FF14 Rogue Beginners Guide

FF14 Rogue Beginners Guide

Hello there and welcome back to the channel and another episode of the soy pig series where we look into your basic toolkit a little 50 then we jump out of the field for some solo combat.

FF14 Rogue Beginners Guide

Lastly, jumping into a control group combat environment, to hopefully teach you a little bit more about your role, and how it handles in a group situation. Today, we’re going to be looking at Rogue, the first non starter class in the game, although it is classes are started by the community.

The reason for this is because you can’t pick it in the character creation stage. But you can pick it up quite early in the in the game level 10 If you start in limited limits, or level 15 If you start in one of the other cities due to limps of being an island, and you don’t unlock travel to the other cities, air travel, the other cities want to level 15 In the main story. However, if you start in Limsa once you’ve done your level 10 class quest that unlocks the ability to pick up all the other jobs.


So if you start an answer, you can grab a level 10 If you don’t start in them, sir, you can grab it at level 15 which doesn’t take too long to be fair, doesn’t take too long. Now rock is the fun class, I do enjoy playing a bit of rock and nit by extension ninja, which is what it turns into. Now they use daggers to slice and dice their enemies, there’s a little bit of self moves involved. I’ll get into that in the toolkit.

That being said, let’s jump straight in. Right guys. So at level one, you will start with spinning edge which delivers an attack with a potency of 230 and here’s your basic attack. Next up level two, you will get a buff called shape shift. Now what this does is this creates shadows that notify damage of the 20% of your maximum health points. It’s kind of like a defensive cool it is a defensive cooldown, quite handy especially early on especially in so long. That both lasts for 20 seconds and it has a two minute cooldown.


Next level for you will get your next weapon attack called gov slash. Now this delivers in the tabular form so you have 100 It will combo off spinning edge. So I’ll see you spinning edge then go smash for some extra combo potency.

And that combo potency is 340 Right guys, at level 10 You will get a move called Hide. Now what this does is it blend your blend you into the surroundings making it impossible for most enemies to detect you, but reducing your movement speed by 50%. It also has no effect on enemies that are 10 levels higher than your own.


So if an enemy has 10 levels higher than you, then they will still spot you. And also certain enemies which have a special site will also be able to spot you. You can’t use hide while you’re in combat. And if you use any action other than sprint, or if you reuse the hide move it will turn off your stealth status.

Now this one’s a bit strange because you can get use out of it and solo more when you reach level 18 You’ll get a move called Trick attack which you need to be hidden to use that only really happens in solo combat like solo when you just before you start a fight prior to that when we’re not when you’re in level 15 There’s very little use for it unless you want to sneak past enemies basically it’s a bit of a strange one I don’t think I’ve actually got it on my hotbar at all.


Don’t think it do it might be hidden well back somewhere. It’ll be somewhere on there maybe because I think I have all the skills on me hotbars would hide are very rarely used outside of messing around with stuff. Now at level 15 Your first class quest skill you will get a movie called throwing dagger.

Now what that is what the name suggests you will throw daggers at your enemy it delivers a range attack with a potency of 120 It’s handy for pulling enemies further away from a group if you don’t want to fight the group of enemies you can do a one away with it throwing daggers at an array to use it more as I’m running up to attack the enemy just to get their attention.


It’s a cool move to cool move it’s it’s kind of like the Lance’s Using talent, use it when he for a bit of variety every now and again. Next up your second level 15 class quest, because rocks get to flow 15 class quests. And that second skill is called Moke. Now what that does is is an off global cooldown ability, and that delivers an attack with a potency of 150. And it can be used every two minutes.

It has an additional effect, which is interesting to say the least. Which is that increases the chance of additional items being dropped by the target if Mogae is dealt just before or as the last finishing block.


So in theory, if you were forming enemies for materials, like skins and bits of ball and stuff like that, in theory, you can, if you finish them off with mug, you can get extra stuff from them. To be fair, it’s very rarely used for that reason. And the increased chance isn’t really enough to warrant using it all the time.

It’s nice. It’s nice to use, but it’s not like the be all end all it’s not the not the best. It’s just not the best. Right so that is the last of the normal class skills for level 15 Rock.
We’re going to jump straight into the raw skills now.


Now your role skills will be shared with Lancer and pugilist the other media DPS classes. And as always, our level eight you will get second wind, which is a nice self heal with a coupon so your 500 it will restore your own health and if you can recast it every two minutes.
At level 10 You will get access to next week, which is a stone which stones you target. You can recast it every 40 seconds, the duration is three seconds.

Now as I’ve mentioned in all the other ones you couldn’t really grasp the stones, stones have a diminishing returns. So the first time you use it, it will last for three seconds. Second time you use it, it will last for two seconds. Third time use it will ask for one second. And then the animal will come immune to stones for what believe it is one minute, then it will reset back to three seconds.


So as such, if you’re in a group combat, we’re very rarely used legs, we tend to leave it to the tanks unless there’s some very specific conditions where a DPS would use a stone instead of the tank. Either his two moves in quick succession where you can stun them both now the tank will use his stone then histone be on a 32nd cooldown.

42nd cooldown sorry. And then the DPS could stun the second move so that people didn’t have to dodge out of the airway. Very few situations like that. But that’s generally what the DPS stones for. Other than that you will probably your workout as you’re going through your workout when the best time to use it is.


So next up, the last rule skill for rock is at level 12 Which again is bloodbath. Now, what this does is this converts a portion of physical damage dealt into back into health points. Where every skill that you use every attack that you do damage with, you’ll get a portion of that back as each piece was a nice little self heal.

