new skill that fix this but enhanced eight the charge if the church now gives you a second arcane them, Topaz Archana them, you get both your Ruby Lego and a Topaz Lego on your Carbuncle gauge.

So let’s talk about the Topaz Lego level 15 Summon topaz, instant cast just like summon Ruby. This summons a Topaz Carbuncle to bop the enemy on the head with a 400 potency hit, big hit, and four charges of Earth attunement as shown on the QRP gauge.


So now look what Jim shine has become. Level 15 toe pads ruin an instant cast and costing 300 mana. This does 240 potency of damage to the target costing one Earth attunement. This is the same power as ruin right now. But you have the ability to walk around while user can move into a better position closer to the party, avoid AOE sent at you whatever the 400 potency hit from Topaz Carbuncle is enough for you to want these available get used to using Topaz ruin anyway, as later it is a stronger than just a normal ruin. At level 18 Is the roll action swift cast.

And this one is very important for Summoner. Not only can you use this on resurrection for negating that eight second cast time, we’re going to make this part of a normal rotation in ideal circumstances, level 20 maim and mend.


This boosts your base damage and healing by 10% and you shouldn’t be using physic outside of solo content. At this low level, you may not even notice a difference. A permanent 10% damage boost is great in theory, but when enemies are gaining an equal 10% HP buff on average, and your numbers are already so low, you likely won’t be able to notice level 22 enhanced eighth a charge to same as the first time this upgrade is a third charge.

Now you get three colors of Lego Ruby, Topaz and emerald. So let’s use that emerald Lego level 20 to Summon emerald same as Ruby and Topaz Samina karbi to Bob the enemy with 400 potency of damage, this time granting you four stacks of wind attunement for gem shine cast. This one is a bit unique though. Level 22 to Emerald ruin.

This is an instant cast spell, but has a recast of 1.5 seconds, meaning you can cast more spells faster. Also, it costs the usual 300 mana, despite it causing a very small 160 points of damage. This does more damage than ruin, because you can cast them very fast. Be ready to just hammer the button for the next five seconds, because that recast timer is a lot faster than 2.5 than it might otherwise feel.

So now with three Legos, we cycle through all three one at a time, Ruby, emerald topaz, or topaz, Ruby, emerald, or any of the six possible patterns, all three are worth it. Even topaz, being the worst was being equal in power to ruin is worth it for the ability to walk around. And again later on.

The use of these will change slightly become stronger and will definitely want us to use all three every time we can. So let’s do an opener and rotation example. Just for the practice. Pre pool, summoned carbuncle, ruin, eighth a charge, ruin, energy drain, ruin, fester, ruin, fester, ruin, ruin, ruin, pick a Lego, spend the stacks, pick another Lego, spend the stacks, use a final Lego spend the stacks, spam ruin until you can repeat.

The big thing to realize is how often you use the same two buttons through the whole thing. You’re not trying to react to different cooldowns or anything. There are seven ruins and 10 uses of gem shine. And essentially, this is your opening rotation now and forevermore up until level 86.

Currently, the only real thinking you have to do is the order of your Legos. At level 90. There are two currently accepted openings with the general one we go for being Topaz first. And this is due to raid buff timings. If you aren’t trying to fit around raid buffs when playing with Legos, you should pick the order that best flows with the fight.

For example, you get into your Lego phase, and the boss is about to do something extremely movement heavy, you do not want to be using Ruby. Use topaz, since it’s for free spells of movement. If it’s still going on, use emerald to then when you can stop moving, use Ruby, or let’s say you know the movement heavy stuff is coming.

But you can currently stand still use Ruby first, then use Topaz an emerald once the movement begins. And further, Swift casts can be used for Ruby. As you may notice, I snuck it into the rotational image. As an average player, you may want to just take the slow cast time so you have resurrection in your back pocket.

But if you want to squeeze in as much damage as quick as you can, and as safely as you can, you can swift cast one of your Ruby ruins. Other than this, you just pick at random. If you think that this Lego is good now use it.

And the only other question I suspect you might have is why do we wait so long to use energy drain, as I mentioned earlier, open his plan around raid buffs. So we delayed just a little to get these under raid buff windows, which nobody has at this level, but later on they will. And finally, all of your skills are either AOE to begin with, or have AOE versions, you have an AoE version of ruin an AoE version of gem shine.

