Top 17 Gold Farms YOU Need to Know About in WotLK Classic

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Learn the Top 17 Gold Farms YOU Need to Know About in WotLK Classic:

Can The Top 17 Gold Farm Spots in WOTLK Classic Make You Rich in Wrath of the Lich King?

Moving on from TBC and with Wrath of the Lich King on the horizon and high priced items available for purchase in Wrath, you’re probably wondering what the best ways to make gold iron ref. There is an incredible amount of high priced items in rafts such as the traveler’s tundra mammoth, which costs 20,000 Gold, along with all the Argent Tournament mounts, which add up to another 2500 gold and may Francis in dollar on has even more mounts which add up to another 3500 gold, the mech engineers chopper will cost anywhere from 10,000 to 15,000 to craft two, and this is just if you’re collecting mounts, there’s cold weather flying for 1000 gold, the dollar on teleport ring is really handy. And that’s 8000 Gold.

Dual spec is 1000 Gold Harris Pilton sells a bag called the portable hole which is a 24 slot bag for 3000 Gold. And if you want to power level up your professions, that’s going to be super expensive. So with all that said, you’ll need to find a few reliable ways to generate gold consistently throughout Wrath of the Lich King. And my goal with this video is to give you a huge list of farming methods for you to take a look at.

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17) First up, coming in at number 17 We have skinning. Now, anytime I make a new character and I plan on just leveling and avoiding professions, I always just get skinning anyways, because it’s free extra gold while you level.

Because while you’re leveling, you’re gonna end up killing beasts at some point and skinning and wrath like in vanilla and TBC. It just integrates with what you’re already doing. So for that reason, you know, I think a lot of people know this and choose skinning as a profession, even if they’re just trying to get to max level as fast as they can. But since so many people are going to go skinning that usually drives down the price of leather on the Auction House. It’s simple supply and demand, right. So in some cases, you know, it might just be better to vendor the leather that you’re getting from skinning while you’re leveling, but this is not always the case.

So you know, compare the vendor price to auction house price before you make any moves. Now I recommend some add ons for this. I love TSM that stands for TradeSkillMaster. And there’s also an add on called vendor price so you know exactly how much things are going to sell for on a fresh server, you’ll probably be vendoring in my opinion, but on an established high population server where there’s probably some level of inflation, you’ll probably make more on the Auction House.

Now speaking of vendoring I also recommend the pawn add on it’ll show you item upgrades but more importantly for gold making. If none of the items that are rewarded from a quest are an upgrade, it will immediately show you which item will vendor for the most gold so that actually saves you time looking at the different vendor prices, mousing them over so you can just immediately pick that item that sells for the most and I also recommend the LI Atrix add on it will automatically sell all vendor trash in your bags, that’s the gray quality items, they have no purpose and it just sells them all in like automatically. It’s really cool and in my opinion makes Wow even more addicting just saying that all auto sell. And it gives you a summary of how much gold you made from vendor trash. So it’s really really cool.

16) All right, coming up at number 16 is common items while leveling. Now if you do get Lea tricks, there will be a bunch of items that are white rarity, which is also known officially as common rarity in your inventory after the vendor trash auto sells and you just look at it and you’re like What even is this thing and you most people probably just vendor them, right, but some items like specifically northren items like ice web spider silk, for example. It drops off mobs and can actually sell for way, way more than the vendor price and there are a bunch of them. The dark water clam, which you’ll find will open up and yield succulent clam meat, North Sea pearls even sirens tears and these are actually super valuable for putting on the Auction House. You’ll also inevitably find scrolls of strength or really any stat and this is going to be more valuable on the Auction House than to a vendor.

You will also run into things that are quite obvious like the runic mana or healing potions. You can also list those on the Auction House while you level and you’re also bound to run into crystallized life or any of the other crystallized elements. These are the exact same as motes back in TBC. So how hang on to them. They’re worth a lot, crystallized fire, earth, air, water Chateau and so on are all use to turn into their eternal counterpart which is the equivalent of a primal from TBC. So don’t sell these common items, mail them back to a bank vault and list them on the Auction House to make some much better gold than if you were to vendor it.

