How to Farm Gold: Make gold The Most Efficient Way 3.3.5 WOTLK Infinite Gold Farm

dd3 - How to Farm Gold - Make gold Efficient 3.3.5 WOTLK Infinite Gold farm

Watch this video to learn how to farm gold & make gold the most efficient way for 3.3.5 (WOTLK Infinite gold farm):

How to Farm Gold: Make gold The Most Efficient Way 3.3.5 WOTLK Infinite Gold Farm

All right, welcome back, everybody to a brand new fish roe video. I’m here to help you. I’m here to teach you. But most importantly, I’m here to get you rich and wow. So there’s a ton of ways to make gold. But in this video I will explain how to make gold at the most efficient rates. First off, let’s discuss professions and how they work without any regards to rating, and your needs for rating such as engineering blacksmithing, or Jewelcrafting. So that means that we’re not going to worry about how you need engineering for your 340 haze gloves on your burst damage or whatnot. Who cares about all that we’re not discussing that you can have your main character outside of this discussion. Alchemy is the most effective profession to have on any of your old characters. For the sheer fact that you can simply transmute Tresh gems with a single eternal into a quite expensive, epic gem. And you can do this over and over every single day on a 20 hour cooldown.

As for gathering professions, these include mining herbalism, skinning, and fishing, which is a secondary gathering profession, it’s not as effective doesn’t make that much money. But it’s still a gathering profession. And you can still make quite a lot of money if nobody’s actually fishing on the server. So that means that people don’t have fish fees, they might spend 500 gold on us stack of fish feast. But if there’s 1000 People farming fish, it’s not very effective. Now onwards to mining and herbalism. These are the most effective professions to have on the same character. Because you can swap between searching for herbs and searching for minerals.

You can do this by using a macro that automatically changes herbalism fine minerals to find herbs to find minerals to find herbs in yada yada yada, you can do this automatically by having the macro be a toggle macro. That means you click at once and it’ll continue running a script that will continue changing the thing that you needed to do. And I can post this macro in the comments if anybody is interested. You can also set yourself to fly automatically by hitting your num number lock key. Then you just hit backpedal and then you hit your number lock key again, this is this makes for very relaxing farming where you don’t have to change between your two professions.

Why Use Death Knight To Efficiently Farm Gold in WOTLK Classic?

And you can look for herbs, you can look for minerals, you can look for herbs again and then minerals. So as you’re flying, you’re flying automatically in a straight line. You see minerals and herbs popping up on your map, all you got to do is hover over it, then you can fly to it if it’s something you want. and whatnot. Now I need to discuss a few other things you are not allowed. And if you this is only if you want to do things efficiently if you want to make good money, you can farm however you want, you can do whatever you want. But if you want to farm effectively, you are not allowed to use any of the characters outside of these three characters, Death Knights, Paladins and Druids.

Why Death Knights because death knights have the ability to use on a pale horse. This talent gives you 20% Extra mouths speed, you can fly 20% faster on your mouths, that means 280% flying speed becomes 334 belief 310% flying speed becomes 372% flying speed. That means that you’re flying extremely fast and almost twice or almost one and a half times the speed of a regular person flying. So it’s really fast. It’s all I can explain Paladins obviously because they have the Crusader our room that gives you the 20% Boost without any problems. You don’t have to worry about talents, Death Knights, you kind of have to make that secondary talent spec to include it. So maybe you’re a PvP death knight or something.

But if you want effective farming, you need that talent. It’s absolutely fundamentally impossible to make really, really good gold without that talent, because it’s pretty much ruining your ability to jump from node to node to node to node and then Drudes Druids are not really the most effective farming class but they are quite effective because they can form icecrown they can fly between mobs. They can harvest herbs while flying they don’t have to dismount and rebound dismount and remount but they do have to dismount when it comes to flying to titanium node or saronite node or any minerals or whatnot when you’re using blacksmithing so there’s that and then you can also use Paladin or Death Knight I highly recommend Paladin but if you don’t want to play Paladin you could do it on a Death Knight.

You get hit level 55 Get your depth night up, which is your secondary character that’s just going to be for farming, you get your depth night real quick to like level 70 Level 80 Get them up a little bit, get them some like pathetic gear and then you get herbalism and mining and just start flying around and farming with them. That’s an effective way of building a farming character. So you just get the macro activated fly automatically, you have both your professions maxed out and and you’re just looking for herbs and minerals over and over and over. It’s cool, it works, it’s fine. So after that, now we know what classes we should be playing to farm. We know what professions we should be using.

Now we go to where we should be farming, we should be farming in either icecrown or winter grass do the rotation that I’m doing in Wintergrasp. Right here in the video. As you can see, in the gameplay footage that I’m showing you right here, you can see the rotation, I’m farming gold all all around the edges, because that’s where all the minerals are the herbs not so much you can do like a close, like closer to the middle area type thing for the herbs. But it’s also a really effective thing for herbalism as well.

