Introduction Guide To Astrologian – FFXIV Endwalker

Introduction Guide To Astrologian - FFXIV Endwalker

Hey everyone, this is Mike and today is going to be the Introduction Guide to as theologian.

Introduction Guide To Astrologian – FFXIV Endwalker

So in this video, I’ll go over everything that you need to know to play as theologian at level 90. Let’s get started with our basic DPS tools. So for single target, we have malefic. Just like with all of the other healers, we get one of global cooldown after each cast, which will be useful because astral origin has one hell of a lot of global cooldowns.

To press, we also have a damage over time ability, which is going to be combust again, just apply this once every 30 seconds for AOE, we have gravity, and this needs a target to cost and just do some AoE damage. Just make sure that you use it on a target that is not going to die mid cast. for healing, we have benefited This is a single target heal.—buying-wotlk-gold

And this has a small chance to grant us a benefit to buff which will make it so that our benefit too is going to do guaranteed crit healing. But of course as soon as we unlock benefit to will just want to use benefit to instead as that is the stronger he’ll have to we also have a region that we can give this as an upfront heal and then also applies a region effect afterwards.

There’s an instant cost stability so you can use it on the fly for a week. We have Helios this is just a normal AOE heal. And this also has a short cast time. So again, just like with your DPS bills, you can use a global cooldown after this. And the same thing goes for aspects of Helios, which will not only do an AoE heal, but also apply a healing over time effect.

And this again is a short cast time, so you can move or use a of global cooldown after casting it. The last ability that is going to be interacting with our GCDs is going to be lightspeed. Whenever we use this, we reduce all of our cost times by two and a half seconds. And of course, the normal GCD and Final Fantasy is two and a half seconds.

So during this duration, all of your GCDs are going to be instant cast abilities with the exception of your resurrection ability, but you will be reducing the resurrection cast time by two and a half seconds. So it can be quite useful for that. So that does it for our normal GCD healing. But we still have one special one, this one is micro cosmos.

Whenever we use this, this will deal damage equal to that of a malefic. But it will deal damage in an AoE it does have some damage drop off but it’s still very good to use is basically going to be the same as if you were using your normal damaging GCDs. On top of that, we also get a little buff called Macro Cosmos as you can see right here, and during its duration, it is going to be storing 50% of the damage that we take.

And then at the end of its duration or when we reactivated manually by pressing the button again, we are going to be healed for 200 potency plus 50% of all of the damage that was absorbed by this buff. So in certain situations, this can be an incredibly strong AOE healing ability. p3 Savage is the best example of that where this literally turns into an AoE benediction.

Then for our global cooldowns we have essential dignity. This is a single target here that stacks up to two times it also becomes stronger the lower your target is all the way down to 30% of their maximum HP so it’s best to use when your tank is dropping a little bit low. Then for damage mitigation we have exultation This will reduce the targets damage taken by 10% for eight seconds, and it will also heal when this duration runs out.

So amazing to use on tank buster, just give it to them for some extra mitigation and then they get a heal once the buff runs out as well. Then staying with the damage reduction we have celestial intersection again this one has two charges. And this one will do a small heal as well as a play a shield on the target.

And the last at least we have synastry account showed us because I can’t put it on myself but this will put a buff on a party member. And whenever you use a single target healing GCD it is also going to be healing that party member for 40% of the healing that the original spell it but that’s not something that you’re going to be using all that often as it’s not that strong. Then another spell that will interact with our GCDs is neutral sect.

Whenever we activate this, we will boost our healing potency by 20%. And all of our region over time abilities are also going to be getting a shield on top of them. So that goes for our aspected benefit as well as our aspect of Helios so not only is the heal going to be stronger, the region over time effect is also going to be stronger and we also get a very strong shield on top of that.

So this is amazing. For scenarios where a lot of healing is needed or a lot of shielding can be needed as well. For some of those hard hitting read white a wheeze going back to our normal of global cooldown healing though we have celestial opposition.

This will do an instant cast heal and also apply a region overtime effect on your party. We have earthly star now this one is going to look gigantic because it quite literally is as you can see it goes all the way to over there on the beach, and this will just place down a star and then at the end of its duration which will be after 20 seconds.

