The ONLY Sunwell Plateau Guide You’ll Ever Need – Classic TBC

dd7 - The ONLY Sunwell Plateau Guide You’ll Ever Need - Classic TBC

This guide is perhaps the only Sunwell Plateau WoW TBC Classic Guide You Will Ever Need:

The Best Sunwell Plateau Guide for TBC Classic

Video by ClassicWoWCurious. If you clicked on this video, you’re probably looking to learn about what you’re supposed to do on a certain boss or all bosses and Sunwell Plateau there are six bosses in this raid a whole lot of mechanics and a bunch of trash, so let’s not waste any more time and get right into it. So to start off, as we usually do for these guides, we’ll be talking about trash whenever something is really worth mentioning. And actually probably the hardest packs you’ll be fighting in this raid are right at the start.

There’s a lot of these huge packs filled with different types of mobs and you need to know what to kill and what order if we’re engaging them to not be stuck on those for hours. The Kill priority on these packs is the holy priest, the mage, warlock Shadow Priests and then the warrior however, you can see see quite a few of these and the ones you really want CC are the mage mobs they are really annoying they teleport in the middle of your raid, Frost Nova everyone and do Arcane Explosion, so keep them polymorph and a Foley breaks and they start running in the raid, make sure to focus them and kill them fast. Other than that the other mobs should be easy.

The next mob you’ll come across is this patrolling scout. This guy has a huge aggro range and as soon as you aggro him not only is he linked to the closest pack, but he will also start running to the nearest protector and enable him the way to deal with this guy is to mind soothe him do a pool timer and have everyone cast their biggest ability and habit land once the timer ends. Again, this guy is linked to the nearest back so they will automatically aggro as well. So make sure to mark them beforehand.

And that’s pretty much all you’re doing until you reach the first boss. Okay, now for how it goes. This guy can either be really easy or extremely annoying to kill it all depends on how organized your rate is for him. And in this video, I’ll give you the perfect way to organize for him. First off, you’re not just fighting how it goes but also another boss in another realm along with him Satra var a demon who’s trying to possess Khaled ghosts. Your goal to defeat this encounter is to get both Gallegos and Seth revoir to 0% Unfortunately, you can just kill one of them and then the other because they will both stay at one HP and also because once one of them reaches 10% They both enrage and start dealing a lot of damage to your tanks.

So the goal is to DPS them roughly equally until they’re both close to 10% and then push them both at the same time and finally killed them as fast as possible to DPS que llegue it’s straightforward. He’s in the normal realm and he’s the one everyone will be starting on. But to DPS Seth Rivoire people will have to use portals that will appear periodically throughout the fight and go down into the spectral realm where you can face Seth revoir, thankfully que les con his human form is in that realm and will help you not just DPS but mainly tank Seth rebar, which will be very useful, but we’ll get to that in a second. The problem with those portals I just mentioned is not only do they spawn on any random player of the raid, not only do they force that player into the spectral realm, not only do they deal damage once they appear, but they also only allow five more players into them and there’s like a 1.5 second cooldown for players to click them k like is not the best portal maker, that’s for sure.

So anyways, now for the organizing your rate part. The best way to deal with this fight is to split your raid in four groups of six people it would look something like this, each group needs to be balanced as much as possible in terms of healing DPS and having a tank if possible. If you’re good with math, that’s only 24 people it’s fine. Just have one DPS act as redundancy. Now that you have your four group setup, what you want to do is once a portal appears on a random player and force teleports that player into the spectral realm have the people in that players pre Assigned Group or use the portal 30 seconds later another player from a different group we’ll be forced teleported have the five players in that person’s group use the portal rinse and repeat until both the bosses are debt now that’s the main mechanic of the fight.

Is This Really The Best Sunwell Plateau Guide for TBC Classic?

But there’s also other stuff you need to worry about. Most importantly, I’d say is the arcane buffet a stacking debuff on players that stay in the normal realm. That’s why you can just have people stay in the normal realm for the whole duration of the fight otherwise they would die rather quickly. Thankfully, if you follow the rotation I explained it should never be an issue. The second most deadly mechanic is probably spectral blast. This is in a way that is passed by the portal itself. Once it appears it deals 5k damage to everyone around it and I’ve seen a lot of people die to this so make sure to stay spread from each other on the normal route. On the other hand in the spectral realm, you want to stay stacked to have chain Hills hit as many people as possible the boss does have a shadow build volley but it only hits three people so it’s better to just stack in the spectral realm.

