Buy New World Coins for the Open Beta in September from Gold4Vanilla

Amazon Games just announced that they will be running an open beta for the highly anticipated New World from 9th to 12th September. This is following the closed beta which lasted for several days during late July and early August which triggered the postponement of New World’s release from 31st August until 28th September.

During the closed beta, we saw about 200,000 players being active at all times across dozen 50+ New World servers. In total, more than 1 million players tested the game. Both the closed beta and the open beta are available to players who have already purchased the game from Steam. The game does not require subscription – the betas are open for streaming on services like Twitch.

New World is a new MMO game, in development by the then called Amazon Game Studios since 2016. The game is based around the Atlantean myth on the fantasy island of Aeternum, set in the 17th century.

Players can join one of the three factions called the Marauders, The Syndicate and the Covenant, and battle for dominance on the Island. Every player starts as Level 1 and progresses to level 60. It is highly based around gathering, refining and crafting professions with no mounts available. It features settlement and castle sieges and 4 modes of playing the game: War, Invasion, Expedition and Outpost Rush.

The entire economy of the game is based around the currency called NW Coin. It is available on websites like ours and Gold4Vanilla. The New World Coins allow for smoother gameplay, as basically everything in the game requires coins to make any kind of progress, from spells and training, through weapon, gear and armor upgrades up to settlement and town upgrades.

Even though it sounds like cryptocurrency, it is not the same.