The good old achievement stabbed the boys. Okay, here we go again one last ride again. Again right? So we have a brand new fresh survey. Yes spoiler alert, we’re getting one more fresh survey. It’s happening right now if you’re playing on North America this survey is already out. And if you’re playing in the Euro, this series will be coming out after the maintenance which should be happening about like, it should be out in 12 hours from this video coming out actually more as well.

Is Jin’Do The Only New Fresh WOTLK Server?

So actually less so yeah, the service will be going to be out on the Europe very soon to we’re getting brand new fresh PvP service and let’s just talk about that I’ve made a pros and cons list. I was basically in the middle of forming blood furnace so right now you can see I’ve been farming blood furnace for quite a bit from the 600 goal today plus a bunch of negatives that I’ve been sending away and then out of nowhere out of left field we just got served something and that is a precious service. So let’s go and check out the blue Post.

It’s a blue tracker so here we go. Okay, so we can see right here I’m just going to be reading the EU one but North America service already by the way. So if you’re playing on North America you already know about this and if you’re playing on a European might not know but now you do so when rough classic will maintenance is finished already tomorrow morning, you will find the new fresh start realm available in this region called the Jindo didn’t do Jindo, whatever really PvP server boys, so we’re getting one in new PvP server in per region.

As with previous refresh dark realms, only new characters can be created here. All the transfers to and funding though are disabled. We’ll get more into that specific sentence later. Level boosts may not be applied to characters on this realm, and death knights may not be created here until your character is leveled up. Over the last few weeks, we have been highly focused on realm populations and making adjustments to promote the long term success of all realms. We are looking forward to seeing the agenda community and join the story. Okay, so let’s just start right off the bat and talking about this one sentence, all the transfers to and from Jindo or disabled.

So one of the things that I’ll be bringing up in my pros and cons list is transfers to the window, I would love to see people being able to transfer from faculty to agenda, let me know what you think about that down below right now in the comment section. But I would love that to be a thing because then people can just transfer off the most popular realm. And I’ll get more into why in just a second. So as I said, I’ve made a pros and cons list here. And I just want to get right into the pros and cons, we can talk about it.

And then you can let me know if you agree or disagree with what I’m saying in the comment section down below. Let’s start with the good to keep this video on a positive vibe. So number one, number one, if you’re stuck in the queue, you have a brand new server alternative that is also PvP. So a lot of people that are stuck in the queue right now.

They you have one option for fresh and that is a giant store here. But as a PVE server, not everyone wants to play on a PVE server and some people really prefer PvP. And I guess that’s honestly your preference. It’s okay. Well, now you have an option, you can go to a brand new PvP server. Okay, number two, you’re spreading the population. This means overall, less queues, you’re basically taking the population of tackle, giving them a brand new opportunity here to go on a completely different survey.

And somebody will. So the queue will be going down 100%, I can tell you that. I can’t tell you how much it will be going down. But there will be less queues on political and you’re basically spreading the population, right. Okay, number three in time, right back into number one or number two. Good. It’s a good thing if you want to avoid queues. This is a brand new server. Not everyone will play here. And I can pretty much guarantee you there will be less queues on this one done tackle number four. If you feel like you missed out on the fresh start, you have a second chance.

I’ve received several messages already about people thinking it’s too late to start on the fresh start service, because a few people have gotten so far ahead. Well, here we go. Brand new, fresh start starting from scratch, and nobody’s level 70. Okay. And lastly, this one attracts casuals that don’t want to rush to level 80. And it’s a fresh start and possibly no cue. Basically, if you look into this level at your own pace, then here you go. Okay, good vibes. Yeah, let’s talk about let’s talk about the bad days low. Number one, with 13 days away from rats lunch, let that sink in with 13 days away.

Besides Jin’Do, Should There Be More Fresh Start Servers?

The fresh the current fresh has been out for 13 days. If you haven’t gotten to level 70 yet, and you’re planning to play the same amount of time on the Freshservice you’re not going to get to level 70. Again, number two, no transfers from Skype theory or theoretical, at least not that we know about and once again it says why To all transfers to and from Jindo or disabled, okay, connect it to the previous point about aka the no transfers, no free transfers makes it very difficult for people that are now established on cycle or even Skype theory to actually start over one more time, or Yeah, Kenny, thank you. So to the following.

We’re doing this live on Twitch, by the way. So if you want to follow my twitch and watch me live, then the link is down below in the video description. Yeah, no transfers makes it very difficult for anyone to just leave their current servers, lots of people have level 50 plus. So level seven is now on both technical and Skype URI. So it’s very difficult for those people who just start over once again, and people have guilds, they have friends that are playing there, and no transfers makes it very difficult to just abandon your guild, your character and your friends.

Bad point number three people that have high level characters and stuff we’re friends on tackle Wisco theory have less incentive to leave their characters and friends to start over. I basically just said that. And lastly, they came out two weeks after the other surveys, which is simply too late. Like they noticed the populations and queues on day one, and they waited 13 more days before deciding to add another server. We can see this the first week of fresh that PvP service had the massive queues. I don’t know why they waited this long.

I think they were just waiting to they said that this was like the last option. But still, they could have given us this the server’s way earlier like one week ago even because now it’s 13 days until wrath (from tbc). The only way this this would make sense is if they actually delayed wrath which Russia can do, they can delay wrath just for one survey or one per region.

Okay, all of this being said I have three possible solutions. They possible things they should add here number one, and the free transfers from the currently overpopulated fresh PvP service to the new ones, aka free transfers from Sky theory. And from tackle. This is so that complete like if you have a fully guild, you can make a guild decision to move that way all of you move your characterised. So you don’t have to start over. But all of you actually move to the new survey. This will massively help with use the queues.

And also if you play with let’s say you have 10 real life friends, and you’re all playing together. This way, you don’t have to start over one by one, you can all transfer together and keep having fun number to extend the joyous journey buff on this service considering the launch 13 days before Ross release. And not everyone will level up to level 70 in 13 days, once again, the current fashion service have been out for 13 days. So if you’re not 70 by now then chances are you won’t be 70 before that comes out on these fresh servers either.

Alternatively, and possibly the best solution here is to make it so the choice of journeys buff lasts until you reach level 70 And then it automatically disables itself. Overall though this is a net positive the worst case scenario we get a new server and people play there. It is a win win, but it could have come out way earlier. And it was obvious that the queues will be lasting until well this long and in routers Well, either way guys, that’s a new fresh start realm I wanted the user guys to know.

So now you know let me know what you think down below in the comment section. Leave a like on the video if you liked it and subscribe for more rough content. That is three videos in one day. I wasn’t planning on making this one. But hopefully you enjoyed Okay, thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you again very soon. Peace out guys. You can also visit this WOTLK Classic Gold website.