Also, I talked about this but Kayleigh goes on his human form will be out there in the spectral realm to help you thank the boss and He does have quite a lot of HP but not enough to last through the whole fight. You want to have him tank only when absolutely necessary, for example, on the groups where you don’t have a tank otherwise if you’re attacking the spectral realm, just make sure you have enough healers with you and taunt the boss as soon as you can to save calyx HP. Finally, if you’re a DPS or a resto shaman, make sure to pop your cooldowns only when you’re fighting cetera var don’t just pop them right from the start on Kaylee, typically, Kelly goes dies way faster than South Rivoire. And to get him to 10% You really want to have every DPS pop cooldowns on him and use blood loss when your whole group is inside.

And that’s pretty much it. I know. This fight is quite complex to explain, but this is honestly the easiest boss in the raid. If you manage to get the rotation down perfectly. With this strategy I gave you you shouldn’t have no problems killing this boss and probably even one shotting him on your first progression night honestly. So good luck on that. Moving on to brute Dallas. This boss is very simple in theory, but in practice, he’s quite a tough encounter. This will put every aspect of your right to the test. From DPS to healing to tanking, the boss needs to die fast your tanks need to survive and your healers need to keep everyone alive to succeed. But anyways, there’s two main abilities to worry about in this fight. The first one and most important one is the meteor slash. This is an unlimited range countability that the boss uses about every 15 seconds and this deals 20k damage split between everyone who gets hit by it and the second ability is burn.

This is a debuff that the boss puts on a random player last 60 seconds and deals more and more damage per take the last big hits for 6200 damage and most importantly, this spreads to other players if you run too close to them. So if you have this avoid running towards other players and you can ice block or bubble this the last ability is stomped which deals a flat huge amount of damage on the tank that’s currently tanking or talus but there’s nothing you can really do about this other than timing your mitigation abilities and spam healing your tank. Alright, so to deal with these abilities and minimize raid damage as much as possible, there’s a couple methods you can use.

I’ll start with the one we were using in my guild and that we had the most success with, you simply want to split your raid in two groups, one group in front of the balls and the other one on the back once you have one group so three stacks of Meteor slash the tank on the other side taunt the boss that group soaks three stacks, the other tank turns etc. Rinse and repeat until the boss is dead. If you get the burn debug run to either side of the boss you don’t want to take burn them is plus the meteor Slash damage or you’re very likely to die. That being said burn deals very little damage on the first few seconds of its application. So you can and should stay in front of the balls to help out if it’s your group starting to soak Meteor slosh, but when the debuff has 30 or less seconds left on it just run to the side of the balls to be safe.

The other strategy people usually use is very similar but it involves using three groups instead of two and forming sort of a V shape but everything is the same. It’s just that you’re using three tanks and you rotate your boss in either direction after three stacks of Meteor slash. As I said this seemed harder to execute for us but you should experiment with both of those methods and see what works best for you naturally. If you’re a melee DPS you’re not concerned with soaking at all you’ll always be behind the balls at all times. However, make sure to be spread behind the balls do not have burned jump from one player to the other.

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And remember to use elixir of demons laying instead of irregular flask for this boss and for all the remaining bosses in fact, and if you’re a tank, just make sure to communicate and do a cooldown on voice chat before taunting so that healers know exactly when to switch to healing you instead of the current tech. As I said every bit of healing is crucial on this fight. And that’s brutality. This is for many people the third hardest fight in this instance after kil Jaeden and Maru and this will test every aspect of your rate from coordination to DPS to healing and tanking just to remember to warn your healers before taunting, move off to the side of the boss and avoid everyone if you have burned and just pump as much dps and healing as you humanly can. Next up filmless film this is a two phase fight the ground phase and the air phase and those two phases will keep alternating on a timer until you kill the boss. Let’s start with the ground phase.

For this you want to spread your raid in four groups, one melee group and three ranged groups. You want people in each group to stack on each other as much as possible and have the groups themselves spread at least one yards from each other. The reason for this is because of the ability encapsulate periodically, a random player in the raid will be lifted in the air and start dealing high AoE damage around them everyone in the group or that player is needs to quickly run out from them preferably towards other groups so you stay in range of healing after death, regroup up and rent To the repeat, the second ability to worry about in the ground phase is guess Nova.