Your single target rotation is your AOE rotation just to place any single target versions of skills with AOE versions when you obtain them. Some like our AOE energy drain don’t come in for a very long time. But you otherwise just go from one to one. Now let’s do what is dubbed the karaoke opener.

I’m going to speak the names of the skills as I use them. If I ever sound like I’m tripping over myself or overlapping, that’s due to how quick you can be hitting the buttons to get your skills out. The skill needs will be spoken as they come out. Ruin either charge ruin energy drain ruin. fester ruin. fester ruin ruin ruin Topaz Lego gem shine gem shine gem shine gem shine emerald Lego gem shine, Gem shine, Gem shine, Gem shine Ruby Lego gem shine gem shine ruin until you can repeat. And again this basically covers the job for most of the leveling curve.

Let’s continue on and see how at level 24 Is the roll action lucid dreaming. Level 26 outburst 1.5 second cast time and costing 300 mana, this hits an enemy and all enemies within five yards of the initial target with a 100 potency of damage. This is our AOE or area of effect attack. If there are three or more enemies to fight, this is better than ruin 300 damage is more than 240 Obviously, anytime there’s a group, small or big, do this instead of ruin and let’s take a quick reminder about eighth a charge.

This increases outburst damage by 20 making it to 120 potency pardon me for the duration and even if outburst cut zero buffs from it. Three enemies it would still be better than ruin. Over level 26 precious brilliance. At the same time is getting outburst we get precious brilliance. This is the AOE version of gem shine.

Once again, you cannot use this on its own. It does nothing. However, let’s talk about the things that can become when you use a Legos. All of them cost 300 MP by the way, level 26 Ruby Topaz an emerald outburst. Starting with Ruby it has a 2.8 second cast time just like our gem shine version, and does 140 potency to the target and all enemies within five yards of the target.

Topaz is instant cast 110 points you within the five yards which is actually just straight better than outburst. Emerald is 70 potency with a very quick 1.5 Second recast and no cast time. Now instead of being stuck using ruin and gem shine, we use outpost and precious brilliant anytime there are three or more enemies.

Ruby is actually the strongest of these at the moment, doing 50 potency per second while the other two are in the mid 40s with Titan being the weakest. Overall you’re going to be using all three no matter what. But that power ranking could change how you order your Lego kit to later levels change the ranking anyway.

Level 30 Ruin mastery and ruin to simply put an upgrade to it when same cast times the amount of cost but now does 270 potency of damage not very exciting for a class quest kill but hey, it’s there. Also there and gained at the same time as ruin to level 30 Ruby ruin to Topaz ruined to an emerald ruin to these are just straight power boost to your gem shine skills will be has gone from 300 to 340 potency Topaz has gone from 240 to 270 potency and emerald has gone from 160 to 170 potency just power boosts enjoy them.

To obtain the summoner job you must first reach level 30 and complete the level 30 arcanist quests additionally, complete the main scenario quest self management, which is at level 20 In the story returned to the Guild and the quest should be there for you. Level 30 Ruby summoning mastery and summon Ifrit This is an upgrade to summon Ruby instead of summoning a cute Carbuncle you summon an ugly if for AG.

This does 500 potency of damage instead of 400. The button otherwise works the same. Add some flavor though. Level 35 Topaz summoning mastery and some and Titan. This is the exact same as our effort upgrade, but instead turning Topaz into a chicken nugget. Now it does 500 points to the target instead of 400. Level 40 maim and mend to second first same as the first. Now it’s a 30% boost damage.

You may actually notice this one because it’s an additive 20% and numbers are starting to get bigger at level 40. But overall again, you won’t really notice it. Enemies are getting stronger too. And it’s more of an intended buff within the first 50 levels. Level 40 Paying flayer This is our AOE use for aid to flow. Rather than using fester during AoE.

We want to be using pain flare. It does 150 potency to all enemies hit on two enemies it’s equal to fester on three or more way better. Stamina is pretty firmly a job you want to use AOE on three or more enemies on average. Otherwise, just remember to keep using energy drain on cooldown and spending the eighth flows at level 44 Or last row action sure cast level 45 And marold summoning mastery and summon Karuta are this is going to be really really weird. Summon Garuda is both an upgrade, and downgrade.

