Why Blizzard Nerfing Endgame Wrath Changes The Game

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Was there I had brought up an idea that could fundamentally change the way Wrath of the Lich King plays out towards the end of the expansion, even the later half of the expansion. Now, I’m not really here today to tell you if I think it’s good or bad, but I’m going to tell you how it realistically affects us as players. And what it really means.

How Nerfing the WOTLK Classic Endgame Changes The Entire Expansion Gameplay?

Before we start, I do want to mention really fast that channel memberships on the YouTube channel are now enabled. So you can click the link below to get access to exclusive content that I’m working on today and tomorrow. And I’m going to have multiple exclusive things coming out every month. So if you want to get all my wrath UI week, or as add ons, other things like that, and also a lot of tips and tricks I’m going to be releasing over there or if you just want to support the channel. Anyways, let’s dive right in. So it came out yesterday, and I technically already made a video on it. But yesterday was after a long stream that we’re not really going to talk about.

So Blizzard announced is that they’ve been talking with the Community Council about a lot of changes they’re trying to add to wrath of Lich King are proposing to add to Wrath of the Lich King. Some of them are amazing, and some of them are definitely absolutely changing the fabric of the game. And today, we’re really going to focus on that one in particular, what it is, is, as you can see right here and item level squish what they’re talking about is potentially squishing the item level of gear from trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel basically making it weaker, so that the old tear of content isn’t necessarily pointless anymore.

Now how they’re doing this is literally by bringing all the high level of every new piece of gear down by 13. Because as we move into the new raids, or the new tear, everything moves up by 13. The idea here from Blizzard is that made it basically pointless for most players to go back into the last year of raiding to get gear because all of your new gear is a lot higher in high level. So it’s a lot higher in stats, and therefore generally a lot better. Now this isn’t a perfect one to one because obviously things like trinkets, or specific pieces that like influence the way you play the game, like a sigil or anything like that always have much more of a weight than their actual just pure item level.

But generally, it meant that for most people, it was pointless to go back into the old raids, like when black temple came out, it wasn’t too common to go back into SSE or TK because the gear is kind of a lot weaker. Now, other than a couple of trinkets. It’s not really the case when a tear has a legendary item though, we always saw throughout all of expansions like of classic going back into molten core to farm thunder fury, or we always saw going back into black temple in the current phase to get glades.

But it did feel like you were sitting in an entire raid group just to get the Glades for one person in your raid. So this will kind of change that because everyone in the raid will still be able to get new gear that’s at the same eye level or the same gear score or level equivalent to what you’re getting in the normal mode of the new tier of raids. This is something that’s actually kind of unique, though to Wrath of the Lich King, because now each tier rating will have two different like levels of difficulty.

Starting with old bar, we get hard modes, which gives you better gear. And then moving into travel the Crusader we have heroic which also gives you even better gear than the normal mode. They did mention though, because they are locking heroic and normal modes together that you can switch boss by boss to heroic or normal mode difficulty, as well as they’re looking into potentially dropping more gear from trial of the Crusader, which I think is really important because he used to be able to run both 25 Man’s normal and heroic in one week.

So having more gear drop as an adjustment for that is I think really key. So there’s a ton of backlash yesterday when the idea of this all came out. And I do kind of want to touch on why the reasonings of that backlash are a lot of people are upset because if your gear level actually goes down, if the gear you’re getting into later raids goes down, then you’re a lot weaker in those later raids than you used to be. And this is mostly important for classes that scale extremely well at the end of the expansion.

This is how it fundamentally changes realistically the end of the game we all know that warriors become basically gods in ICC even in trouble the Crusader as they hit armor Pencak all of these classes that scale really well with gear are going to see a huge nerf, if they actually see that all of the gear they’re getting in the later phases is just slightly weaker. This could make it a lot harder to hit those thresholds like hit caps, haste caps, armor caps, all of those that are really key for different classes to change their specs or also to just start performing really well.

Other classes that scale well are like ret paladins, but really fire mages also as they get more crit. Now with the new gear, they’re gonna have less of that crit. So it could make these specs a lot less viable. And you could actually see a lot of the meta of the early game and the expansion, maintaining all the way throughout the end game of this expansion, which is not necessarily what we’ve ever seen before.

Now that’s mostly why people are upset realistically but some of the reasons that are really exciting for this eye level squish is no longer do we have to go back to old content of course and just farming one person This item we’re going to be able to still go back into old war, which is a really fun raid realistically and travel Crusader is only going to take you like an hour to clear so you’re gonna go back into old war and actually still get real gear, you can obviously go back for achievements and mounts then the next thing that’s really nice is it buffs the difficulty of the next raids, and that’s something that we’ve seen classic players kind of be more outspoken about is how they always want more difficulty.

What Endgame Nerfing Changes are in Place for Wrath Classic?

Although when season a mastery took away world buffs and added more quote unquote difficulty, a lot of people actually did not like that at all in my eyes, though they kind of did just make fights a lot longer not necessarily make them harder. So we’ll have to see how this actually affects the realistic difficulty of Icecrown Citadel and the hard modes as well. Blizzards. The other reasonings are that they want to give older, more time to breathe, because it’s such an iconic actual raid, a lot of people didn’t get to experience it for so long, because there was a bridge in between old war and ICC with this like mini raid that was trial of the Crusader. And it also did cut season seven of the actual arena season short.

So this is really nice for PvE peers, although PvP gear also is going to get a stat squish and an eye level drop between the seasons, so it doesn’t make it as powerful. It might change the meta within PvP. I’m not completely sure about that, but it definitely could see some things. Also, they really wanted a curve, any bit of actual scaling with massive eye level jumps.

Because a lot of classes obviously get crazy powerful. This might need them to adjust a little bit of the classes, but we also moved into raids like someone plateau, and were able to do ridiculous amounts of damage early on, and they had to add a debuff in the raid sunwell radiants just to make the actual raid harder for us because druids apparently were able to hit like 100% Dodge with the new gear before they added a 30% Dodge reduction with the Sunwell radiants debuff. So this is kind of to reduce power creep, which is absolutely a thing we see at the end of every expansion. But one thing that brings up a huge question is how does this nerf items in particular like legendaries and what I really mean is obviously going to be shadow mourn.

One it obviously hugely buffs volunteer no matter what because volunteer is now a higher eye level than everything else that’s getting squished down because they did not mention that they were going to squish anything in Ulduar but do they have to squish the actual eye level and gear scaling of the weapon shadow mourn itself this also means they need to look into squishing anything like procs and trinkets if they don’t that means this legendary weapon is that much stronger no one will be able to compete with anyone using this weapon and it becomes a lot more contested.

I’m sure a lot of people want to know how Blizzard is planning to deal with this if they are going to actually implement these changes. But again guys no this is just something that they were bringing up and trying to field how the community feels about it. So let me know in the comments what you think about this high level squish if you think it is beneficial for the game if you liked the idea of making the raids harder or if you think it hurts because it nerves particular classes that need this power level scaling and I plan to write something to the WoW community canceled to hopefully be brought up so if you guys have really good ideas please again leave them in the comments.

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