15) okay coming up next at 15 is questing at max level, which is level 80 quests will give you extra gold instead of experience points when you’re at max level. For fresh realms, this would be a great method for making gold. Some of the other methods will make you more gold faster, but it might be more mind numbing because with questing, it can be more fun, because you know you’re you’re doing quests they give you some direction, some lore, and it could be a good change of pace from just mindlessly farming the same exact mob for example, the calculation for wrath is experience given by the quest multiplied by six and that’s how much copper you will get from the experience you would have gotten so if a quest for example would give you something like 22,000 experience, instead, you’ll get around 13 gold, so this method can yield 1000s of gold if you do the quests in areas where the quests are near max level, places like Storm Peaks, or Ice Crown are definitely some good choices.

14) All right, coming in at number 14 We have daily quests. Now you can find a lot of daily quests in Northrend there’s a bunch in Storm Peaks with the sons of how dear the dailies at Brunhilde. Our village there’s also the Oracles in Sholazar Basin icecrown with the Argent Tournament and of course profession daily quests and so many more. These will get a bit mind numbing ly boring because you know the same quests over and over every single day, but they are a good source of consistent gold. Some more dailies include battleground dailies cooking dailies fishing dailies, there’s also dungeon dailies and heroic dailies which by the way, were in fact removed in patch 330 Because of dungeon finder, they actually were removed in place of dungeon finder but since we know that we will not be getting dungeon finder in classic Wrath of the Lich King you can expect that these dailies will be in the game when raft classic launches. There’s also three new world pvp dailies now available Adventure Bay This is the equivalent of something like Broken Hill or the Overlook in hellfire. The faction in control of venture Bay will also get access to a fourth PvP daily quest and an NPC which you can buy gear with honor points from so there’s some incentive to control venture Bay. Let’s also not forget the seasonal dailies like brew fast hollows and and mid summer fire festival. You actually really want to do these in my opinion each season because if you do, you’ll be rewarded with the violet proto Drake from the achievement What a strange what a long strange trip it’s been. This is one of the few mounts and wrath that moves that 310% flying speed. Now like in TBC Wrath has a lot of dailies and you’re gonna get a decent amount of gold per daily. It’s not the fastest method in the world but it’s an easy one to check off your list each day.

13) Okay, coming in at number 13 We have spell we’ve Moon shroud and Eben we’ve, if you’re a tailor, you can craft these special clods which are used in end game recipes. Each of these will go for anywhere from 40 to 200 gold or more depending on your servers supply and demand. Now crafting it is on a four day cooldown, which is a big reason why these items are valuable, they’re going to be scarce. However, because of the cooldown, this isn’t a super great gold making strategy because it can’t be masked, it can’t be farmed. It’s time gated, right but it is another stream of gold for you every so often. So if your tailor and you don’t want to free to craft them each chance you get. Since it’s a good source of gold, you know, I recommend maybe mark your calendar, put a reminder you know a timer somewhere just so you don’t forget. And it’s also much easier to craft these in raft compared to the TBC version. For one it’s only one type of eternal per cloth instead of multiple and you can make them all in the same zone which is Dragonblight TBC had you running around to Shadowmoon Valley then all the way to another storm and then you gotta go find a moon well, so it was definitely not as convenient as it is now in Wrath of lich king so you should definitely do this if you’re a tailor.

12) Alright, coming in at number 12 is frost we have bags so there’s another tailoring gold making method but everyone needs decent bags and people will definitely have multiple characters in wrath. These 20 slot bags aren’t super hard to make, but they are a bit harder than the entry level TVC bag was to make. These are going to require imbued Nether weave bolts which require infinite dust but with it being harder to make it will definitely go for more Then the nether we’ve bags went for, I predict somewhere between maybe 60 to maybe 80 Gold a pop since it’s the cheapest wrath of Lich King bag to buy for the amount of slots you get. Now you might think, wow, it’s a lot of gold, but each expansion gold it gets inflated it’s can becomes easier to come by so might sound like a lot, but these bags are pretty economic. Depending on the supply and demand of your server. Those prices of course will vary. And more often than not, they’ll probably be an oversupply, so the price will maybe even be on the cheaper side. But still, most people will be buying these so you can net some profit especially since wrath is the expansion with heirlooms so there will be a ton of incentive for players to level multiple characters. With multiple characters, you’re going to have to get those bags so you can definitely capitalize on that by supplying all their bags.