Summon Garuda is no longer a 400 potency hit twist and go enemy. It is a 100 potency hit to all enemies within five yards of the initial enemy. So in AOE situations, this is an improvement on bosses. This is a straight up downgrade to the point that it feels like an oversight when they were changing Seminare to the upgraded end Walker toolkit.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at level 50 and Kindle. So I say it’s an oversight. Well, every summon now does 600 potency of damage and is an aoe that does 60% less damage to every second or for the enemy, which is 240 potency per enemy. Even Garuda, all three of them do this. The difference is the shape of the AoE.

If it rushes up towards the target and does a five yawn cone in the direction of the target. Titan runs up to the enemy and does a five yard AoE around itself. Garuda shoots AOE at the target and all enemies within five yards of that target get hit. By far Garuda is the easiest one to use for AoE.

Since single target, it doesn’t really matter what the shape of the AOE is our Titan has a full circle, which means they have the most potential, but he always seems to use it early and not capture the full range of enemies he could if it just outright has the worst potential enemy count, but he seems to use it in better positions of which may actually put him above Titan.

Otherwise once again, just a potency boost the good AOE now and not just single target hits for a post level 50 note though, you may have noticed that my ag summons were always blue carbuncles. That is because if you return to the summoner guild, that is a small side quest to unlock pet glamour, which is extremely nice to have the superior summon always show up.

If you disagree that emerald is the best Summon, you need to get good. Scrub level 52 Energy siphon This is our AOE version of energy drain. It shares the same 62nd cooldown as energy drain and using either of the skills both will go on cooldown. Energy siphon itself, meanwhile, is a five year old AoE around a target.

It does 100 potency to every enemy hit meaning it’s better than energy drain on three or more enemies. Once again that three plus enemy count is further emphasized for AOE make sure to get this out every time you can and throw out some painful news as you can manage level 54 Ruin mastery to Andrew and three.

Ruin three is an upgrade that replaces version two, it does 300 potency per cast, just a potency boost level 54 Ruby Topaz an emerald ruin three. Once again just some straight power upgrades will be goes from 340 to 360 potency Topaz from 270 to 300 potency emerald up from 170 to 180 potency level 58 Eight the charge mastery and red worm trans Welcome to Tradeweb trans, as a charge has been given a much needed upgrade.

Dread whim trans still has a 62nd cooldown, but has a better effect than just upping your potencies dread whim trans changes ruin three an outburst into better skills for 15 seconds, level 58 astral impulse and astral flayer astral impulse costs 300 mana and does a massive 430 potency to a single target. Astral flare does 180 potency to all enemies within five yards of the original target.

In theory, these are truly just better versions of ruined three and Alpert’s much stronger. However, they’re also instant cast. This alone makes dread worm trans infinitely more smooth to use than a third charge. And yet it gets better level 60 Astro flow and death flayer astral flow is the same as Jim shine and pressures brilliant alone, it does nothing.

However, what happens when we go into dread Wim Trent, it becomes death flayer death flare has a 22nd cooldown, so you get one death flayer every time we go into dread worm Tran. It is an ability so you can weave it between your Astral impulses or Flayers. It does a 500 potency orbital laser strike on an enemy all enemies within five yards of it get hit with a 200 potency worth of damage as well.

So every time you go into dread Wim trance on top of spamming your ruin button, use one death layer and we can very easily fit it into our opener. So let’s actually do that or opening It is really the same as it always is just with an extra depth layer. So let’s go through fast. Free pool, seven carbuncle, ruin three.

Dread one trance, astral impulse, energy drain. Astral impulse, dust Slayer. fester. Astro impulse. fester. Astral impulse. Astro impulse, Astro impulse, pick a Lego spend the stacks, etc. And mafia stacks overwintering until you repeat. Obviously, if we’re going to be waiting for raid buffs for energy drains and festers, we’re going to put death flow where the party buffs will ideally all be active to and because astral impulse is an instant cast.

