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Were WOTLK Classic Fresh Servers Confirmed?

Yes, dude, it’s finally happening like this is the best news ever. So we have a new blue post from Blizzard regarding bath classic announcing a new refresh start realms with the launch of Bath classic. This is absolutely huge. I’ve been asking for this ever since TVC came out, and it’s actually happening. That’s insane. Blizzard has just announced that when the Wrath of the Lich King pre patch releases, new fresh start realms will be released, where players will start at level one. So these realms are brand new realms, they are fresh realms, and they’re coming with the pre patch. So you will have time to level up to level 17 And do all of your things on that server before wrath comes out.

This is actually huge like I’m so excited for this. Let’s read the entire thing. With the launch of Wrath of the Lich King classic pre patch, we intend to open Fresh Start rounds for players who wish to experience starting in your territory and playing alongside in your community of others. In addition to fulfilling a request that we have heard from players for a long time, yes, you have. We expect there to be a lot of new classic players joining us for the first time in Wrath of the Lich King damn right.

And some of them may be concerned that they will feel behind exactly Fresh Start realms should give those players a chance to feel as though they are on an even playing field with everyone else. This is absolutely fantastic. It’s everything that I’ve been asking for ever since TBC came out and I was asking for this for wrath as well. So here it is. These realms will be Wrath of the Lich King classic realms from day one.

Fresh WOTLK Classic PvP Servers List

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So when they launch they will have all of the talent trees and player abilities coming with raft classic, but all players will start new characters at level one fresh start round will also come with a few stipulations. Okay, so for at least 90 days you will not be allowed to boost a character on Fresh Start rounds. This is great. Also for at least 90 days Fresh Start rounds will not be available destinations. For a character transference. I kind of wish that because this How was a longer period but hey, 90 days a free game without anyone transferring that’s great.

That’s nice cannot be created on these rounds without a level 55 character in that same realm. Once again, really good. All of the while classic and Burning Crusade, dungeons and sounds will be unlocked and available on these realms. On all realms. Northrend will be locked until wrath official launch day. Once again really good, we have fresh realms. So if you’re new to the game, you can now start on an even playing field with everyone else. And if you’re just bored of the bottle, ruining the economy and like hundreds of millions of gold running around, you can start fresh, that’s great. But then again, after 90 days, the economy will still stabilize. So there’s that but for 90 days you can enjoy the game. As a reminder, this is one of several steps that we are taking over the next few months to prepare for bath classic.

WOTLK Classic Fresh PvE Servers List

They are also doing well. PvE to PvP transfer restrictions will be removed. Rough classic closed beta test is happening classic era clone service is retiring, existing realms are being consolidated or squished down new fascist times relative What did I just say? New Fresh Start realms with wrath classics pre patch, this is like this is the best news I’ve heard so far. It’s incredible. I’m so excited now, Wrath of the Lich King and launch. So yeah. Now there’s another piece of really useful information right here. Before we consolidate realms, we are going to remove the restriction on the number of characters you can create on each realm up to the limit of 50 characters per account.

So if I read this correctly, you can now have 50 characters per survey. And for me, specifically, I’m mostly playing on one serving. So this is great news. Now I can close my second account and use one account for storage instead. So this is great. Ultimately, we hope to see your players spread out onto all of the available realms as Wrath of the Lich King classic approaches. For players looking for a chance at faction balance, we are hopeful that by starting fresh, they will have a chance to stay balanced for a long time.

For players looking for a chance to level up in dungeons, we have the presence of other leveling players made that more likely. We are excited about all of this. And we hope that you are excited about it, too. We’ll see you in ASOF. Okay, so let’s have a chat. I am very excited about this. I’ve been I’ve been asking for fresh realms for a long time, now, it is finally happening. And you can bet that I will play on those realms, I’m going to be creating a poll on my YouTube channel, seeing if you guys will play there as well, because well, we’re starting fresh, it’s a good thing for a lot of players, it’s a fresh economy, people are starting at level one, everyone else is at a even playing field.

But then again, some some people might not have time during the summer to level up on that new realm and get to level 70 Before wrath comes out. So I don’t expect everyone to be choosing this. But I’m going to be making that poll just to see what the interest is like and how many of you guys will be will be playing there. Now what makes me very excited about this is that you will now be starting fresh with everyone else. And because there is nobody at max level right now, on those surveys. Everyone is starting at level one. That means there’s no one boosting There’s no boosting services, there’s no pay to boost. There’s no major boosting no Paladin boosting, everyone is starting from level one leveling up from scratch doing dungeons together questing together, you will see people in the open world, it will feel like an act of serving, I’m kind of wondering how many servers that will be, but we’ll have to wait and see. But they’re opening fresh start service.

So if you’re new to the game, and you want to replay from level one, and you don’t want to get boosted all the way, this is a great time to start playing the game, you will be able to have fun all the way from level one. I think this is going to be a great experience. I personally can’t wait. I’m both excited for the leveling experience and a fresh economy. I’ve been asking for a fresh economy for quite a while. And at least for 90 days, I will have that fresh economy. But after 90 days, well, people can transfer there, it seems so the economy will stabilize itself. But for 90 days, I can have fun. And the leveling experience will be great. I understand that not everyone has the time to play from level one.

WOTLK Classic Fresh RP and RP-PVP Servers

But for those who do, I think this is going to be a really fun time. And seeing from the demand or the the amount of players that was leveling on warmane, the fresh server that started in April, I think there’s a lot of people that really enjoy that just people just enjoy starting fresh, there’s something about fresh that is just so much fun. Leveling from a level one, seeing lots of people in the open world, everyone’s starting at the same place. It’s so much fun. And just judging from that warmane experience, people want this. So once again, I’m making that poll, let me know what you think down below in the comment section and in that poll as well if you will play on these servers or if you will stay behind.

Now this is pretty big in the US for a bath classic and I’ve made a gold guide for rough classic which you can check out down below through the link in the video description and probably the pinned comment as well. But based on this news, and I think a lot of people will play on these fresher surveys, I’ll be making a separate guide that you will get for free or I will be updating that guy with a fresh started guide as well. So everyone starting fresh will have a specific guide for you as well. When it comes to gold making in Wrath of the Lich King is probably going to be a it’s going to be a lot of the same you can use the previous guide as well but there’s some things with a fresh start that you can do to make even more gold like we’re talking lots of gold here is going to be massive and insane. So I’m going to be making that update some time from now.

I’ll be working on that guide from Now up until the Fresh Start which comes when a pre patch comes out. So look out for that update everyone who purchases the guide will get that update for free and I will be sending out emails when that update is ready to go. Dude I’m actually so excited for this like it’s finally happening we’re getting fresh start rounds for classic WoW. And we’re getting them just in time for wrath classic. I was already so hyped for wrath classic. And this just took my life to a whole nother level is going to be such a fun experience.

I honestly can’t wait. And I’m now more than ever just waiting for a free patch launch date. Hopefully you enjoyed this video though and just kind of a news recap on this. This is insane. It’s huge. Let me know in the comments down below what you think. Subscribe for more great content. And yeah, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon.