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Buy Keleseth Gold WoW Classic WOTLK Keleseth PvE Server.
Available for Alliance & Horde.
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Buy WoW Classic WOTLK Keleseth Gold

Keleseth Gold is a fresh Classic WOTLK Gold Normal PvE (Player VS Environment) Server. The server name comes from Prince Keleseth. Keleseth was a member of the San’layn who served as the ruler of the southeastern reaches of Northrend — specifically as Scourge overlord of Howling Fjord — and as a representative to the vrykul. Keleseth at Ebon Hold. Keleseth claimed to have traveled across the world and made several interesting discoveries, such as the fact that with the proper amount of “encouragement” one can extract all the truths that a man dares hide.. The range of Whirlwind seems quite wide and hits for over 20K on leather. The server was announced during the 8th of August 2022 removal of the old discontinued tbc/classic servers.

WOTLK Classic Keleseth Gold for Sale

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This server is featuring the WoW Classic: Wrath of the Lich King version. It was previously unavailable as TBC or Classic Vanilla.

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Alliance, Horde



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