Unlike ruin, we can fit into abilities between spell cast. So we do and we do want to do this, especially when we get to our last few added skills. But first, let’s go through the karaoke open a quick ruin three. Dread to I’m trans, astral Mo, energy drain, astral impulse desk player, faster Astro impulse faster astral impulse, astral impulse, astral impulse. And then your Lego section hasn’t changed at all.

As I said, other than level 86 We kind of already know how to do the job. The added things we will get don’t change the flow of the open air at all. Level 62 enhanced energy siphon despite the name this also applies to energy drain using energy drain oil siphon will grant you an addition to the normal ether flow stacks a stack of further ruin.

We have only one use of further ruin. Level 62 Ruin for this cost 400 mana and is an instant cast AoE spell that is also worth it on single target. If you ever intend to ruin three, use ruin for instead. And same for outburst because this does 430 potency to our target and 172 potency to all enemies within five yards of the original target.

Whenever we use dread worm trance, we typically have some time available before the next one comes up. So instead of wasting that time on a ruin three, use for win four. Also be sure to use the ruin for at any point before your next energy drain or siphon. Don’t ignore how this is an instant cast either.

If during it if it phase you need movement, use ruin for then go back to your Ruby ruins. The when you use it is very flexible. Just don’t forget to use it entirely. Level 66 searing light this skill single handedly makes you want to use plates for Carbuncle. On a 122nd cooldown. This oil is Carbuncle to cast searing light, buffing everyone within 15 yards of carby by 3% power for a whopping 30 seconds.

Well 3% is really small. Consider you can buff your entire team for 30 seconds. That’s eight players in a full party, but a total of 24% for 30 seconds. Further anytime you should be using searing light. All your allies will normally be popping buffs to their multiplicative, making each added buff better than used individually.

Add in a 10% buff from this other person another 5% from another they add and multiply together pretty well. So while it’s very small, the length of time is one of the longest buffs in the game and makes everyone else have their buffs be stronger. Get this out every single time and ideally Aimia Carbuncle which, speaking of aiming pets have issues with taking commands while moving, it might delay the skill coming out.

Absolutely try and use place to make carby use the skill from a fixed position, especially for boss fights and trash poles. This isn’t something you can really do to well, so just pop it when the tank stops pulling more enemies. And remember what I told you for radiant ages if Carbuncle is not on the field, you cannot use it. Summoning egg is a temporarily removed Carbuncle from the field, meaning for those few seconds, no searing light.

Level 70 enhanced dread worm trance we’re already getting rid of dread warm trance for a summon Bahamas as a base. It is just dread Wim tramps, but additionally, Carbuncle becomes a demi Muhammad. Any attack after summoning Muhammad will lead him to use his own auto attack finally, level 70 Worm wave this is the auto attack It’s 150 potency and he uses it every 1.5 seconds, and he’ll attack four times per 600 potency total.

Well yes, it’s a 15 second Summon, he has an animation time before he’s finally summoned. By the time he is he’ll only have time for a few uses. But that isn’t all behind it does. Level 70 and Kindle behind it and och born in Kindle Muhammad, what is behind it to us ochman On a 22nd cooldown, which means you only get one use per summon Muhammad.

And if you thought depth layer was nice, arc Moines makes it look like a laser pointer. Oct. Moines does 30 to 100 potency of damage to the target and 520 potency to any additional enemies hit. That’s more damage than death flare does to the first enemy. Now remember, searing the light is only a 3% damage boost by unjust och mourn.

That’s an extra 36 potency does not adding in any other attacks. Any other buff your allies are giving you 1300 multiplied by multiple puffs makes this enormous more than it already is. And now let’s fit that in searing light into our opener, which basically, I’m not going to go over aside from the karaoke opener put off more than what you already had a death flare and move deathly aback to join the second fester.

We want to get Ockman out first if just because we want our big hits out as soon as possible in the ideal buff position is if we’re going to accidentally forget aka coin or death player and use it late make it death player get Ockman out as receiving late we want to use it absolutely as soon as possible. It has such a long timer and you can only use it while Carbuncle is available.

So the moment our first attack hit, hit saving light, then go right into dread worm transfer a bit of damage. We don’t want to delay any longer than that. And we definitely want to pre position Carbuncle because as I said, He does not like movement and using skills. Pre pull summon carbuncle, plays Carbuncle near the middle of the arena. Ruin three searing light, Dread web tracks. Astral input energy drain, astral Sampaloc mourn fester, astral impulse player faster.