11) Okay, number 11 We have prospecting and cutting gems. Now gems are needed for putting into gear with sockets and you can make a lot of money as a jewel crafter by just buying gems off the Auction House, cutting them and then relisting them and I really mean that because getting the recipes for certain gems involves doing dailies, and the only way you can get those recipes for those cuts is by purchasing them from Dollar on with John dollar on a jewel crafters tokens, which is either from dailies or Titan steel dust. So you know, especially early on in the expansion, certain cuts will be super lucrative. And not only is it lucrative, but it’s also pretty easy to do. So definitely check it out, look for look for deals where it makes sense where you can buy low and sell high and really take advantage of your Jewelcrafting skill. And if the price is right, you can also just buy Sauron iron ore and prospect it cut the gems or craft gear with them or even transmute the uncut gems into metal gems if you’re also also an alchemist and make a boatload of gold. This process in this process is so famous that has a name called the saronite shuffle, which involves doing this process that I kind of just went went through with Sauron, eight or so Jewelcrafting is super lucrative in Wrath of the Lich King.

10) Okay, moving on to number 10 We have farming old dungeons this is kind of a niche one but there are quite a few items from vanilla and TBC that will definitely still be valuable in wrath because people will be leveling professions alts etc. You can disenchant blues or epics there’s tons of rune cloth to be farmed Nether, we have to be farmed, but that cloth you can sell directly on the Auction House disenchanting the blues and greens will also yield Enchanting materials, and Enchanting materials will definitely go for a lot more than you remember. Because in Wrath of the Lich King classic The disenchant button next to needing greed is not going to exist because there’s no random dungeon finder and there’s no you know, that was that that addition was added with random dungeon finder. So there will be way less supply of Enchanting materials than before. Now on top of that, with Val Lums added to the game, right from from scribes, inscription. And chanters can now list their enchants and that’s going to increase the demand for Enchanting materials, even if the actual demand for an enchanting isn’t as high because the enchanters are just going to keep listing, you know, lots of enchants. And so, there’s going to be a little bit of a disconnect between the actual demand for enchance and how much Enchanting materials we purchase. So, definitely, if you’re an enchanter, you’ll probably have a big opportunity to make a lot of gold selling Enchanting materials.

9) Okay, coming in at number nine, we have BOE epics, Wrath of the Lich King added a ton of high quality craftable items. Most of these require the Crafter to have either a crusaders or a ruined orb or a frozen orb, which are acquired from a trial of the Crusader oldu are or heroics respectively. Now think of Frozen Orbs as the next primal Nethers and runed orbs or Crusader orbs as another vortices but changing by raid tear. So in addition to the scars reagents you’ll also need to have the recipes themselves which can be learned from either the trainer their purchase or even world drops and there really are a ton like even just a few examples are like leggings of women death like plates of painful death belt of the Titans titanium spike guards, lunar eclipse robes, rock steady treads, I mean I could list off so many. There are also big epics that drop that are high value like rodents lucky necklace, harbingers bone band or even ring of rotting sinew, so big epics, it’s a different type of farming strategy. You’re going to basically make a lot of money from a single purchase, but you’re probably not going to have as many purchases right.

8) Okay, coming in at number eight. We have Mote extractor farming. Now you need to be an engineer for this one, but you can make a lot of gold using this method. Then, especially if you’re uncontested. The crystallized elements are extracted from clouds and various locations and Northrend Arctic clouds, which can be found in Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and the Storm Peaks will supply crystallized air and water, the cinder clouds which can be found in the savage thicket, if you remember that’s on fire and Sholazar Basin, the obsidian dragon shrine and Dragonblight in the cauldron of flames in Wintergrasp. These are all going to yield a crystallized fire. And there’s also steam clouds. These can be found around the geyser fields and scalding pools within Berean tundra and throughout Sholazar Basin, which produce crystallized fire and crystallized water. So that’s really really cool. And what’s really cool on top of that, is that in wrath the moat extractor now provides tracking forget for gas clouds just by being in your inventory, and that was actually removed from the engineering goggles which is a nice quality of life change for those doing mode extractor farming. Now this farming method I wouldn’t recommend unless you have an epic flying mount and cold weather flying so if your goal is to make enough gold to buy your epic flyer, then I wouldn’t recommend this method for you. I would recommend choosing one of the other methods but because this method is best for people with epic flying, that means it’s more exclusive and therefore less competitive. And if you have an epic flyer, definitely check this one out to make more gold.

