WOTLK Release Date Confirmed for 26th September 2022 With Boosting Nerfed

dd11 - WOTLK Classic Release Date ACTUALLY LEAKED - 26th September 2022

So, Blizzard basically confirmed what was previously leaked – WOTLK Classic is being released on 26th September 2022 with Boosting nerfed!

Why Is The Boosting Nerfed With the WOTLK Classic Release Date 26th September 2022 Confirmation?

A Yo what? Let’s go boys. We have an actual announcement now we have an official announcement for the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Blizzard has announced the Wrath of the Lich King classics launch date, arriving September 26. Now I do think since the leak happened a couple of days ago, everyone pretty much knew this already. So it doesn’t really come as a shock to anyone. But we finally have an official release date confirmed by Blizzard, and it’s out there. Now that’s not the only thing that happened today.

They also pushed out the experience buff. So if you’re looking to level up some alts for wrath classic, now’s the time to do that because there’s a 50% experience bonus, the joyous journey event is happening right now in the Burning Crusade. And this will last all the way up to Wrath of the Lich King. They also pushed out something kind of stealthy in my opinion, but they have talked about it before. I was just I was expecting this to come with the pre patch. Not with the announcement and the experience buff, but hey, better they fix it now during the XP bar so people can level up.

Originally, were doing it by questing, but basically they are fixed boosting, they have put in some new anti boosting mechanics, which we’ll take a look at. But first let’s just read through the entire blue Post announcing the release date for rough classic. Before we check out the blue Post, though, I do want to say that I’ve made a goal designed for Wrath of the Lich King classic, where I go through investments and gold making methods specific to your wrath classic. This is right now in 93 pages long document telling you pretty much everything you need to know about gold making in Wrath classic. And right now to celebrate the launch of wrath classic.

Well to celebrate that they’ve actually given us a launch day where they’ll want a release date. I’ll be giving you guys 60% off on this guy and by using the code wrath, this is a limited time offer so make sure you take advantage of it. Some of these investments are also very time sensitive. And now that we have an official release date for wrath classic, these investments will just keep going up in price because everyone will start preparing right now. So go and check it out. The link will be down below.

By purchasing the guide once you will also receive all of the future updates for free. We also have an exclusive Discord server for gold making for bath classic that you will also get access to it by purchasing this guide. Once again the link is down below and use the code wrath for 60% off. embarked on a treacherous journey through the windy forest and snowy peaks of Northland once more confront the lich king here on this Frozen Throne and push back the scourge before us an office overrun by his undead minions, rediscovering the joys of exploration and relive the dangers of Northrend when World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King classic goes live beginning September 26 at 3pm PDT and it’s a global release.

So find out the time for your play is the Lich King Arthas Menethil sits in the ominous Icecrown Citadel scheming to claim the world as his own. A plan that threatens all life on us or off the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde must stand against the Millennium malevolent beings who dares to declare himself the one true King of asteroids and seeks to scour all life from the world. Wrath of the Lich King classic will trigger thriller both veterans and newcomers with a host of improved features and content to explore it.

You have the cream and frozen with heroes will begin their journey in one of two zones in Northland. You have Borean Tundra and the holding period, and adventure through some of the most epic vistas and beloved storylines in all of World of Warcraft before breaching the seat of the Lich King’s power in Icecrown. The rise of Death Knights available to both factions and starting at level 55 Death Knights World of Warcraft first year of class harness the power of darkness to help combat the evil that threatens overthrow Assad. While death knights are limited to one per survey, and also requires a level 55 territory on that server to create in Wrath classic will be bypassing that requirement for a player’s first death night.

Can WOTLK Classic Be Released Any Other Date Than 26 September?

There is also a brand new profession inscription. This new profession allows players to ascribe mystical glyphs that modify the properties of spells and abilities cooldowns damage and etc. And also craft powerful trinkets and offhand items. For example, the Darkman coins are no longer found in the open world. They are now crafted by scribes achievements are being unlocked so achievements are coming to classic while giving players in the Euro voids for their exploits and accomplishments.