Astro impulse, Astro impulse, Astro impulse pick a Lego etc etc. From there and don’t forget to use your ruin for somewhere. And now for several minutes of saying nothing new a value. Level 72 Ruin mastery three. Ruby, right? Topaz right? An emerald right? This does nothing to ruin. It changes your gem shine buttons. Rather than colored ruins.

We have rights and they are pretty big jumps in power. We’ll be right is for 20 potency Topaz right 320 potency and emerald right is to 20 potency, otherwise no changes to how they work. Level 74 outburst mastery outburst upgrades to try disaster and that includes your precious brilliance outbursts.

Try disaster is a 120 potency AOE Ruby disaster is 170 potency Topaz disaster is 130 potency, emerald disaster is 90 potency. That’s it that’s all it does. level at enhanced summon behind it and some in Phoenix.

So this doesn’t directly upgrade some in Bahamas, some in Bahamas will become some in Phoenix when it ends and shares the same call down Assam and Bahamas. From now on, you go back and forth for a full rotation of some in Bahamas, US Lagos some and Phoenix use Lagos repeat. But let’s actually talk about how Phoenix differs from Muhammad.

The differences begin immediately when you summon it. Upon spawning, Phoenix uses everlasting flight. This is a 21 second long he’ll overtime or hot divided by three and we get seven ticks of the heart. Each tick is 100 potency of healing for 700 Total potency and unlike physic, this scales off of intelligence, so it’s actually useful as a healer. Fountain of fire is the Phoenix version of Astro impulse, doing a slightly higher 520 potency of damage and brand of purgatory is our astral flare, doing 240 potency per enemy.

These make Phoenix slightly stronger than Muhammad. Scarlet Flame is the Phoenix version of the auto attack and Kindle Bahama it becomes in Kindle Phoenix and Kato Phoenix has Phoenix use revelation which is the same power as och mourn. Astral flow is not death flare or even a version of death flare in Instead we have rekindle which has three layers. Essentially, you want to put this always on the tank.

If you need the TLDR of this, when you press rekindle, if you’re looking at an enemy, it will apply to you. If you are targeting an ally, it will use rekindle on them. Firstly, hills 400 potency again interspaced so it actually does real healing.

Secondly, rekindle is placed on the ally for 30 seconds. If at any point within those 30 seconds the target falls below 75% HP rekindle will become undying flame for 15 second undying flame will heal the target for 200 potency per tick and total that is 1000 potency of healing on top of the 400 from the initial use of her Kindle.

That is a lot of healing. Anytime you can take the moment to put the candle on the tank, your healer and tank will be helped a lot. Just don’t forget to use fountain a fire or brand purgatory while you’re doing so. And hope that that healing is actually needed, which a lot of the time it isn’t needed. level at to outburst mastery to this upgrades your precious brilliance attacks once again to catastrophe level skills.

We’ll be catastrophe is 180 potency Topaz catastrophe is 140 potency and emerald catastrophe is 100 potency really just enjoyed the shiny graphics and slightly bigger hits of 84 ruined mastery for this is just more upgrades or when three is 310 potency Ruby right 430 Topaz right 330 and emerald rate to 30 That’s it moving on.

Level 86 Elemental Mastery. All right here we go. You have final real skill. Elemental Mastery is a final upgrade to astral impulse using summon Ifrit Titan or garota will grant additional effects. But how to use or access to these effects differs. Starting with Ephorate we have crimson cyclone and crimson striker crimson cyclone is a gap closer costing zero mana and has no cast time. But if a spell that rolls the GCB anywhere within 25 yards of the enemy, you will rush towards them and do a five Yom AoE around it.

This is big enough for you to reach the boss from anywhere in most arenas. The target gets hit with a 430 potency attack and all enemies around it 150 potency crimson cycle and then becomes crimson striker crimson striker has the same power and effects but is a melee attack. You must be within three arms of the enemy to use crimson strike.