If it is going to do an AoE heal as well as damage now, after 10 seconds, the star upgrades into a stronger star so you can reactivate it whenever you want. But it’s best to wait 10 seconds for the stars to grow bigger so that we’ll do more healing another global cooldown that gives us some defensive mitigation is collective unconscious. Whenever we use this, we put a big bubble around ourselves.

And this will do two things for us. So while the bubble is being held open, like I’m doing right now, everybody inside of the bubble takes reduced damage, but I can cancel this by moving or by using another global cooldown.

Also to note is that whenever you use this as a normal of global cooldown, so you don’t hold it for an extended period of time, you’ll still get about three to five seconds of this damage reductions. If you time it right, it can catch the damage reduction for for example, a raid by a week. On top of that, you’ll also be grounding a region over time effects to all of the people that are standing inside of the bubble.

And this one you do not need to hold the bubble open for you just press the bubble for one second and they get a 15 second region over time effect. Last one at least we also have horoscope whenever we use this we get a 10 second buff, after which we’ll get a tiny heal when it runs out. But if we decided to use Helios or aspected Helios during its duration, it will upgrade to a 32nd bath. After which we can of course use this whenever we want to if we just press the button again, and it will do twice the potency of the heel.

So if we only need a tiny heel, we just press this button and then just let it run out after those 10 seconds. But if we need a stronger heel, then we just use a Helios or an aspect that Helios the buffets. And then we can use the ability again somewhere during the next 30 seconds or of course, if it runs out, then it is also going to be applying that heal.

So that does it for the healing aspect of astral origin, a lot of low cooldown tools that we can use. last not least we have our cards and there are a couple of different things that interact with our cards and our party buffing because that’s mostly what we’re going to be doing with these first of all, is divination.

This is just an off global cooldown that we can press that increases the damage dealt by our party members for 15 seconds, so just use it when it comes off cooldown. For our cards, we have our cards gauge here in the middle of the screen on the left side is going to show the cards that we have drawn on the right side it is going to show our minor arcana which is a different spell.

And on top of the gauge, it is going to show our seals now because at the beginning of the video, I pulled a card and I played it, I got a seal on my seal gauge. So that’s why I already have one there. So if I press draw in, it’s going to draw a card for us I have an arrow right now.

There are six different cards in total, three of them are going to be buffing your DPS jobs more than you arranged. Three of them are going to be buffing your range jobs more than the melees so just play the card on the right job takes a little bit of practice to like memorize what the cards do, but it’s not that difficult once you get used to it.

Now on top of just giving different buffs like buffing the melee small or buffing the ranged more cards also have a seal as you can see on the top of the card and I’ll just redraw real quick as you can see this is a different seal. Now whenever we play the cards, this is going to be going into our seal gate.

As you can see, I have to now pull a third one trying to get a third seal I play it now our seal gauge is full. Now whenever a seal gauge is full, we get to use Astro dine which is disability right here. And this will do up to three things for us. If we have one unique seal on our three seals that we have, you will be generating mana.

Whenever we have two unique seals we will be generating mana as well as getting a tech speed buff. And when we have three unique seals, we get mana attack speed, as well as a damage and a healing buff on top of that. So we want to try to get multiple seals is possible. But we of course want to be playing cards for our team.

Because of course, we don’t do that much damage. It’s much better to play the right cards on a DPS for example than it is to play it on ourselves. Now every time that we draw a card, we also get to redraw it once in case we want to see if we can get a better card out of it. And then of course we also have minor arcana this is its own separate button.

And this will draw either a lord or a lady a lot will do any damage. Whereas a lady will be an AoE of global cooldown heal and we don’t get to choose which one of the two we get it’s purely RNG. So you just use what you get. And that brings us to our role actions. So lucid dreaming regenerates mana for us.

Sure cast will negate most knock back effects. Rescue will pull a party member towards us to save them from an AoE for example, Swift cast will make the next GCD that we use instant cast. repose will put a target to sleep but this is something that we barely never use, and then SNL will cleanse one detrimental effect again I’ll show a picture on the screen so that you can see which of the detrimental effects that you can escena and that is going to do it for the Introduction Guide to as theologians if there’s any more questions then feel free to Leave them in the comment section down below and other thinking back to you but for now, I want to thank you for watching. I want to thank my patrons for their support, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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