There’s new dungeons and raids coming out real live seminal five player dungeons like gash on the rib, and according of Stratholme, and lace huge Naxxramas as a 25 or 10 player raid, and update to its original iteration as a 40 player raid in pre expansion World of Warcraft. And also they’re looking to make Naxxramas even harder in Wrath classic than it’s previously been because well, it’s a pretty easy raid here included with the existing world of warcraft subscription, as with previous wealth if releases and they want to subscribe to World of Warcraft can also play World of Warcraft classic or Wrath of the Lich King classic in this case, at no additional cost.

The road ahead is icy and fraught with the injury so to help you prepare for your adventures in Wrath of the Lich King classic players in Burning Crusade losses will get an experience of buff called the joyous journeys, which will increase experience gains by 50%. It is a great time to finish leveling a character create a new one, we’re invite friends to join you anywhere adventures, players can also visit any innkeeper in a capital city to turn the experience buff off or on. And the journey won’t last forever and will end with the launch of rock classic. We are excited to be able to bring this classic adventure to you. So don’t forget to sign up for the beta, which you can do through the link here on Wowhead.

Okay, so now let’s talk about the stealth fixes. So the stealth nurse, they basically put in some new anti boosting mechanics. And we tested this live on stream while pizza hype tested it for me. I’ll leave his link to his twitch in the description down below so you can check him out. He is a great Paladin of a gold farmer and a streamer in general. So go and check him out. He was definitely useful to help me with the Stratholme farming footage, which we’ll be we’ll be using right here. So we went straight into Stratholme to test this out for ourselves.

And basically, it’s almost impossible, you can still do the first pull. It’s really difficult though. The enemies inside Stratholme are using an ability called knockdown, which is stunning paladins. This STUN is working through the Divine Shield and reaction position. So there’s no real ways of getting around this. And I know some of you might have the thought in your head right now, what if we just go with five Paladins and one person who gets knocked down? Well, the ability knocked down inflict 60 to 80 damage to an enemy and its nearest allies stunning them for two seconds. So it’s basically an AoE and it affects up to five targets.

Stratholme is a five man dungeon. So if a mob cast this on you it will affect it five other players. Basically, it’s not going to work anyway, this just an AoE stun that will keep sending you over and over and over. And the means are also teleporting to your majors inside inside chat labyrinth after being slowed and routed a certain number of times. So both Stratholme and Chad labyrinth are being targeted here. And that means inside marauding becomes immune to all slow and with effect after a certain amount of time, similar to how it functions on the season of mastery realms.

And many dungeons have mechanics to stop mages and Paladins from boosting probably the same ones that we’ve seen so far. So knocked down through Paladins and slow effects and also just being immune to slopes and routes. And more examples are coming in later as well. Using ledges and walls to kite and reset mobs will have them teleporting voice to you. So even that will be difficult and will be unplayable it won’t really work. So the one thing that comes in mind there is for example, slaved pens, where you can go on to the air to onto the ledge, and they will just keep going back and forth that will no longer work.

So I know there was a deathmatch video out there somewhere on how to level up a Death Knight insights lower inside slave pens, and that won’t work either. So yeah, they’re basically looking at fixing all of the juicy mechanics, which I personally think it’s a great thing. Yeah. Either way, though, that is pretty much it for today. And the main thing about this video was to tell you guys the official release date for rock classic, and also talking about the new anti piracy mechanics, which we have tested out and while you can still do your first sample the first pull inside Stratholme it is incredibly difficult and they are basically nerfing it to the ground so I wouldn’t really put my eggs into the Stratholme basket if I was a paladin gold farmer because while they tried to fix it, well it looks like they have either way that is pretty much it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed the video.

I hope you’re looking forward to bath classic. Let me know in the comments down below if you aren’t and if you will be playing on the current servers or the fresh servers that are also coming out. I hope you enjoyed the video leave a like subscribe for more videos. I’ll be making tons of those in the future. Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you again very soon.

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