If you’re a priest, listen up, this is an aoe that the boss cares about every 20 seconds and this deals a huge amount of nature damage and drains a lot of man on top of that, thankfully, this can and should be masked, dispelled, ASAP so if you’re a priest, that’s your job phase one last 60 seconds and then the boss will take off and start flying away. It’s important to know though that you need to keep DPS in her as long as he’s in range of you let the tanks and melee DPS deal with the other mechanics as long as the boss is still in range of you. But anyways, in phase two, there’s also two important mechanics to deal with. First, the boss will target a random player and start casting a beam that will chase them set player will need to run away from the beam otherwise they will likely die if they get hit. As the beam is chasing that layer it will leave a trail behind it and from that trail there will be a bunch of skeletons that will spawn they don’t have a lot of health and don’t do too much damage.

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So just have a protein powder and group them up and just AOE them down quickly after film is done casting her beam she will fly to either side of the room and then shortly after rush to the other side leaving a huge trail of fog on the ground. If any player is caught in that fog, they will be mind controlled and the only way to remove that from them is to kill them and combat res them so in other words don’t get caught in that the way it works exactly is the room is divided in three long sections the top the middle and the bottom. She will kind of position herself first indicating which section of the room she will cover and fog so you have time to tell and run away in advance just run as one unit and then run back to the middle of the room.

Once the fog clears to be ready to move to either side for the next bosses Dr body she will do that three times in total before landing then the boss will land and it’s rinse and repeat until you kill her again pretty simple two phases two important abilities per phase in ground phase look out for gas Nova and master spelled out and run away from whoever gets encapsulate in the air phase run away from the beam. You wait the mobs and look at where the boss is standing to know where she will drop the fog and it should be an easy kill. Next up it’s time for aridol twins. But before you get there, you’ll have to go through a gauntlet of mobs. So if you wipe at any point in this gauntlet, everything will respond and you’ll have to go through this again.

The important part of this gauntlet is the exploding imps. Those get summoned from the end of the gauntlet and will run to your raid and explode you want to have a tank always stand in front and soak the explosion away from the rate the mobs you have to fight here are also quite annoying. Remember to always face them away from the raid as the Vanquisher and the soul binder have a cleave ability focus the mana fiends first as they have an Arcane Explosion and also drain mana from all players in the rate and then I would focus the life shaper and then the rest of the mops. Just remember to not rush this and play it safe. You don’t want to wipe here and waste 10s of minutes because of it. All right now for era dark twins. This fight requires three things to on sacrilege, the shadow boss and one on ally fest the fire boss LFS will periodically drop blaze a patch of fire on her tank, so if you’re tanking her move away from that fast as for a sacral lash, the tanks will need to deal with confounding blow.

This will deal seven to 10k damage to her current tank and drop their aggro temporarily. This is why the Off Tank must always be below the main tank on sacrilege otherwise you risk having her run to the raid like this. So DPS watch your threat and always stay below your offtake. At first you want to have everyone focused sacrilege the shadow boss the way you want to be positioned for this fight is to have the bosses tanked away from each other at the bottom and have every range DPS and healers stack on the top of the ramp in line of sight of the tanks and the boss. The reason for this is because of the ability conflagration this is something le fests cast on someone with high threat it’s a four second cast and whoever gets targeted by this needs to quickly run away from the raid and everyone else so if your range DPS or healer run to the door upstairs and if you’re remotely or tank run the lower the healers and ranged are sending Don’t worry will not hit them.

After you get conflict you will be disoriented for a few seconds and suffer a huge amount of fire damage healers you need to top off whoever gets conflict if you can eyes block or bump this yourself go for it. For everyone else though I highly recommend having a PvP trinket equipped and be ready to use it over time. You can probably skip using this but especially on progression and with pugs you’ll be doing yourself and others a huge service by having this remember to use a headstone after use the trinket to top yourself off and not die like I did here to help up detecting who LFS is casting her a conflict on there’s a few weak or as you can use a bit The best way I found out is to have allathee is on focus targets and look at who she’s targeting. This makes it very easy to know who she’s going to cast her conflict on and gives you enough time to react and move away.

