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Buy Gortok Gold WoW Classic WOTLK Gortok PvE Server.
Available for Alliance & Horde.
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Buy WoW Classic WOTLK Gortok Gold

Gortok Gold is a fresh WOTLK Classic Gold Normal PvE (Player VS Environment) Server. The server name comes from Gortok. Gortok Palehoof is the second boss of Utgarde Pinnacle. He is a magnataur who is found frozen within the Trophy Hall of the Keep, and must be freed by the players by completing an event which requires other trophy mobs to be killed. The vrykul keep many trophies at Utgarde Keep, and Gortok is among the most impressive. King Ymiron displays the frozen magnataur’s cruel countenance as a reminder that even the most savage beasts are mere decorations for vrykul halls. This living statue will sow destruction if liberated, unleashing his wrath indiscriminately. The server was announced during the 8th of August 2022 removal of the old discontinued tbc/classic servers.

WOTLK Classic Gortok Gold for Sale

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This server is featuring the WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King version. It was previously unavailable as TBC or Classic Vanilla.

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Alliance, Horde



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