Tons of Gold in WOTLK? Secret Sunwell Plateau Wow Gold Farm.

dd6 - Secret Sunwell Plateau Wow Gold Farm

Learn the secrets of gold farming in the TBC Classic Phase 5 – Sunwell Plateau:

Is this the best way to farm gold in the Sunwell Plateau TBC Classic Phase 5?

This post is very similar to the one from WOTLK about preparing for the expansion in phase 5. In this video we’ll be looking at a secret method to find the right instance Sunwell Plateau for rare and weird items with 10s of 1000s of girls. Crucially, we’ll look at a technique to farm trash endlessly without worrying about instance lockout, which has never been revealed before. To get here, go to your function capital portal room and take the portal to shut wrath. And then there’ll be another portal on your right or left depending on your faction, which will push you to the aisle of keldon. US then go short distance south from the landing point, and you should be right outside the instance. Now first, we’re going to cover the basics because it is a raid. If you kill any of the bosses the trash proceeding the bosses does not respond.

So the traditional basic method for farming the Sunwell is to just gather up all the trash before the first boss kill loot, leave the instance reset it and then repeat. This method works pretty well to this day. One thing I have not seen covered is how to exit the dungeon once you’ve cleared the trash, and by far the fastest and easiest way to do that is to use a cooking fire and pinch whistle nitro fuel and set fire to yourself which kills your character and immediately returns them back to the entrance of the dungeon.

The nitro fuel can be purchased from the faction specific in in warspear or stopped shield. Now in 2019, it is pretty easy to hit instance lockout doing this in as little as 20 minutes. However, there’s ways to farm some well for the full hour. And for some classes this is even faster than a traditional method. To show you how the mechanics of this work, first kill the two Trash Packs near the entrance. There’s full subsequent packs of trash around each of them patrols sublight scouts. Now I can’t emphasize this strongly enough, you must never kill the scouts. And that’s actually a lot harder than it sounds. Now each time you attack the pack of trash, the scout will attempt to activate a sun blade protector.

That’s the big green guy there. If you can then get out of combat somehow, the whole park will respond as long as you didn’t kill the scout. Now this method is best used by hunters, as a hunter can just find death repeatedly and kill the same pack. Your farming speed is only limited by the cooldown on feign death. And even then, there are other items and abilities which will allow you to improve on that even further. For other classes getting out of combat isn’t quite so easy. So it is better to use the following method. Kill all the sun blade protectors. You don’t have to do this but it just makes it a lot easier to see what is going on. You’ll only have to do this once per lockout as the protectors don’t respond. You will also want to kill the pack of some blade NPCs that patrols up and down they tend to get in the way the worst possible moments.

Then you can kill each Trash Pack, which will aggro each sunblind Scout Be very careful not to kill the scouts. Once you have killed all the trash bags, you can either run to the start of the instance and leave which will reset all the trash or if you have an ability which will get you out of combat which is non cooldown. You can use that here. Notice how I’m using double shimmer here. The reason for that is that the mobs have true sight so if you still in melee range when you attempt to leave combat, you’ll be returned to combat immediately. So use any movement abilities you have which can put distance between you and the scouts beforehand. Now why are we doing this and how do we put From all this stuff, it’s all about these rare and valuable crafting recipes like the one I’m showing here, and beautiful old weapons and armor. If it sells for the market average, then that will be worth three hours of raw gold farming. It is very satisfying when something like this sells your patients really pays off in the long term care to think of it that’s pretty much true of everything. Now, I must add these things do not sell that fast, you are generally looking at weeks rather than days for individual items to sell, you will need to download and add on like tradeskill manager or auctioneer so that it only takes a second to post each individual item at an appropriate price. Don’t try and do it manually, that’s not time efficient at all.

Now I should add here that a lot of gems dropped from the submount trash, which aren’t worth that much. But when khutbah jewel crafter they can sell for 500 gold or more. These gems are great for time walking purposes, which is the fastest way to level up at the moment. The value of the items that you’ll farm in this dungeon using this method is well over 60,000 gold per probably 100,000 If you take into consideration the very rare drops that you’ll get occasionally. That said I’m not a fan of using item value as a yardstick for profitability because of the great difficulty in selling all of your items in a reasonable timeframe. Now there’s another hidden benefit to running this type of farm. And that’s when scanning the auction house you start to notice things that you wouldn’t otherwise for example, this item van and Aussies Longbow is posted massively below its market value. So there’s a great opportunity to move in here, buy the item and resell it at higher price.

Now just as I was finishing this video, I ran through the dungeon and between fell missed and the aridol sisters, there’s a trash back, which you can force respond in the same way as you can with the mobs near the entrance. Now there are only five of these mobs, where they dropped much better loot than the ones near the entrance particularly the shadow sword commander who has five to 10 times more likelihood of dropping certain very lucrative recipes. However, I could not find a time efficient way of resetting combat with these mops Hunter feign death doesn’t work. So I’m gonna leave this one as a possibility for those of you who like figuring out your own methods. You might want to experiment for example, with demonic circle or monk transference using that to coerce or force pathing errors. Now I should add I have a great deal of this type of secret farming method on my patron with numerous detailed optimizations, allowing you to instantly respond trash in multiple different dungeons and rates, allowing you to farm many items much more quickly than even some of the most skilled golfers out there.

How about having 150000 Gold in WOTLK on launch?

I’m really working hard at cracking every dungeon and raid in the game, and patrons have also been chipping in with their own brilliant methods. It has been a really exciting time. For example, recently I posted a method which will allow you to find a vanilla dungeon for a rare item worth almost 150,000 Gold, an item that normally only drops from mobs which don’t respond, but I found a way so there’s the video. If you liked it, why not subscribe? Or even better join my Twitter, which will actually bother to tell you when I have a new video on lucky tip. Thanks for watching. This has been much better.

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