To classic camera could regenda Not really that both lasts for 20 seconds, and you can recast it every 90 seconds. So every minute and a half. And those are the raw skills for prorogue. Right so we’re going to run out into the field and we’re going to jump in at some sort of combat. See over there and right guys, we’ll meet out in the field.


Now before we go into combat itself. I am going to quickly show you what I does and you can work out yourself if you have a an area or something that you would want to use it in. It has its uses but few and far between So in front of us, we have these three our buzzers here. And obviously the ones further back, they are aggressive enemies noted by the red triangle next to the names as opposed to the doors over that way, which are all passive.

I’ll see you can walk through them no problem at all without them attacking you. And they won’t attack you unless you poke them. So these guys, we are going to walk through these if you if they do spot us the will attack. So if you want to get through this area without being attacked in golf, you got to make sure that they’re not 10 levels above you.


So in our case, it will be 26 any level any any enemies level 26 or above, we’ll see right through it right the way through our stealth. These ones are okay. So if you apply hide, you will turn invisible. And you’ll get the hidden buff. And now we can just walk straight way through the middle of them.

And unless you target them and poke them with yet little status or use in other weapons skill, they won’t spot you and you can walk right the way through them. Nice easy stuff. And you use sprint, then you will go back to up to 100% speed, but it’s your walking speed. And then when you’re in a safe spot, when you feel you’re safe, you can use hide again. And it will turn it off.

Now it has users like I said, not very useful in combat at all. Dungeon content not even worth it. Because as soon as combat starts it removes it. So you will get no benefit from hiding in group content. That’s basically that is hide has uses very niche though. Right. So on the main part of the combat. What I do is if I want to lower sales, see those two opposites are quite quite close to each other if I want to lower one of them away.


Because we don’t have any airways, you kind of want to do a one away from the pack, you would get in range and you would hit them with a throw and dagger, which will draw them across now let’s say pop shared shift and robust spam your combo you mean combo use milk when you can. Obviously Josh Haley’s gonna keep shapeshift up if you can, it’s always worthwhile. It helps you dodged a whole lot of attacks and you can fight a few more enemies. And lastly, just throw in a couple can always throw in a couple of throwing daggers should you want to. And same as the other nearly jobs.

If you’ve taken damage, you can pop bloodbath, or you can stop them and run away. Or you can use your bigger self care. But remember, it needs to be used wisely because it takes two minutes for it to get success. So soon run out right by saying that you can only use it every two minutes.


So use it, use it wisely. And try not to over pull. Now that’s basically it for sort of combat. So we aren’t going to go head off into the green group situation. And I’m sure catch you over there. I just died in six arms tonight. So sorry, I jumped into that. I helped with that feed because obviously the similar fate titles are obsolete.

What chefs kiss to the to the localization. Great, sorry. Or the group combat. Guys, so now we’re in good combat. You will see your tank will keep his attention. You want to get yourself in a position roughly behind him.


Now, like Lancet At this point in time, you don’t have any positions to worry about. So you can kind of stay apart. As long as you behind them you shouldn’t get hit by most of these attacks. Now, similar to the Lancer, pugilist, we don’t have any airway moves at the minute so we can’t hit all enemies at the same time.

So what you intend to do in this situation if you don’t have any,
you would attack the target that the tank is attacking, or you would team up with your other DPS and you will all attack the same enemy just to burn it down quicker if we’re all attacking this number A author number eight, if you’re all attacking this letter e, t and POC then it will go down a lot quicker rather than attacking multiple different enemies at the same time.

Next focus target on and lastly, this last guy, again, just get yourself in a nice position spam your go slash combo throw a couple of throwing daggers in it every now and again if you feel like it does the airways it shed shift if you feel you’re going to take some damage and move when it’s available just for that little bit of extra damage.


And that’s basically it for level 15 Rock nice easy stuff. Right guys, so that’s been our first look into the real class. Basic to begin with, still very fun. But like all the like I said in the comments part all the MIDI jobs kind of start off on on starting off very basic. And the added more mechanics and more abilities in as they go along.

And it gets slowly more complicated as you go along. As opposed to the mid classes which tend to start a little bit more complicated and then can stay level of the going along. Like either do easier in in even more complicated stuff. But they start a bit more complicated than the many jobs from personal experience.

Or in that is actually this is the last of the saw you picked beginner series. You’ve come a long way since we first started off, you’ll be a master of combat in no time I’m sure sure enough a showing off flexing, flexing your muscles kind of threw us off a little bit. So Ron, you’re doing absolutely amazing.

Hope everyone’s enjoyed this series. If you haven’t watched any of the ones feel free to they are all out there now. raagas as the last one. We’ll be jumping into trending what’s coming next I haven’t fully decided and I’m probably going to do one on retainers I need to do on the Grand Company. And then once we get those two out of the way, I’ll probably start on the intermediate.

So you picked series is where the the jobs first come in in the play around about the level 30 mark. So feel free to look forward to those ones. Thank you all for watching. Thank you all for the support on the series is been much appreciated.

If you have found this video useful, hit me up in the comment section you can contact us on social media links are all on the end card and down below in the comment in the description. If you’re new here, feel free to stick around come check out some of the stuff we’ve got going on. We would love to have you here.

If you’re not new here, thank you again for the support is much appreciated. And you all know what’s coming. Please like share, comment, subscribe and all that jazz. And as always. We will see you on the flipside. Bye bye.

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