What Really Is The Fastest Way To Level in Classic WOTLK?

dd5 - What really is the fastest way to level in Classic WOTLK

Watch the video to learn what really is the fastest way to level in Classic WOTLK:

What Really Is The Fastest Way To Level in Classic WOTLK?


One thing on most people’s mind is how long is it going to take to get from 70 to 80 in WOTLK Classic. And the reason it’s on people’s minds is because not everyone is a loser like me or not really loser, but you know, don’t go out and do a real man’s job anymore. And you probably need to book some time off work and you want to make sure you book enough time off work to get to level 80. But not only that, get your reputations done get pre raid best. And probably before you go back to work, you’re going to want to get at least one raid done surely. So I’ve been digging around and my trusty source and gadget has come through again but that’s not what we’re going to look at before we start looking at this data from back in the day it is worth bearing in mind that yes, we are probably better and faster at leveling now than ever, they wouldn’t have had things like rested XP which just walks you through every single quest which by the way, the pre orders for Rafa starting soon if they ain’t started already.

Link in the description, but not just that the sheer amount of time people have spent on private servers or even their own raft servers just getting ready, stacking up quest ready for 71 which by the way, isn’t a new thing. And I will be doing a video on that as well. But that’s something else. But stacking up quests. I even done that back in original TVC ready for wrath but there still was people that done it very fast back then. And this is going to be looking at just your average player. I would say we can start if you want with the interview from nem on MMO champion from back in the day, which was actually the world first level at who achieved it in 27 hours. So that’s less than three hours per level, which really is going some but for a brief idea on how we actually achieved Well First Level II MMO champion asked him you reach the max level 27 hours after the European servers went online.

That’s pretty fast. Even if you spend all your time leveling. Could you tell us how you achieved it. Nem said the idea first came up when I saw this post from Jenks, the idea looked nice and I decided to run a few tests on the beta servers. It took around three hours to level from 78 to 79. And considering the is one of the longest levels it seemed good enough to use this strategy to power level at release. The biggest problem was to find a spot with enough monsters to grind without too much downtime. I spent some time on the beta servers and eventually found the cripton Drac eg Drac eg track eg ruins in grizzly hills. I think that’s the one and only place in Wrath of the Lich King, where monsters report in about 30 seconds.

Mobs here are also neutral and it makes grinding a little safer. I also had to optimize my downtime and decided to level with a healer outside of the party, however long was nice enough to spend the last 27 hours healing me without taking any XP. And he obviously played a huge role in the process. It then went on to talk about a theme who was going to be the world first level at but even after question in GMs to make sure what they was about to do was okay, they still got banned at level 79. And what they were basically doing was mob tagging in instances which that’s a popular way on private servers to level because it’s still in the game. You can’t even do it in classic now. So for those of you that have not played on any private servers because they’re naughty, what you’ll actually do is you’ll have somebody run through like a Paladin, for example, run through with no reflection, damage, reflection or anything like that on pull all of the mobs take them all back to the beginning, leave the group, the mage or whatever you’re boosting, we’ll do one AOE and everything and get the tag on all the mobs and then the paladin will kill all the mobs.

So the person outside of the party who tagged them all gets full XP, and you can do that from like level 1015 Whatever because you can use dynamite as well. That works so but obviously you’re not gonna be able to do that. And Raph I just want to put a bit of context behind how our theme was going to be the well first level at within about 13 hours. That’s quick, but I would say for the average person either doing dungeon farming or doing questing, you’re looking at four hours a level minimum, quite honestly and I’m talking not speed leveling, just running around enjoying yourself doing your quests, a decent pace, maybe even a bit of competition for hours is going to be very faster level.

So that’s 40 hours to get from 70 to 80 It isn’t quick, most people is probably going to take 60 or 70 hours those that are questing and mixing in some pug runs in dungeons, maybe doing a bit of professions as I say just enjoy it don’t rush the absolute quickest way and I would argue with anybody is actually what the wallop nymphs done because I’ve been doing lots and lots of testing deciding on exactly how I’m going to get to 80 an hour in the world grinding if you can find good enough zones which I do know some and I’m going to share them with members only but that’s it so if you’re not a member join as a member actually 76 to 80 I’ve already got on there if you plan on Mirage raceway though which is where I am do not join as a member but I am going to give some insight to members only on exactly what my route is going to be but it’s not something I’m going to publish publicly because well I’m not an idiot Contrary to popular belief now I put a video out about mage boost in in Utah keep which you can go and check that video out i’ll put a link in the description below I will recommend anyone watching it even if you’re not planning on playing a mage because I will show you in that video that I can solo you guard Kate as a level seven e mage in full btw slash sunwell gear in fact I don’t think I had any sunwell gear it was just btw amount hydrogel and it was comfortable.

I was averaging getting about a quests worth of XP every two to two and a half minutes the only thing that will limit you as a mage solo in ukar KBut level 70 or even 68? Maybe is the lockouts because there’s not that many mobs and that’s the thing when it comes to AOE grinding in dungeons. Now, there isn’t the mob density that there is in classic or in TBC. There’s so much smaller, there’s so much more compact, so many mixtures of mobs being cast as being melee being ranged. Having pets being immune to stuns. There’s lots of varied mob types that I do think solo in dungeons as a mage, the options are fairly limited, but absolutely possible and very lucrative XP wise in terms of farming as a group, I actually did watch an amazing video by stay safe. And I’ll put a link to his video in the description as well talking about the amount of XP that you’ll get doing dungeons versus the amount that you’ll get doing quests. And he’s absolutely right on even a medium populated realm where there is going to be a lot of mob competition because you got to remember those first two zones, how informed and Bari and Sandra Day are not that big.