7) Okay, coming in at number seven, we have herbalism now lots of herbs sell for a lot and RAF Frost Lotus is one of the most valuable of the herbs it spawns along the shorelines of the lakes and Wintergrasp within Umar’s Conservatory of life, and it also has a small chance of dropping when you gather other herbs and Northrend it’s essential for many recipes across many professions such as alchemy and tailoring. You can also find crystallized life when you gather herbs, which is the equivalent of motes of life from TBC, which you can combine to create eternal life which really isn’t as easy to farm as the other eternal, so herbalism has a leg up on everyone else. There’s also other herbs like ice Thorn, Lich bloom, adders, tongue, to laundress, rose and tiger lilies, these are all herbs that are found within Northwind and you can bet they will be in high demand because of inscription, the new profession and wrath, which requires herbs in order to create pigments which involves milling the herbs actually right with like a mortar and pestle, destroys them. And it’s basically like prospecting with Jewelcrafting. So if you pick up herbalism make sure to grab these herbs and list them on the Auction House for some massive profits there I think that’s going to do very, very well.

6) All right, coming in at number six we have mining like herbalism or in bars are going to sell for a bunch in Wrath of Lich King you’ve got Titanium Bars, Sinai bars, Sauron eye, or titanium or and they got cobalt bars and or pretty much all of these will go for a really good price. Like in TVC. You can also find crystallize elements when you mine, which can be super valuable if you get enough of them to turn into an internal which again is the equivalent of a primal in wrath. Now what’s really cool about mining is you can actually find every single type of crystallized element to so mining is quite good in wrath. Yet another added bonus with mining is that you can also sell the gems you find from mining such as scarlet Ruby, autumns glow, Sky sapphire, Twilight Opal, Monarch topaz, and forest emeralds are the names of these gems just beautiful, absolutely love it just makes me want to play wrath right now. These uncut gems are really valuable and even more so once again if you’re a jewel crafter, and you can then craft them into cut gems that can be inserted inserted into gear. And what’s even more great about mining is that these reagents are used for many, many professions like blacksmithing engineering and Jewelcrafting three whole professions. So mining is definitely a fantastic profession for making gold in Wrath of the Lich King.

5) Okay, moving on to number five, we have fishing and cooking. Now this gold making method once again is really, really overlooked often because you know the time commitment needed in order to level fishing and cooking along with the you know, I would say somewhat boring nature of fishing. But there’s actually a ton of high value items that come from fishing and cooking you know, these include the dragon fin Angel Fish for Dragon fin fillet. There’s the fang tooth herring which is used for the spicy fried herring. You can even fish up crystallized water 10 of which can be combined to create an eternal water. A new addition to wrath is feasts, which allow you to place down a meal like a mage table or a soul Well, which anyone in your party or raid can click on and then they’re going to gain a well fed buff. So now you can basically cover for your lazy teammates who forgot to bring consumes. One such feast is called gigantic feast which requires a deep sea monster belly rock Finn, grouper and chunk Oh, mammoth. There’s also the fish feast which will be very popular since it’s the best in slot feast. This offers at attack power 46, spellpower and 40 stamina and it’s made from nettle fish, glacial salmon and muscle back sculpin definitely lots of options for making gold with fishing and cooking many people overlook it. Don’t be one of them. Check it out you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

4) All right, coming in at number four we have Arctic for heavy Berean leather, ice dragon scales neurobion chitin and your Mangar scales. Now these materials are all super valuable for crafting Best in Slot leg armors and also the Arctic furs are used as currency to purchase Epic Recipes within dollar on $1 on also heavy Berean leather is also used as currency to purchase the IC and polar set which if you remember from vanilla, these are the sets which have frost resistance to help with Naxxramas so if you have skinning make sure sell your Arctic for on the Auction House for huge profit by the way the recipes are Bo P bind on pickup, so you’re gonna want to sell the Arctic for rather than buying the recipes unless you’re a leather worker. Now Arctic Fair has a 1% chance to be found when you skin any beast in Northrend. There are of course other leathers that are still valuable so while you’re skinning definitely make sure to list the Northrend Northrend leathers you skin on the Auction House. As always, your mileage may vary depending on your servers prices.

3) All right, coming in at number three we have frost hide leg armor and ice scale leg armor. Now frost hide leg armor is the best in slot pant enchantment for tanks and ice scale leg armor is the best in slot pant enchantment for physical damage dealing DPS classes, like rogues, hunters, warriors, feral druids and so on this leg enchantment will go for hundreds of gold on the Auction House. So if you are gathering ice dragon scales or Nerubian chitin as a Skinner, than having leatherworking. to craft these will seamlessly tie together your professions. To make the frost hide leg armor you’ll need to Arctic for two Nerubian chitin and one frozen orb. Now Frozen Orbs will drop 100% of the time off the last boss of a heroic version of a dungeon. You don’t always win the frozen orb of course. So getting them can be a bit tricky. Sometimes if you’re a tank you can reserve these beforehand you know if tanks are in high demand, so keep that in mind if you want to pursue this gold making strategy.