If you walk away, you can’t use it and you must follow up crimson cyclone with Crimson strike. Because this is a combo if you try to use Ruby right after Cyclone you lose the strike. Use a normal ruin three or four lose the strike. So with some effort, you can use crimson cyclone first after the first Ruby right or after both Ruby rights but you must follow the cyclone with the striker. If you want to slam you must also jam.

Hey you what you’re going to do not gap close into an AoE I hope Titan gives us mountain buster. An ability not as felt like the Crimson skills that does 150 pounds to the first enemy and 45 proxy for every additional enemy using either Topaz right or Topaz catastrophe will turn astral flow into mountain buster.

So after every Topaz attack you even mountain buster. We’ll see this more in the opener. This is also why Titan is the Lego we use a first for open Israeli. However this is pretty poor AOE overall effort and Garuda are stronger for AOE with garota on top, I believe. Speaking of Garuda, she gives us Slipstream, this is a spell with a massive three second cast time and 3.5 seconds recast timer.

This does 430 points to the target and 150 poetry to all enemies around it within five yards. However, what this does different is it puts down a wind puddle. This is a dot that hits all enemies standing in it for 15 seconds for 30 potency in total. That’s an additional 150 potency per enemy.

That dA plus the normal 1.5 second cast time for your emerald catastrophes are why I believe this is the top summon for AOE but it may be it for overall. You can’t really go wrong between the two provided all of the enemies are properly positioned. Just make sure Titan is the last one for AOE which also slipstream can have some issues in some bosses.

If the boss moves around a lot Not from mechanics, or must be moved by the tank for dodging. It may be moved out of the slipstream puddle. Try and order your summons around this movement if you can. And now let’s talk about the opener or final opener.

Instead of going over a full cycle of trance and Lagos let’s just go over what typically is considered the opening window, which will be up through our Titan Lego window. Pre poll, summon carbuncle, place Carbuncle near the middle of the arena. Ruin three. Searing light, Dread whim trans. Astral impulse, energy drain. Astral impulse. Ock mourn.

fester. Astral impulse. Death playa. fester. Astro impulse astral impulse. Astral impulse summon Titan, Topaz right. Mountain buster. Topaz right. Mountain Buster, Topaz right. Mountain Buster, Topaz right. Mountain Buster, summon Garuda or if right?

Now again, time ends up being the best fit for single target on average. So we use that and other than what we already discussed previously. There’s no real optimizations or special notes to make here. We mentioned why searing like early why placing energy drain later for buffs.

Otherwise you’re just using the skills as you’re intended to on the most basic level. This is what I meant in the intro about it being a one button job and such. As long as you’re using the skills constantly. You can’t really do much wrong. And because of how someone who works for AOE your AOE rotation is exactly the same as single target.

Just swapping your Legos around. Let’s wining and such let’s do the karaoke opener. Ruined three. Setting light dread warm trance astral impulse energy drain. Astral impulse aka mourn fester ask astral impulse death layer fester Astro impulse Astro impulse Astro impulse so I’m in Titan. Topaz right mountain buster. Topaz right mountain busters. Topaz right mountain buster. Topaz right out and Buster summon Garuda or Ifrit.

Level 88 enhanced radiant Aegis. This turns radiant Aegis into a skill with charges you can now hold two charges. The moment you use one charge, it will begin to charge the next use. If you haven’t been using radiant II just like I told you to please be using it. This is so good for survival both solo and in parties. Level 90 and Kindle to some an effort to tighten to and Garuda to. Our final skill is a lot of flash.

For very small potency boosts. Our summons are upgraded and now summon the actual primals themselves. They come in to one big attack like normal and leave. But now they bigger and flashier they all do a 700 polti AOE on the target and all enemies within five yards take 280 potency of damage. So instead of the weird cone or being around Titan himself, it’s always on the target.

So yeah, our files go is just one final power boost and slightly less janky AoE. Enjoy that. Also a slash pet size all small. You’ll thank me later Thank you for watching this summary one to 90 leveling skills guide. Feel free to give feedback or ask questions on what might still be confusing to you. I’m always seeking to improve as should you don’t stop with this guide.

Even if I succeeded in helping you improve please leave a rating comment sub. Those really do help creators or even go follow my Patreon. Have fun India adventures across a or Xia and may the power of n ended Huxley waist Kia enemies.

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