Blizzard Closing Almost Half WoW Classic Burning Crusade Servers on 8th and 10th of August

dd12 - WoW Classic TBC Servers Getting Deleted

Streamer Frostadamus reveals which WoW Classic Burning Crusade Servers will get closed on 8th and 10th August (US/EU respectively).

Why Is Blizzard Closing These WoW Classic Burning Crusade Servers?

Good evening everyone. Welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about important things because Blizzard is planning to shut down 22 classic TBC servers, merge them in the future. Find out if your service is one of them right here. Also a couple of speculations about a possible Wrath of the Lich King better release. So without further ado, let’s get right into it, shall we? Here we have it burning crusade classic round consolidation coming August nine. Blizzard has announced that 22 Burning Crusade classic rounds will be retired, consolidating the players from those rounds to other higher population rounds. Really nice. Maintain a healthy population for Burning Crusade classic rounds, we’ve regularly reviewed the round populations and offered three character transfers from bronze dropped to low population.

Now we know that that doesn’t really work, a handful of people will transfer but it’s not going to make something like a radical change like this. It’s not going to get you the results like something like a radical change like this. Additionally, we’ve made the decision to retire some Bernie classic rums and consolidate the remaining players on to other realms that have higher populations. We plan to perform this round consolidation and retire the following rounds with weekly maintenance at the week of August 9. So it’s in two months from now from today.

The Deleted WoW Classic TBC Servers Will be Replaced by Fresh WOTLK Servers

The information was confirmed already on the Blizzard forums. You can also find more information about the Fresh WOTLK Servers here. So you have two months to play on your old servers and they’re going to be up for basically two months. So it’s a lot of time in advance. These are the NA I think roms here, anathema oh my god Bill’s word glomacs DVF Delite. Fairbanks. They’ll striker Heartseeker hare road. Wasn’t her road one of the biggest servers on na oh my god, I get goosebumps what are the people men? Probably this was a streamer server or something in send us katanas cron crush Corinne X Lortab nitro wind, rattle Gore, Reaper Scarem smaller webstyle OG su thrice and tallness standard furious.

Well, let me know in the comments if you play on one of those rounds, Richard. This has never happened before. But I think it’s a necessary change. To some extent. What this means is that all of the Burning Crusade, classic ramps listed above will be retired and no longer be accessible after Aug. Nine, all player characters remaining on these realms will be automatically moved to a new destination realm. We will post the full list of retiring rooms and the destination soon. Please note player characters that are automatically moved during the round consolidations may be unavailable for up to two weeks. So I think there’s going to be a manual option so you’ll be able to move and there is going to be an automatically now automatic option.

All of the arounds in the list above currently have free character transfers available to multiple active destination rounds, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free transfers prior to Aug nine to choose your destination. utilizing this service will now move your characters quickly and will allow you to avoid being subjected to the automatic migration. So if you don’t use the transfer, you’re going to have to wait weeks and they will put you on a random server basically whatever is left over to equalize the population.

Find more information on the free character transfer here. I’m going to leave a link on this on this description. In the coming weeks we plan to remove the restriction on transfers from normal to PvP rounds in Burning Crusade. Wow, this has never happened before. At that time, you will open additional free character transferred from underpopulated normal realms. And we will remove the rule on PvP realms that prevents players from having characters on both factions on the same PvP around in Burning Crusade classic. So now you can make characters on a PvP server on both Horde and Alliance. There was a rule that didn’t allow you that the people can bypass that rule by having two accounts.

I mean, a lot of players play on the same realm playing both Horde and Alliance. I mean, okay. I mean, whatever it takes to create balanced servers for the Wrath of the Lich King release, I want to play on a set of other doesn’t have 20,000 queue. I don’t want to wait all day on the queue. If this is a change that will fix that. I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see. Let me know in the comments if you agree with this. Wow. It is something radical though that’s for sure. I think that trying to fight with the new private server that they announced like the ever look, we will confirm all of the details as soon as we are ready to take those steps. So it’s a lot of work apparently.

And then we have the EU realms with the same message probably. It’s the week of August 10 Okay, Bloodfang Celebrex dragons called dragon fang red mist incl flame lash gambling harboring of a doom hot striker he direction Water Lord judgment Lucifer noggin. fogger rock the lar Charles Ross call Flintstones by intense storms room to luck in zonk Xander land tribe was in dislike the role play PvP, it’s shutting down oh my god, it’s the same message pretty much copypasta and it’s for both NA and EU This is huge. And I hope they can move from fighter MMA smelters to some of those rounds and whatever the NA populated realm is so we can make them more balanced. Wow.

Never done before boys. Let’s move. And another important piece of news we have the from a streamer called the mitashi Bartosh. He is one of the biggest streamers in the German community. And I actually know him and he said something I do speak a bit of German so let’s listen to what he says the odd snitches I’ll get Aki Divio to Kabita calm to else. The Wrath of the Lich King betta will come to us in the Letson uniform at the end of June. I’m defending I’m Zyban on Swansea’s. ZIX did. Zealand’s Vantage means 27 He says 26 or 27. He doesn’t know exactly Malta, India Vermonter. It’s Monday to Hoonah puts antibiotic capital. It’s coming 100% The Wrath of the Lich King bed.

So I’m assuming he’s been announced in advance. I’m not sure to pick normally whenever he something like this is going to happen. There is a nondisclosure agreement that you sign. Maybe they didn’t even give him an agreement. They didn’t say anything. So 27th of June end of this month in 20 days, the better. So this is what we know so far. If the better we’ll be admitted. Listen to the Swansea ZIX VI. So it’s Sontag. This is a Saturday, that means Monday 27th Because he said Montag. I guess it depends on the region, because it could be an NA release on 26th.

And it’s going to be an EU release on 27. How does he know that because he said something like 100% here is pi and beat him Deutsch and my Nami, Xin doesn’t matter, you know, that the thing is that he’s not speculating this is like, leak pretty much. So if we get a better release on 27 August, it means the better will run for probably two months until the server merges like an Aug, nine that the previous news and then we’re going to get that week, the pre patches Well, probably for TBC after the server merge could be a server merge slash pre patch for Wrath of the Lich King, I mean, and then if we get a pre patch for three weeks, that means at the end of August, we’re going to get a release for Wrath of the Lich King. End of August, beginning of September. Pretty nice. Look, someone in the chat says leak flex. He’s doing it on purpose.

That’s weird. Maybe they said to him to do it on purpose. Anyway, this is it guys. Thank you very much for watching. I still stream at Twitch that TV slash prosthodontists. If you want to come in and say hello, I’m playing currently Lost Ark. But soon I’ll go back to Wrath of the Lich King maybe to play some better or to level in pre patch a dk for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King. With that being said, thank you very much for watching again. Until next time, stay frosty. Bye bye. More info is available on this supportive article from Blizzard.

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