So, on this path, if you have both professions, you will find herbs and minerals at the same time, you’ll make a ton of money. If you have one profession or the other, you’re not going to be making as much money as you think you could. Because simply put, if you have herbalism and mining, you can simply farm only titanium, only Lich blooms. Only rich saronite nodes, I mean, you can also find the saronite nodes get rid of them because I need to explain another thing. So nodes, let’s explain this real quick. If you farm titanium, it’s going to respond it might respond as saronite or it might respond as titanium. If there’s only saronite on the map and you keep flying around and there’s only saronite on the map, that means that there’s never going to be titanium until somebody else comes and flies and hits that title or saronite node.

So if you’re not farming the saronite on the map, then you’ll never get the titanium that you’re looking for. So only going for ledge balloons and titanium is only effective. And I repeat, this is only effective if you have slow flying players that have 150% flying speed, who are very slow, they’re not Paladins they got no speed ups. And they’re just extremely slow. And they’re trying to find whatever minerals, whatever herbs they can find. They start grabbing all the Ice Thorns, all the serenades and stuff, and they pick up all your dirt pretty much you can do that. That’s okay. Why because they’re peasants, your God, you’re flying it like 350% flying speed, and they’re flying out 150 presents, what flying speed, you’re almost 332 and a half times their speed. So you can just fly past them and take all the good shit and leave.

And they’ll be fine with that why because they’re broke is shit, they don’t have money for good flying. They don’t deserve all the good shit. But the guys who have epic flying, if you see a lot of them flying around taking your stuff and taking the nodes, and they are also doing the thing where they only take the good shit, then if you take all the good shit, there’s never going to be any good shit. So you need to balance it out and, and figure out a way where you can find out, do I want to take this cheap node and maybe risk the next node? Or am I okay with just sitting there and skipping this one and moving to the next node. So that’s how you farm effectively there.

So pretty much at this point, I think I’ve covered all the tracks you need to make a paladin or Death Knight, you need to get on a pale horse if you’re making a Death Knight. And you need to get to under an 80% flying speed with herbalism and enchant are not intent herbalism and mining. So you can use a macro or you just change it yourself with a different macro that you make. And you just look between the two things and you keep looking because as you can see in this video, I’m going to just look at the videos full screen and on my screen so I can take a look. We have a little bloom right here. Okay, we’re gonna move to the next spot. Okay, what’s next? Right here? There’s probably another Lindblom Yep, look at that too. Let’s bloom back to back. We got to Sarah and I know to saronite nodes.

Okay, I don’t want any of that crap. So right there. I got four LEDs bloom three crystallized life that’s like 40 gold with an extra like four gold per chrysalises life, which means it’s like 52 Gold, right there. Right here, I got to stun him. And then I’m going to hit the node and I’m going to farm The titanium in case some douchebag comes by and tries to take it. Now I got a titanium node boom to titanium or how much is that worth? That’s like almost 20 gold right there. The water is probably worth it a decent amount so yeah 20 gold right there. Just from that note alone, I just think, okay 20 Gold easy peasy, wash my hands fly away. This is where the 3k gear score character.

So all the all the fighting is going to take me a while I’m also in tank spec. So that’s that’s why this takes forever when I’m fighting mobs and whatnot. But I can assure you that if you get into a fight with a mob, or you need to kill a basic mob, that you can pretty much one shot him with 6k gear score or whatever gear score you are. So look at this, I farm rich saronite nodes, these are great. Look what you get, you get seven saronite or that’s a bad node. Okay, so once you hit the saronite nodes, and they give you seven or that’s just unlucky, you can usually get like six, six, eternal shadow not eternal shadow crystallized shadow six, crystallized shadow five crystallized Earth and a whole bunch of stuff along with the what’s what’s it called?

The saronite order Yeah. So after you do all that you got all the shit in your inventory, you you need to make sure you’re constantly combining your crystallize things. So I recommend a macro as you can see on the third third action bar right here, I have the I call I don’t know what I call it I just I have a macro that uses all of them. So it’s like you you click on it and it’s a slash use thing see look three more allege Bloom to crystallize life that’s like 40 gold right there. So I have this macro right there. It uses all of them together.

And so it uses crystal eyeshadow Earth life air whatever and and it just you have one hit button it uses all of them or at least it attempts to try and if it’s not in your inventory, it won’t use it it’ll just give you an error but you’ll still be able to use it and you’ll still get money from it. So or not money you’ll get a you’ll you’ll combine all of them that you do have right so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have it but if you do have it it will combine it so there you go it stacks it all up in the same spots in your inventory. So you don’t even need to clean out inventory you just keep flying farm flying farm flying farm flying farm and so that’s what I do I use macro I use that I use a macro to change my shit I use a macro to combine my shit I use a macro to to take his shit no I’m just kidding. Yeah, so macro to combine macro to change.