One last thing for LFS she sometimes receives the buff pyrogenic which increases her fire damage by 35%. You can and should have priests majors and shamans dispelled this from her so do it as fast as you can. One sacral lashes that ally test will gain some of her abilities you want to have everyone jumped down and stuck right behind the boss as close to your tank as possible, but not too close to not get hit by the fire patch, the boss will sometimes turn to a random player and cast shadow over on them. If you get targeted by this just don’t move and stay stacked with everyone as you want people to be affected by this and especially your tank. So if you see that the tank is too far away from you try to go right below the ball so they receive it and it drops their flame touch stacks. Moving on to Maru. This is a two phase encounter.

Phase one is an endurance fight where you’ll be fighting Muru himself and a bunch of ads that will spawn across the room and phase two is a DPS race where Maru will turn into an Tropius and you’ll have to burn him down as fast as possible while healers pump out heels into the array to keep everyone alive. So the way people used to do this back in the day is to assign different groups to different portals and have everyone spread across the room. That’s very inefficient. The way everyone does it nowadays is to have everyone except the tanks stack in one big group while the Mealies DPS Murray when they can and run out before the voids on appears then back again when it disappears.

This is what appears every 45 seconds but more on it in a moment. As I said phase one is an endurance fight. You want to survive the waves of mobs and manage them correctly before getting overwhelmed. To do that, you’ll be following a simple priority system. There’s three types of mobs that spawn in this phase the humanoids, the big void Sentinel and the small void spawns that appear after you kill the void Sentinel. Basically you want to prioritize killing the void Sentinel followed by the voids bonds followed by the humanoids followed by Nouriel himself however, there are some things you can apply to make killing all this happy crowd easier. First off the humanoids will always spawn every 60 seconds in two groups of three at the entrance of the room and on the opposite side where the ramp to kill Jaden is so have two things stood at either side ready to grab them before the void Sentinel spawns there will be a big portal indicating where it spawns. It’s highly recommended to have a broad paladin tank this one and keep it close ish to the raid but not too close. The reason for this is because once the Sentinel dies, it spawns five void spawns which can and should be enslaved by Warlocks at least the first set of them should the rest will need to be killed fast but most importantly, never let the big void Sentinel run into the race because it has an AoE and people will start dying very fast. As for the humanoids, they need to be stacked on top of Maru by their respective tanks. They don’t have any cleaver AOE so don’t worry if you see them around you.

However, the mages cast fireball, which makes it annoying to move them so whoever can interrupt that should do it. And they also have a buff called spill fury, which makes your abilities instant mages spell steel that there is actually a fourth mob that spawns but that one is very easy to deal with every 45 seconds, the large void zone will appear around Muru. So Amelie’s run out of that fast and right as it appears, there will be a dark themes that will appear which will explode after a few seconds. They can however, be killed by one Mass Dispel. So just assign a priest or two to doing that and you should be good and that’s phase one. Essentially, you want to make sure you time your transition correctly to have as little mobs left as possible before Maru dice. If this requires stopping DPS and letting one more set of ad spawn, do it just don’t spend forever in phase one either.

The moment phase two starts everyone should spread and let your tanks build a bit of aggro, then pop all your CDs and go ham on in Tropius there’s two abilities to worry about in face to darkness which is a small void zone that appears under a random player. This will also spawn one dark theme so mages priests and shamans dispel or purge that and the second ability is singularity. This will also spawn on a random player and then travel across the room tossing any players around and dealing damage to them just move away from this as it moves. But the most important part about phase two is that in Tropius cast negative energy a Chain Lightning type ability, which hits three players at first then adds one more player every 12 seconds. That’s why and Tropius needs to be killed fast before you get overwhelmed by disability and it becomes unhealable and that’s Morrow in a nutshell. You’ll probably wipe here more than on any other boss.

So good luck on this but for now let’s move on to the last boss And that’s killed Jaden killed Jaden is a five phase fight each phase adding more and more abilities to deal with and making the encounter progressively more difficult. To help you deal with some of those abilities you’ll have Kelly goes periodically enabling one of four orbs in each corner of the room allowing you to summon and control a dragon which will help you heal your raid, give them a haste buff or shield them from a one shot mechanic which we’ll get to in a minute, but at first you have to summon kil Jaeden. To do that you need to kill three Aragorn mobs around the Sunwell they have quite a few AOE abilities so it’s not a bad idea to spread them apart and kill them one by one but if you’re right can handle it. You can also just stack them once they’re dead. You want to have your raid loosely spread around one side of the room to maintain maximum chain healing but also deal with the mechanics we’re going to talk about once heal Jaden is summoned phase two begins in phase two, there’s four abilities Soulfly which is the main ability of kil Jaeden.