2) Okay, coming in at number two is a big moneymaker we have flasks, elixirs and transmutes. Now alchemy has a bunch of flask, flasks, elixirs and transmutes that people are willing to pay top gold for there’s the flask of the frost worm flask of endless rage flask of pure Mojo flask of stone blood there’s also elixir of might mighty agility or sorry elixir yeah looks mighty agility, elixir of mighty strength. There’s also transmute eternal might which will be a big moneymaker there. There’s also transmuting meta gems like Sky flit like Sky flare diamond, Earth siege diamond. You can also transmute epic gems and so on. There are lots and lots of alchemical flasks, elixirs and transmutes that are very valuable making alchemy a huge huge money making profession, especially when combined with Jewelcrafting to provide a source of gems for transmutes.

1) Alright, coming in at number one, we have eternal farming like primals and TBC Eternals will be a high value, because they’re used in so many different recipes across so many different professions. The equivalent of the elemental plateau and TVC is Wintergrasp. It has every eternal available like the elemental plateau, but with that it will be the most contested to for that reason, but your faction also has to own Wintergrasp eternal shadow can be found from Shadow resonance and wondering shadows when your faction owns Wintergrasp. These have excellent drop rates and you’ll find a ton of crystallized shadow from the shadow resonance. The Wandering shadows have a much lower drop rate but still good. You could also farm Deathbringer resonance, which can be found in the Frostmourne cavern in Dragonblight, and is considered a less effective area because their drop rate is less than the wandering shadows. Eternal life can best be gathered from herbalism but the next best way is from Living lashes in Wintergrasp are the mossy rampages which can be, which can be found around Zul Drach. The drop rates aren’t great for either of these mobs. And if both spots are over farmed, you can also go to Sholazar Basin to farm the lashes. But there’s not a whole lot of Lasher mob density there. So you know, it could be a good farm if you’re also a skinner though and want to skin the alligators and croak and cobras which are also found there. Now, when it comes to eternal water, it’s much easier to get than life you can get these from fishing and mining, cobalt and titanium nodes. If you’re not a fisher nor a minor. You can also get these from water resonance and glacial spirits and Wintergrasp icebound revenants. In the center of Storm Peaks within the frigid tomb is another good farming spot.

Spending Your Time on These WOTLK Gold Farms or Just Buy the WOTLK Gold?

Sure these 17 farms can certainly land you hundreds of thousands of gold, but they are in fact, time consuming. Personally, I am still thinking between farming these or just buy WoW WOTLK Gold. (Note: our website sells gold for WOTLK Classic) The aqueous spirits on storm writes shelf and Sholazar Basin is also great for farming crystallized air in addition to crystallize water. On top of all that slaying the elementals is actually also for daily quests for the Oracles and frenzyheart which are located in Sholazar Basin. So it’s a good daily farm to get to do and build it into your gold gathering routine because you’re basically going to be getting crystallized air and water and getting it daily done at the same time. So that’s a good tip for you right there. Internal air can be found in Wintergrasp from the tempest revenants and whispering winds, like we mentioned just a second ago, those storm revenants and shelters are great for eternal air. And then there’s also the science of storm in the howling hollow within Storm Peaks which have a good drop rate if all other spots are contested. When it comes to eternal fire, this can be found from the flame resonance and raging flames within Wintergrasp. Storm Peaks also has whaling winds within the frost flow deep and the seething revenants at fjords anvil are two more spots within the same zone if you’re trying to find a spot without competition, and last we have eternal Earth. Once again you can find this within Wintergrasp Alternatively, you can find brittle revenants at frost field Lake and Storm Peaks near done Nephilim there’s also a son’s veho deer daily quest which involves killing them, so might as well get two birds stoned for a rock life blood elementals in Sholazar Basin around the lifeblood pillar is also another good farming spot, but the drop rate is a bit low. But there are a lot of mobs the mob density is quite high so you could AOE farm this spot if you’re someone like a mage, Paladin or even an Unholy Death Knight. And that’s it.

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