And we’re going to be squeezing an entire server into those two zones. Across all servers there is going to be competition for quests by even saying that the amount of quest XP you’ll get and from the mob kills their self. If you’ve got free rein to actually go out and quest you will level faster from questing than in dungeons. And trust me this is tried and tested. This is not me guessing values or anything like that. I’ve literally done 70 to 72 in a four or five man dungeon group. And I’ve done 70 to 72 question, but there weren’t that much competition in terms of quest in few people running around, nothing like what we’re going to see on classic. So I do take that into consideration with what I’m saying. And taking all of that on board, I would say the quickest way to level is obviously getting some preparation in now and having a full quest log and items that start quests and stuff like that to get either to 71 or as close to 71 as possible, but having an area where you’re going to go and grind because like I say mob grinding number one, it’s the fastest number two quests uncontested number three dungeon farming, number four quests with contests basically, and that’s in your Do you want to do those things.

So what I would do personally is either know somewhere where to go and grind as soon as you get to Northrend where no one else is going to go. Which would mean going straight into Dragonblight. Straight into grizzly hills, going to a specific area that you’ve pre planned in advance, you head straight there, and you mob grind for one to two levels, then go back and do howling Ford and Borean Tundra, once most people have moved on, but you gotta remember, depending on launch time, wherever you are, you know, if you give it eight to 10 hours, those those first zones are going to start to quiet down, they’re not gonna be dead, they’re not gonna be dead for weeks, but they will go up and down. So you can go backwards to get behind the curve rather than ahead of the curve.

That’s an option or follow like stay safe video, where you do get a dungeon group together, you go and smash loads of dungeons, and then you get behind the curve again. So once you get to a point where you’re like, I’ve got two or three levels from dungeons on board now, because you will get bored. You know, if you’ve done it in TBC, you know, running that same dungeon over and over and over and over again, it’s very, very boring. So there might get to a point where you’re like, well, I’ll do three or four levels in dungeons with the boys, then I’ll back out and go and quest and maybe go back to the first zones now there quietening down and then catch up. That would be my recommendation. As I say my full plan is going to be on YouTube members anyway. So anyway, but let’s have a look at the data. So this is probably what you’re here for when actually it’s not hopefully here for me.

Is there any better way to level in Classic WOTLK?

So to fit the nature of the study, the sample of 3000 users was limited to people who had a level 70 character at the expansions launch had picked up the expansion within 10 days of launch, and did not take on the new death night classes their main the picture above shows one of the results in pie charts from gamer DNA study from the sample, the biggest group 44% took between 16 and 30 days to reach level 80. That’s real days, that’s not splashpad Wait, so they might only be playing for like four hours a day or something.

But quite a large percentage 18% managed to finish up their level in in just five to 15 days only a very small group sample 2% took longer than 60 days. Interestingly further pie chart showed that there wasn’t one particular class that was favored in the race to a In fact, in the quickest group where you’d expect the class to matter more, the class makeup was probably at its most even across the board. So you can say most people are going to sit between that five and 15 day, you know, it’s going to be somewhere around there.

And as I say, you’ve got to realistically expect to be sort of leveling pretty hard for 40 to let’s say 40 to 48 hours realistically for most people, so I’m hoping to have it done in three days. That’s what that’s what my plan is. I want to have it done in three days. But that is without I’m not doing 24 hour streams or anything like that. I’ll probably play like 16 hours a day, maybe 18. And I’d like to do it in two to three days. I say three but I really am aiming for two but at least if I say three US can’t all go how you failed if I don’t do it into which I really want to do it in I want to basically only sleep once before getting to level 80 And I really think I will I’m pretty sure I’ll manage it in the test.

I’ve done where it’s not on live servers I can do seven e to e in about 29 hours that’s not as good as the world first well first you know done it in 27 but he did have a healer behind him I’ve done it without a healer but this time on classic I am going to have my level 70 Paladin following me blessing me healing me being ready to lay on hands me whatever you know getting a group quick are we setting all macros up and everything so it all works perfectly.

No, I’m not going to be multiboxing I’m not going to be using software but it will be set up perfectly to make it really easy for me to be able to quickly hill which I’ll probably use the stream deck like I’ve done in the video I’m going to just fill up the description with videos because that’s a really good video if you want to multibox Lee legally like that.

That’s how I’m going to be doing it with two PCs and a stream deck to control the Paladin. But anyway, that’s something else. I hope you enjoyed the video I know it’s a BIT RAMBLY a lot of information to take in a lot of speculation. I’ve got no real numbers fear all I can do is tell you what I’ve been testing which I have so like subscribe, why don’t we say next roll the outro there’s lots of ways you can support the channel to keep me here putting out what a Warcraft content and covering all future MMOs consider joining the channel was a member you get access to emotes everyone will know you remember when you comment on future videos because you get a nice icon next to your name and you get access to members only videos which I’ll be putting a lot of on the channel throughout the year.

Additionally, there’s a gold link in the description as well. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and I’ll see you on the next one.

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