This is used on the person with the highest threat and deals 3000 damage per second Legion lightning is a two second cast Chain Lightning likability which can jump to four players do 3k damage to them and reduce their mana. However, the range on this is huge and you cannot really avoid having a jump fire bloom however, is the reason why you want to be spread. This is a debuff that the boss puts on five random targets and it deals 1.5 to 2k damage to the affected player and any other raid members and 10 yards around them every two seconds so everyone stay spread for this the last stability and phase two is shield orb This is a flying cloud of shadows that spawns above KJ and travels in a circle around him they don’t do a ton of damage but they can quickly get overwhelming if you leave too many of them alive.

So as soon as you see one spawn have all your range burn it down quickly once KJ reaches 85% It’s time for phase three. In phase three the boss gains for new abilities sinister reflection shadow spike flame darts and darkness of 1000 souls sinister reflection is used on a random target and it will create four copies of the player that have some of the abilities of set player but the most important part is that they do a ton of damage, so the tanks need to quickly pick them up and group them so that the DPS can quickly burn them down. Shadow spy is an ability that the boss casts for 30 seconds and it summons a shadow spike that travels towards a random player and explodes upon impact. If you’re targeted by this, you can move out if you have room but you risk running into other players targeted by this or that have fire bloom on them.

So I suggest just staying put and healing people hit by this flame darts is an ability that the boss uses instantly on everyone in the rate. This causes 1.5 to 2k damage on impact. But if you have people close to you, it will also apply a 50% reduced movement debug for 15 seconds yet another reason to be spread. However, this can be resisted if you have the highest breath but from a dragon but we’ll get to that in a second. The last ability in phase three is darkness of 1000 souls aka the big aoe this will basically one shot everyone in the raid thankfully by now you should have one of the Dragon orbs active that you can use. Just assign two to four players to use these orbs as soon as they’re up and shield players from the big aoe before it happens by using the shield of the blue ability. Don’t use it too soon though, because the shield only lasts five seconds and KJ charges the AOE for eight seconds and you can only use this twice before the dragon dies.

The other abilities on the dragon are breath revitalise and breath haste basically you should use this as soon as you can. But before doing that, you need to ask everyone in your raid to stack in the middle in front of the Dragon players with the fire balloon debuff should not stack though and wait until it expires missing one breath or two is not a big deal so don’t worry about it once KJ reaches 55% It’s time for phase four in Phase four KJ gains one more ability Armageddon this will summon meteors that will start falling from the sky and land after eight seconds dealing 10k damage to anyone on impact. Thankfully you can tell when a meet your will and by looking at the ground there will be a Hellfire like effect indicating the impact area. There will always be three meteors active from now on and will only stop spawning during the darkness of 1000 souls also KJ will now summon three shield orbs instead of to remember to kill those fast at 25%.

And Vina will sacrifice herself and apply a 25% Holy damage debuff to kill Jaden all four dragon orbs will become active at once and the boss will start using darkness of 1000 souls on a shorter cooldown. At this point. It’s a DPS race where you need to kill the boss in less than three to four minutes otherwise you will run out of orbs and dragons to shield you from the bigger up. It’s also worth noting that there will be five Armageddon at They have now instead of three at all times and they will keep spawning during darkness.

Thankfully the shield also protects you from them, but it’s also not unlikely to have one blow up right as the shield expires, so be wary of that. But that’s the whole fight many many abilities to worry about and a lot going on at once. However, this boss is easier than Maru according to many players, and if you killed more, you should generally have an easier time on KJ Good luck on the K on the epic Lutz and that’s pretty much everything you need to know about sunwell there’s a lot of information and I almost certainly forgot some stuff.

So if you notice something missing or a mistake, please let us know in the comments with that I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did remember to give it a like and subscribe to the classic wall pureos Channel for more content like this. My name is Emilio and I will see you guys in the next one very soon. Bye for now – return to our homepage or buy gold for WOTLK.