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Important 16th October 2021: The project was discontinued due to the recent merge of Sunwell and Whitemane into Synergie. The server was renamed to Sindragosa. Visit our Sindragosa product page.

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Balnazzar Gold Whitemane

Balnazzar is the second realm of the project named after the dreadlord called Balnazzar. It follows after Whitemane’s huge success with their Mograine realm which was launched in early 2021. The Balnazzar WoW Server was released on 15th October 2021.

The server is featuring the WOTLK WoW Version – Wrath of the Lich King. Players will be able to travel to the continent of Northrend, advance to level 80 and battle the Lich King and its minions, exploring the restored city of Dalaran or once again invading Kel’Thuzad in the Naxxramas dungeon.

You can buy Balnazzar gold for Whitemane on this page and here.

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    Balnazzar Gold – Whitemane

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