And then you could just set auto fly on. And you can continuously fly around the map without any problems. And there you have it, you have extremely fast flying character with easily combined Eternals easily combined are easily swapping professions and you just keep swapping between it. This also works for any other expansion where you replace the the thing that you’re farming. So you farm the good herbs or the bad herbs you just fly around every other expansion. Here you can see this footage of Wrath of lich king but this also works for Cataclysm Burning Crusade classic and whatnot like this is the coop dig it out. This is how you make money you get the fastest moving mount that you can possibly get, you get the best combination of two professions which is mining and herbalism.

And you just keep looking for as much as much nodes as you can, especially the most valuable ones because if you’re farming trash nodes and people are getting all the good ones, you’re never gonna make any any good money. But if you’re farming all the good ones and you have both professions, you have the ability and luxury to wait for a good node because why you find one titanium node every two minutes and you find two let’s bloom every two minutes. That’s totally fine. Why because you’re finding one Lich bloom every 45 seconds, one titanium node every, every minute and a half, two minutes and you’re finding that second Lich limb.

So you’re going to titanium node, Ledge bloom titanium ledge, boom titanium ledge bloom and you’re constantly hitting all the good shit. But if you only have one profession or the other, you don’t have the luxury you have to farm the serenades to get rid of them off the map. So that’s why I recommend both professions. At this point, I only have five minutes left in the video, there’s raw gameplay. I don’t know what I should do with it, but I think I should just cover like what I plan on doing with the YouTube channel so you guys can be informed and how I’m going to upload everything. So at this point I’m going to be uploading weekly I hope, I’m going to try my absolute fucking best to upload every single week.

I’m going to upload probably like on Fridays every week, a brand new video. Even if I have like six videos lined up, I’m going to upload only one video every week, just keep consistent schedule. And to make it where if I am lazy in and take forever. I’m not like abandoning you guys and leaving you guys out like wondering what the hell’s going on with my channel? Did I die or something. So I’ll be uploading every week and letting you guys letting you guys know that I’m alive and shit. And making interesting videos for you guys that you guys can use to further progress your characters and whatnot. Many of the old videos I have are very good videos for information, but they’re terrible videos, in terms of cutting the video out of trash things that I should be doing. They saw like I don’t use any edits.

I don’t cut out raw footage that doesn’t need to be used. I don’t I don’t do voiceovers, I don’t do anything. I don’t have a script at the beginning of video, like I had for this video. I started rambling on and it’s it’s terrible. So, I mean, you can get a lot of good information out of my older videos, but you’ll have to really watch them and you got to like enjoy hearing me speak and shit. So yeah, you can you can look over those old videos and see what you guys like and what you what you think I should make a new video of to replace them because I tried to cover a lot of shit. And I know for a fact that it did work, because people have watched them.

Butthere’s a lot of complaints of a light, like long video times, like 60 minute long videos and whatnot. Like, it’s just unacceptable. This video is already like 19 minutes long. And I’m 17 minutes in and it’s like I’m done talking at this point. So yeah, I’m planning on bringing back old videos by fixing them up editing them and not using the old footage but bringing in new videos for specific purposes that I already covered in the past. Like Ruby sanctum. I’m planning on covering. Oh, that’s dirty Damn. So do I get it? I think I get it. I’m not quite sure. I’m sorry. This is quite interesting. I think I’d die here. Yeah, probably die here.

Yeah, or maybe he lets me have it. That was an interesting fight. I barely even remember this situation. But um, yeah, so I’ll be covering the old stuff that I did cover, but I’ll be doing it in a much more effective and good way. I will be seeing what the viewers want what you guys want to see if you’re interested in learning how to how to do this or this or this or what you need to do here, here here. Or if you just want to see me killed the Lich King and shit. I’ll be doing that as well. I have videos covering the Lich King kills. I have videos covering how to how to play specific classes and specs and whatnot. I’ll have builds and guides on what you need to what you need to do and whatnot but yeah, so yeah, there we go.

That’s, that’s what I’m going to be doing. I’m gonna be uploading every week making new videos covering old content covering new content, making new ideas. I was thinking about making like politics videos and shit on the side maybe making a new video YouTube channel or something for that. But yeah, that’s it. Thank you all for watching. I appreciate all the love and support that I’ve gotten so far. Thank you all to loiter on and icecrown community Yeah, if you could just drop a like sub whatever I mean, I don’t care if you if you enjoy the channel. continue supporting me but if you don’t enjoy the channel, if something’s bothering you or it’s off, then just post a comment. Let me know what I can improve. And let’s fix it all up. Thanks and as always have a great day. Don’t forget to smile. Bye

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